Cassette form for casting concrete products and relevant method

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: cassette form contains at least one forming compartment formed by at least two parallel surfaces form and many elements of the side planking between the parallel surfaces form that define the thickness of cast products. In this case, the side formwork element comprises a surface moulding cover and a supporting structure with which the surface melding cover is detachably connected.

EFFECT: increase the efficiency of adjusting the width of the cast product.

10 cl, 5 dwg



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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, namely, to structures of cassette moulds. The mould is designed for production of wall blocks with automatic form stripping and simultaneous unloading of blocks directly onto a tray or into a body of a car. It comprises external and middle boards, fixed on flexible crosspieces, and a cassette also with a flexible tray, separating and end walls. External boards are connected to each other by traction rods and clamping wedges. Traction rods are equipped with crossbars, interacting with the inner side of external boards in their form stripping position. In external boards there are windows for horizontal and vertical displacement of traction rods with crossbars. To facilitate tipping of the mould, its slinging journals are installed so that their axis is arranged between the centre of gravity of the mould with products and centre of gravity of the mould without products.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to simplify device design.

7 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to manufacture panels includes pouring concrete for manufacturing panels into a curb in levels, one above another, separating each subsequent panel from a previous one by installation of separating sheets, and a unit of panels is soaked until complete hardening of concrete. Concrete is poured in the curb levels in series, installing each level of the curb for a subsequent panel after pouring of the previous one. Each subsequent panel is separated from the previous one by means of installation of the lower face sheet of the subsequent panel onto the upper face sheet of the previous panel.

EFFECT: invention will make it possible to increase strength properties of a product.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the area of construction and namely to construction of batteries of formworks. The invention allows improvement of details quality. Battery of formworks for vertical manufacturing of flat precast concrete details contains two outside formworks located opposite each other; at least one formwork can be moved into inner formwork located between outside formworks. Inner formwork is made with at least two side limiters that limit precast concrete detail at sides. Base limiter is fixed and serves as vertical reference point for manufacturing of concrete detail.

EFFECT: battery of formworks is equipped with horizontal limiter of height that is changeable and used to limit height of detail to be made of concrete.

21 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: moulding box (900) for manufacturing of the first and second wall blocks (100) contains the following components: the first and second opposite end bars, and also the first and second opposite side bars. At that end bars and side bars together create moulding cavity, at that the first and second end bars are distanced from each other by distance d1, and the first and second side bars are distanced from each other by distance d2, which is less than distance d1. Box (900) also includes separating plate, having the first end connected to the first end bar, and the second end connected to the second end bar. At that separating plate divides moulding cavity into the first moulding section for formation of the fist block and the second moulding section for formation of the second block. Method for manufacture of wall blocks (100) includes stages, at which the following is done: moulding box (900) is created, the first and second moulding sections are filled with desired material of blocks and material of blocks is removed from the first moulding section in order to form the first block and from the second moulding section in order to form the second block.

EFFECT: increased efficiency.

23 cl, 33 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of construction items production. Method for production of decorative facing material includes moulding of concrete mix and bulge forming on its open surface. At that moulding includes placement of concrete mix in mold and its vibrocompaction. At that in process of vibrocompaction water loss of concrete mix is retained and prevented from its leaking from sections. Then preliminary leveling and removal of concrete mix surplus is done in mold so that mold occupation with concrete mix is at the level of sides height, afterwards mentioned bulge forming, and then - cutting of molded concrete mix into products. Then products are dried in mold for about a day, stocking several molds one on another. Mold for production of decorative facing material comprises sides, which have identical height. At that they are made of metal bars of square section with the side of 10 mm and are rigidly fixed on lower plate with size of 625×500×1 mm from metal-roll sheet. At that sides and lower plate form two identical rectangular sections of mold. Along the whole length of two sides installed on mold sides, two extensions are installed parallel to each other, every of which is made of metal strip with thickness of 1 mm and width of 20 mm.

EFFECT: method simplicity and increased efficiency of device.

19 cl, 8 dwg, 9 ex

FIELD: mechanics; construction.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device is designed to attach and protect anchor head in concreting ties comprises anchors, a metal structure and an appliance for attachment at the said structure bottom and protection of the anchor heads. The anchor leg is jointed to its head with the help of a rigid flange sealer where on the head lower part rests the said lower part representing a closed surface receiving the aforesaid flexible sealer. The mounting holes arranged in the aforesaid metal structure match the anchor head side surface shape, with the flexible sealer fitted therein. Note that the said surface has a lead-in chamber to receive the said flexible sealer. Note that the sealer outer surfaces are arranged at the "α" angle to the inner surface to ensure interference fit between the flexible sealer and the metal structure holes walls.

