Screw pump

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: screw pump consists of a cylindrical body, inside of which a shaft is provided coaxially with it, equipped with a volume screw thread. The shaft is fixed to the first support, and through the second support is connected to the motor. The cutting is performed by an external, single-step, multi-turn with a given pitch. Cutting is by first supports specified number of voluminous turns connected via screw grooving having a diameter, the smaller than the diameter of the shaft by a specified amount, with an equal number of cylindrical volumetric cavities, performed with the specified step in the spaces between the turns of slicing. The cavities communicate with through holes, made in a predetermined amount in the body, for passage of liquid from the outside, further movement and injection through the partially cut last coil into the outlet chamber of the pumped liquid. The exit chamber is formed between the shaft end and its second support.

EFFECT: increasing pump capacity by increasing the efficiency of pumping liquid.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: pump comprises housing with inlet and outlet and rotor. The latter comprises the shaft running in radial and radial thrust ball bearings and auger wheel with helical blades and hollow taper bush fitted on said shaft. Said bush adjoins the outlet at larger diameter via radial and end grooves of slotted stepwise clearance to make release chamber with bypass channels on outer side of wheel space. Said channels communicate the chamber with auger wheel inlet cavity. Radial thrust ball bearing outer race is fitted in the housing with end clearance not smaller than end clearance of said slotted stepwise seal. Shroud is fixed at the auger wheel blades, at wheel outer line taper section, to abut on inlet via slotted seal end clearance equal thereto.

EFFECT: higher reliability, longer life.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed assembly comprises pumps of condensate first and second lift integrated in common rigid outer housing. Said outer housing with all units arranged there inside are centrally symmetric about fixed vertical axis. Elliptic outer housing is furnished with sealed cover. Suction chamber side walls has condensate intake openings at the level of condenser bottom. Booster presser chamber accommodates even number of identical vertical low- and high-rpm axial polyrow pumps of first lift with one-side condensate inflow and identical horizontal low- and high-rpm axial polyrow pumps of second lift with double-side condensate inflow and discharge into pressure pipes of symmetric chamber of booster chambers. Impeller and distributors of all pumps are multiplanar components with the number of impeller vane cascades making 2-5 and 1-3. Said first cascades are shaped to truncated augers. Impellers and distributors with their casings are composed of cartridges tightly fitted in assembly outer housing.

EFFECT: better anti-cavitation properties, higher reliability, longer life.

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Compressor // 2459979

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: compressor comprises stator 6 with inlet and outlet branch pipes and rotor with spiral diaphragms. Body of stator 6 is shaped to cone. Rotor shaft is made up of propeller shaft with four-way joints 8, 9 rotated by carrier 4 with guide slide 11. detachable sand accumulator.

EFFECT: simplified design, power savings.

5 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: fluid transfer pump comprises cylindrical housing 1 with intake and discharge branch pipes 2, 3, rotor with spiral membrane fitted in housing 1, two drive motors 6, 7 coupled with rotor shafts 4, 5. Said membrane is made up of Schpadi external propeller 10 with looped vanes and internal reverse rotation propeller 14 with solid vanes. Propellers 10 and 14 revolve at different angular speed. External propeller 19 is fitted on shaft 4 coupled with motor 6 arranged on one side of housing 1 while internal propeller 14 is fitted on shaft 5 coupled with motor 7 on the opposite side of housing 1.

EFFECT: higher pressure, ruling of outlet fluid flow swirling.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: multi-phase pump includes axial stages in-series located on the shaft. Each of the stages consists of guide vanes and impeller. Impeller has one or several spiral blades 2 arranged on sleeve 1 and restricted with inlet edges 3 and outlet edges. There are through holes 4 in blade 2 of impeller along the edge of inlet edge 3, which are designed for crushing of gas bubbles and additional flow turbulisation.

EFFECT: invention provides stable operation of submerged plant at high content of undissolved gas and in the range extended to the area of light feed area.

7 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: pump includes rotor 3 on outer surface of which there are grooves 6, and housing 1 on inner axial surface of which there are grooves 2. On end surfaces of housing 1 there is inlet and outlet channel 12, 13. Blades 7 are provided on end surface of rotor 3 on the side of inlet channel 12. Pump inlet is connected to peripheral cavity 11 of blades 7, which is connected to inner cavity 16 of bowl-shaped sump by means of discharge holes 10 for impurities in housing 1 of pump. Bottom 8 of sump has tight connection 20 to inlet part of housing 1 of pump between discharge hole 10 for impurities and hole 9 located in housing 1 of pump as close to rotor 3 rotation axis as possible. Such pump design allows supporting constant pressure at the inlet, which guarantees cavitation-free mode, and allows avoiding repair work on replacement or cleaning of filter element. Absence of solid impurities in working fluid improves reliability and service life of pump operation.

EFFECT: higher reliability, longer cavitation-free operating mode and convenient operation of the pump.

