Internal unit of air-conditioner of ceiling type

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: proposed indoor unit air conditioner ceiling type, containing: the main body, having the inlet port and outlet located in its lower part; heat exchanger; blower and control unit containing the casing, located inside and attached to the main body and lid attached circuit board and a swivel is connected to the casing so that the lid has the ability to rotate between open and closed, and the space inside the main building, allowing for rotation of the lid in the open position it inside the main body so that when this casing remains attached to the main hull with access to printed circuit board attached to the casing.

EFFECT: easy access to the control unit for easy wiring and repair work.

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FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: indoor unit (10) of air conditioning comprises a first frame (17) which has support parts (17h) for a heat exchanger, which support the heat exchanger (13), and a mounting part (17d) for mounting the rear surface of the indoor unit on the side wall (45). The second frame (27) together with the first one form a lower opening for air inlet, and a lower inlet channel extending from the lower opening for air inlet to the heat exchanger.

EFFECT: improved properties.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to a structure of an internal air conditioner unit. The latter includes a panel base, a rear part of the housing and the front panel; in which the panel base envelopes the side part and the upper part of the air conditioner and is designed for installation of the front panel; the rear part of the housing envelopes the rear part of the air conditioner; and the front panel is installed on the front part of the air conditioner and is tightly connected to the panel base; in which the panel base, the rear part of the housing and the front panel form an internal cavity of the air conditioner, inside which a heat exchanger, control elements and a fan unit is installed; the side surface of the internal air conditioner unit has a U-shaped structure; the front surface, the rear surface and the lower surface of the lower part of the internal air conditioner unit is formed with two or more bent surfaces; the front panel includes the first panel element, the second panel element and the third panel element in a downward direction; a profile of the cross section of the first panel component is represented with a straight line or a curved line, the curvature of which tends to zero; and a hole for installation of the rear part of the housing is located on the rear part of the panel base; and the rear projection is located on the lower edge of the hole.

EFFECT: this invention aims at provision of a simple design of an internal air conditioner unit.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: in system of tight connection of tubular parts for transmission of substances similar to air, and namely for transmission of smokes or vapours to be discharged; each section includes an enclosed and an enclosing ends, which are axially opposite to each other; each enclose end of one section has the possibility of being connected by fitting in the enclosing end of the neighbouring tubular section. The above ends have the possibility of being connected to each other using the bayonet connection method. System also includes corresponding guide means and counter means on enclosed and enclosing ends of each section to provide the connection of two adjacent tubular sections to each other by means of axial fitting so that enclosed end of one tubular section enters the corresponding enclosing end of the neighbouring tubular section with unique mutual orientation of tubular sections connected to each other. Interrelation of the system design elements is described.

EFFECT: invention improves connection reliability of tubular sections.

8 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: in a ceiling conditioner a screw is fixed to an inner unit, which is designed to fix a panel and attaches the decorative panel to the inner unit built into the ceiling, moreover, the specified screw has an intermediate section of smaller diameter arranged without thread. The decorative panel is equipped with an element for panel fixation, which attaches the decorative panel and is made with the possibility of its sliding forward and moving backward, at the same time the element for panel fixation is equipped with a screw that is in contact engagement with a slot, and after its sliding forward it is in contact engagement with the screw for panel fixation.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability.

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FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: air conditioning unit can blow the conditioned air to the required distance effectively, thus preventing short circuits. In particular, panel (7) for directing the air flow, which is composed of housing (8) of closing panel, which closes outlet channel (4) and housing (9) of protruding panel for continuation of housing (8) of closing panel, with possibility of rotation, is located near lower periphery of end of outlet channel (4). When panel (7) for directing the air flow is rotated and in position to open outlet channel (4), there formed is surface (22) for directing air flow of housing (3) of closing panel, which has sunk bent solid surface passing to lower wall surface (21) which has sunk bent surface and forms air flow channel (20).

EFFECT: improving reliability.

19 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: means of protection.

SUBSTANCE: shield is designed for protecting operators against intensive irradiation. Shield contains a rigid frame made from thermal protective material, and external layers made of perforated plates or grids, which are related thereto; on both sides of the frame between surfaces of protective external layers there arranged are layers made from corrugated thermal-protective material, for example alfol, at that, the shield can be both stationary and portable.

EFFECT: improving efficiency and reliability of microclimate creation process in hot workshops.

