Method of periodic gas compression

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: method of periodic gas compression, including a cycle of supplying the working fluid under pressure from the feed tank to the compression chamber while simultaneously displacing gas from its upper part into the pressure line through a discharge valve and, as the level of the working fluid in the compression chamber reaches its maximum position, switching the compression chamber to the drain mode, the cycle of emptying this chamber from the working fluid with simultaneous supply of compressed gas into it through a suction valve and, as soon as the level of working liquid reaches its minimum position, repetition of cycles. The cycle of emptying the compression chamber from the working fluid is carried out without stopping its supply by the pump to the compression chamber, and the emptying of this chamber from the working fluid is carried out at a flow rate exceeding the supply of the working fluid pump.

EFFECT: simplifying the method and increasing the reliability of the compressor.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: gas-compressor unit includes a gas-turbine engine, a multiplier connected to it, having two power takeoff shafts and two compression stages in the form of a low pressure compressor and a high pressure compressor, which are connected with a process loop and each of which is connected to the corresponding power takeoff shaft.

EFFECT: improving vibration characteristics and efficiency of unit operation, simplifying a process flow diagram and excluding the need for use of additional equipment; providing symmetric load distribution to the multiplier.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly, to turbo compressors for diesel supercharging and to ICE motor oil cleaners. Turbo compressor comprises turbine and pump wheels rigidly fitted on common shaft and arranged in turbine and pump housings, respectively, and mid housing with bearing bushes. It differs from known designs in that and is equipped with centrifuge with adjustment device rigidly fitted on the shaft. It is composed of two plates with concentric rings arranged there between. Note here that pump wheel and housing are arranged at central part of mid housing. Pump wheel represents a two-side design while has central channel.

EFFECT: enhanced performances.

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Fan impeller // 2544898

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: fan impeller consists of drum with blades rigidly connected to it and reinforcement ribs. New in this structure is that on side surfaces of impeller hollow ring with spheric rolling bodies inside it is fixed.

EFFECT: elimination of unbalance impellers of diesel locomotive engine cooling system fans.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention proposes a console axial compressor (58), a chemical reactor (130) and a fluid medium compression method. The above compressor (58) includes a housing (60) having the possibility of vertical disconnection along the vertical axis (72) to get an access to the inner part of the housing (60), and a removable cartridge (62). The above cartridge (62) has the possibility of being installed in the housing (60) and attached to it so that it can be detached. The cartridge (62) includes a shaft (92) located along the horizontal axis (74), a system (98) of bearings, which is attached to the cartridge (62) and designed for supporting the first end (96) of the shaft (92) with the possibility of rotation, and blades (90) offset to the other end (94) of the shaft (92) so that the above said other end (94) is located console-like inside the housing (60). Besides, the compressor (58) includes guide vanes (66) that can be connected to the removable cartridge (62) and can control a fluid medium flow to the above blades (90).

EFFECT: invention is aimed at an improvement of productivity of a compressor unit, reduction of labour costs related to assembly, repair and disassembly of the compressor unit, as well as at reduction of weight and dimensions of the plant.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of fan-construction, in particular to fans used in devices for drying with use of hot gas. The technical result is achieved in that the high pressure fan of device for drying with use of hot gas, comprising an impeller wheel, a hub of the impeller wheel, mounted on a shaft of the electric motor with a horizontal axis of rotation, and the fan housing, with the input and output windows, additionally comprises a sealing ring, a gland packing in the hub of the impeller wheel and the holes in the impeller wheel.

EFFECT: invention is directed to increasing the lifetime of the electric motor when the fan is mounted in the device for drying, due to eliminating the ingress of hot gases in the casing of the electric motor, by reducing pressure behind the impeller wheel wall, in the area of its attachment to the electric motor shaft and insertion of a gland packing in the impeller wheel hub.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power industry. The invention proposes an assembly method of a turbine plant comprising a particle separating device and a flow control device, which are combined. A turbine plat includes a housing, a compressor attached to the internal part of the housing and containing a shaft installed on bearings, and a cooling system installed inside the housing and having a possibility of cooling the compressor bearings by means of a cooling fluid medium. The cooling system includes a particle separating device having a possibility of particle separation from the cooling fluid medium and a flow control device that has flow-through interconnection to the particle separating device without any contact to it. The flow control device is located adjacently to the particle separating device within the limits of the housing wall.

