Milling machine, crusher of rock fractures for it and system of longwall mining

FIELD: mining engineering.

SUBSTANCE: machine is located adjacent to a face conveyor for transporting the material, and comprises a chassis, a boom pivotally connected to the chassis, a blade drum for engagement with stope face, while knife drum is mounted for rotation on the boom, and the crusher rock fractures used to trap material on the face conveyor. In this case, the chassis includes a first end and a second end, the chassis being movable in at least a first direction that is substantially parallel to the stope face. The crusher of rock fractures includes an elongated crushing arm having a first end and a second end, the first end being pivotally connected to the chassis about the axis of the lever. The crusher of the rock fractures also includes a number of teeth for crushing the mined material.

EFFECT: development of longwall in a compact manner, with a compact crusher.

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FIELD: physics; geophysics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to geophysics and can be used for exploration of mineral deposits in a geologic environment. The invention relates to a sensor device and a method for geoelectric survey of a location, stratigraphic arrangement and range of mineral deposits and contiguous rocks delineating said deposits. The disclosed sensor device has a sensor head (51), an end surface which forms a sensor measurement surface (53) and at least one electrode. According to the invention, the sensor head (51) can be brought into contact with the surface of the geologic environment, and a centre electrode (54) and a plurality of external electrodes (55), arranged in a geometrically uniform manner around the centre electrode (54), are placed on the sensor measurement surface (53). The centre electrode (54) and external electrodes (55) are electroconductive and electrically insulated from each other.

EFFECT: high accuracy of survey data of a deposit directly in the development process thereof.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method to remove connection elements of body units of mining combines includes removal of a connection element. Besides, removal of a connection element is carried out with energy of blasting of an explosive, which is placed in a container installed as thrusting at the end of the removed element. The proposed method makes it possible to achieve quick and reliable removal of axes, pins, etc. in dismantling of body units of mining combines even in constrained areas, when other methods are not applicable.

EFFECT: container for placement of an explosive charge and a spacer device are simple in design and may be made in a mechanical workshop of a plant.

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FIELD: coal industry, particularly miscellaneous items relating to machines for slitting or completely freeing mineral from seam.

SUBSTANCE: drilling-and-anchoring device comprises drill-rod with conical collar, anchoring hydraulic cylinder acting in single direction and provided with annular piston, as well as anchoring shoes. Each anchoring shoe is pivotally connected directly with annular piston by the first end thereof. Another anchoring shoe end is brought into contact with conical collar surface facing anchoring hydraulic cylinder.

EFFECT: simplified anchoring mechanism structure.

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FIELD: coal industry, particularly development machines for hydromines.

SUBSTANCE: method involves performing preparation drilling operations along with well flushing in mine ground with the use of several hollow rods provided with cutting crowns; anchoring tunneling machines by fastening thereof to well walls with the use of spring-piston mechanisms provided with anchoring means and connected to hollow rods so that tunneling machine fastening is carried out without rod removal from wells; cutting new ledge after hollow rod removal from well; fixing anchoring member during ledge cutting after hollow rod removal by applying tension to hollow rod in the absence of water pressure in it. Anchoring member is detached from well wall by moving rod to face simultaneously with supplying pressurized water to the rod before hollow rod removal. Spring-piston mechanism acts on anchoring member in direction transversal to well wall. Then the rod is removed from well and the tunneling machine is moved for distance equal to ledge width and tunneling machine fixation operations are repeated.

EFFECT: increased reliability of temporary tunneling machine anchoring during excavation operation performing.

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Mountain harvester // 2243378
The invention relates to mining equipment

The invention relates to mining and can be used in the extraction of coal using harvesters

The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in the construction of mining machines and other machinery

Feeder coal combine // 2086762

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: shaft-sinking and tunnelling winning unit for mechanisation of mine workings and mining operations comprises a platform in the form of a frame with support skis and the adjustable insert, a mining machine with symmetrically placed screws on the output shafts of gearboxes, the face conveyor with line pans, the sections of mechanised shoring with bases and canopies with hydraulic props of the thrust and the jacks of shifting, the scraper reloader and the control panel. The platform is made autonomously and is provided with a feeding mechanism in the form of a feeding mechanism of the mining machine with the ability of rigid placing on it of the housing of the mining machine in cleaning and in excavating implementation.

