Device for testing sprayers

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture and can be used for testing sprayers of agricultural atomizers. Device for testing the nebulizers comprises a housing, a classifier table, a computer, a processing and signaling unit, a rod with a working fluid distribution unit, means for vertical movement and rotation of the rod, a supply and measurement unit for air speed, a block for supplying, regulating and controlling the flow of working fluid, a unit for measuring and evaluating the process of dispersing the working fluid, a light source. Bar is rotatable about the vertical axis by an angle of 0≤α≤360° and changes in the length of the side. Lateral side is connected on one side with the upper fixed base, and on the other hand with the lower moving base. Lower base is connected by a pivot-fixed support with a fixed rib with rotation of the lower base in a vertical plane from the horizontal position to the angle 0≤β≤20°. Air supply and distribution unit is provided with a pivoting device with an angle of rotation in the horizontal plane by an angle of 0≤γ≤180° and deflector. Deflector is made in the form of a rectangular diffuser. Larger side of the diffuser is equal to or greater than the length of the lower base of the rod. Classification surfaces for determining the unevenness and thickness of the coating are performed on opposite sides of the classifier table in parallel to each other. Surfaces are made with the ability to move them from the upper level to the lower and vice versa.

EFFECT: automation of the process of sprayers testing is ensured, accuracy and reliability of determination of the quality indexes of the distribution of working fluid are increased taking into account the influence of external influences.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: system of grain preservation comprises a nozzle for converting liquid insecticides into aerosol. The nozzle is connected to a tank with the liquid insecticide. The nozzle is installed in the chamber of spraying liquid insecticides. The chamber is built into the main line of grain and connected to a source of compressed air. The tank with the liquid insecticide is mounted on the guides with the ability of adjusting in height relative to the nozzle. The adjusting is carried out depending on the performance of grain feeding.

EFFECT: preservation of food qualities of grain in its long-term storage.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to forestry. The suggested device for seeding treatment and soil disinfection contains frame and tank installed on it. Tank is connected with liquid sprayers made in form of sleeves 17, 18 installed one into another. In each liquid sprayer hollow stock 10 with piston 19 is installed, it is connected with header by corrugated pipelines 9 and made with possibility of vertical movement. Liquid tanks comprise two sections, first section for liquid for soil desinfection, second section is for seeding treatment liquid. Sections are connected via the headers with liquid sprayers with possibility of soil disinfection liquid supply to the sprayer cavity, and seeding treatment soil to stock cavity.

EFFECT: invention ensures power consumption reduction.

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Spray boom // 2540113

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the agricultural industry, in particular to devices for processing of field crops with solutions of fertilizers and pesticides. The spray boom comprises the middle and side parts, hinge-bearing units, thrusts and hitch attachment. The middle and side parts are pivotally interconnected. The hitch attachment is made parallelogram-pendulum. The parallelogram part is made in the form of a rocker. The ends of the rocker are connected through the thrusts with the hinge-bearing units. The thrusts have the variable length. The pendulum part is made in the form of an eye bar. One side of the eye bar is connected by the bearing unit to the centre of the rocker. The other side of the eye bar is rigidly connected to the rack of the upper support of the hitch attachment.

EFFECT: simplified construction of the boom, increased reliability due to stabilization of the plane-parallel motion of the boom.

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Atomiser // 2527022

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: atomiser comprises a spraying disk, a supply tube and a spring. The spraying disk is provided with a liquid receiver and a perforated shell. The upper edge of the receiver has the same shell with coaxial perforation. The outer diameter of the shell of the receiver corresponds to the inner diameter of the shell of the spraying disk. The disk is put on the receiver with the ability to rotate by 10-15°. The disk is connected to the shaft by the spring. One end of the spring is fixed to the shaft. Another end of the spring is fixed in one of the grooves formed on the shell of the spraying disk. The inlet tube is directed to the bottom of the receiver and is provided with a float regulator of the flow.

EFFECT: simplicity of design, reduced energy consumption, stabilisation of a given flow rate of the sprayed liquid and the uniformity of its distribution on the treated surface.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of protection against insect pests. The agent for controlling locusts and other insects contains water and the active ingredient. The active ingredient is used as sodium or potassium liquid glass. Application of the agent is carried out by spraying.

