Method for well drilling process conditions regulation

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method is based on bit delivery into a recess by a three-channel mechanical and hydraulic capacity converter, according to the proposed solution, mechanical energy is represented by a load on the "bit-face" system defined by the dead weight of the compressed part of the string, and is supplied to the system with a speed defined by the tool feed transition factor and the associated condition ensuring the optimisation of the drilling process, defined by a mathematical expression.

EFFECT: determination of the parameters of the conditions ensuring mechanical energy supply to the bit-face system, taking into account the rate of rock fracture on the face.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: dependence of the average speed Vav of flight of antiaircraft guided missile of the specified type on the time T of its flight is determined, the initial value of the time of flight tp0 is chosen equal to half the range of possible values of this time, the primary value Vav1 of the average flight speed of antiaircraft guided missile is determined, corresponding to the chosen initial value tpo of the time of its flight, the coordinates, speed and course of air target Vt are measured, the mutual distance ro between the starting point of the antiaircraft guided missile and the air target is determined, the angle φ0 of sight between the course of the air target and the projection of the mutual distance between the starting point of the antiaircraft guided missile and the air target is determined, then by successive iterations the value of the time of flight of the antiaircraft guided missile from the starting point to collision with the air target is determined.

EFFECT: improvement of accuracy of determining the time of flight of antiaircraft guided missile.

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The invention relates to computer design and computer design, and in particular to a system and method an improved parametric geometric modeling

The invention relates to computing and can be used to build specialized and problem-oriented processors for solving differential equations of elliptic type

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is related to the area of formation of subsurface well bores. System for formation of subsurface well bore contains a rack-and-gear drive comprising a drive system with clamp arrangement capable of the drill stem control; automatic position control system comprising at least one measurement sensor connected to the rack-and-gear drive, at that automatic position control system is designed to measure and track increasing angular location of at least one pipe and control position of at least the above pipe using rack-and-gear drive.

EFFECT: provision of the well bore formation without interruption of the drilling process.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to method for measuring stress wave and to a measurement unit and a rock breaking machine. An impact device transfers the impact pulses to a wave guide that generates a compression stress wave and a reflected tension stress wave propagating in the wave guide. The compression stress wave causes expansion of the wave guide, while the tension stress wave causes the sharpening, and in this case properties of the wave guide can be determined by measuring dimensional changes of the wave guide cross-section. Said measurements are analysed to control the rock breaking machine.

EFFECT: improved method and device.

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Well drilling rig // 2265121

FIELD: mining industry, particularly for drilling exploratory and pressure-relief wells before mineral extraction from formations, including outburst-dangerous formations and ones characterized with high gas content.

SUBSTANCE: drilling rig comprises housing, support, drive to rotate drilling rod provided with cutting tool and hydraulic cylinder for cutting tool pulldown. Electrohydraulic valve is installed in hydraulic cylinder circuit. Electric drive of electrohydraulic valve is linked with load-sensing unit, which detects load applied to drilling rod rotation drive. The electric drive is connected to load-sensing unit through amplifier relay to provide bringing amplifier relay into operation when load applied to rotation drive exceeds nominal load by 20-30%. Cutting tool is made as symmetric screw conveying surfaces defining forward and reverse strokes connected one with another through generatrix. Side cutting edges of surfaces defining forward and reverse strokes are spaced apart.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability along with reduced power inputs for drilling, possibility to remove rod from well with negligible deviation thereof from predetermined direction of drilling.

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Downhole tool // 2153057
The invention relates to the field of drilling and represents the downhole tool to an axial load to the elongated body located in the trunk of a borehole formed in a subterranean formation comprises at least one set with the possibility of rotation of the body with many cushions, is able to move radially to the wall of the barrel bore hole when the selected contact force between the roller and the wall of the barrel bore hole

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes the drilling rate algorithm according to which the following technological parameters of drilling process - bit rpm, bit load, flow rate of flushing liquid - are raised to the powers determined by the mathematical expressions based on the generalised parameters characterising the bit interaction with rock: time of interaction of bit cutting structure with rock; mechanical and hydraulic capacities spent at bottomhole; bottomhole differential pressure. The bit is represented by a three-channel converter of mechanical and hydraulic capacities into the deepening. The bit rpm channel and the bit load channel together perform the first stage of process of deepening - bottomhole rock destruction by the mechanical power, and the channel of the flushing liquid flow rate perform the second stage of deepening - bottomhole cleaning from the destroyed rock by hydraulic power. Both stages are performed in a single interaction, that in turn is a source of the channel feedback and of interchannel interconnections pre-determining a basis of regulation of drilling process conditions.