EFFECT: lower labor and metal input.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: method of manufacture of stable railway sleeper with application of mining and smelting production wastes with lateral lugs on one side at its ends and antishear lugs on sleeper bases includes preparation of multiple use mold, installation of reinforcement and its stretching, and also cast-ins, concrete mixture pouring on vibration exciter. Mold is produced of two asymmetrical semi-molds. Upper semi-mold has two openings for pouring of concrete mixture, which are installed in its top points at the crossing of sleeper axes and lateral lugs, and also air exhaust openings that are installed at all angles of top semi-mold, and two air exhaust openings along longitudinal axis of sleeper that are displaced to the right and left by equal distances of 50-60 mm in relation to its transverse axis. Top semi-mold is joined with bottom semi-mold along edges of sleeper base horizontal plane and inclined planes of lateral lugs for manufacturability of finished product taking out.

EFFECT: increase of track reliability and operation life.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and procuction of construction products. The universal cluster battery mold for producing flat building blocks for construction from composite mixture contains a bottom, shaping elements, a package of vertically established dividing walls, placed between the shaping elements and clamping grips. Furthermore, it is supplied removable covers placed above left and right sections, formed of the forward face, left lateral, back face and right lateral boards, pivotally connected with the bottom with the possibility of turning around the hinges and the medial board.

EFFECT: increase of productivity of manufacturing building blocks of their composite materials.

51 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: multi-seater shape for shaping long-measuring concrete steel products with a square cross-section, including piled modules, consists of moulding compartments, formed by bottom plates, lateral boards and partition walls, bordered by the turning edges of the boards on the length of the moulding compartments. In at least one of the end boards, opposite each moulding compartment, there are shaping elements, installed with provision for displacement along their axis. The working end of each shaping element, designed for making a linear mortise in the concrete at the edge of the piled module, is placed in the opening of the end board with provision for moving into the moulding compartment. The tail end of the shaping element passes through the opening in the remote element, a coaxial opening on the butt end board and is equipped with a holder, designed for fixing the position of the shaping element. The remote element is in form of detachable bars with coaxial openings on the butt end board, rigidly mounted on the outer side of the butt end board parallel to it. Each shaping element is in form of a moveable bar. The technique of shaping long-measuring concrete steel objects with a square cross-section, including piled modules, with use of multi-seat shapes, involves assembling the shapes, installing the mesh reinforcement and shaping elements in the moulding compartments, their fixing into projected positions, laying the concrete mixture, holding it until it gains stripping strength and formwork removal for the formed piled modules. Before installing the mesh reinforcement into the moulding compartments, the shaping elements are not supposed to come out from the openings on the butt end board of the shape in the moulding compartment. In that case, the shaping elements used are in the form of moveable bars with nodes. Before installing the mesh reinforcement into the moulding compartments, at the ends of the mesh reinforcement, perpendicular to its axes, there is prior fastening of end plates with openings at the centre. The opening at the centre of the end plates of the mesh reinforcements are coincided with the openings at the butt end boards of the shape and the working ends of the moveable bars are inserted through them, with insertion of the later into the moulding compartment until the nodes of the moveable bars rest against the edges of the openings of the end plates, after which the bars are fixed.

EFFECT: perfection of the technology of making concrete piles under industrial conditions; increased quality of the concrete piles, with simultaneous lowering of labour intensiveness and material losses.

10 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: concrete and reinforced concrete column production, particularly ones having round cross-sections.

SUBSTANCE: collapsible form comprises tray, walls, at least one partition and fastening members. The partition is made as pipe with longitudinal blades and may reciprocate and rotate in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Blades adjoin wall and are arranged between two partitions. One partition rests upon wall.

EFFECT: extended functional capabilities and possibility to produce columns having different surface appearances.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to manufacture haydite concrete blocks with a face texture layer includes preparation of a moulding mass, its laying into a mould in the form of split or detachable casing with a replaceable process tray installed in it and made in the form of a texture matrix. The moulding mass is applied for the face texture layer. At the same time the moulding mass is glass fibre concrete, which is first applied by spraying onto the texture matrix with a layer of 2-4 mm. The moulding mass for the main layer is prepared from the mix of haydite with fractions of 10-20 mm with concrete at the ratio of 65-75% haydite, balance is concrete. The specified mass is poured into the mould in 25-35 minutes after application of the face texture layer to the upper edge of the mould. The contents of the mould are exposed to vibration pressing for 1-2 minutes. The available free space in the mould of 1-2-5 cm to the edges of the mould is poured with concrete without haydite fractions. Afterwards the moulded mass is exposed to additional short-term (several seconds) vibration pressing. The moulded mass is exposed to drying in a drying chamber with subsequent withdrawal of the block from the mould.

EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities due to production of blocks with stable size, their increased strength and reduced weight.