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Submersible pump // 2423622

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: pump comprises a body 1, a rotor 2 in the form of a screw 3 with blades installed on a shaft and placed into a fixed bush 4 with blades of opposite thread direction, and having length that exceeds length of the bush 4. The screw 3 is arranged as longer than the bush 4 in direction of an open space by value of the step S of the screw 3 blades thread. The protruding part of the screw 3 has a larger diameter Ds compared to the outer diameter Db of the fixed bushing 4 blades.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to start the pump in case of paraffin fallout.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: screw hydraulic pump includes housing 1, front and rear covers 3, 14, shaft 5, inlet branch pipe 17 and outlet branch pipe. On inner end surface of front cover 3 there radially provided are cylinders 6 located at equal distance from each other and are continued part of the above cover; the above cylinders are covered on the side of shaft 5 rotation axis and have one central hole in closed side. Inner cavity of each of cylinders 6 is hydraulically connected to inlet and outlet cavities 16, 12. Screw in the form of shaft with spiral comb is inserted inside each cylinder 6. One end of shaft is passed into the hole of covered side of cylinder 6 and driven gear 9 is fixed on it and is engaged with driving gear 10 of shaft 5 of hydraulic pump. The other end of screw is inserted in bearing of cover of cylinder 6, which has liquid passage holes to outlet cavity 12. Inlet cavity 16 is connected to inner cavity of cylinder 6 by means of opening 15 located on housing of cylinder 6 closer to rotation axis of shaft 5 of hydraulic pump.

EFFECT: improving technical characteristics of hydraulic pump.

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Pump // 2396463

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed pump is designed to be used as primary stage of radial-flow pump or as axial pump operated in a wide range of output. Pump consists of a screw with variable-pitch vanes 2. Pitch of vanes 2 varies from inlet to outlet with pitch at inlet S1 exceeding that at outlet S2.

EFFECT: higher output and efficiency, improved cavitation characteristics.

3 dwg

Screw pump // 2391559

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: screw pump includes the main screw 2 with bushing 3 installed in housing 5 on hollow shaft 1, inside which there is additional shaft 6. On shaft 6 there installed is hydraulic turbine and on the end from the inlet to the main screw 2 - additional screw 8. To housing 5 there connected are inlet and outlet housings 15, 17. Hydraulic turbine is combined with additional screw 8, for which purpose inside screw 8 there made is inner cavity 9 interconnected via channel 13 and holes 11, 14 to cavity 18 of outlet housing 17. On external or front surfaces 23, 24 of screw 8 there made are holes 10 interconnecting with inner cavity 9 for creation of torque moment on additional screw 8 combined with hydraulic turbine. Between shaft 1 and additional shaft 6 there can be installed at least one intermediate bearing 7. One bearing or all of them 7 can be magnetic.

EFFECT: improving cavitation properties of pump.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: system and method of dynamic balancing of axial force for centrifugal compressors (10) is described to reduce axial loads on bearings (20). Transmitter or probe (42) measures the parameter linked with the axial load acting on the bearings (20). Based on the measured parameter the pressure in the balancing chamber (34) is controlled to regulate the compensating axial force created by the balancing drum (28).

EFFECT: improved design.

15 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: this system is used for transfer of fluids from deep wells. Said pump is equipped with bearings and bushes that feature optimum working stroke with duel allowance for such operating conditions as load, stroke, pressure and tension. Besides, said bearings and bushes are engaged with drive string to facilitate efficient installation and dismantling. Said bearings or bushes are not secured to flow string or drive string. In compliance with invention versions, said drive string can be perforated while extracted fluid can be used for lubing of the system bearings.

EFFECT: stable revolution, ease of repair and servicing.

4 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention discloses compressor rotor and method of its assembly. Rotor comprises first solid neck with first end to be fitted in appropriate end and second end with flange with flange to be bolted to appropriate flange of compressor first disc. Coupling rod extends through compressor first disc. Nut is screwed on coupling rod first threaded end. Second solid neck has first end to intake coupling rod second end threaded part. Second end is to be fitted in appropriate bearing. Coupling rod has no contact with said first solid neck.

EFFECT: simplified assembly and dismantling, ruled out leaks between through bolt and rotor.

10 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: fan comprises a working chamber which contains an impeller fixed on the driven shaft, a coupling comprising the driving half-coupling combined with the driving shaft, and the driven half-coupling fastened to the driven shaft, and the driving and driven half-couplings are installed with a gap, and the electric motor. The coupling is designed as a flange coupling, hubs of the driving and driven half-couplings are connected to flanges by means of blades installed evenly along a circle, and flanges of the driving and driven half-couplings are fitted with air vents. The driving shaft is connected with the electric motor shaft by means of V-belt transmission.

EFFECT: design reliability improvement at the expense of intensification of fan shaft cooling process at simultaneous simplification of the device design and decrease of energy consumption.