EFFECT: reduction of metal consumption, increased performance and reliability.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method to change over cutter-loader with auger actuators to new mining strip with location of face conveyor drive in longwall face and single-sided pattern of extraction, includes movement of cutter-loader with mineral extraction from cutting zone. At the same time at the end section of longwall face, at the distance equal to the distance between axes of cutter-loader augers, two wells are drilled, to the depth equal to one width of cutter-loader grip. Then cutter-loader moves as idle-running to the end of longwall face, afterwards cutter-loader augers are installed along axis of wells, where at frontal feed of cutter-loader, auger hubs enter wells, and auger blades destroy massif and produce mineral to conveyor with subsequent movement of cutter-loader and formation of new mining strip. In another version of method, cutter-loader changeover is proposed with shuttle method of extraction.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of mining faces operation, simplified technology of second working, reduced costs for equipment, less time spent for auxiliary operations, increased resource of conveyor operation, elimination of multiple bends in conveyor stand.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry and may be used to win bedded minerals along bed hypsometry, also under complicated mining and geological conditions. Winning machine for bedded minerals includes sections of bearing powered movable support with longitudinal guides, where sections of guard shield are installed, being connected to sections of actuator with drive installed along front of bed winning. Winning machine is additionally equipped with brackets having cutters for damage of face from surface along cutting lines directed along front of bed winning with pitch providing for reservation of pillars between them. Brackets with cutters are joined to each other by sections of actuator with drive. Brackets with cutters are rigidly installed on sections of guard shield with drive of its motion along longitudinal guides of sections of bearing powered movable support.

EFFECT: reduced power intensity of face damage, provision of monitoring of machine position relative to bed, increased efficiency of machine, reduced dilution.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to minerals industry, particularly to treating combines for selective concavity of heavy, predominately potassic layers with rock interlayer. Combine for selective concavity of heavy potassic layer with rock interlayer includes casing, on ends of which there are mounted with ability of rotation in vertical plane two handles, each of which is outfitted by integrated rive and screw, and additional cutting block. Additional cutting block contains handle with integrated drive and screw, and is rigidly fixed to casing of combine. Fixed on body basis of cutting block is pivotally connected to carrier and hydro- thruster climbing of handle, which is rigidly connected to slider, installed in guide groove of carrier with ability of displacement with handle to bottom for value not less than width of screw, diametre of which is not more than power of top layer. Additionally end main screws of combine are implemented with diametre of not less than half of power of more heavy layer of stratum.

EFFECT: effectiveness increase of selective concavity of heavy layer with rock interlayer independently from capacity of the latter.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanisation facilities for underground selective concavity of thin predominately potassic layers by treating combines. Combine for selective concavity of thin layers of minerals includes body, at ends of which there are mounted with ability of rotation in vertical plane two handles, outfitted by agreeably integrated drive and screw with loading shield, and carrier. One of handles allows rigidly fixed on it slider with ability of displacement of it with handle in guide channel of carrier to bottom for value not less than width of screw, diametre of which is not more than output of rock layers of roofing, located at break between bottom and transporter. Screw of other handle is implemented of diametre not less than half of total power of fall rock layers of roofing and mineral.

EFFECT: design simplification of combine, decreasing of its weight and reliability improvement in operation at selective concavity of thin layers with coal-cutting with stone of roofing.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to mining, particularly to miner for excavating beds of minerals. The miner for excavation of beds of minerals with rock inclusions, notably, of coal beds, consists of case 22 with electrical 2 and hydraulic 3 blocks arranged on the case, of control panels 4 and 5 of the hydraulic blocks and of mechanisms 7 and 8 for miner advance; said mechanisms interact with a pin bar 10 of conveyor 9. Also the miner consists of at least one handle 15 swiveling in vertical plane and assembled at the end of case 22; the handle is equipped with actuator 23 for mineral cutting; the actuator is driven to rotation by means of engine 17 and reducer 18 placed inside handle 15. Also the miner is equipped with main mechanism 24 installed between handle 15 and case 22; the main mechanism advances handle 15 onto a face at destructing of rock inclusions and it is equipped with facility 25 for maintaining the miner immobile, when actuator 23 is cutting rock inclusions.

EFFECT: high efficiency of mineral excavation.

16 cl, 20 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the mining and can be used in mining machines for coal cutting and breaking the soft ores, e.g. kimberlite. The movable operating element of the mining machines contains the screw conveyer with the inclined spiral cutting strip consisting of the separate sections projecting above the screw conveyer's blade. The section of the spiral cutting strip are placed alternately to each other at the distance L equal to 0.3D of the angle diameter D of the loosened fragment, have the width B equal to D - the angle diameter D of the loosened fragment. The angle of inclination to the contour line of the upper side of the breaking segment is taken as 7°, and the angle of inclination to the contour line of the inner side of the breaking segment is taken as 47°.

