Flat key and cylinder lock

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: key (1) for a cylinder lock (2) comprises a key rod (4) extending in the insertion direction (3) of the flat key (2), the key bar (4) having a side surface (5), on which first variational elements (6) of the key, made in particular in the form of permanent magnetic tablets, side control grooves and/or side control elevations, are provided; the key rod (4) having a key back (7), on which a control rib (8) is provided, having groping portions (10) forming second variation elements (9) of the key in the insertion direction (3), a connecting portion (11) provided between each two adjacent groping portions (10), and two lateral controlling cams (14).

EFFECT: increasing the reliability.

17 cl, 6 dwg



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Lock (versions) // 2549034

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the mechanical locks, key secret blocks of the cylindrical type. Lock according to the first option comprises a case of secret unit with longitudinal locking groove in its inner cavity, rotor with longitudinal groove joined with each other mounted in the case with possibility of rotation, hole for key and locking cavity with fixing element arranged in the last mentioned. Fixing element is designed with possibility of interaction with longitudinal locking groove of the case. Longitudinal groove with pushers installed in it similar by shape and length with projections on its opposite sides, is located between the hole for the key and locking cavity. Fixing element is designed in the form of comb coupled with the base. Comb of the fixing element is arranged in the locking channel of the rotor, and on its base the elements, interacting with projections on the facing sides of pushers in case of interaction of other protrusions of pushers on the opposite sides to them and operating surface of the key mounted in the hole, are made. Protrusions, interacting with grooves on sides of pushers facing to the fixing element in case of interaction of protrusions of pushers on their opposing sides with working surface of the key, are made on the base of fixing element according to the second option of the invention. Longitudinal groove coupled with the key with pusher and locking surface with fixing device, the comb of which has the possibility of interaction with the additional locking recess in the case, can be made in rotor on the other side from the hole for the key.

EFFECT: simplification of assembly by eliminating the use of table of code combinations from its process.

6 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: objective of the invention is to develop a lock that is invulnerable to bumping, increased protection of the lock against unauthorized opening. Substance of the invention: in the lock comprising at least one code element 14, the latter moves in several directions and is installed as capable of lock locking by its movement in more than one direction. The proposed lock is protected against opening by means of bumping, since it is not known, in which direction (directions) it is necessary to move or (and) turn the code element for opening of the lock.

EFFECT: building of a lock, for "locked-unlocked" condition of which the position of the code element is significant in more than one direction.

6 cl, 25 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: cylindrical lock comprises the following components: a lock body or a stator, a cylinder or a rotor, an aligned row of the firs pins and an aligned row of the second pins. The cylinder or rotor is mounted so that it may turn in the body and has a through hole for key insertion. The first pins are installed with the possibility of displacement in radial direction in the cylinder in areas distributed along the cylinder axis. The second pins are installed with the possibility of displacement in the stator and are intended for interaction with the first pins. The lock also comprises an element to provide for the possibility to replace a key and the main key. The element providing the possibility to replace the key is installed in the area that corresponds to the contact zone between the rotor and stator. In the first position the specified element prevents interaction of two or more of specified first pins with according second pins. The main key comprises a key body, which, when inserted into the specified through hole for the key, interacts with the specified two or more first pins in order to displace the element to provide for the possibility to displace the key into the second position so that after rotation of the rotor the element for provision of the possibility of the key displacement is self-installed in a seat arranged in the specified rotor so that it will not any longer be able to interact with the specified two or more first pins.

EFFECT: invention provides for development of a cylindrical lock of simple design, in which re-adjustment for key displacement is carried out in a simple and quick manner.

12 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: ironmongery, particularly cylinder locks with plate tumblers, namely ones adapted to prevent and permit activating movement.

SUBSTANCE: blocking device comprises at least one key having raised identifying projections arranged along key axis and extending transversely to above axis. Device also has measuring means, which measures raised coding projections and mechanism to identify above raised coding projections. Device includes cylinder. The measuring means comprises a number of collars to be installed in corresponding positions, which are controlled by serially arranged raised key projections. Each raised projection of the key is installed in front of collar and provides collar installation in predetermined position in transversal plane at an angle with respect to longitudinal key plane.

