Capsule for making brewages and method of their making

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: capsule (1) contains a container (3) with a cavity (5) , inside which there is a brewed substance; the mentioned container (3) has at least one hole (7), outside of which along its perimeter there is at least one circular edge (9), bumping into the respective stop edge (11) of the lateral wall of the brewing chamber (12) of the device for drink making, in which the mentioned capsule (1) is inserted; on the surface the mentioned circular edge (9) a sealing profile (15) is made. It contains the first annular rib 17 and second annular rib (19). These first and second annular ribs (17, 19) are concentric relative to the main axis of symmetry (S-S) of the capsule (1), are flexible and form a seat (21) in the form of a ring gear inside which the end part of the stop edge (11) of the lateral wall of the brewing chamber (12) enters.

EFFECT: improvement of the taste of the resulting brewage.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: prior to transportation the crab is brought into the state of anabiosis, and in this state is transported in sealed thermally insulated container, maintaining the temperature mode excluding output of the crab from the state of anabiosis. The crabs are placed in a container with their legs pressured to their bodies, at least in two layers. The lower layer is placed on the pad of porous elastic material wetted by sea water, after which each crab is closed on the top and crimped with the coating of a similar material, separating from each other. The cold source is used as small-sized cold accumulators, which are poured into the volume of the container not occupied by the crabs and the coating. After filling the container its joints are sealed. The containers, preferably not one by one, are hermetically packaged in a flexible thermally insulated material termofol, and then transported to the consumer.

EFFECT: invention provides transportation of compactly packed live crabs.

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Packing // 2537159

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: several small packages, each of which contains approximate day stock of sponges, are placed into external packaging for retail trade. Sponges in small packages can be laid in one row and can be glued individually to a packaging base. Each small packaging can have the shape, narrowed to one end to simplify placing of individual packaging in confined space, for example in a pocket, for hidden storage or wearing. An individual packaging can consist of internal box and outer covering shell, which can unbent as a flap from an internal box and to open simple access to contents of an internal box. The packaging is fitted with the closing flap protected from inadvertent opening. The closing flap can be specially designed to replicate the packaging shape narrowed towards one edge. The closing flap can hide fixing elements of packaging from the external observer and be latched from inadvertent opening of the flap. Optionally the design of the closing flap can provision a feedback signal as a click or tactile sense for notification of a user on reliable closing of packaging.

EFFECT: perfected design.

6 dwg

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a package in which the adhesive tape is packaged, which has a layer of adhesive agent on the substrate. The package 10 for the self-adhesive adhesive tape comprises the adhesive tape 14 having a substrate 18 and the adhesive agent layer 12, provided on one surface of the substrate 18, and comprises a release sheet 16 is attached with the ability to release to the adhesive agent layer 12. The release sheet 16 is folded along a predetermined fold line with the adhesive tape 14 so that the adhesive agent layer faces outwardly and the folded adhesive tape 14 is sealed inside the folded release sheet 16.

EFFECT: according to this configuration, the traditionally occurring package separate from the release sheet can be eliminated; moreover, when the release sheet 16 is opened as detaching of the release sheet 16 from the adhesive agent layer 12 of the adhesive tape 14, half of the adhesive agent layer 12 is opened making the process of applying to the area for applying simple.

18 cl, 15 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laminar articles based on, for example, cardboard. Laminar article, particularly, sandwiched sensor package comprises at least three plies of paper and/or cardboard, and/or leather, and/or metal, and/or polymer, and/or glass, and/or plastic. Proposed method comprises step-by-step production of liner, its processing by varnishing and/or lamination, and/or embossing, and/or creasing. Mid carcass ply is made from dense cardboard in thickness making at least 3 mm with recesses for wiring the electronic multimedia components. Patterns can be applied to said liner by offset and silk-screen processes, hot embossing, relief stamping or making the raised elements. The article thus produced has the case with built-in display and/or loudspeaker, power supply, control and electronic P.C.B. interconnected in common circuit. Power supply can be composed by storage battery or solar battery. The case outer surface can be equipped with exposed or concealed USB-port connected with electronic p.c.b. and power supply to charging and adding data to electronic p.c.b. memory while control element is composed by sensor of opening, and/or motion transducer and/or control button.

EFFECT: perfected method.

14 cl, 7 ex, 2 dwg

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a container with improved capturable surface and, in particular, a container comprising a housing and a lid. The object of the invention is to provide a container having capturable surfaces, which enable an easier opening and closing of the container. The container comprises a housing and a lid. The lid has an upper part and a lower hollow cylindrical part, and an outer layer of a material softer than a lower hollow cylindrical part, is connected to the outer surface of the lower hollow cylindrical part. The outer layer preferably covers substantially the entire surface of the lower hollow cylindrical part. In addition, the container housing has one or more capturable surfaces in the form of zones with relatively higher coefficients of friction. The container also comprises a lid threadably secured to the threaded hole. At that the lid is made of plastic or polymer material. At that the container is made with the ability of opening by clamping the skirt with one hand and clamping the strip at the part of the housing with the other hand.

