Selective bass post-filter

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: post-filter (440; 550; 740; 1040; 1140) of interharmonic noise attenuation adapted to receive an input signal which includes a preliminary audio signal decoded in accordance with one of several decoding modes, where post-filter activity is traditionally associated with particular coding modes, and to supply output audio signal. It comprises a control section intended for selective activation of the post-filter in one of the following modes: i) a filtering mode, where it filters the preliminary audio signal to produce a filtered signal and supply it as an output audio signal; and ii) a transmission mode, where it provides a preliminary audio signal as an output audio signal. Moreover, the mentioned control section is configured to transit to the transmission mode in response to a value of the post-filter signal, whereby a traditional decoding mode with filtration is applied without filtration, and the post-filter signal is included in the input signal.

EFFECT: possibility of deactivating the post-filter depending only on post-filtering information and, accordingly, regardless of factors such as current coding mode.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment and is designed to measure pressure and/or temperature of fluid, for instance, in a heating or cooling system. A device included into a system for measurement of pressure and/or temperature of fluid represents a complete measurement needle (1). The needle (1) includes a body (6) with a nipple of a hose (7) for connection of a measurement hose (5). In the body (6) there is a check valve (8), a return spring (13), a probe (10) and a springy split washer (15). The check valve (8) moves in the cavity (20) of the body (6) since the needle (1) is mounted on the measurement nipple (3), and by means of this communication opens for the liquid through the first hole (11) into the probe (10), through the probe (10) and further via the second hole (12) of the probe to the check valve (8) and its central part (21). The check valve (8) in the position provided for measurements includes a hole (26) for communication from the probe (10) via the body (1) and nipple of the hose (7) and further via the hose to the measurement device. Open communication is immediately closed, as soon as the measurement is over, and the measurement needle (1) is removed from the nipple.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at increased tightness of the device due to prevention of fluid leak.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design of biplanar capacitance devices for measurement of pressure with a typical installation dimension of 54 mm and may be used in oil gas, chemical, food industry, etc. Design of the biplanar capacitance sensor of pressure difference consists of an interconnected electronic-indicator unit, a membrane unit and two flat connection flanges, between which there is a membrane unit of a measurement converter, comprising a capacitance cell of cylindrical shape with a measurement membrane, placed in the cavity of its body, placed near separating corrugated membranes placed in the bodies. Bodies of all membranes are arranged in series next to each other, creating a single coupled membrane unit of cylindrical shape. One of separating membranes and the capacitance cell are placed in the common body, the second of separating membranes is placed at the other side of the capacitance cell in the separate body. The common body has a cylindrical hollow ledge with one of end sides of the capacitance cell commensurate with its diameter for connection with the electronic-measurement unit.

EFFECT: increase of reliability and strength of design with reduction of its dimensions.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: pressure measuring device comprises a generator of electromagnetic oscillations with its output being connected to the element of electromagnetic oscillations input, an element of electromagnetic oscillations output connected to a detector input. An amplifier and an intensity metre are set in the device as well. The sensitive element is made as a stationary metal plate and a deforming metal plate placed at some distance from one another.

EFFECT: simplified measurement of informative parameter.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: strain gage pressure sensor based on a thin-film nano- and microelectromechanical system. This pressure sensor is intended for use in high vibratory accelerations and wide range of transient temperatures of environment and target medium. The invention concept is as follows: a jumper cable 5 is made as four twisted copper silver plated current-carrying conductors insulated by fluorine plastic or polyimide with a lay length not exceeding the length of the jumper cable, and the common screen 12 as an armour of copper silver plated wires protected by a fluorine plastic or polyimide-fluorine plastic film 13. A cavity 9 between a terminal board 4, an expanded part 10 and walls of a bushing 6 is filled with polymer material with the coefficient of heat conductivity 10 times less than the coefficient of heat conductivity of the bushing material. The lateral side of a sleeve nut in the area adjoining to the butt end 14 of the sleeve nut 2 closest to the bushing 6 is made as a straight circular conical surface 15 limited from the bushing side by the butt end 14 of the sleeve nut 2 at one side and the sleeve nut 2 matching a hexagon 16 at the other side, at that the axis of the conical surface coincides with the longitudinal axis 17 of the sensor and an angle between the generatrix of the conical surface 15 and the longitudinal axis 17 of the sensor is equal to an angle of a tube hole 8 location in regard to the longitudinal axis 17 of the sensor. A sensory element 1 is made so that the lateral side square area 18 in its receiving cavity and membrane 19 meet the ratio SL=(10…14)SM, SM=(7…20)10-6 m2 - square area of the membrane. Besides, radius r0 of the conical surface 15 in the plane of the butt end of the sleeve nut 2 closest to the bushing 6 is made as per the claimed ratio and the sensory element 1 is made so that the lateral side square area 18 of its receiving cavity and membrane 19 meet the ratio SL=13,4 SM, SM=12.56·10-6 m2.

