Mining machine

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: mining machine includes a traveling mechanism, a frame, at least one actuating member, cutting device containing cutting units with drives. The traveling mechanism is designed for extending each cutting unit with the drive to required profile of the drift and their shifting by required value. Each cutting unit has a cutting drum and a cutting mill, whose diameter is greater than the diameter of the cutting drum. The cutting drums are arranged coaxially on the shaft and movable along the shaft axis.

EFFECT: design simplification.

3 cl, 2 dwg



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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: present description relates to the cutter head for mining machine, and in particular to gear of the force transition to the cutter head of the mining machine, such as continuous miner. The machine for the ore bed development includes: motor with shaft, cutting drum with specified motor and connected to ring tooth-wheels. The primary planetary gear connecting the motor and cutting drum and containing sun gear connected with shaft for force transition to the planetary pinions entering in the engagement with the internal ring tooth-wheel. Secondary planetary gear comprising sun gear receiving force from the ring tooth-wheel and transmitting the rotation force by the non-orbital planetary pinion. Spur gear secured to each side of the non-orbital planetary pinion, at that each spur gear engages with the ring tooth-wheel secured to the cutting drum.

EFFECT: possibility of use of same motor to drive various parts of the cutting drum, as spur gears can engage with various parts of the drum.

10 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method involves positioning of an automated complex for deep development relative to the working face considering the direction of ore bodies settings. Control of mine rock parameters is performed by means of control sensors of physical and mechanical characteristics of mine rocks for adjustment of a mine rock cutting force considering rotation speed of a working element and movement speed of the working element in a vertical plane throughout the cutting depth and cutting direction by means of hydromechanisms of telescopic retraction and a turning mechanism of the head section. Width of capture of the ore body plane in a horizontal direction is provided by means of the positioning mechanism of the complex relative to guides; with that, information on circuits of destructed mine rock is sent from control sensors of mine rock circuits to a system control unit.

EFFECT: increasing productivity, improving reliability and enlarging technological efficiency of destruction of rocks of different strength and coherence degree by controlling a cutting force in a zone of processing and formation in a surface layer of the processed massif of destruction zones considering strength characteristics of rock.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: rock massif is disintegrated in crosswise direction by heading-and-winning machine planetary-disc actuators It is performed by serial intersecting cuts in radial-tangential and tangential-radial directions made by cutters of disc running in opposite directions. Said discs are set at the angle to plane formed by cutter lengthwise axis and radial direction relative thereto.

EFFECT: decreased working forces of hearing and wining machine.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Header cutter // 2521985

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to continuous-operation headers. Header cutter comprises support element, extensible cutting head arranged at support element front end with central main part and at least one extensible drum part arranged at butting head end outside in axial direction from said cutting head main part. Extensible drum part has axial inner end abutting on cutting head main part. Axial outer end comprises inner end structure secured to cutting head main part and outer cylinder secured thereto. Inner cylinder secured to said inner end structure is located inside outer cylinder and aligned therewith. Extensible cylinder has inner circular expanded end with the part located between said inner and outer cylinders. End cover has ledge accommodating inner cylinder outer end aligned therewith. First and second spaces are formed between said cylinders. When fluid flows through said spaces extensible cylinder displaces to pulled or pushed position.

EFFECT: drum part that features extension and locking forces higher than those in usual cutting heads.

3 cl, 6 dwg

Heading machine // 2498063

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: heading machine contains actuating device, support lifter, caged platform, electric equipment, control post, feeding mechanism, conveyor and chassis. In pivot mechanism located at chassis and driven by swing hydraulic cylinders spherical roller bearing is installed at bearing axis inside two-sided plain thrust bearing. Plain thrust bearing consists of assemblies (two at each side) segments in circumferential direction; segments are made of wear-resisting steel and are fixed by sunk screws.

EFFECT: decrease in dimensions and increase in service life of heading machine.

4 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: heading set of equipment includes heading machine with actuator device fixed at it by timberer with hold-down beam and spacing cylinders. Turning shaft at hold-down beam is equipped with turning mechanism at the machine conveyor. Manipulators are equipped with drilling and anchoring tools with permanent anchorage. Hold-down beam is equipped with sliding telescopes; manipulators with permanent fixtures are fixed at sliding telescopes of the hold-down beam. Turning shaft is made as load lifting telescopic boom with lifting and spacing cylinders. Hold-down beam at carry does not protrude beyond machine dimensions.

EFFECT: improving reliability of timberer, reducing errors at erection of permanent anchorage, increasing mobility and expanding scope of application both with minimum and maximum draft size.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method involves uniform destruction of rock mass with continuous cross cutters of cycloidal direction with working tool of planetary flat disc actuators and of tangential direction with working tool of rotary elements. The latter are installed behind front and rear parts of the disc and fixed on reduction gears of planetary flat disc destruction elements.