EFFECT: simplified device structure.

13 cl, 11 dwg

The invention relates to hardware products and relates to a method of encoding cylinder lock mechanism, comprising a casing, cylinder and ring, which consists in the fact that the cylinder is placed in the housing with the possibility of rotation around the axis, a ring is placed around the cylinder with the possibility of the brake release cylinder from rotation and subsequent decoding of the cylinder lock mechanism, when the ring is pressed to the body and sochinyayut with the cylinder by means of screw threads with the condition, according to which the static friction force between the ring and the body more than the force of static friction between the turns of the screw thread of the cylinder and rings, characterized in that the clamping ring to the housing is carried out by podpruzhineny ring relative to the housing

The invention relates to the field of hardware and concerns cylinder lock mechanism, comprising a housing mounted in the housing with the possibility of rotation around the axis and prevent its free movement along the axis of the cylinder with a channel for the key, placed around a cylinder rings with radial cutouts, which are fixed relative to the housing, the plate delay and the key with the tabs, and in its composition additionally placed around the cylinder and fixed relative to it ring with a radial cut-outs, plate delay made in the form of elongated elastic plates, one end plate attached to the housing, and the other free end is placed in the radial notch of the corresponding inputs of the ring with stop end face of the free end of the plate into the end of the radial notch of the ring and with the ability to remove the free end of the plate of the radial cut in the key entry in the channel for a key

Mortise lock disk // 2170314
The invention relates to hardware products and relates to a mortise lock disk containing casing, a cover, a latch, a leash, gears, disc cylinder mechanism, the handle

The invention relates to the hardware industry and relates to a method of encoding cylinder lock mechanism comprising a housing, a cylinder, a movable ring, the first delay cylinder and the second delay of the cylinder and that the cylinder is placed in the housing with the possibility of rotation around the axis and prevent its free movement along the axis, the movable ring is placed around the cylinder, the first delay cylinder is placed between the casing and cylinder, with the possibility of preventing rotation of the cylinder and rings picklock by emphasis lockpicks the second delay cylinder is placed between the housing and the cylinder can be rotated cylinder simultaneously with the rotation of the rings and with the possibility of the brake release cylinder when you try turning it by successive lock cylinder in his second delay and the second delay in the case, while the force operausb second delay in case, send in the course of rotation of the cylinder behind some angle from the radial component of the force

Code insert // 2151253
The invention relates to locking devices and can be used as a key code inserted in the locks of different designs

Lock // 2131012
The invention relates to locking devices, namely, overhead door latch locks with push keys

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: code mechanism of pin lock comprises a rectangular case in which the rectangular core is located and drive of catch lock with possibility of rectilinear motion of the core when opening and closing the lock is fixed with it. Spring-loaded code pins are arranged inside the core with possibility of releasing of brake or braking the core by them from its movement. The key to the code mechanism includes the case, which has an arbitrary shape, and code projections are fixed with the case with possibility of their introduction into the lock independently from the case.

EFFECT: code mechanism of lock may have several million codes.

3 cl, 3 dwg

Cylinder lock // 2515519

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: cylinder lock comprises a body with a cylinder installed in it as capable of rotation, comprising a channel for a key, code and stop pins spring-loaded relative to the body and arranged in the cylinder, forming pairs of movable pins, which are arranged in coaxial holes of the body and the cylinder. Each pair of pins is installed as capable of displacement perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis of the cylinder, besides, the channel for the key in the cylinder is made as stepped with a threshold arranged under ends of stop pins. One stop pin or at least two stop pins are arranged as capable of interaction with the threshold of the cylinder channel in its working and non-working positions.

EFFECT: improved secrecy and simplified design.

10 dwg

Lock // 2511516

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: lock contains body with a cover, a latch bar and a secret unit with a code key. The body is equipped with a fixation axle and a spring-loaded fixture element; for this purpose there are radial (displaced from the body axis centre) made in the body; mounted in the hole are the fixation axle, the latch bar and the spring-loaded fixture element. The latch bar is equipped with rollers that are rigidly mounted on it; there are longitudinal grooves and a radial cannelure made on the secret unit for interaction with the spring-loaded fixture element.

