Navigation in menu of head-mounted display unit

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: navigation method in the menu of the head-mounted display unit is based on tracking the focal point of the head-mounted unit relative to one or more navigation menu items. After the fixed position of the focal point on the navigation element of the menu for a predetermined period of time, a process corresponding to the navigation element of the menu is executed. In this case, the working area of the displayed navigation element exceeds the area of the working element itself.

EFFECT: providing navigation and control of the virtual reality environment without the introduction of an independent control device.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and a device for moving an object between displayed pages. A method of moving an object between displayed pages comprises displaying a first page which includes the object; generating a first signal in response to moving the object on said first page to a predetermined region of said first page; displaying a plurality of pages, including said first page, in response to said first signal; generating a second signal in response to moving the object to overlap with a second page; and moving the object to said second page in response to said second signal; wherein said plurality of pages is displayed inclined in the depth direction.

EFFECT: providing accurate movement of an object between displayed pages in a device for interaction with a small size of a display device and interface.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to portable touch sensitive computer systems. The device includes a first touch sensitive display and a second touch sensitive display, operably coupled with a processing subsystem and a memory subsystem which stores a plurality of content pages. User interface instructions are stored in the memory subsystem and are executable by the processing subsystem to provide user interactivity with the content pages through the first touch sensitive display and the second touch sensitive display. The interface instructions are further configured to control the displays so that they operate as discretely organised interface units for the content pages.

EFFECT: providing two touch sensitive displays operating as discretely organised interface units.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to remote information input devices. The device comprises a touch surface configured to display a touch surface region of the displayed control function representation, which can be selected in response to touch input through the touch surface; and one or more modules for detecting one or more gestures input through the touch surface over at least one of said representations; determining a control function which corresponds to the detected one or more gestures, wherein said one or more gestures indicate the identified control function, different from the selection of at least one of said displayed representations; and generating a notification for wireless transmission to a client device, which instructs the client device to change output of content transmitted to the client device, in accordance with said determined control function.

EFFECT: faster data input.

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FIELD: physics, communications.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a user interface of a mobile communication device. The method includes displaying a user interface with a region configured to receive content. When any option is selected relative to a region for establishing communication and the content includes one or more contacts, a message which includes the content is created and automatically forwarded to one or more contacts.

EFFECT: enabling dragging of content items using a gesture and sending messages with said content to contacts.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a mouse pointing device. A mouse pointing device for mirror, transparent and smooth monochromic surfaces comprises a housing and, inside the housing, a chip set and an optical unit for tracking movement of the mouse, connected to the chip set, where in/on the housing there is one or more colouring units having one or more colouring heads which, based on commands from the chip set, are capable of applying an additional image or quasi-image on the bearing surface on which the mouse is operating using a liquid or water, including gas-saturated bubbles, using dust, by heating the bearing surface and/or cooling the bearing surface and then transforming the obtained heat image into a colour image using a cholesteric liquid crystal, and also using ice crystals.

EFFECT: providing reliable operation of the device on mirror, transparent and smooth monochromic surfaces.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to control over objects with operator gestures made in preset spatial volume. Proposed device comprises camera and first and second optical IR radiators optically coupled therewith, light reflector optically coupled with aforesaid camera and both said radiators, servo drive connected with vehicle glass lifter reduction gear. TV camera is located at vehicle door window opening lower angle while its viewing angle covers the opposite surface with light reflector located thereat. Computer switches on one of two radiators in turns. Coordinates of shadows on light reflector surface are loaded in memory. Said shadows originate at locating of user fingers on radiation path to allow the calculation of finger coordinates and speed of its displacement. Then, computer calculates the gesture made by the user to generate gesture-related signal for servo drive that control the glass position.

EFFECT: adjustable lateral vehicle door glass.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: device includes buttons 1, body 2 with articulated joint 3, shank 4 rigidly connected with operator seat 13, bracket 14 with clamps 15. The body 2 is rigidly connected with control element 5 made in the form of H-shaped frame with clamps 11, with curvelinear bearing surfaces 6 to accommodate operator's forearms with possibility of motion due to articulated joint 3 motion stiffness of which can be adjusted using regulator 12 located in the body 2. On front parts 7 of control element 5 buttons 1, articulated buttons 8, multicontact buttons 9, rollers 10 are located at side faces along periphery opposite to each other. Pedals 16 and motion sensors 17 are connected with control element 5 by wires or using wireless communication.

EFFECT: higher reliability and accuracy of motion system control.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the input devices with a possibility of ensuring of simultaneous work of several users. Each such virtual port can have various inherent features, for example, privileges, rights or optional features. When one or more users are in the capture scene based on the system gestures, the system can associate virtual ports with users and support virtual ports. Cancellation of association of virtual ports with users or exchange of virtual ports between two or more users is also provisioned.

EFFECT: providing feedback between users of IT environment.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing digital data. The device has a housing, one or more buttons and/or contactless responsive sensors. The housing, button and/or contactless responsive sensors have air pipes or channels inside, through which air and/or another gas flows under pressure from an air pump and/or gas cylinder, to blow external surfaces of the housing and create an air cushion between said surfaces and the hand of the user when the hand of the user approaches said surfaces.