EFFECT: invention allows controlling a cooling flow in a turbine plant.

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Compressor plant // 2535895

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control of compressor plants. A compressor plant includes a compressor, a waste heat exchanger, an aftercooler and an air receiver, which are installed in a pressure line and connected to each other by means of main and additional pipelines, and air mains. The compressor is connected to an air filter by means of a suction pipeline. A control unit includes an atmospheric air temperature control connected to a temperature sensor located at an inlet hole of a convergent nozzle of the air filter, and a pressure control with a pressure sensor installed on the air mains; besides, both the temperature control and the pressure control contain setting and comparing units, electronic and magnetic amplifiers, as well as non-linear feedback units; with that, the compressor is connected to a drive through a rotation speed control in the form of a unit of powder electromagnetic couplings.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at reduction of power consumption for the production of pneumatic energy at maintaining consumption below the rated one and especially at negative temperatures of the atmospheric air sucked by the compressor.

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Compressor plant // 2535412

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to control of compressor plants. The compressor plant contains the compressor with air filter, installed on the injection line the recuperating heat exchanger, end refrigerator, air collector, connected by main and additional pipelines, equipped with valves, electrically connected with the control unit and temperature and pressure sensors, meanwhile the compressor is equipped with the actuator with the speed regulator, connected with outputs of the temperature controller and pressure controller, and temperature and pressure sensors are additionally connected respectively with temperature controller and pressure controller, meanwhile the air collector is equipped with vertically installed whirler, designed as four plates, rigidly connected to each other with axle, the input and output sections of which are located one with reference to another at right angle, besides the air collector in the bottom part is equipped with sludge pan.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at minimising of energy consumption of production of compressed air of the rationed amount by intensification of collecting and consequent removal of condensed moisture from the air collector.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: centrifugal compressor comprises a case with radial input and output holes coaxial to each other, the case inside is fitted by a suction chamber, a rotor with an overhanging impeller, a diffuser with blades and a diaphragm. The case cavity forms a collection chamber, the suction chamber is made as a bend set inside the collection chamber, the input hole of the bend matches the input hole of the case, and the output hole of the bend is set coaxially to the impeller, an annular spacer separating the suction and discharge cavities is installed between the bend's output hole and the diffuser's diaphragm, the inner diameter of the spacer on one side corresponds to the diameter of the bend output hole and on the other side - to the diameter of the impeller input.

EFFECT: reduced dimensions and weight of an installation, no necessity to use additional discharge and suction branch pipes, channels, improved reparability and reliability of a centrifugal compressor.

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Compressor plant // 2529431

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: resource-saving compressor plant is proposed, it comprises a compressor and a refluxer-stabiliser consisting of refluxing and stabilisation sections fitted by heat and mass exchange unit blocks, lines for the supply of gas being compressed, for compressed gas withdrawal, for cooling agent supply/withdrawal, for the supply of unstable condensate with a throttle valve in it, for the supply of compressate to the stabilisation section, for the supply of cooled compressate to the refluxing section as well as the lines for the withdrawal of stable condensate and supply of stabilisation gas to the line for the supply of gas being compressed. Every next stage in the multistage resource-saving compressor plant is connected to the previous stage by the compressed gas supply line and is fitted by the stable condensate withdrawal line. In case splitting condensate is formed (for example, splitting into hydrocarbon and water phases) the stabilisation section is equipped by the lines to withdraw the condensate phases according to their quantity.

EFFECT: increased output of compressed gas, reduced losses of heavy components with the compressed gas, and production of stable condensate phases with specified pressure of saturated vapour and reduced content of light components.

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FIELD: automatic temperature control of pieces of equipment using air cooling systems with axial-flow fans.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device that can be used for controlling coolant temperature in diesel-generator sets and winding temperature in traction electrical machines of locomotives has control system incorporating mathematical model simulating joint operation of fan impeller and cooling plant supply mains; fan proper with impeller; impeller drive enabling stepless variation of shaft speed; operating mechanism for turning impeller blades designed for stepless variation of blade angle-of-turn; cooling air flow rate computing unit; impeller drive power requirement computing unit; power comparison unit; impeller shaft speed, impeller-blade angle-of-turn, impeller drive input shaft speed, cooling air pressure feed, and temperature sensors. Mathematical model simulating joint operation of fan impeller and cooling plant supply mains is designed to bring cooling air feed in compliance with input setting signal and to generate control action signals applied to inputs of impeller drive and operating mechanism for impeller blades. In addition, mathematical model has program for choosing impeller shaft speed and angle-of-turn of its blades affording maximal efficiency of impeller-drive system at desired feed of cooling air. Power comparison unit is used to compute efficiency of impeller-drive system which equals efficiency of impeller and that of impeller drive.

