Spray system for aerosol and non-aerosol products

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: system for air fresheners contained in aerosol containers and non-aerosol containers, each comprising a spray nozzle, includes a spray device and an adapter designed to be detachably attached to the relief surface of the spray device. The spray device comprises: an inner portion formed by a front cover, a back cover and a base; an actuator; a controller designed to drive the actuator; a selector switch configured to be positioned in the aerosol spray position and to the product spray position other than the aerosol; a relief surface designed to receive the aerosol container in the inner part of the spray device so that the actuator can contact with the nozzle for the sprayed aerosol. The adapter is designed to receive a non-aerosol container in the inner part of the spray device, so that the actuator can contact with the nozzle to spray the product different other than the aerosol.

EFFECT: expansion of the functionality of the deodorization system by using a single system for both aerosol and non-aerosol containers without the need to remove or replace any spray elements.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of container connected with hand-driven fluid dispensing pump, fluids being contained in deformable bag arranged in stiff case. In compliance with this invention, stiff outer case is made with the neck for access to case inside. Blank is made from thermoplastic. Note here that said blank comprises neck with flange extending radially. Said blank is heated to temperature above thermoplastic softening point and fitted in the case hole. First air jet is forced into blank inside to blow out the blank to form the bag which fills, at least partially, the case inside. Note here that bag walls are squeezed to contact with walls that make said inside. Note also that during said air jet feed vacuum is applied to area between container inside inner and outer surfaces.

EFFECT: higher breaking strength of said bag at blow-out.

14 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the system of containers for liquids, such as the sprayed perfume. The system includes the main container (110) and the additional container (120). The main container forms the first cavity (113) for holding of liquid and in demountable ways is joined to the additional container for its filling through the feeding hole (111) provisioned in the main container. The additional container has a cavity (126) for liquid, the dispensing mechanism for liquid dispensing and the valve unit for supply of liquid from the main container into the additional container. The valve (124) opens when the main container is attached to the additional container. Either the main or the additional container of system in addition contains a mobile component (127) which provides automatic supply of liquid from the main container into the additional container. As a result, when both containers are interconnected, the additional container is always full. However, when the additional container is separated from the main one, it can function as a separate dispenser.

EFFECT: improved design.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fluid proportioning with the help of trigger. Proposed device (1) comprises secondary fluid suction channel (50) connected with proportioning channel and primary fluid suction channel (8) connected with container, misaligned with each other. Connection section (64) is arranged between said channels communicated upstream with fluid suction primary channel (8) and connected downstream with comprises secondary fluid suction channel (50) to make a fluid communication there between. In particular, container (C) is a container with built-in suction tube.

EFFECT: simplified assembly.

20 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport, distribution.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to manual fluid proportioner, preferably of trigger-type. Proposed device comprises container with neck and inner compartment to keep fluid to be proportioned. Besides it comprises proportioning head attached to said neck and including frame with pressure chamber. Also, it includes hand-drive piston to slide in pressure chamber between initial position whereat pressure chamber volume is maximum and final position whereat it is minimum. It comprises also proportioning channel to be connected to pressure chamber for transfer of fluid to be proportioned and built-in valve secured to said frame and/or container neck. Said valve comprises suction channel and at least one flexible suction nose to stop said suction channel to make valve suction means for flow of fluid from inner compartment into pressure chamber at suction phase and to prevent fluid backflow at proportioning. Besides, it includes circular plug fitted radially outside said suction channel and flexible flange extending radially outward from suction channel. Flange supports said plug to make valve proportioning means to allow fluid to flow from pressure chamber to proportioning channel at proportioning and to prevent fluid return from proportioning channel to pressure chamber at suction.

EFFECT: efficient proportioning.

16 cl, 12 dwg

Pump batchers // 2549563

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pump batchers, especially of an air-free type, in which an internal part of a container reduces its volume gradually as the product is being distributed to avoid contact of air to the product for example a medicine for oral batching. In order to catch such air and restrict it from reaching an input opening when the batcher is used under the bottom of a batching module around the input opening a provision is made for air catching element (5) having a bowl-like shape that is convex in a downward direction for direction of any such air from the input opening to periphery. At the periphery a steeply inclined peripheral part forms restraining edge (53) which can perform an elastic sliding contact to the internal surface of the container wall, thus directing air by an assembly of the batcher. Central tubular part (52) of catching element (5) separates the caught air from the input opening and can be used for insertion of the catching element into the input opening. Sliding tracking piston (15) can have an upward directed central convexity (152) having the shape for insertion into tubular formation (52) of catching element (5) to maximise displacement of the product.