EFFECT: simplified component composition, safe ingredients are used.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture. The method comprises spraying the agricultural crops with an initial crushing the solution flow of microelement fertilisers by the air flow and the subsequent drops electrocharge in corona electrostatic field. The liquid-air mixture is prepared at a distance from the hydraulic sprayer nozzles, then fed under pressure to hydraulic nozzles, at the output of which it is crushed and passes in the form of a torch with bubbles of air through the electrostatic field, where the mixture in the form of liquid-air drops is electrostatically charged, is additionally crushed thus increasing monodispersity, surface moisture of the fed plants, the number of free ions of nutrients of microellement fertilisers, which, precipitating on the surface of the agricultural crops, penetrate into the plant, improving its nutrition. The drop size, their crushing, monodispersity of drops and the amount of free ions is regulated by the pressure of microelement fertiliser solution from 0.2 to 0.3 MPa, the air pressure of 0.4 to 0.5 MPa, injected in the solution of fertilisers in the pumping mains, microelement fertiliser solution flow through one nozzle to 0.3 L/min, electrocharging of the sprayed liquid-air drops with the electrostatic voltage on the electrodes of 3 to 5 kV and a current of 10 mA.

EFFECT: method enables to increase the saturation of the solution mixture of fertiliser with air and to increase the monodispersity of the sprayed solution of microelement fertilisers.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture. In the method the plant protection unit is operated, which consists of the vehicle and the sprayer with nozzles for spraying agent of protection. The operation of the movement of plant protection unit is performed by the onboard computer with the navigation system in accordance with coordinates of the route inputted in the onboard computer. The operation of spraying is carried out by using the nozzles of the sprayer in untreated areas of the field. At that operation of spraying is carried out by using the nozzle of the sprayer in untreated contaminated areas of the field to be sprayed - the contaminated area. The operation of the plant protection unit, movement and choice of the route geometry of movement, positioning accuracy of the unit on the route, the length of the rod, the number of nozzles on the rod, the radius of nozzle discharge pattern, the criterion for inclusion of the nozzles and operation of spraying is carried out with a minimum of environmental damage, and power resources costs of the plant protection unit, taking into account the spatial position of the contaminated zones and field configuration for a given precision of navigation and the system of determining the geographical coordinates.

EFFECT: method enables to minimise environmental damage and power resources costs for operation of the plant protection unit by reducing the length of the route of movement of the unit on sites including the contamination zones.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery industry, in particular to mobile plant-feeder-sprayers. The sprayer for treatment of agricultural crops with electroactivated water is a mobile unit. The sprayer comprises a basic tractor, a rod with sprayers, a hydraulic fluid reservoir, a pump, a D.C. generator, and a unit for water electroactivation. The pump and the generator are driven by the power take-off. The unit for electroactivation consists of two electrodes and is made with the ability to receive positive and negative potentials.

EFFECT: possibility to prepare the hydraulic fluid directly in the sprayer is provided.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural equipment and can be used for treatment with fluids of field crops and perennial plants, and also for application on the soil surface of the pesticides and liquid fertilisers. The ultralow-volume sprayer comprises a frame, a container, equalisation basin, feeding pipeline, and pneumatic sprayer. At the inlet of the sprayer a convergent tube is mounted. At the outlet of the sprayer a diffuser is mounted. The sprayer has two jet-forming devices with slotted nozzles. The jet-forming devices are formed by three fastened plates. Between the plates there are gaskets. The feeding pipelines are located above and below the outlet of the air nozzle. The speed, density and reach of air-drop jet is increased due to formation of two combined spray cones.

EFFECT: increase in performance of the sprayer is provided.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture and can be used for spraying the solutions in treating the agricultural crops. The console wide-coverage sprayer comprises a mover, a frame, cantilever angle bars, a container with working liquid, a pump and a system of delivery lines. The cantilever angle bars are located on the frame. On the cantilever angle bars the racks with sprayers are placed. The racks with sprayers are shifted relative to each other. The working liquid catchers are located opposite each rack. The catchers are equipped with drainage pipes. The pipes are tied with ejector through the system of suction pipes and additional capacity.

EFFECT: loss of working liquid is reduced.