EFFECT: decrease of dependence of the operating mode of a bottomhole hydraulic engine from bottomhole conditions and therefore its stabilisation.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method is proposed to direct drilling of a drill well in a target underground bed, including stages of preparation of drilling equipment, having a layout of a bottom of a drilling string, which includes a controlled subsystem of directional drilling and a directional measurement logging instrument during drilling with the possibility of circular viewing and anticipatory viewing; determination of availability of the specified type of bed feature in a target bed; and navigation of a drilling trajectory in a target bed by drilling equipment, which includes reception of measurement signals from the directional measurement instrument, production of bed parameter indices on the basis of received measurement signals in respect to a bed feature in the target bed and control of a subsystem of directional drilling for drilling in the direction determined depending on produced indices of bed parameters.

EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities and increased information value of tests.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method involves action on a mine rock and its destruction with a rotating indenter under load, determination of hardness parameters using the value of applied load and area of contact surface of the indenter. Measurements are made immediately during drilling in a differential form: mechanical drilling speed or time of duration of a certain depth interval, a value of speeds or time is adjusted by variation of load on a bit; the bit load value is measured at moment of equality of speeds or times and hardness of mine rock is determined as per an algorithm.

EFFECT: optimisation of a well drilling process.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment and may be used to measure parameters of a fluid pumped into a well. The system includes an electromagnetic flow metre, which is equipped with a controller making the base of the first measurement module, a vibration density metre equipped with a controller, making the base of the second measurement module. Modules are built into an injection line of a manifold with controlled medium, with the help of quick-split connections, the second measurement module is connected to the first measurement module, and the second module performs measurement of density, temperature and pressure. Modules are connected to a computer with the help of an information cable and a power supply unit. The computer is installed on a mounting base - all-terrain motor chassis. System supply is carried out from an AC network via a voltage stabiliser or from a board network of a vehicle.

EFFECT: increased universality, mobility, convenience of service, reliability, reduced dimensions.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to dynamic dampers of torsional vibrations and can be used at drilling of oil and gas wells. A dynamic damper of torsional vibrations comprises a case with a flywheel installed inside, the weights are fixed in the flywheel body and the flywheel is made as a torque link system. According to the first invention version, the shock absorbers enter the mass-joint on one end, and the weights made as cylindrical segment-plates by means of a welded bracket and lugs on the other end. According to the second version, a rod with hold-down screws and a lock ring is installed inside the case on one side, and a rod and a spring for its backup are installed on the other side. The shock absorbers enter the mass-joint on one end, and the weights by means of a crosspiece on the other end, the weights are made as cylindrical segment-plates fitted by recesses of different depths. Both versions imply that elastic elements are inserted between the weights for the clearance Δ, together with the weights being distanced from the washer with flyweight in the form of a hollow cylinder.

EFFECT: improved damping characteristics, reduced negative impact of torsional vibrations on a drilling unit in the wide range of its rotation frequency change, increased service life and reliability, reduced failures of the equipment.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: as per one version of implementation, the method involves well shaft drilling by a drilling bit, determination of an axial load on the bit during drilling of the well shaft, determination of pressure drop in the working surface area of the drilling bit during drilling of the well shaft and determination of the corrected axial load on the bit as per a certain axial load on the bit and a certain pressure drop.

EFFECT: creation of improved drilling bit and method allowing to correct changes in measurement results of an axial load and torque, which occur due to pressure drop in the drilling bit.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method, a device and a computer-readable data medium used when constructing a geologic model of an oil or other deposit. The invention enables, for markers selected as the initial solution, to calculate marker depths at each well which provide the best overall correlation. The method includes determining, for each marker which is part of a set, a composite function which is the sum of correlation coefficients of a system of well logging techniques for pairs of wells located no more than a given distance from each other. Partial derivatives are calculated for said composite function and the obtained vector is smoothed and used to find a greater value of the composite function at a certain section along said vector. If a greater value is not found, the last position of the marker is considered the solution, otherwise the solution point is smoothed and the process is repeated. The marker depths are sorted at each algorithm iteration.

EFFECT: improved accuracy of calculation of parameters used to construct a geological model of the location of oil or other deposits.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method, a device and a computer-readable data medium used for building a geological model of an oil or other mineral deposit, particularly for determining correlation coefficients for a set of well-logging curves and finding the position of marker depths, for which the correlation coefficient value is maximum. The method enables, for a marker already having marks at a certain so-called reference group of wells, to calculate said marks for a well from another group. For each well W, on which the marker depth value is being searched for, wells of a reference group lying at a given distance from well W are selected, and from among them a well is selected with the highest correlation coefficient, wherein the point at which said maximum is reached is denoted as the desired mark of the marker. Verification tests are used to search for wells in which the correlation function is less than the maximum correlation coefficient, and the correlation quality coefficient is greater than the maximum correlation coefficient. The found well is added to the reference group of wells.