EFFECT: enhanced economic efficiency of fan impeller-drive system.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: pipeline engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises changing flow rate through the main pipeline by frequency control of the load on the electric motors of the gas pumping units. The gas pumping units are powered by electric generators of the additional power gas-turbine plants. When the gas pumping units are set in operation and when the gas flow rate through the main gas pipeline changes, the electric motors of the gas pumping units are controlled by changing the speed of rotation of the electric generators of the additional power gas-turbine plants. The combustion chambers receive fuel gas from the main gas pipeline. When the gas flow rate through the main gas pipeline decreases pronouncedly, the electric motors of several gas pumping units stop, and excess power produced by the electric generators of operating additional power gas-turbine plants is supplied to the external high-voltage circuit.

EFFECT: reduced cost and enhanced reliability.

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Compressor station // 2272938

FIELD: gas pipeline engineering.

SUBSTANCE: compressor station comprises gas pumping units actuated from the synchronous electric motors, external high-voltage circuit, transformers, buses, and switches. The compressor station is provided with additional power gas-turbine installations which have air compressors, combustion chambers, power gas turbines, electric generators, power gas turbines, turbines for additional power gas turbine plants connected with the electric generators through the common shaft. The combustion chambers of the additional power gas-turbine plants are connected with the main gas pipeline through the additional fuel gas pipelines connected upstream of the gas pumping units. The compressor station is provided with buses and switches that connect the electric generators of the additional power gas-turbine plants with electric motors.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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FIELD: gas pipeline transport.

SUBSTANCE: compressor station comprises system of gas-pumping units interconnected through pipes so that to provide their operation in series or in parallel, system for preparing gas, plant for cooling gas provided with the apparatus of air cooling connected with the main gas pipeline through pipes whose flowing section is 0.28-0.46 of that of the main gas pipeline.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

17 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: station comprises systems for removing admixtures from gas, drying gas to remove condensate and moisture, and removing secondary products and gas-pumping units connected in series, whose inlets ate connected with the preparation system and outlets with cooling plant. The supplying and discharging pipeline are connected with the main pipeline. The cooling plant is provided with at least one apparatus for air cooling. Each of heat exchanging sections of the apparatus is provided with the multi-row bank of stiffened pipes.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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FIELD: gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in compressor stations designed for increasing pressure of natural gas in transportation. Proposed line compressor station of gas pipeline is installed on section of gas main after head compressor station between head station and other line compressor station or between line compressor stations. Said line compressor station includes gas transfer sets connected at inlet by process pipings with preparation system of at least process gas, and at outlet, with process gas cooling plant and, through shutoff valves, supply and outlet pipelines, with gas main. Cooling plant of process gas is furnished with at least one air gas cooling device consisting of at least two heat exchange sections whose heat exchange section has multirow bank of ribbed single-pass pipes forming, within the limits of each row in projection onto conventional plane normal to vector of flow of heat exchange medium-cooling air fed to pipes and passing through central longitudinal axes of pipes of each row, sections of complete aerodynamic nontransparency corresponding to projections onto said plane of pipes, neglecting their ribbing, sections of complete aerodynamic transparency corresponding to projections on said plane of clearances between edges of ribs pointed to each other in row of adjacent pipes, and section of incomplete aerodynamic transparency limited, each, from one side by conventional straight line passing over tops of ribs, and at other side, by contour of pipe body over rib bases. Specific ratio per unit of rate of said conventional plane of summary areas of projections of said sections with different aerodynamic transparency in each row is respectively (0.85-1.15):(1.82-2.17):(1.80-2.19).

EFFECT: improved efficiency of compressor station, reduced labor input and cost of manufacture at high heat exchanger characteristics and reliability of operation owing to optimization of parameters of bank of ribbed heat exchange pipes.