EFFECT: prevention of the fact that air in a container space above the product can reach an input opening of the pump, which leads to possible reduction of a dose being batched without any notification to a user about it.

12 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dispensers of fluids and tastes and can be used for batching of food products, cosmetic substances, toiletry, etc. Proposed device is to be fitted at stiff vessel exposed end and composed of manual dispensing pump to dispense preset amount of product. Batcher push-button is communicated with cylindrical chamber directed inside the bellows. Peripheral wall confining said cylindrical chamber is tightly connected with said bellows. Said chamber is tightly closed from the bottom inner end to extend inside the bellows to form solid there inside of preset size. Note here that dead volume of said bellows is decreased to increase compression ratio in delivery.

EFFECT: higher pump efficiency, possibility to work with higher viscosity products.

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Dispenser // 2491998

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fluid dispensers, particularly to intranasal dispensers of pharmaceutical substances. Proposed device fluid discharge outlet 1411 and dispensing element 1408 to displace from first dispensing position to second dispensing position. Said displacement causes dispensing the fluid from aforesaid discharge outlet. Besides it comprises drive 1415 to displace dispensing element from first dispensing position to second dispensing position Said drive has first element 1420 to displace in preset direction and second element 1425 to turn at said first element in preset direction. Said second element represents lever with two-arms 1425b and spring to press second element in direction opposite the said preset direction of turn. Note here that said second element represents a pusher surface 1429 to interact with second element in displacement of first element in preset direction and to turn second element in preset direction of turn. Dive mechanism serves to displace first element jointly with the first element. One arm 1425b of second element interacts with pusher surface to turn second element in preset direction. Second element turn in preset direction makes second element arm 1425b displace from first dispensing position to second dispensing position.

EFFECT: simplified assembly, contact design, accurate dispensing.

16 cl, 88 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fluid dispensers. Fluid dispensing head has vale with body 10 making a cylindrical piston displacing axially in cylindrical chamber 12 formed by inner pipe 7 and valve body 10. Valve top and bottom seats 14, 15 are intended for piston ends 16, 17. Valve body has intermediate valve disc 18 that makes the bottom of pressure chamber 19 communicated with fluid channel 8. To open valve top seat 14 fluid dispensing pressure exceeding force of spring retaining valve body 1 in closed state may be set in compression chamber.

EFFECT: ruled out ingress of bacteria and contaminants in dispensed fluid.

17 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: dispensing pump may be reused with additional reusable dispensing vessels. Dispensing vessel comprises casing, neck with opening, mount and pump dispenser. Mount is arranged in neck opening and secured therein. Pump dispenser comprises inlet tube arranged at pump dispenser bottom end, pump drive and pump outlet at pump dispenser top end. Said mount serves to receive pump dispenser. Said mount has, at least, one opening to equalise pressure in joint with dispensing vessel inside. Besides, said mount has, at least, one drain in joint with dispensing vessel inside. Besides, said mount has immersion tube extending into casing. Immersion tube surrounds inlet tube. With pump dispenser fitted in mount, mount fluid may flow into dispensing vessel via, at least, one drain opening. Said mount may have top section and flange extending outward from top section. Flange comprises peripheral wall extending downward with at least either one ledge, or opening for engagement with at least one ledge or recess on neck. In compliance with every version, central section of said mount may have multiple openings communicated with vessel inside. In compliance with another version, mount comprises central section, top section and bottom section. Mount has at least one opening to equalise pressure at top section and at least one drain hole at central section.

EFFECT: reliable protection against unauthorised reuse.

20 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: packaging.

SUBSTANCE: fluid dispensing device for use with a source of fluid comprises a metering chamber, an outlet for the fluid and a piston element. The element is located with the ability to move with the ability to seal in the metering chamber in the first direction to fill the metering chamber with fluid from the source, and in the second direction for dispensing fluid from the chamber towards the outlet of the fluid. The metering chamber comprises the first and second parts of different widths. The first part is narrower than the second part, and is located in the second direction relative to the second part. The piston element is in constant sealing contact with the second part, when it makes motion in the first and second directions, but is in the sealing contact with the first part only on the part of its motion in the first and second directions.