1 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: high-speed method of manufacture of building products with high void ratio provisions the volumetric vertical moulding of building products at separate forced filling of meshes with heterogeneous mixes with alternating use of vane mixers with slotted gates. Some meshes of the moulds with partitions are filled, while others are overlapped. And the meshes intended for formation of longitudinal voids, are temporarily filled with neutral cementless pulpous mix, and the meshes intended for moulding of products, are filled with liquid multicomponent concrete mix. During extraction of partitions from the mould give they are oscillated at high frequency in vertical direction, and after drying of products they are washed from pulp. Building products, such as wall panels obtained by the given method, have longitudinal voids and at least one channel intended for moulding of a concrete column of a monolithic frame of a building, and are designed with stops on side walls for installation of window openings. The process line for manufacture of building products with high void ratio is also described.

EFFECT: increase of productivity of the process line, increase of rate and quality vertical moulding and of building products from heterogeneous mixes, simplification of manufacture, tumbling and transportation of products.

27 cl, 101 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: swollen perlite is used, which is first saturated with water, water that is not retained by a swollen perlite granule is filtered, the water-saturated perlite is mixed with gypsum, the produced mix is supplied into a die mould for further pressing, and pressed at 10 MPa at least.

EFFECT: increased strength of a finished product with increased time of mortar hardening.

2 cl

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, namely, to devices and methods for laying liquid paste onto a moving shaping web. The device comprises a discharge box installed as capable of rotation for laying of liquid paste at the inner lower surface of the discharge box from the inclined drain in the form of a continuous flowing web onto the moving web. The discharge box is installed across the direction of moving web movement. The discharge box is made with vertical edge boards, including the rear edge board of the discharge box and two opposite side edge boards, with pivots installed on the external surface of two opposite side edge boards of the discharge box, for installation of the discharge box on the appropriate opposite side walls of the conveyor for the moving web, with vertically adjusted forks and with facilities for adjustment of the angle of inclination of the discharge box up and down for adjustment of the flow of liquid paste from a drainage facility. On the external surface of at least one vertical edge board of the discharge box there is a vibrator installed.

EFFECT: invention will make it possible to ensure evenness and continuity of discharge of liquid cement paste along entire width of an item.

10 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: lined steel pipe intended for transfer of fluid comprises circular lining of concrete or mortar that makes pipe ID and metal shell enveloping said lining. Lining stays in direct contact with metal shell wall inner surface. Note here that said lining is prestressed by metal shell at initial state prior to putting said pipe in operation for transfer of fluid. After putting said pipe in operation for transfer of fluid lining prestressing at final state is in fact ruled out.

EFFECT: higher stiffness and corrosion resistance.

33 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and specifically to methods of making slabs. The method of all-purpose making slabs involves mixing magnesia binder, organic filler, mineral filler and aqueous magnesium chloride solution, moulding articles, hardening and drying. The magnesia filler consists of two or more components, one of which is solid wastes from production of magnesia binder-based slabs and the second component is pearlite. Before adding to the mixture, all dry components are mixed to a homogeneous state, wherein components in the overall mixture are in the following ratio, wt %: magnesia binder 10-40, aqueous magnesium chloride solution with density of 1.1-1.3 g/cm3 40-70, organic filler 4-15, mineral filler 2-20.

EFFECT: invention improved environmental safety of slabs.

11 cl

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of construction materials from loose materials polymer wastes and may be used for making tiles and roofing materials, chemically stable coatings for floors, etc. Proposed line comprises storage bin for initial crushed stock, dyes and additives fed in preset amount onto conveyor and into mixer. Therefrom mixed stock is transferred into heater to obtain fused polymer-bearing pulp to be transferred to finished sheet extrusion. Every storage bin incorporates a proportioner to output weight portion on initial stock into common mixing chamber. The latter is composed of rotary drum with ribbed inner wall and vanes on axle and having mixed stock discharge opening to force said mix onto conveyor for mix to be carried into mix heater to obtain viscous fused polymer-bearing pulp. The latter is carried by conveyor onto extruder rolls, extruder outputting finished sheets to be laid onto finished product acceptance station. Mix heater is composed of tubular extruder accommodating vaned shaft to transfer the mix. Extruder tubular housing outer wall is equipped with electric heaters arranged around said housing to heat polymer-bearing mix to pulp at housing outlet.

EFFECT: better manufacturability, simplified and efficient line.