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FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: fan-type sprayer has axial fan provided with mechanical drive and mounted in casing, liquid supplying system, and nozzles with slot sprayers. Each of slot sprayers is positioned in spaced relation inside nozzle case. Outlet end of slot sprayer is embraced with conical part of nozzle case. Air duct branch pipe is mounted in lower portion of nozzle case. Said space is defined by conical part of nozzle case and sprayer baffle plate. Slot sprayer is divided into individual chambers by means of distribution plates arranged symmetrically relative to nozzle case longitudinal axis, with inclination angle of distribution plates uniformly increasing from nozzle case center to both sides of periphery. Two hydraulic pipes of slot sprayer are extending in parallel with one another and interconnected by connecting member for defining closed contour. Hydraulic pipe is provided with openings uniformly distributed along its length and oriented into inside of slot sprayer in symmetry with openings of opposite hydraulic pipe.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in applying of high-concentrated suspended fertilizers and aqueous emulsions at optimal extent of dispersion and uniform distribution of used preparation on plants.

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FIELD: agricultural technique.

SUBSTANCE: blower type sprinkler includes power unit supporting vessel with working liquid, pump, filters, drive, blower. Intermediate frame is secured to lodgments of power unit. Main frame is mounted on intermediate frame and it includes front, rear, angular and paired angular lateral lodgments. Vessel with working liquid is mounted on lodgments with use of rubber gaskets; said vessel is fixed by means of yokes engaged with paired angular lateral lodgments. Struts are mounted in main frame in end zones of vessel. Front and rear vertical frameworks mutually joined through tie rods are mounted on said struts. Ends of vessel with working liquid are secured to said frameworks. Oil tank with filters is mounted on rear vertical framework. Said tank engages with hydraulic pump provided with valve device that may realize smooth start at lowered starting moment of hydraulic motor. The last motor is provided in addition with three-way valve for driving blower mounted in separate strut. There are technological platforms on main frame. Staircase and control distributor of working liquid is mounted on one platform. In rear portion of main frame reduction gear of drive from power unit to hydraulic pump is mounted. Sprinkler has nozzles. Oval cross section egg-shaped vessel of sprinkler is mounted in such a way that its more pointed end is turned upwards. Base of vessel has supporting surfaces in the form of protruded blocks arranged in its ends, angles and lateral sides. Ends of vessel are provided with vertical housings having eyes with fastening openings.

EFFECT: reliable fixation of vessel filled with working liquid on frame of automobile, safety continuous operation of the whole aggregate.

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Sprayer // 2248698

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, chemical protection of plants.

SUBSTANCE: sprayer has toxic chemical tank, suction filter, pump, pressure filter, regulator-distributor, main pipelines, hydraulic mixer, vertical and horizontal bar sections with working pipes, and slot-type distributors. Sprayers are arranged on vertical bar sections so that axes of spraying openings are oriented at an angle to spraying unit advancement direction line, said sprayers being arranged in alternation. Flat flame in one group of sprayers is oriented at an angle of 45 deg in direction of advancement and in other group of sprayers at an angle of 45 deg in opposite direction.

EFFECT: simplified construction and increased quality of treatment of green plantation.

FIELD: forestry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device contains frame with mounted reservoir, tank connected with liquid sprayers made in form of cups, one nested in the other. Outer cups are provided with holes through which flexible elastic pipelines to feed liquid compounds are installed. Inner cups are installed for displacement in vertical plane by means of springs secured on ends of inner cups and are connected by corrugated hoses with tank communicating with reservoir through corrugated pipeline. Cover is fastened on lower part of each sprayer, and inner cup is furnished with measuring scale.

EFFECT: improved quality of treatment of forest seedlings, reduced harmful action onto surrounding medium.

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Sprayer // 2253229

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: sprayer has tank for storage of toxic chemicals, suction filter, pump, pressure filter, regulator-distributor, and pressure lines for supplying of working fluid to spraying devices. Pressure lines are provided with gauging inserts. Additional gauging inserts are positioned in front of each working device. Sections of gauging inserts are determined from formula: fn=Kn·fl cm2, where fn is section of n-line; Kn is coefficient determined by calculation depending on length of line and local resistances, K=(0.6-0.9); fl is section of line.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by leveling pressure of working fluid in all pressure lines.

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Sprayer // 2253230

FIELD: horticulture, in particular, spraying equipment used for protection of plants, trees and brush from pests and diseases.

SUBSTANCE: sprayer has tank for working fluid, cleaning filter with filtering grid at inlet end, pressure line with pump, valve and bar. Sprayer chamber bottom is equipped with protrusion configured as truncated cone with helical grooves along its axis. Outlet orifice of diaphragm is made conical along protrusion axis. Valve is made in the form of double-armed lever positioned above pressure line and pivotally fixed on shaft. Flexible member is mounted at one end of lever and roller is fixed in spacing between flexible member and lever attachment shaft.