EFFECT: reducing error of the pressure sensor at impact of high vibratory accelerations and wide range of transient temperatures of environment and target medium, reducing weight and warm-up time of the sensor.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: liquid pressure sensor comprises a sensitive element, converting pressure into an electric signal, a power supply cable, a hollow receiver of pressure and a pneumatic line of compressed gas supply communicating with the pressure receiver, which at the inlet is equipped with stop valves and connections for connection of a reference meter of gas pressure and source of compressed air.

EFFECT: higher reliability and expansion of functional capabilities of a device.

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FIELD: physics, computation hardware.

SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to watermark implantation to data signals. Proposed device to be incorporated with input info representation comprises data adder to be grant watermark and extra data to input info representation to get input info representation with watermark and extra data. Extra data to be added comprises descriptive data describing implantation of at least one watermark into input info representation.

EFFECT: simplified watermark implantation and detection.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: spatial information associated with an audio signal is encoded into a bit stream which is transmitted to a decoder or is recorded on a data storage medium. The bit stream contains a different syntax associated with time, frequency and spatial regions, and also includes one or more data structures (e.g., frames) which contain ordered sets of time intervals for which certain parameters are used. The data structures can be fixed or variable. A data structure type indicator may be inserted in the bit stream to enable the decoder to determine the data structure type and activate the corresponding decoding process. The data structure includes position information which can be used by the decoder to identify the correct time interval for which the given set of parameters is used. The position information of the time interval may be encoded using a fixed number of bits or a variable number of bits based on the data structure type indicated by the data structure type indicator. For variable type data structures, position information may be encoded by a variable number of bits based on the position of the time interval in the ordered set of time intervals.

EFFECT: transmission of a multichannel audio signal with low bit rates.

8 cl, 26 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: shutoff separating device for pressure gauges includes housing (1) with the first (2) and the second (3) chambers, with nozzles (10) for connection of the device to the pipeline and for connection of working pressure gauge. Valves (4), the movement of which is controlled with flywheels (5), are installed in chambers. The first pair of mutually perpendicular holes (12) attaches the pipeline cavity and the first chamber. The second pair of mutually perpendicular holes (13) attaches the first chamber and working pressure gauge. In housing there is an inclined hole (14) at an angle of 20° to the housing axis, which attaches the second pair of mutually perpendicular holes and the second chamber. One of the holes of the first pair of mutually perpendicular holes and inclined hole are passages in seats of valves. In the housing there is a threaded hole for connection of a test pressure gauge or gauge of working medium discharge from the device. Threaded hole is connected to the second chamber.

EFFECT: design of reliable shutoff separating device excluding the penetration of working medium to atmosphere.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: method involves measuring full and static pressure in the nose and tail parts of the aircraft, determining pressure difference in the tail and nose parts, comparing with a permissible value and determining flight safety based on the value of deviation from the permissible value.

EFFECT: higher flight safety.

2 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: proposed indicator represents a pressure-operated valve with adjustable operation level and comprises signal generator and transmitter integrated into gas acoustic emitter with its pressure-operated valve outlet communicated with emitter inlet. Said pressure-operated valve incorporates the device to it to be mounted on gas-filled vessel gate valve and gate valve unlocking device. Mike is used as said receiver.

EFFECT: simple design, lower costs and ease of operation.

1 dwg

FIELD: aircraft engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device is a body, limited by portion of surface of body of special shape 1, with central 2 and peripheral 3, 4 apertures in it, meant for determining direction and value of speed of gas flow and cutting plane of parallel axis of specific body, on which aperture 5 is placed for determining Mach number and static pressure.

EFFECT: higher precision, lower interference.

3 dwg

FIELD: measuring technologies.

SUBSTANCE: device has body with hermetically mounted elastic membrane made with concentric corrugation, enveloping upper portion of piston, being a rigid center and interacting with adjustable force spring and electro-contact device. Body also has an insert with central aperture, wherein a piston is mounted with concentric space, an elastic membrane is provided with second corrugation, placed above support surface in insert, separating peripheral portion of membrane, hermetically connected to insert, from its central portion, moving with the piston. Insert is made with stepped central aperture, while stepped transition in aperture serves as support surface for piston bottom, and depth of portion of aperture, wherein a piston is mounted, is equal to piston height, while contacting surfaces of insert and piston and membrane are of matching profile. Also, device has piston-insert pairs with matching parameters, but different effective areas, and springs interacting with piston of different rigidity are made replaceable and interchangeable in terms of mounting dimensions. Also described is method for forming membrane profile for device.