EFFECT: improved accuracy of calculation of parameters used to build a geological model of the location of oil or other deposits.

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FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises well drilling, core recovery in drilling and core analysis for content of impurities. Note that spectral analysis is made to detect water-oil-insoluble salts of heavy metals and to fix their occurrence depth. Availability of said compounds allows making the conclusion on the location of super reservoirs in deposit. Quantitative content of said impurities in core rock allows making the conclusion on accurate location of interlayers. Said accurate location is used to take measures for prevention of well collapse by reducing the mechanical drilling rate.

EFFECT: simplified core analysis, higher validity, decreased accident rate.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device contains at least a temperature sensor, level gages and a mud flowmeter and a density gage that includes a gamma radiation source and a detector block as well as an electronic signal processing unit and a computer. The temperature sensor, level gages and the mud flowmeter and the gamma radiation source are mounted together in a space-saving way on the common load-carrying platform made as a quick-disconnecting hatch cover in the upper part of the mud ditch. Inside of the latter there is a suspended acoustically transparent container rigidly coupled to the platform and divided into two cavities; in one cavity there is the temperature sensor while in the other one there is a velocity metre made as an electroacoustic transducer interacting through the contact surface with the container wall and faced by a transducing surface towards the mud ditch surface. The gamma-radiation source is placed on the outer lower surface of the container.

EFFECT: high accuracy of the monitored parameters, simplicity, small size and mobility of the design, handling safety, reduction of time period for assembly and disassembly.

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FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: system includes mathematical model of drilling process in form of combined influence of conditions at pit-face and of drilling column operation. Model of drilling process is constantly renewed by results of well measurements performed during drilling operation. On basis of renewed drilling process model a set of optimal drilling parameters is determined and sent to system for controlling surface equipment. Also, system allows surface equipment control system to automatically adjust current control sets for surface equipment on basis of renewed optimal drilling parameters. Different control scenarios are generated and executed for transferring data to surface equipment control system on basis of current drilling mode.

EFFECT: optimized operation.

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Drilling plant // 2250342

FIELD: construction industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has base moving carriage with frame, driving actuators, volumetric hydraulic drive with pumps and driving engines for actuators of left and right boards and stopping brakes with mechanism for controlling these, and also of, mounted on frame of moving carriage via manipulator, feeder frame with rotation gears and traction of drilling base along well axis with hydraulic engines of drives of these mechanisms, while hydraulic rotation engines of drilling base and its feeding gear during drilling are connected to pumps of right and left board instead of actuator drives hydraulic engines, via two-positional holders, which are controlled together with stopping brakes. If brakes are made with braking hydraulic cylinders and control holder for these, two-positional holders are made with hydraulic control, and inputs into chambers for control thereof are connected by mains to input into braking cylinders of stopping brakes. To combine possibilities of drilling vertical and/or horizontal well suspension gear is made in form of four-assembly device, on joints, with hydraulic cylinder for slanting feeder frame, which device is supported by means of transverse beam. To provide for possible drilling at corners of rectangular pit, feeder frame is fixed in intermediate guide of support gear with possible longitudinal displacement, and transverse beam of suspension gear is made symmetrical relatively to longitudinal symmetry plane of carriage.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: well drilling equipment, particularly for laying pipelines and for trenchless engineering system forming.

SUBSTANCE: system includes several hydraulic monitors, planetary reducers of rotator and control unit. Each hydraulic monitor is provided with fixed sliding unit located between hydraulic monitor and planetary reducer of drivers providing rotary and reciprocating movement and made as three flanges. The main flange is secured to planetary reducer, upper and lower ones are connected one to another and installed on hydraulic monitor body. Joint between the flanges is provided with sealing member. The main flange has parallel levers on which hydraulic cylinders connected with pressure-gauges are mounted. Hydraulic cylinder rods are connected with stop screws of upper flange lever. Two hydraulic cylinders and two pressure-gauges are installed on each hydraulic monitor. Pressure-gauge scales are recalibrated to index of torque developed by hydraulic monitor and are installed on gauge board located on drilling rig slider. Two regulating throttles are installed on liquid feed lines, which supply each monitor with working liquid.

EFFECT: possibility to determine power to synchronize operation of several hydraulic monitors.

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