EFFECT: simplified construction, increased quality of spraying by providing high dispersity, and reduced consumption of working fluid.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: agricultural equipment.

SUBSTANCE: method involves providing field soil strip cultivation; feeding working fluid to working tools; controlling feeding of working fluid to working tools; spraying working liquid by means of disk-type working tools, and providing splitting of droplets to 60 micron size; controlling alignment of strips under cultivation process. With herbicides used in conjunction with working fluid, droplet sizes are selected within the range of 60-160 micron, with insecticides used - droplet sizes are selected within the range of 160-250 micron and with fungicides used - droplet sizes are selected within the range of 250-350 micron. Working fluid flow rates are selected to be 3.5 l/hectare, 5-10 l/hectare and 10-20 l/hectare for herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, respectively. Boom sprayer has working fluid reservoir and working fluid distribution and application system, said reservoir and said system being hung onto power supply means. Working fluid distribution and application system has pipelines, generator and boom with spraying devices fixed thereon and provided with electric engines. Independent hydraulic system for mixing of working fluid has hydraulic pump connected to reservoir and cooperating with pressure regulator and hydraulic mixer located within reservoir. Hydraulic pump is actuated by power supplying means drive cooperating with generator of working fluid distribution and application system for applying working liquid by means of boom sprayers. Said system is equipped with dosing pump adapted for supplying of working liquid to each of working tools. Functioning of dosing pump is regulated by control unit providing correlation of working fluid flow rate and advancement velocity of power supply means. Disk-type working tools are adapted for regulation of droplet separation and speed of rotation thereof.

EFFECT: increased efficiency, enhanced reliability in treatment of field crops with small amounts of preparation, and reduced consumption of working fluid.

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Electric sprayer // 2257056

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, liquid sprayers used for controlling of horticultural and vegetable crop pests and diseases.

SUBSTANCE: electric sprayer has electric pump with independent power source. Electric pump and power source are located within working fluid vessel equipped with sections for accommodating said pump and power source. Electric sprayer has telescopic holder provided with switch button. Holder has hand-held or automatic hose winding device. One end of hose is connected to electric pump. Sprayer is positioned at other end of hose.

EFFECT: convenient operation, improved safety, mobile and compact construction.

3 cl, 5 dwg

Spraying boom // 2259716

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, spraying booms for surface application of liquid chemicals.

SUBSTANCE: spraying boom has nozzle units mounted on movable brackets. Working liquid is supplied via pipeline through combs which are connected to nozzle units through hoses.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of spraying boom by differentiated application of liquid chemicals through the entire width thereof.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: railway operation, in particular, equipment for controlling of grass weedage and elimination of brush from road-bed and permanent way.

SUBSTANCE: base platform is mounted by means of vehicle on permanent way portion intended for treatment with herbicides. Before treatment operation, hose sections are moved to working position, i.e., in parallel with surface to be treated. Movable members of housing are set in horizontal position. Water feeding is provided through pipeline from reservoir and preparation is fed through pipeline from tank into mixer. Simultaneously, pump is switched on and flow velocity regulator is moved to position for returning of working fluid through return pipeline into mixer. Converging tube is positioned with its flare portion oriented in direction of treatment. After switching-on pump, spraying apparatus advances along permanent way portion to be treated. Air flow velocity sensor generates signal delivered to flow velocity regulator drive to provide change-over of feeding of working fluid from return pipeline into pressure pipeline, through which working fluid is delivered to sprayers for applying working fluid onto road-way of permanent railway. Increase in the velocity of sprayer results in increase of flow velocity and, correspondingly, increase in an amount of working fluid fed to sprayers. Simultaneously, signal from sensor is delivered to movable member drives providing rotation thereof in vertical plane and defining housing restricting entrainment of drops with vortex air flows. Air is delivered through air duct to openings, from which it is discharged to the outside to thereby facilitate deposition of small droplets created during spraying of working fluid from sprayers. On increase of velocity of spraying apparatus, intensity of deposition of droplets is increased.

EFFECT: uniform application of herbicides onto area of road-bed of permanent way regardless of velocity of spraying apparatus and provision for preventing offset of preparation flow beyond area to be treated.

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