EFFECT: increasing rock mass destruction efficiency using cross cutters.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method is implemented due to destructing the working face with cross cutters using rotary and planetary disc working members with lower power consumptions and yield of small ore fractions. In order to improve the efficiency of cross cutters, rock-destructing tool of planetary disc members moves in cycloidal-radial directions.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of destructing processes of mine rocks using heading-and-winning machines with cross cutters.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: tunnelling machine actuator comprises a boom, a dispensing reducer and two breaking-loading crowns, axes of which are parallel to the longitudinal axis of the boom, the direction of their rotation is mutually opposite, and the body of each breaking-loading crowns is arranged in the form of a truncated conical surface combining a smaller base at the side of the bottomhole with a larger base at the side of the dispensing reducer. On the outer surfaces of bodies of breaking-loading crowns there are trihedral prisms installed with disc tools as capable of covering trajectories of movement and reversing rotation directions.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of mine tunnelling by combination of breaking, grinding and loading processes in a tunnelling actuator.

6 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: mining tunnelling combine comprises a displacement mechanism and a boom or a frame. On the frame there are at least two rotary cutting heads and two cutting rollers. Axes of cutting heads rotation pass in direction of tunnelling or are arranged at the sharp angle relative to tunnelling direction. Two cutting rollers are installed in parallel and behind the cutting heads, and may be arranged on the foot and on the roof, accordingly. Both cutting rollers comprise end sections capable of sliding to the profile width to form a substantially rectangular profile of cutting. At the same time each cutting roller is separately hingedly connected with the boom or the frame with the possibility of height adjustment, and each cutting roller has a diameter corresponding to at least one fifth of diameter of cutting heads cutting.

EFFECT: formation of a rectangular profile of a tunnel by a mining machine, exclusion of operation to remove curved profiles, higher safety.

5 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: open-cast mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to continuous-operation self-propelled device designed for checking possibility of mining mineral materials and taking out interlayers whose properties, from point of view of their breaking and further transportation, are of vital importance at open cast mining. Proposed device has running gear, frame with drive unit and control panel and cutting drum arranged before running gear and equipped with cutting tools. Said drum is installed in supports of carrying frame for rotation around horizontal axis and is made for adjusting position in height by means of cylinder installed between frames and carrying frame. Crawler-type running gear is used. Cutting drum passes over entire width of device, and it is furnished with guide partitions and guard shield, is functionally connected with chute-like housing and is made for stepless change of speed of rotation, speed of feed and adjusting transverse tilting from one of two sides relative to working platform owing to vertical adjustment of position of one of hinge joints connection device frame and carrying frame which is made in form of forked rotary cantilever.

EFFECT: improved operating capabilities of device.

5 cl, 5 dwg

Heading machine // 2305185

FIELD: mining machinery manufacturing, particularly machines which completely free the mineral from the seam.

SUBSTANCE: heading machine comprises executive tool including boom with body and cutting crown, as well as feeder with nose and rock raking device. Rock raking device is installed in lower boom part facing ground. Rock raking device is plate shaped as rectangular trapezoid. Minor trapezoid side is located at cutting edge, major one facing feeder nose. The plate is rigidly connected to shaft displaced towards minor trapezoid side. The shaft is installed in socket formed in lower boom part facing ground. The plate may rotate with respect to longitudinal shaft axis. Stops are formed on boom body from both sides of longitudinal boom body axis and spaced a distance providing plate rotation through α angle, wherein 30°≤α≤45°.

EFFECT: simplified structure and increased efficiency of machine loading near face.

4 dwg

FIELD: cutting-loading machines for explosion-free cutting of deposits having complex structures.

SUBSTANCE: mining machine comprises frame with movement mechanism, boom with cutting crown and loading device. Crown has rock-cutting tools. Loading device is made as inclined rotary hoisting table with gathering arms and central drag conveyor. Frame may rotate with loading device installed thereon and with unloading conveyer. Cutting crown may rotate about axis of rotation with respect to longitudinal boom axis through φ angle defined in dependence of rock hardness. Rock-cutting members are made as disc cutters reinforced by hard-alloyed pins and freely rotating in staggered order around replaceable pins.

EFFECT: increased operational efficiency due to extended field of practical usage thereof and increased service life of rock-cutting members.

5 dwg

Full-face machine // 2324051

FIELD: mining; apparatus for making tunnels in underground mining of minerals.

SUBSTANCE: machine includes undercarriage representing a frame whereon caterpillar trucks are attached and trunnion axes of a working head gearbox together with a rotary working head, loading buckets, berm mills, cutting drums, gathering blades, conveyer and protection cowl mounted on supports of said frame. Hydraulic lift cylinders of the working head gearbox are attached to this frame, rods of said cylinders are attached to the working head housing and all rotating parts of said rods are set into bearings equipped with a force lubrication system. The lubrication system includes pump, pressure pipeline, manifolds and system of distribution tubes leading to gear shaft bearings of the gearbox. The undercarriage frame has two tightly closed cavities, wherein a pressure line between the pump and manifolds is positioned being made in the form of coils. Both cavities of the frame are filled with cooling fluid.