EFFECT: creation of a container having capturable surfaces which enable an easier opening and closing of the container.

12 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for storage and twisting in rolls of sheet materials for various purposes, in particular, cellular polycarbonate sheets. The device comprises a cylindrical element (1) fixed on the base and the supports (2, 3) fixed at its ends, with axes for mounting the device (6) for winding with its placement inside the cylindrical element (1), at that one support (3) is made removable.

EFFECT: invention provides easy storage and transportation of the sheet material and its mechanised twisting into rolls for extraction from the cylindrical element.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: packing industry.

SUBSTANCE: protective case is designed for protection of padlocks of general purpose of all types against external effect of environment. When the proposed protective case is used, environmental effect at padlocks is reduced, and their service life increases.

EFFECT: reduced costs of consumers, in connection with increase service life of padlocks.

6 cl, 4 dwg

Package for eggs // 2476361

FIELD: packaging.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to packages for eggs. The invention object is to increase the flexural rigidity and stability during stacking of the package, reduction of the contact of the eggs, ventilation of the package. The package for eggs comprises a base in the form of a tray in which two rows or more cells for the eggs are made, and also dividing stops placed in a tray between the cells, ring-shaped dampers at the bottom of the cells in the form of ring-shaped grooves directed inside the cells. And along the perimetre of the tray a reinforcement rib in the form of a flanging is made. Each cell is made with a shape of smoothly mating spherical surfaces close to the form of eggs, the bottom part of each cell is made cylinder-shaped in the bottom of which a ring-shaped groove is made, which is a ring-shaped damper. The bottom parts of all the cells are connected to each other with jumpers to form a ring-shaped reinforcement rib in this part of the tray, separating stops between the cells are made in the form of projections of a height not exceeding the height of the tray. On the tray flanging along the perimetre the distantly located projections are made oriented in the direction from the flanging to form channels for ventilation.

EFFECT: increased flexural rigidity and stability during stacking of the package, reduction of the contact between eggs, ventilation of the package.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: polymer composition contains polyethylene terephthalate, titanium oxide and iron oxide. The weight ratio of titanium oxide to iron oxide ranges from 150 to 250.

EFFECT: invention enables to obtain food containers with improved characteristics with respect to light absorption and reflection, improved light-protective properties.

8 dwg, 4 tbl

FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hardware intended for killing harmful effects of spillage or release of chemicals. Proposed device comprises first container with closed chamber with negative pressure and inlet for external harmful chemicals. Proposed device comprises second container fitted and secured in said first container. Note here that said second container contains, in fact, safe liquefied gas and has opening communicated with ambient medium for control purposes.

EFFECT: higher safety.

10 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a capsule for dispensing the food product by injecting the pressurised fluid into a capsule which is placed in a container of the device for preparing a food product. The capsule comprises a chamber for ingredients formed by side walls, a flexible lower wall and an upper wall. The device for dispensing a beverage has a dispensing opening extending through the lower wall, and comprises a pressure-maintaining element for dissolution and/or extraction in the chamber for mixing with the injected fluid with the ingredient, located next to the flexible lower wall outside the chamber. The pressure-maintaining element comprises at least one protrusion. The protrusion is aligned with the dispensing opening so that it is located in the corresponding opening and restricts its section when the fluid is injected into the chamber, pressures on the flexible lower wall and moves the said flexible lower wall in the direction of the pressure-maintaining means.

EFFECT: invention provides the ability to control the flow coming out of the capsule with the maintenance of constant pressure in the capsule.

12 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: capsule comprising a dose of the substance (2) for preparing a beverage, comprises a cup-shaped main body (6) forming the accommodating chamber (7) for the substance (2). The main body enables the water and the beverage to flow through it only after it is broken or pierced by the piercing means. The main body (6) comprises a lower wall (8) forming the bottom of the bowl, and a side wall (9) extending from its lower part (10) connected to the lower wall (8) to the upper part (11), limiting the opening (12) for access to the accommodating chamber (7), the coving element (17) rigidly attached to the upper part (11) of the side wall (9) for closing the opening (12) of access. The capsule comprises extending means (18), which after the increase of the internal pressure in the capsule (1) allows the movement of the lower part (10) of the side wall (9) and a lower wall (8) connected to it from the covering element (17).

EFFECT: group of inventions enables to use the capsule in different types of machines and improvement of reliability due to lack of bottom deformation.

13 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: portion capsule for beverage preparation includes a capsule body with a bottom and a filling side. Between the capsule body and the filling side, a hollow space is provided for accommodation of powdered or liquid beverage substrate. Between the beverage substrate and the capsule bottom, a filtering element made of non-woven material is positioned within the capsule bottom area. The non-woven material is provided for on the capsule bottom with the possibility of its tensioning and/or piercing with the perforating means penetrating through the capsule bottom.