11 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: gas industry branch, possibly compressor station for increasing pressure of natural gas at transporting it.

SUBSTANCE: compressor station of gas conduit is mounted in underground gas reservoir or in gas deposit or just near such objects. Compressor station includes systems for removing from technological gas mechanical impurities, for drying gas. Said station also includes gas pumping aggregates joined at inlet through technological pipelines with system for preparation at least of technological gas, joined at outlet with aggregate for cooling technological gas and joined through shut-off fitting, supply and discharge pipelines with main gas conduit. Unit for cooling technological gas is provided at least with one apparatus for cooling technological gas having at least two heat exchange sections. Each heat exchange section has multi-row bundle of ribbed tubes. Said tubes form in zone of each row (in projection on arbitrary plane normal to vector of flow of outer heat exchange fluid - cooling air fed to tubes and passing through central lengthwise axes of tubes of each row) zones of complete aerodynamic non-transmission corresponding to tube projections onto said plane without taking into account tube ribs; zones of complete aerodynamic transmission corresponding to projections of gaps between turned one to other edges of ribs of tubes adjacent in row, onto said plane; zones of partial aerodynamic transmission restricted at one side by means of arbitrary straight line passing along ribs apexes and restricted at other side by contour of tube body passing along roots of ribs. Specific relation per unit of surface area of said plane of summed areas of projections of zones with different aerodynamic transmission in each row consists respectively (0.85 - 1.15) : (1.82 - 2.17): (1.80 - 2.19).

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of compressor station, lowered labor and material consumption, improved heat exchange and operational reliability due to optimized parameters of bundle of heat exchanging ribbed tubes.

11 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: gas industry, possibly compressor stations for increasing pressure of natural gas at transporting it.

SUBSTANCE: compressor station includes gas pumping aggregates, mainly with full-pressure forcing pumps. Said aggregates are connected in parallel through technological pipelines of collector manifold by their inlets to system for preparing at least technological gas and by their outlets to plant for cooling technological gas. Through shut off fittings, supply and discharge pipelines said aggregates are connected to main gas conduit. Plant for cooling technological gas is provided at least with one apparatus for air cooling of gas. Said apparatus includes at least two heat exchange sections, each section having gas pressure vessel in the form of multi-row bundle of ribbed tubes. In one row tubes of said bundle are shifted relative to tubes of adjacent rows of the same bundle. Rows of tubes are mutually divided through spacing members in the form of folded plates having alternating along their length concave and convex portions forming supporting surfaces for tubes of adjacent (along height of bundle) rows. Spacing member has such configuration that extreme cross lines of upper concave portions are shifted along height relative to arbitrary plane passing through respective extreme cross lines of lower concave portions of folded member. Said extreme cross lines may be over said plane by γ1-part of thickness of spacing member and under said plane by value γ2 ≤ 0.11d. Pitch n of wrinkles of folded member along length of spacing member n = (1.01 -1.75)d where d - outer diameter of tube ribs. Improved design of folded spacing members provides optimal operation modes of heat exchange section due to more close arrangement of ribbed tubes in bundle.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of compressor station, lowered labor and material consumption, improved factors of heat exchange and operational reliability due to optimized parameters of heat exchange ribbed tube bundle used in compressor station of apparatus for air cooling of gas.

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Compressor plant // 2281418

FIELD: air compression.

SUBSTANCE: compressor plant comprises compressor with the air filter, heat exchanger, end cooler, and air collector interconnected through main and additional pipelines provided with valves connected with the control unit and temperature and pressure gages. The compressor is provided with the drive with controller of speed of rotation connected with the outputs of the temperature and pressure controllers. The temperature and pressure gages are additionally connected with the temperature and pressure controllers, respectively.

EFFECT: reduced power consumption.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to plants making it possible to mix air or liquid medium with simultaneous heating or cooling at provision of increased of power output. Result is obtained owing to the fact that in ventilating and mixing device containing channel for heat or cold carrier, blades, and blade drive, part of heat or cold carrier channel, according to invention, is made in from of heat exchanger functionally coupled with blade drive as with part of said channel.

EFFECT: possibility of heating or cooling of media at increased of power output of device.

6 cl, 10 dwg