5 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of sandwiched reinforced concrete structures. Proposed assembly line comprises horizontally closed conveyor with process equipment arranged there along, thermal chamber at conveyor end with lifting-lowering unit, and transfer system composed of support and drive rolls and lifting rolls. Line incorporates top and bottom layer concrete pavers with table vibrator under pan in bottom layer concrete paver. Besides it incorporates roller and screed rail under pan to thrust there against in top layer concrete paver. Also it includes also the drying chamber, finishing gaging and outer surface finishing disc machines. Self-propelled lifting-lowering unit is arranged between two multi-tier section heat treatment chambers. Hydraulic pusher of formwork sides and tilting gear composed of flanged roll to lift the panel side through 75 degrees in traveller zone on parallel branch of the line. All section chambers are communicated by built in pipelines to make an integral heat system. Every tier of section chamber is equipped with shutter gates while heat treatment chambers have horizontal openings for passage of pans at conveyor line approach side.

EFFECT: higher quality.

2 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of construction materials. Proposed line comprises sand and cement bins, water and surfactant tanks with dispensers, mixer interacting with loading bin via suspended tipping buckets, mortar filling assemble frame, moulds for wall elements, vibratory table mounted on separated frame, and thermal chamber. Besides, it comprises separate bay for preparation of moulds for filling and withdrawal of wall panels from moulds, bearing table of panel filling bay with carriage furnished with wall panel moulds to slide on rollers there along. Said bearing table consists of two sections, one being intended solely to carriage displacement. Another, two-level, section accommodates vibratory table arranged at second level provided with carriage guides. Vibratory table has locking mechanism to lock resilient supports on switching off the vibration. loading bin has resilient suspension and adjustable shutter and vibrator. Besides, proposed line comprises vibratory strip on resilient suspension and reciprocating smoothing strip.

EFFECT: higher quality.

11 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: multilayer building block consists of a decorative face layer, a bearing layer and a heat insulating layer provided in between, which are fixed to each other with polymer rods. The block is arranged in the form of a prism, trapezoid bases of which are ends of the block, and non-parallel prism faces of identical area are upper and lower bases of the block. The parallel side face of the prism of larger area is an outer side of the decorative layer of the block, the parallel side face of the prism of smaller area is an inner side of the bearing layer of the block, besides, the angle between planes of prism bases and the outer side of the face decorative layer makes 89 and less degrees, on one of bases in the decorative and bearing layers there are slots, axes of which are in planes parallel to the face side of the decorative layer, with the area of section of each slot of more than 5 sq. cm., on the other base there are ledges arranged as complying with slots. The method of construction of the multilayer construction blocks is also described.

EFFECT: higher labour efficiency in erection of a building, elimination of damages on a decorative layer when erecting a building, compensation of uneven subsidence of a block during laying, strict dosing of mortar, reduced flow of concrete mortar in laying and reduced costs for erection of a building.

4 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: equipment for making building materials, namely manufacture of laminate concrete blocks.

SUBSTANCE: line includes hoppers for sand and for cement, reservoirs for water and for surface active matters with metering devices, mixer, station for preparing mixture, branches of roller table on which according to manufacturing order are arranged: vibrating table with hoppers of charging station, heat chamber, forms for blocks, pressing down mechanism, mechanism for moving forms, station for removing forms, station for preparing mortar. Mixer is provided with rotary discharging trough engaging with hoppers of charging station by means of suspended, moved and tilted buckets. Line is in the form of two (embracing and embraced) П-shaped loops of roller tables whose free ends are mutually joined by means of single cross portion; said loops are arranged in carcass-structure framework. Cross roller-table portion of embraced loop and said single cross portion of roller table are provided with carriages moved by means of ropes of reversing winches. Upper supporting surface of rollers of carriages and upper supporting surface of rollers of roller-table lengthwise portions are arranged in the same level. Charging station of roller- table loop is in the form of vibrating table and it is mounted in separate framework. Form has large number of cells. Each cell has embedded bottom. There is gap between walls of cells. Form is mounted on platform whose base is provided with cross and cantilever arms along the whole perimeter. Platform moves on vibrating table by means of step mechanism in the form of self -aligned lug engaged with crosspieces. Said lug is jointly mounted in holder and it is coupled with rod of pneumatic cylinder. Pressing down mechanism includes folded stems of stoppers engaged with said arms. One end of stopper is jointly mounted in framework and its other end is jointly coupled with balance beam engaging with pneumatic cylinder. Charging hoppers are mounted over vibrating table along distance no less than width of platform. Each charging hopper has two discharging windows. Each cell of platform has mark on end side along its symmetry axis. Mechanisms for moving platforms on lengthwise portions of roller-table loops and on cross portion of embracing loop are in the form pneumatic cylinders. Frameworks of embracing loop, lengthwise portions, embraced loop and single cross portion have struts with H-type cross section. Said struts are designed for placing sealed heat-insulation members forming together with ends of rods tube-chamber engaged with heater.

EFFECT: improved construction of manufacturing line.

10 dwg