EFFECT: area of application of machines for coal cutting and soft ore breaking is broadened.

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Mining machine // 2307933

FIELD: mining, particularly machines which completely free the mineral from the seam, namely coal mining machines with auger executive tools adapted for underground mineral mining.

SUBSTANCE: mining machine comprises hydraulic driving mechanism, drive, reducers, height-adjustable augers and loading flaps. The machine has additional executive tool made as a number of cutting discs connected to single vertical shaft and arranged in front of augers in machine movement direction. Cutting disc radius is equal or greater than auger width.

EFFECT: improved coal grade of quality.

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FIELD: mining industry, possible use in mining machines with cutting working tools (worms, crowns, drums), in particular in drilling combines and complexes for driving mines of rectangular cross-section.

SUBSTANCE: working tool contains frame, on which motor is held with cutting tool. Motor is made in form of two independent reducers with engines. Cutting tool is made in form of four separate drums. On output shaft of each reducer two drums are mounted. Each reducer is held on frame with possible transverse movement relatively to the latter.

EFFECT: high productiveness during work with hard rock, expanded area of possible use depending on width of mine being driven, possible destruction of rectangular face using simple plan, not requiring high combiner skills.

2 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: mining, machines which completely free the mineral from the seam by slitting, particularly cutter-loaders provided with two auger executive tools spaced apart large distance.

SUBSTANCE: method involves preparing cutter-loader and support units; moving cutter-loaded to central breakage face section; moving face conveyer flight part; returning cutter-loader; supplying support units and supporting roof over cutter-loader; moving cutter-loader in extreme position so that the first executive tool enters drift joined to breakage face; preparing cutter-loader by removing the second executive tool from opposite drift side or arranging thereof in transport position; installing the first executive tool in lower position. Face conveyer flight is moved along the full breakage face length, namely in frontal manner. Cutter-loader is moved in central part of breakage face along with bottom massif bank cutting and kert forming, wherein the kert extends for length of not less than cutter-loader length. Then cut coal is loaded on conveyer. After cutter-loader return the second executive tool is installed in place or moved in working position.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of gently sloping coal bed development due to provision of cuter-loader self-sumping during front movement of face conveyor.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and is intended for gearbox cooling in the revolving gear of the cutter for breast mining. The revolving gear contains a set of separate transmission gears and cooling system. The transmission gears are arranged in row in elongated casing. The cooling system contains heating medium injection system in each of the transmission gears. Each injection system has longitudinal hole made in shaft of the transmission gear, and pipe for the heating medium injection installed in this hole. The pipe diameter is below the diameter of the longitudinal hole. The heating medium supply line is connected to the heating medium injection pipe. To the longitudinal hole and adjacent to one its end the hole is connected for the heating medium outlet, so the heating medium exiting from end of the specified pipe flows back along it, and then exits shaft of the transmission gear ensuring heat removal from the individual transmission gear.

EFFECT: improved design.

22 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: mining combine of continuous action is proposed, comprising a bearing frame having a front part, and a cutting frame installed on the bearing frame with the possibility of displacement back and forth relative to it. At the same time the cutting frame has the front part, and the combine additionally comprises a cutting drum installed as capable of rotation on the cutting frame and arranged near its front part. The combine also comprises a collecting head designed to collect mined minerals and installed as capable of rotation on the front part of the cutting frame, and a hydraulic cylinder designed for rotation and fixation of the collecting head relative to the cutting frame both in direction of lifting, and in direction of lowering. Besides, the combine comprises the first drilling base installed as capable of rotation on the front part of the bearing frrame, the second drilling base installed as capable of rotation on the front part of the bearing frame and arranged at the distance from the first drilling base, a hydraulic cylinder designed for rotation and fixation of the first drilling base relative to the bearing frame regardless of the second drilling base, and a hydraulic cylinder designed for rotation and fixation of the second drilling base relative to the bearing frame regardless of the first drilling base.

EFFECT: provision of a better support for a combine in process of cutting drum cut-in.

5 cl, 8 dwg

Mining machine // 2456449

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: mining machine comprises a housing, a running gear, an actuating unit, containing a cutting drum drive, fixed to the housing of the machine by means of a horizontal axis and hydraulic cylinders, a screw loading unit with a drive. The drive of a screw loading body is made based on delivery gear-wheels of the drive of operating unit with an option of separation of the drums of the actuating unit and the screw loading unit, while the actuating unit forms a roofage, and the screw loading unit forms a lying wall.

EFFECT: simplified construction and improved reliability of the machine.

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