3 cl, 2 dwg

Air duct // 2298736

FIELD: air conditioning or ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: air duct comprises a number of interconnected modules that define the air duct and are provided with the panels with frames having members (32,42) made of metallic pipes and locking mechanism (52). The locking mechanism has male locking unit mounted on member (32) of the frame of the panel of the first module and provided with valving rod (54) made for permitting movement form the disconnection position to the locking position and female locking unit mounted on member (42) of the frame of the panel of the second module and made of groove (44) for receiving and locking rod (54) in the locking position. The mechanism has means for moving locking rod (54) from the disconnecting position to the locking position in which the female and male locking units are located to provide the modules to be interconnected.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability and simplified assembling.

2 dwg

FIELD: air conditioning.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises modules provided with the frame that form mutually perpendicular rectangular ports closed by means of fitted panels secured in the ports and sealing module for sealing panels with respect to the ports made of tubular structural members arranged over periphery of each port for panels so that each port has common structural member with the adjacent perpendicularly oriented port. Each common structural member has a guide oriented along the structural members and sealing unit mounted on the guide and provided with plank whose opposite ends are provided with the convex seals so that the seal arranged along one of the edges of the plank is capable to seal the butt with the first panel mounted in one of the adjacent ports, and the seal mounted along the other edge of the plank is capable to seal the butt with the second panel mounted in the other adjacent port.

EFFECT: improved design.

8 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: air-conditioning.

SUBSTANCE: heat barrier comprises rectangular frame interposed between the top and bottom plates to form a space inside the heat barrier. The space is filled with a material that can be solidified inside the heat barrier to provide connection between the walls of the heat barrier and between the walls and plates. The seal is convex and has L-shaped member whose first arm is set in the bottom groove made in the wall and second arm is provided with flexibly deformed convex member made for permitting flexible deformation when it abuts against the other part of the device for transporting.

EFFECT: improved design.

7 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: air-conditioning and plenum-exhaust ventilation systems.

SUBSTANCE: according to first version proposed body has pair of peripheral sections for refrigerating machine with delivery port in each of them for connection with respective fan and evacuation of air from peripheral sections; central section is located between peripheral sections with pair of opposing suction ports for delivery of air to sections; it is connected with closed air supply passage for shut-off valves; it is provided with pair of suction ports for delivery of air to passage and pair of connecting ports which are open towards respective peripheral sections for delivery of air from passage to these sections; suction ports of passage are opposing; passage is located between peripheral sections in such way that pair of lateral sides forms connection with respective peripheral sections over their perimeters, thus ensuring shutting-off of sections. Body may be made in three versions.

EFFECT: facilitated manufacture; enhanced efficiency; reduced usage of materials; simplified construction.

32 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to ventilation and fire safety equipment and is intended for ventilation of rooms with fire safety doors. Indoor air temperature variations are detected by a device consisting of a case with three or more levers connected to gate valves and controlling ventilation orifice opening. Air supply to a room can also be controlled by switching solenoid on and off by a command from control unit.

EFFECT: device installed in fire safety door ensures automatic room ventilation when personnel is inside and cuts air supply out in fire hazard situation.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to a structure of an internal air conditioner unit. The internal air conditioner unit containing a panel housing, a rear casing and a front panel, with that, the panel housing encloses side parts and an upper part of the air conditioner and is adapted for installation of the front panel; the rear casing encloses the rear part of the air conditioner; the front panel is made in the front part and tightly attached to the panel housing; the rear casing, the panel housing and the front panel define an internal chamber of the air conditioner, in which a heat exchanger, control components and ventilation parts are installed; an air outlet is made in the lower part of the front panel; with that, the air outlet is open or closed with an air flow guide plate installed in the front panel or located on the panel housing; with that, a toothed surface containing a variety of concave grooves is located in the lower part of the air outlet.

EFFECT: invention allows avoiding water condensation formed as a result of a difference of local temperature.

9 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: device of stabilisation of air flow rate comprises a housing 1 with a regulating valve in the form of a stationary disc with slots 2 and a rotating disc 3 with mating slots and a rotation stopper 4. The rotating disc 3 is attached to the common axis 5 with an impeller 6 receiving the pressure of inlet airflow. The axis 5 rests on the stationary disc with the slots 2 and the rack 7. The angle of rotation of the impeller 6 is regulated by tension of the elastic element 8 fastened with one end on the axis 5, and with the other end on the tension adjustment screw 9 of the elastic element 8. The adjustment screw 9 is mounted on the rack 7. The proposed design of the device of stabilisation of air flow rate can be incorporated into the channels of arbitrary orientation in space, including in a horizontal channel.

EFFECT: ability to work without energy consumption from an external source.