EFFECT: capsule is space-efficient and has simple design.

25 cl, 19 dwg

Capsule for syrup // 2555675

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed capsule contains a body intended for storage of fixed syrup quantity and designed to have a shape ensuring the body placement onto the top of the bottle filled with carbonated water. Additionally, the capsule contains a mechanism for syrup outlet into the bottle by the controllable method; the capsule is designed to have a shape ensuring excess gas outlet into atmosphere. Additionally, one describes a method for syrup outlet from the capsule into the bottle filled with carbonated water.

EFFECT: method involves the capsule placement on the bottle edge and exposure of the capsule to a force directed downwards and ensuring the possibility of excess gases outlet into atmosphere with the help of the said capsule.

22 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: cartridge containing one or more beverage ingredients contains: an inlet for letting water medium into the cartridge, an outlet for the beverage produced from the said one or more beverage ingredients and a flow path connecting the inlet to the outlet; additionally, the cartridge contains a filter (400) positioned within the flow path; the filter contains multiple holes, each having a maximum surface area, on the filter upstream side; additionally, the cartridge contains a hole positioned downstream relative to the filter and made to create a beverage jet in the course of operation; the maximum surface area of each hole on the filter upstream side exceeds the surface area of the said hole positioned downstream the filter.

EFFECT: holes diameter enables through passage of elongated and agglomerated particles which results in prevention of the hole locking; the milk jet is saturated with a greater quality of air which positively affects the foamed milk quantity.

19 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: capsule for preparation of a food product in the device fit for liquid delivery into the capsule contains a compartment with food ingredients being mixed with the delivered liquid for the food product preparation, and a filter intended for removal of impurities contained in the liquid. The filter is represented by a filtering appliance consisting of a filtering membrane and an outlet wall whereon the filtering membrane relies. In the outlet wall, there is a liquid outlet hole communicating with the said compartment. The capsule contains a body limiting the compartment and a filter seat for accommodation of the filtering appliance therein; the filter seat is positioned upstream the compartment. Additionally, the invention relates to a filtering unit.

EFFECT: prevention of the filter deformation as a result of pressure of liquid supplied into the capsule.

15 cl, 20 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: portion capsule for beverage preparation has a capsule body with a bottom and a filling side. Made between the capsule bottom and the filling side is a hollow space for accommodation of powdered or liquid beverage substrate. Between the beverage substrate and the capsule bottom a filtering element is positioned. The filtering element contains felt and/or unwoven material with open pores. In the first area turned towards the beverage substrate the felt and/or non-woven material has the average first pore size while in the second area turned towards the capsule bottom it has the average second pore size, the first pore size being less than the second one.

EFFECT: inventions group provides for preparation of beverage without foam.

7 cl, 4 dwg

Beverage cartridge // 2544134

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage cartridge that is used in a beverage dispensing system. The cartridge contains a body and a container (intended for accommodation of fluid food substance and the driven element, the container positioned inside the body) a driving hole (through which torque is transferred to the driven element) and a fluid medium outlet hole (through which fluid substance may be removed from the cartridge. The fluid medium outlet hole and the driving hole are positioned on the same side of the body.

EFFECT: group of inventions ensures easy and reliable replacement of cartridges in the machine.

23 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to a capsule for production of infusions such as espresso coffee or beverages from water soluble products; the capsule contains an inner output flow channel and is designed so that to enable tight sealing by means of a sealing element; though water injection under pressure into the capsule the sealing element is raised thus becoming separated from the upper part of the inner output flow channel and opening the inner through hole of the inner output flow channel so that the infusion or beverage flows to the outside through the inner through hole. Additionally, this invention elates to a machine for application of the capsule as per this invention; the machine contains an accommodation means for accommodation of at least one capsule during the dispensing phase and injection means for injecting water under pressure into the capsule through the side wall of the capsule so that to obtain an infusing or beverage flowing from the capsule through the inner through hole of the capsule.

EFFECT: design improvement.

30 cl, 23 dwg

FIELD: personal appliances.

SUBSTANCE: presented is a batch capsule for preparing a beverage having a primary unit substantially shaped as a truncated cone or a cylinder and provided with a hollow space for beverage raw materials, and a membrane closing the hollow space. A wall segment of the primary unit has a number of grooves.

EFFECT: capsule provides the beverage raw material wash throughout the capsule for providing more effective extraction, possesses the increased mechanical stability, easy to detach from a wall of a brewing chamber.

25 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: food-processing industry, in particular, capsule, which may be used for producing of espresso-coffee.

SUBSTANCE: portioned capsule has constructional member arranged between capsule bottom and substance and/or between capsule cover and substance and provided with plurality of openings and channels defined by embossment relief for water distribution or for collecting of prepared beverage.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by uniform washing with water and, as a result, improved extraction of substance.

14 cl, 7 dwg