EFFECT: cooling of lubricating fluid within the lubrication system; increasing the life of gear shaft bearings of the machine gearbox; decreasing the ambient air temperature; enhancement of working conditions for the operating staff.

4 dwg

Full-face machine // 2324052

FIELD: mining; apparatus for making arched tunnels in underground mining of minerals.

SUBSTANCE: machine includes frame whereon an undercarriage and working element drive gearbox are mounted together with a rotary working head being attached to output shafts of said gearbox. The working head consists of borer, pitching borer, cross element, each end of its arms having a loading bucket with a bottom and sidewalls, and conveyer. The front face bottoms of two loading buckets positioned on opposite arms of said cross element are slopped forward with respect to the machine displacement vector, and those of the other buckets - slopped backward with respect to the same vector.

EFFECT: cleaning-up with the full engagement of the bucket cross-section area; reduction of impact loads for the cross element; reduction of heating and increased wear of the bearings in the working head drive gearbox of the machine.

7 dwg

Heading machine // 2328598

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: heading machine contains a frame supporting the running gear, an actuator reduction gear. A rotary actuator is fitted on the output shafts of the said reduction gear and consists of a cross-piece with four beams provided with loading scoops, the supplied loading ladles, a borer and starting borer, an electric equipment and hydraulic system. A space with volume not less than that of the bucket is arranged inside every rotary actuator cross-piece beam. All the said spaces communicate, via inlets and outlets, by means of a system of pipes, the inlets and outlets incorporating shut-off valves. The spaces of two adjacent cross-piece beams are filled with high-density a liquid. Note also, that an independent pump with a position pickup is built in the space of every beam, the said pickup being coupled with the cross-piece beam inlet and outlet shut-off valves.

EFFECT: automatic balancing of the rotary actuator cross-piece and ruling out its deviation from rectilinear movement.

5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: facility for milling and/or drilling rock or similar materials consists of spindle drum assembled on support and intended to rotate around axis; several rotating cutter spindles are installed in drum eccentric to axis of drum. On their ends projecting out of the spindle drum the cutter spindles bear working tools. At least two of cutter spindles are actuated from a common reducing drive, which has driven tooth gears stationary arranged on the cutter spindles and a common drive element interacting with driven tooth gears. Also the drive element and the spindle drum are assembled so as to provide their rotation relative to each other.

EFFECT: processing hard materials at high efficiency of milling, increased operation life of tools, high operational reliability and compactness.

55 cl, 22 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to mining industry and may be used for performance of assembly works in mine openings. Actuator of mining machine comprises boom with crown arranged in it, reducer, reducer drive, mount platform arranged on two front levers and two back levers made in the form of hydraulic cylinders. At the same time levers and their fixation elements make a parallelogram mechanism, device for lifting and moving of mount platform. Device for lifting and moving of mount platform is arranged in the form of one lifting hydraulic cylinder, which is hingedly joined to mount platform, coaxially to hinged joints of front levers connection to mount platform. At the same time lifting hydraulic cylinder is installed at the sharp angle relative to horizontal plane of reducer and is hingedly joined to reducer in zone of back levers connection to mount platform with making of arm relative to hinged joint of front levers installed on reducer.

EFFECT: wider field of mount platform application in various designs of mining machine actuators, and also simplified design of mining machine actuator.

5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to mining industry and may be used in boring-shearing combines for rock breaking with cutting tool. Method for breaking of massif with cross cuts of certain depth made with rotor and planetary-disk actuators. When using combined breaking element: cuts of planetary-disk actuator are arranged in radial direction, and cuts of rotor actuator in tangential one in the form of concentric circumferences. At the same time depth of rotor element cuts is equal to depth of planetary element cuts in the areas of cuts crossing.

EFFECT: reduced power inputs and yield of fine rock fractions in process of massif breaking with combine actuators.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining industry, namely to driving shields, and may be used during building of highway, railway and public tunnels. Operating member of driving shield includes centre rotor working organ in the form of faceplate, working organs with rock-breaking tools on outer surface for creation of oval form of tunnel section, actuating device of working organs and traveling mechanism. In order to create oval form of tunnel section, working organs are designed as two side and two vertical working organs of drum-type. Each side working organ is designed in the form of body of revolution arranged in relation to cross centroidal principal axis of tunnel section, with bow-shaped element corresponding to arch, half of side arches and perimetres of their connection. End surfaces of vertical working organs of drum-type correspond to arch and floor arch of tunnel. Central working organ is installed by means of bearing on axis located in centre of gravity of driving shield, this axis is also operating member guide. At that side working organs and vertical working organs are installed by means of bearings on their axes rigidly cantilever connected to guide. At that each of mentioned working organs is provided with actuating device, and traveling mechanism is designed in the form of hydraulic jacks.

EFFECT: providing of driving of tunnel of optimal oval shape transverse and establishing of conditions for maximum mechanisation and automation of all operating processes during tunnel building.

5 dwg