EFFECT: preventing or reducing the need to fill the device for dispensing the medium for its subsequent use, prevention or prohibition of entering the germs and other contaminants in the bottle, the reservoir of fluid.

26 cl, 72 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to air aromatisation. Proposed device comprises multiple modular units accommodating scented matter sprayer unit incorporating multiple rechargeable sprayers and control unit. Said sprayer units are combined to produce a mosaic of scents. Note here that control unit is configured to control aromatisation device so that sprayer unit forms the spatial-time composition of scented matter and removes said formed composition. Set of inventions relates to method of control over aforesaid device.

EFFECT: wide range of aromatic matters, possibility to kill formed scented substances.

11 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: disinfection method of plenum ventilation and air conditioning systems involves supply of disinfecting agents in the form of aerosol to plenum ventilation system outlets. For the period of sanitary processing, plenum ventilation system is wholly changed over to the plenum ventilation operating mode owing to changing rotation direction of a fan impeller, or owing to changing connection points on a fan of suction and delivery branch pipes, or owing to using portable vacuum plants with plugs, and aerosol of disinfecting agent is fed to ventilation system outlets. Group of inventions also refers to a version of the above method, according to which the plenum ventilation system is changed over in parts to plenum ventilation operating mode by means of portable vacuum plants and plugs in order to perform disinfection.

EFFECT: increasing disinfection safety and ecological properties due to complete exclusion of penetration of disinfecting agent aerosol to rooms with people present in them.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air treatment by fine particles and may be used for air disinfection, sterilisation or deodorisation. Proposed device comprises first outlet to eject first airflow upward, second outlet arranged under first outlet to eject second airflow into space located under first airflow, and device to create fine particles: device to create ions including the section for creation of positive ions and that for creation of negative ions, pressure blower and air duct for the former to force ions to the device front discharge opening. Air duct comprises multiple lateral separation channels. Transverse width of the latter increases as lateral separation channels extend from inlet to outlet downstream. Note here that either positive ion or negative ion flows in every lateral separation channel.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of air processing in dwelling or industrial quarters.

8 cl, 28 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to air, fluid and surface cleansing and disinfection, and may be used in household use, medicine and industries. A method for air, fluid and surface cleansing consists in the decontamination of viruses from the same with a microporous silicon solution.

EFFECT: invention provides the effective air, fluid and surface decontamination of viruses with the low concentration of the working solution.

4 dwg, 3 tbl

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to air treatment by fine particles and may be used for air disinfection, sterilisation or deodorisation. Proposed device comprises first outlet to eject first airflow upward, second outlet arranged under first outlet to eject second airflow into space located under first airflow, and device to create fine particles. Note here that concentration of particles ejected via first outlet is smaller than that ejected via second outlet. Note that proposed device ejects fine particles only through second outlet. Set of invention relates also to sprayer of fine particles that ejects particles in air by pressure blower. Note here that air duct communicating said blower with outlet comprises multiple vertical separation channels for vertical separation of outlet. Note also that airflow rate in one of said vertical separation channels at upper section exceeds that at lower section.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of air treatment.

20 cl, 28 dwg

Aerosol generator // 2463077

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry. An aerosol generator comprises a high pressure loop with gas pressure (2, 3) and flow (4) regulators, an offtake low pressure loop ended with a delivery pipe and comprising a pipeline system and a mixing collector (5) coupled with at least two cartridges provided with inlet and outlet pipe system. The cartridges enable separate containers (6) to be attached containing substances and/or liquid solutions to be bubbled by gas supplied from the higher pressure loop; then aerosol is drawn into the mixing collector. The generator additionally comprises an automated station comprising a monitor and a computer connected through a control unit (1) with the gas flow regulator (4) with gas bubbled in the separate containers (6), while the inlet and outlet pipe system is designed in the form of a pipe-in-pipe system. The inlet pipe is integrated in the outlet pipe and projects therefrom and penetrates into a fluid found in any separate container. The end of the outlet pipe is arranged above the level of the fluid found in any separate container.

EFFECT: invention provides higher performance and effectiveness of the generator in a combination with its usability.