6 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: motors and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: group of the inventions relates to balancing of turbopumps for space motors. The pump contains stator (112) and rotor containing an impeller (111), through which a flow duct (114) for fluid medium passes. This impeller (111) comprises the device for axial balancing containing balancing camera (118) and duct (120), formed between the impeller (111) and the stator (112), which ensures the drain of fluid medium from the flow duct (114) into the balancing camera (118). The pressure of fluid medium in the balancing camera (118) compensates the efforts exerted by the fluid medium on another part of the rotor, thus ensuring axial balancing of the rotor. The duct (120) comprises a front nozzle (140) and a back nozzle (160), and also intermediate ring-type camera (150), formed between the walls (151, 152; 161, 162) of the impeller (111) and the stator (112). The camera (150) is located downstream the front nozzle (140) and upstream the back nozzle (160) and is extended in a meridional direction, and the normal to the impeller cylindrical wall (111), generatrix of the nozzle (140, 160), is parallel to the normal to cylindrical wall (161, 162) of the stator (112), generatrix of the nozzle, and is directed to the opposite side.

EFFECT: group of the inventions is aimed at creation of high performance compact safe pump.

14 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: turbo-compressor (10, 10'), put into operation by waste gases, for an internal combustion engine, contains rotational velocity sensor (32) and element (30, 30', 40, 40', 40") in the form of bushing for axial fixation of at least one bearing (24, 26) of turbo-compressor shaft (22). Element (30, 30', 40, 40', 40") in the form of bushing on peripheral surface (46, 46', 46″) contains at least one through hole (48, 48', 48"), through which rotational velocity sensor passes through element (30, 30', 40, 40', 40") in the form of bushing. At least one through hole (48, 48', 48"), at least in its part has a conical form in radial direction of element (30, 30', 40, 40', 40") in the form of bushing.

EFFECT: simplifying assembly efforts due to attitude manoeuvre of bushing during the sensor mounting due to conical form of the hole.

5 cl, 5 dwg

Magnetic drive pump // 2534195

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to magnetic drive pumps and can be used in industrial processes related to corrosion media. A stationary shaft comprises a metal front support integrated with the pump housing in the pump inlet and coated with polymeric shell from fluoropolymer. The back bearing surface is located on the tightly sealed bottom side of the protective coating to provide an additional support for the stationary shaft. The impeller has a channel for decreasing of flow rate at the inlet to ensure a low allowable cavitational reserve.

EFFECT: ensuring of use in high corrosive and high temperatures conditions up to 200°C for improvement of rigidity of the front support.

9 cl, 7 dwg

Turbopump set // 2534188

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: set comprises two pumps connected by shafts using a splint joint. A turbine wheel is fixed on the first shaft. On the shaft of the second pump there is an unloading piston of an automatic axial force unloading device limited by a radial seal in the peripheral part and having at both sides cavities of high and low pressure. The shaft of one pump with a support end rests against the support end of the second pump shaft. The second pump comprises an auger installed upstream its centrifugal impeller. The high pressure cavity is connected to the outlet of this pump via a pressure controller, comprising a throttle and a control stem contacting with the end of the shaft of this pump. The low pressure cavity is connected to the cavity between the auger and the impeller of this pump.

EFFECT: improved cavitation characteristics of one of pumps.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: pump stage comprises impeller with hub and distributor consisting of barrel, top disc with axial support, bottom disc and vanes. At least one surface of friction of impeller axial bearings with regular microrelief as islands with rounded and/or flat surface. Space between said islands forms the system of channels which allows the removal of foreign mechanical particles from the surface of friction. Islands of regular microrelief with rounded surface can be composed of bulged spherical identical shape and size segments arranged on rows that make the rings located concentrically relative to impeller axis.

EFFECT: lower costs, decreased weight.

19 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: centrifugal fan impeller comprises a supporting disk and a covering disk, set in-between profiled blades folded backwards, each of which is fitted by a vane attachment set on the working surface side in the outlet part zone with a converging gap in respect to the working surface of the blade and having concave working surface and convex end face surface and a swirl chamber communicating tangentially with the converging gap, on its convex end face surface. Outlet converging channels are provided from the swirl chamber, and inlet converging channels are provided to the swirl chamber entering it tangentially from the concave working surface of the vane attachment.

EFFECT: use of invention allows for significant increase of the aerodynamic load of a centrifugal fan.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: universal rotor is referred to machine building, in particular, to the production of rotors for windmills, hydroturbines, screw propellers, fans and aircrafts. A universal rotor comprises at least two bow-shaped blades which are set around the rotor rotation axis 3 and each of them is connected to a fastener installed along the rotor rotation axis 3. The generatrix of the cambered side surface 1 of the bow-shaped blade is located close to the plane parallel to the rotor rotation axis 3. The upper edge of the cambered side surface 1 of the bow-shaped blade is connected with the edge of the concave side surface 2 of the bow-shaped blade. The concave surface 2 of the bow-shaped blade without sharp bends and corners is inclined from the rotor rotation axis in the direction to the base of this blade. The edge of the concave side surface 2 of the bow-shaped blade is connected with the upper edge of the cambered side surface 1 of the bow-shaped blade at an angle. The opposite edge of the concave side surface 2 of the bow-shaped blade is connected with the cambered side surface 1 of the adjoining bow-shaped blade at an angle.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at the reduction of energy flow's energy losses.

2 dwg