4 dwg

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: changing outdoor temperature, and hence, the pressure drop is perceived by the flap mounted on a horizontal pivot axis. The air flow control comprising the exhaust duct with the suction window, characterised in that in the duct on a horizontal pivot axis a flap is installed, the air flow limiter is mounted in parallel to the axis of the flap, in the form of a pin attached to opposite sides of the duct with the ability to move, the control is provided with a device locking position of the flap, made of two permanent magnets, one of which is rigidly secured to the flap, the other - on the inner side of the duct, while the magnets are located with like poles towards each other. To ensure minimum friction the horizontal pivot axis is mounted in nylon bushings.

EFFECT: control provides the calculated air exchange excluding aftercooling of air in the room, resulting in savings of heat during the cold season.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for protection of vent grates against icing. Grates are heated by making hollow stiffness ribs at grates and laying heating cable inside said stiffness ribs. Optimum spacing between said rubs and louver thickness are selected to ensure optimum heating of louvre by transfer of heat therefrom over metal.

EFFECT: ruled out icing at low arctic temperatures at standard operating conditions of electric heater.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: control method of air flow separation at the suction passage inlet consists in action on the flow of a shield installed at the passage inlet perpendicular to its axis and a mechanical screen with a central hole, which is located before the suction passage on one axis and perpendicular to the passage axis.

EFFECT: increasing resistance of the air entering suction holes, reducing consumption of the air supplied to them, which can be useful for reduction of volume of the air entering through leakages to aspiration hoods or to open transport passages.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to air treatment by fine particles and may be used for air disinfection, sterilisation or deodorisation. Proposed device comprises first outlet to eject first airflow upward, second outlet arranged under first outlet to eject second airflow into space located under first airflow, and device to create fine particles. Note here that concentration of particles ejected via first outlet is smaller than that ejected via second outlet. Note that proposed device ejects fine particles only through second outlet. Set of invention relates also to sprayer of fine particles that ejects particles in air by pressure blower. Note here that air duct communicating said blower with outlet comprises multiple vertical separation channels for vertical separation of outlet. Note also that airflow rate in one of said vertical separation channels at upper section exceeds that at lower section.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of air treatment.

20 cl, 28 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: by means of installation of a heating cable along a shell, stiffening ribs and parts of grid fixation with further application of a heat insulating coating on them, thermal energy is accumulated in massive parts and sent to less massive louvers, which have contact with heated parts by metal.

EFFECT: method and device make it possible to eliminate icing of grids with simultaneous preservation of gaps between louvers required to let air through in the specified volume without considerable increase of dimensions of ventilation grids.

4 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: wall grid, namely for air passage from air conditioner to outer side, consists of external frame inside which there fixed is a row of parallel deflector plates having essentially concave cross section; plates have at their bottom the drain holes for discharge of rain water to below lying inclined wing that is located between the last lower deflector plate and lower edge of frame; at that, cross section of plates is V-shaped and has external wing that is longer than internal wing and inclined symmetrically relative to internal wing; the above external wing ends with horizontal fold, and plates are assembled so that bottom of above lying plate lies in one plane with horizontal end fold of below lying plate so that two plates form S-shaped air deflection path; at that, the above air is deflected upwards at the outlet by means of two adjacent external wings of two subsequent deflector plates.

EFFECT: increasing the wall grid efficiency.

10 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: method is implemented through the use of locking-regulating devices, equipped with motorised valves with gravity drives, in the form of a hollow torus, filled with vapors of low-boiling liquid (eg, carbon dioxide, freon, etc.). When reduction of the temperature the low-boiling liquid is condensed, the liquid is formed, which, flowing down to one side of the torus, changes the position of the center of gravity of the valve with respect to its axis of rotation, which leads to the closure of the valve. When the temperature increases the low-boiling liquid evaporates, the center of gravity returns back to the original location, the valve opens under the influence of gravitational forces.

EFFECT: device is technological, it is easy to produce, does not require electricity, fire-safe, has low cost and extremely high reliability.

1 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to install an air conditioner into a window is characterized by the fact that the unit is installed temporarily without damage to the window frame, and a device is created, comprising a panel, which is then with the help of fastening devices made of a screw pair and a plate, connected with the frame, at the same time fastening elements by some ends rest against the outer surface of the panel, simultaneously pass through it and through plate holes, where nuts are screwed onto their opposite ends, which impact the plates and create forces that press a panel to a frame, at the same time some extreme parts of the plates rest against the frame surface, and other - against the inner surface of the panel.

EFFECT: possibility to install conditioners into window openings without application of any damage to window frames and walls, and also makes it possible to install them only for the time of their demand in hot season, for realisation of installation with the proposed method, administrative permits are not required, besides, installation and dismantling of units do not require high costs.

3 cl, 7 dwg