EFFECT: higher precision.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: measuring volume flow or mass flow of fluid.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises mounting at least two standard set of accessories for setting pressure gauges on a pipeline or tank and determining required set by the algorithm proposed.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

2 cl, 13 dwg

Pressure receiver // 2257555

FIELD: measuring engineering.

SUBSTANCE: pressure receiver comprises rotation body (1) and face (2) provided with central receiving opening (8). Peripheral receiving openings (4-7) are arranged along the line of conjugation of the face and surface of rotation body. The receiver is made of a disk mounted transversally to the flow.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy.

4 dwg

FIELD: measurement technology.

SUBSTANCE: transducer can be used for measuring parameters of flowing of gaseous media or for determining parameters of motion of transportation vehicles relatively air medium. Transducer has to be a body confined by part of spherical surface 1. There are central 2 and peripheral receiving holes 3-6 on the surface of spherical body. Holes 3-6 are intended for determining direction and value of speed of gas flow. There is also cutting plane of perpendicular axis of spherical surface onto which holes 8-11 are disposed for determining Mach number and static pressure. Static pressure and Mach number are determined in spatial flows of gaseous media which moves with pres-sonic, trans-sonic and supersonic speeds. Reduction in disturbances introduced by transducer into gas flow is provided.

EFFECT: improved precision of measurement; reduced disturbances.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Sensor relay // 2263292

FIELD: instrument engineering.

SUBSTANCE: sensor relay can be used in systems for inspecting and adjusting pressure and temperature as a commutation unit. Sensor relay has case. There is bracket fastened inside the case. Double-armed operating lever is mounted bracket onto knife-edge support. Under changes in pressure of temperature one arm of bracket is influenced force of bellows sensitive system or thermal system; strength of range adjusting spring counteracts the force. The other arm has the ability of interacting flexible movable plates of switching contact group through insulation plank. Movable plates are spring loaded against motionless plate at free state. Intermediate angular lever is fastened onto axis inside the case. One arm of the lever which has knife-edge support through sliding block is connected with knife-edge support of operating lever, the other arm is connected with case through tension spring. Stroke limitation of operating lever is provided by stationary rest at one side and by adjustable stop at the other side. Adjustable stop is capable of moving along thread inside the case.

EFFECT: bigger currents; retained value of setting value at adjusting of return area.

2 dwg

Pressure nozzle // 2276340

FIELD: instrument engineering.

SUBSTANCE: pressure nozzle comprises tip with inner passage and outer pipe rigidly connected with the tip. The ring slot is made at a distance of 3d (where d is the outer diameter of the pipe) from the front end of the tip and is connected with the inner passage of the outer pipe. Additional radial through openings are arranged symmetrically in the plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the pressure nozzle. The openings at the second section are turned with respect to these positioned at the upstream section at an angle of 45°. The total area of the additional openings is equal to area of the slot.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy of measurements.

3 dwg

FIELD: measuring technique.

SUBSTANCE: receiver comprises receiving tube (1) whose inlet port face toward the flow and casing (2) connected with receiving tube (1) via porous wall (3). The space (4) defined between the tube and casing is ring-shaped in cross-section and is connected with a source of coolant, e.g. nitrogen, through pipeline (5). Receiving tube (1) receives pressure transducer (6) to define deceleration chamber (7) provided with needle nozzle (8).

EFFECT: enhanced precision.

3 cl, 1 dwg

Air pressure gage // 2314505

FIELD: measuring technique.

SUBSTANCE: air pressure gage is made of round cone (1) and comprises central opening (3) and peripheral receiving openings (4) and (5). Plate (7) abuts against the bottom face of the gage. The area of the plate exceeds the area of the bottom face. Receiving opening (6) for measuring Mach number and static pressure is made in the plate.

EFFECT: enhanced precision.

3 dwg

Air pressure gage // 2314506

FIELD: measuring technique.

SUBSTANCE: air pressure gage is shaped into pyramid (1) and comprises intake (3) made in the front side of the pyramid, peripheral receiving openings (4) and (5) made in sides (6) and (7) of the pyramid and receiving opening (8) made in side (9) of the pyramid that is set against the wind. The half-angle between the sides (6) and (7) should be larger than the minimum absolute value of the flow bevel angle.

EFFECT: enhanced precision.

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