EFFECT: enhancement of the lock consumer properties combined with its security guard properties maintained at the top level due to creation of a secret part of the lock that interacts with its power part allowing to comfortably use the product and virtually instantaneously replace the secret part with a similar one.

8 dwg

Locking device // 2506388

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: product - a high security locking device, burglar-resistant, reliable and durable, which can be used as a safe-(central) lock, and as an apartment or office lock, as well as locking a wide range of applications. The proposed device, consisting of a fixed platform, which is a striking plate and coupled with its body to be rotated around the central axis, where there are keyplate segments placed, comprising a cylindrical body adjacent to each other and having coaxial channels, in which there are clamps and tappets - lever tumbler type body, which may hinder displacement of the segments relative to one another along the longitudinal axis, wherein rotation of the housing ring relative to the platform prevents the covering of body, which in the starting position rigidly engages with both the platform with the locking pin and bracket, so and with the housing through an opening disposed in a lateral housing latching body - the body of a complicated configuration which, when the keyplate is offset by one of the segments along a longitudinal axis of the housing, releases the engagement with the fixed ring, which allows the housing under the effect of a keyplate to rotate around the central axis, displacing the locking bar while inside the building can be shifted with a spring-loaded ring, releasing it from engagement with the platform, and turning it with the body, shifting the striking plate.

EFFECT: new unit is developed for reliable locking of a pivoting mechanism that does not allow to apply shocks at this device for its burgling, and making it possible to control a pivoting mechanism at the side of the locked room without a key.

2 dwg

Lock // 2490410

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: lock, in particular, a lock with a secondary key, which comprises: a lock body, a core, internal pins that have slots of a secret key, a plate of code recognition and a core pin or a coupling bolt. The plate of code recognition is improved so that it is axial and normally unstressed plate of code recognition, and the driving facility for actuation of the plate of code recognition and the element of lock unlocking control, managed by the plate of code recognition, are provided in the lock; the action of the code recognition in the plate of code recognition is indirectly performed by the driving facility via a spring; the driving facility represents a driving facility of rotation or a driving facility of key insertion, comprising a key with a linear bit; the element of lock unlocking control is a stiff pin of the core and/or a coupling bolt. An additional improvement provided for this type of lock with this invention consists in the fact that its internal pins are arranged radially in a row or are arranged radially into more than one row. The lock proposed by this invention, which is formed from the driving facility of lock insertion in a combination with a coupling bolt and setting steel balls, may be used in locks that require accurate installation.

EFFECT: lock improvement.

10 cl, 29 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: lock system with double-sided keys, which have code rows on flat sides, and with response cylinders with pins. On flat sides of keys, near key tips, there is a concave groove provided, which interacts with a convex groove on the movable coupled part in cylinders. The coupled part is installed as capable of displacement in direction of the axis x of the keys. Such concave groove provides for the possibility to insert the key for full depth due to adjacency of the specified concave groove along the entire surface to the convex shape of the coupled part. The concave groove, starting from the key tip, in direction of the axis x of the key, at first has the first inclination (N1), and then the second inclination (N2) relative to the key axis. The second inclination is more than the first inclination. The concave groove has a section, which is rounded in a concave manner around the axis x. The coupled part by means of the key moves in the direction x into the locking or switching position jointly with a connecting part, which is installed as capable of motion with geometric closure into the locking or the switching element. The rotation of the specified locking or switching element takes place as the key inserted for the full depth is turned, and causes activation of the locking or switching function.

EFFECT: reliability of the specified system, protection against copying of stocks, keys, and high number of code combinations.