EFFECT: improved hygiene when using a mouse.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an information processing device, an information processing method, a programme, a terminal control device and an information processing system. The device includes: an input section which receives operation input information; a communication section which communicates through a radio signal with a terminal device; a display section; an operation information receiving unit which receives operation information through the input section; a command notification section which generates notification commands based on the operation information and which notifies the terminal device, through the communication section; on the generated command; a section for obtaining operation results, which are available commands, and a display control section.

EFFECT: easier control of a terminal device owing to a process of confirming the results of operations performed by a user, which are the display of available commands which the user can use when controlling the terminal device.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: optical system is meant for varying the shape of a surface on which an image is perceived, and has first and second spaced-apart partial reflectors, at least one of which is selectively switchable between a non-flat first shape and at least one second shape different from the first shape, and providing a light path for light incident on the first reflector. On said light path there is at least partial transmission of light through the first reflector towards the second reflector, at least partial reflection of light from the second reflector back towards the first reflector, at least partial reflection of light from the first reflector towards the second reflector, and at least partial transmission of light through the second reflector. In the display, the first reflector is placed between the display device for modulating light with the image and the second reflector.

EFFECT: transforming a flat or non-flat image to a non-flat or flat image.

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FIELD: optics.

SUBSTANCE: the lens is designed for reading of information on the surface (screen) in the form of symbols, texts or images, applicable in various devices presenting the information on a display, in particular, mobile telephone. The lens has an optical system in the form of a lens, as well as a mechanism for hand displacement and a fastener of the lens over the surface under consideration made in the form of a U-shaped clamp enveloping the surface under consideration from the bottom and from the sides. Tenons are provided in the lower part of the clamp at its foot on two sides, the tenons carry two turning parallel bars with either rectangular lens or the first ends of additional tubes installed in the bar neck for turning. The second ends of the additional tubes also have necks and an axle, with a rectangular lens fastened on it. The above tenons carry also a flat cover for turning with an end wall and lateral bosses adjoining the end wall. The inner surface of the cover bottom may be provided with a mirror layer.

EFFECT: provided a coverage of a wide field of vision, simplified installation on the object with an information message and removal from the field of vision.

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The invention relates to optical devices, namely, devices for monitoring objects, and can be used when observing objects devices having two monocular, such as in microsurgical microscopes, and binoculars, stereo photo cameras, stereo-telescopes and the like

The invention relates to kinetoterapie, namely a positive view of black and white transparent negatives used for printing

Optical device // 2036495
The invention relates to the optical instrument and can be used in cameras, projection systems and microscopes

The invention relates to laser technology, in particular to a laser projection device based lasers, copper vapor

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is an image capturing device which captures a plurality of primary images in continuous capturing mode. The image capturing device includes an image capturing means configured to capture a plurality of auxiliary images during the interval between capturing a primary image and capturing the next primary image. The device also comprises a means of determining a primary object configured to determine a primary object. Furthermore, the device comprises first and second object tracking processing means. The first object tracking processing means is configured to detect an area where an object identical to a primary object exists, from a first area which is part of a first auxiliary image, from a plurality of auxiliary images.

EFFECT: high accuracy of the object tracking function of an image capturing device during continuous capture owing to elimination of time delay between detection of an object and obtaining focus information at the position of the object.

10 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: physics, optics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to optical instrument-making, particularly optical benches and holographic tables. The optical adjustment table comprises a base with a dovetail profile, a support with a lock in the upper part, a lifting screw with a trapezoidal thread, fastened in the upper part to the fixed platform of the table, a movable platform of the table driven a micro-screw. The fixed platform is connected to the base of the table by an expanding mechanical connection - tractor. A screw with a trapezoidal thread is used to drive the movable platform. In the base of the tractor there is a curved thread for a retention screw designed to fix the base of the tractor after an adjusted angle. A transparent arrow with a guide mark is attached to the outer side of the base of the tractor and a scale in degrees is placed on the upper plane of the base of the table.

EFFECT: enabling cross movements and adjustment movements in the form of rotations about a vertical axis.

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FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: method is based on joint use of a long-exposition image and series of N spectrally-filtered short-exposition images.

EFFECT: improved quality of an image of a probed section of earth surface.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a LED light source made with the ability to retrofit the lamp that uses the light source with the filament. The light source comprises a light guide in which light is entered from one or more LEDs of the light head located at one end of the light guide, and a reflector having a reflecting surface, located on another end of the light guide and facing the light guide allowing reflection of the light incident on the reflecting surface. According to the present invention, the reflector comprises at least one transmissive part located so that at least part of the light incident on at least one transmissive part is transmitted through the reflector, for example, the through opening extending along the axis, providing the light intensity of the light source almost independent from the viewing angle.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of lighting.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for fixing an optical sighting device consists of a mounting plate 1 on which there are opposite blind-end graded slots 2. Supports 4 are mounted in the slots 2 such that they are able to rotate on axes 3, said supports having a radius surface 5 on which there are liners 6 made of elastic material, the outer side of which has a slant 7. The axes 3 are mounted in slots 8 perpendicular to the graded slots 2 and are fixed with screws 9. In the graded slots 2 under the supports 4, there are plate springs 10, one end of which forced into a cut 11 made in the step 12 of the slot 2 and the other rests on the edge of the supports 4.

EFFECT: fast and reliable fixing of the device when switching the device from a working position to a stowed position and vice versa.

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