4 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to photocatalytic air cleaning and may be used at chemical enterprises and in clearing effects of acts of terrorism. Air is cleaned and decontaminated by oxidation with the help of titanium dioxide-based catalyst UV radiation source. Aerosol cloud 10 of titanium dioxide nanopowder 3 is used as said catalyst and aerated and sprayed from container 1 prefilled with combustion products of gas generator 4 with a charge of low-temperature solid propellant 5. Radiation sources 6 and 7 are arranged regularly along periphery of said cloud 10.

EFFECT: efficient in-situ cleaning and decontamination.

2 cl, 6 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to novel compounds of general formula (I)

, in which X denotes a CHO, CH2OH or CH2OC(O)R group, where R denotes a straight of branched C1-C5 alkyl chain; as well as to a synthesis method, particularly synthesis of 6,8-dimethylnon-7-enal (1) through hydroformylation of 5,7-dimethylocta-1,6-diene. The invention also relates to fragrant compositions containing formula (I) compounds. Owing to their fragrant properties, these compounds are of great interest in perfumery, particularly cosmetic products and household chemicals.

EFFECT: obtaining novel fragrant compositions.

12 cl, 7 ex

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medical equipment, and can be used for the bandage-free management of various open wounds. The air sterilisation apparatus comprises hermetically enclosed series air coarse filter, fan, bactericidal irradiator, air heater, air fine filter and outlet pipe with abutting flexible duct connected to a cavity of insulator to place an injured body part or patient's body inside. The outlet pipe has a lateral pipe; in addition, the apparatus is provided with a direct action valve mounted on the isolator with adjustable valve set pressure and connectable to an auxiliary flexible duct abutting with the lateral pipe of the outlet pipe. A hermetic fitting for drug delivery to the isolator cavity is provided on the flexible duct and adjoins the isolator attachment.

EFFECT: invention provides sterile air oxygenation of adjustable oxygen concentration, drug delivery to the isolator without their penetration into the ward's air and enabled massage of the wound surface due to the valve of adjustable operating pressure.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hygiene and sanitation and can be used to disinfect and sanitise air in buildings occupied by people and/or animals, as well as for deordorising air. The agent for disinfecting and sanitising air through fine spraying contains the following, wt %: steroidal saponin extract from Yucca Schidigera plants 0.5-60.0, sodium benzoate 0.05-2.0, plant essential oils 0.5-2.0, deionised water - the rest.

EFFECT: invention enables air disinfection using an agent which is easy to manufacture, ecologically safe and biodegradable.

2 cl, 7 tbl, 3 ex

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a holder suspended onto a toilet edge and at least one spare reservoir for an active substance fluid in the holder, besides, the spare reservoir has at least one outlet hole, through which the fluid may be released into the flushing liquid. The spare reservoir is protected against ingress of the flushing liquid into its inner part, and its outlet hole is arranged so that only the fluid is released. At the same time the outlet hole in the position of application is arranged at the side of the bottom, and during every process of flushing, the fluid is partially released from the spare reservoir into the flushing liquid. On the holder there is a distribution element provided in the form of a plate, and this element has an area for supply of the poured flushing liquid during flushing. The inner part of the spare reservoir via an outlet hole with the intermediate arrangement of the device preventing free flow of the fluid is permanently connected to the distribution element. The device also comprises at least one functional chamber for placement of a substrate material that emits an aromatic substance, besides, the chamber and the substrate material are made so that the flushing water may arrive into the chamber, contact with at least a part of the substrate material and again be released from it. The chamber mainly fully surrounds the substrate material, and the flushing water may arrive to the chamber and leave it, i.e. the chamber may be flooded, and the substrate material is retained in the chamber, and the gaseous emission of the substrate material may be released into environment. The device also comprises at least one facility to forward the flushing water into the chamber so that during each startup of the flushing water flow the chamber is flooded with the flushing water. Besides, the chamber has a hole directed towards the facility, holes at the side of the bottom and/or holes in the side surface for discharge of the flushing water and holes on the upper side and/or holes in the side surface for discharge of the aromatic substance, a holder and a fastening element have such configuration that the chamber in the application position of the device for discharge is positioned outside the flow of the flushing water, and the substrate material is selected from the group of polymers and is formed by large number of bulk bodies that are arranged in the form of a filling.

EFFECT: improved and even release of a substance.

11 cl, 6 dwg