20 cl, 26 dwg

Cylindrical lock // 2473764

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: cylindrical lock comprises a body, a cam, a groove arranged in the front part of the body, an outer core and an inner core fixed on the body with the help of rings. In cores there is a hole for key placement. In the body and in the inner core there are main holes arranged coaxially, where locking bars are placed, springs, body bars and core bars. In the front part of the body and the front part of the outer core there are inserts of tempered metal are tightly installed. The cam is installed freely between outer and inner cores of identical length. In the outer core there are also main holes, which are coaxial with appropriate main holes arranged in the body, where locking bars, springs, body bars and core bars are installed. Along the entire length of the main holes in the outer core in the same plane with a groove in the body there is an additional slot to form a common slot in order to weaken cross section, in which there is a plastic holder closing the specified common slot, in which there is a spring, a body bar and a core bar arranged. In the additional slot of the outer core there are radial holes drilled, in which there are steel balls installed. Opposite to the slot and opposite to the additional slot arranged accordingly in the body and the outer body there are additional inserts of tempered metal tightly installed in appropriate coaxial holes drilled in the body and the outer core and arranged in staggered order relative to the main holes. In planes perpendicular to the plane of the key hole, in the outer core and in the inner core there are additional holes, where additional core bard are arranged. Inside the body there are longitudinal grooves with a shape corresponding to the shape of the additional core bars.

EFFECT: increased level of protection against break-in.

4 cl, 8 dwg

Lock // 2464399

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: lock comprises a body with a cover, a mechanism of bolt displacement and a socket wrench. In the body there are axial holes for freely moving locking pins. Locking pins are made from more than two split parts. One of these parts is arranged in the form of a stepped shaft, the other ones - from cylinders. The mechanism of bolt displacement interacts with locking pins. The socket wrench is arranged with holes located coaxially with axes of locking pins. In the holes of the socket wrench there are stops arranged as fixed in the code position. The lock is also equipped with an autonomous secret block, in which locking pins are installed. The secret block when locking the bolt is rigidly fixed in the body, and in the unlocked position it is extracted, opening access to the bolt or the mechanism of its displacement.

EFFECT: improved security properties of a lock.

2 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to locking devices, and more specifically to lock devices serving to lock doors of residential premises, offices, safes and depositary cabinets, and may also be used in locking devices for domestic and industrial facilities. In the proposed secret head of the mechanical locking device, which comprises a body, inside the cylindrical cavity of which there is a central rotary cylinder installed, according to the invention, in the body cavity there are additionally installed concentrically arranged the following components - a hollow cylinder fixed relative to the body and rigidly joined with it, which covers the central cylinder, and the second rotary cylinder, covering the fixed cylinder, besides, the kinematic link between the rotary cylinders is carried out via a lever fixed at the end of the central cylinder and stops at the end of the second rotary cylinder displaced from the neutral position of the lever by the angle ±β, selected on the basis of the condition β>α, where α is selected on the basis of the condition sinα/2=d\D, where d - diametre of a pin hole, and D - diametre of the central rotary cylinder. Additional cylinders are designed to fix the key code, since whenever the central rotary cylinder turns by the angle of more than α, the possibility of variation is excluded.

EFFECT: device withstands up-to-date methods of non-destructive opening of pin locks, such as picker, bumping.

5 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: lock of increased secrecy contains key plate, sleeve of key plate, pivots and pins. Pivots, pins and teeth of the key have arc shape with one curvature centre. Key plate has cylindrical transverse axis or semi-cylindrical cavity. End of the key is provided with semi-cylindrical cavity or projection in the form of cylindrical surface not less than through 181 degrees of arc, relative to the centre of which it can be rotated in restricted manner; for that purpose, the appropriate slot is made in sleeve of key plate.

EFFECT: increasing secrecy of lock and its resistance to being drilled out without increasing the key's dimensions.

9 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lock with stator and rotor spinning inside the latter. It includes the set of elements arranged in the rotor to interact with stator. Note here that every said element has the bore the elements being located in rotor lengthwise direction. Said bores make a through hole to receive the lock. Note here that every said element (3, 4, 18, 40) can be readjusted independently between the position of locking at activation and position of unlocking at activation. Invention relates to the key with body with multiple ledges (12) made there along in one plane and feature one height to make the make profile.

EFFECT: perfected design.

25 cl, 22 dwg