Protective device for case lock

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: protective device of bow consists of two parts. The parts must be placed on two opposite sides of the bow, and they are made in the form of a loop and the surface of the bow. The lateral edges of the parts represent the edges of the composite puzzle junctions in their shape.

EFFECT: increased reliability.

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FIELD: ironmongery, particularly accessories in connection with locks.

SUBSTANCE: locking safety device and coded lock may be used in door structure including locks and at least one eye. Device comprises shell made as metal box with orifices. One orifice is formed in rear box side and adapted to receive suspended lock eyes. Another orifice is formed in bottom box side and is adapted to install the suspended lock inside the box. Lower box orifice is closed with flap pivotally connected with one box side and provided with latch having coded lock. Coded lock comprises set handles fixedly connected with fingers, as well as a number of plates provided with orifices and adapted to receive fingers. At least one plate is connected with latch, another plates are fastened with door. Finger profile and figured plate orifice profiles are formed so that one handle has additional degree of freedom only in one preselected angular handle position so that the handle may displace the plate connected with the latch. Some orifices are figured.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability under adverse conditions.

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The invention relates to security locks from hacking

Protective box // 2078187
The invention relates to a security technique and can be used to protect padlocks from unauthorized opening and hacking, as well as from precipitation and dust
Locking device // 2071218

Push latch // 2553028

FIELD: transport; packaging.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a push latch (2) for a tank (1) with the lower part (11) and a cover plate (12), including a push button (21) that is coordinated with a locking bolt (4). The locking bolt (4) is at least partially enveloped by a spring (43) that acts on a sleeve (44) when the cover plate (12) is in a closed position. The sleeve (44) is movable along the axial line of the length of the locking bolt (4) and supported from the lower part (11).

EFFECT: invention provides a possibility of automatic opening of the cover plate.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: fittings for a sliding fold of a window or a door, which with the help of a control handle when opened to the position parallel to the fixed frame moves the sliding fold into a shifted position in respect to the adjacent fold or the fixed plane, at the same time fittings on the fixed frame has upper and lower track rails accordingly designed for guide elements installed on the fold, and contains within the set at least one track element to provide for parallel displacement, where guide elements and track element are arranged perpendicularly to the direction of fold movement and are controlled by guides on track rails arranged in parallel to each other, at the same time the guide of the guide elements has a control device to ensure shift and movement, installed on the appropriate ends of the frame opening range so that on the track element for shifting the fold towards the frame in the transverse direction relative to direction of movement the sliding track rollers are installed, at the same time track rollers are axially arranged on the shaft, being mobile, and at the same time at least one track element is disengaged with other parts and is fixed in parallel to the guide element on the lower horizontal support surface, and guide elements are installed on the appropriate ends of the fold.

EFFECT: improved design.

10 cl, 16 dwg

Vehicle door design // 2519165

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: segment of partition wall in vehicle lateral direction and segment of partition wall in vehicle longitudinal direction are formed in reinforcement element (7) provided inside front door (1). Segment of partition wall in vehicle lateral direction goes in vehicle lateral direction, segment of partition wall in longitudinal direction goes from inner end in vehicle lateral direction of segment of partition wall in vehicle lateral direction in vehicle longitudinal direction. Locking element (23) is provided on segment of partition wall in longitudinal direction in segment facing the locking lever.

EFFECT: door design simplification with preserving function of its opening prevention even when a force is applied to exterior handle towards inner side of vehicle.

5 cl, 11 dwg

Security lock // 2493342

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: security lock comprises a device made as capable of putting the security lock into non-working condition, in case of an attempt to unlock safety plates by insertion of a master key into the lock.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability.

5 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device (1) of temporary closure of an opening element on a support element (32), making it possible to provide (32) and comprising a body (4), retaining at one side detachable fixation facilities on the specified support element (32), and at the other side a protruding part (5), which may be inserted at least partially into a location bed made in the specified opening element, and to interact with the edge of this location bed in order to ensure locking of the opening element in its closed position. This device differs by the fact that it comprises guide facilities (51, 52, 53, 54, 46, 47) along reciprocal displacement of the specified protruding part (5) relative to the specified body (4) in order to ensure the possibility of control in the closed position of the specified opening element relative to the specified support element (32). The proposed invention finds application in the area of motor industry,.

EFFECT: temporary retention of an opening element in a closed position relative to the specified support element.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: locking device to a door lock with traction rods for vertical bolts comprises a cylinder mechanism with a cylindrical core with a leash, a key to a cylinder mechanism, a shell with a cover and a flange, a sleeve for protection of a cylinder mechanism, a rotary stop with a slot in the end for the leash, mounted into the shell concentrically to the cylindrical core, and a movable strip between the shell and the cover connected to the lock traction rod. The rotary stop is equipped with a rod. The movable strip is made with a transverse through cut interacting with the rod of the rotary stop. The end of the movable strip is made in the form of a fork that covers the lock traction rod.

EFFECT: invention solves the task of increasing reliability of door locking with a lock with vertical bolts, equipped with a locking device to a lock.

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Cylindrical lock // 2473764

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: cylindrical lock comprises a body, a cam, a groove arranged in the front part of the body, an outer core and an inner core fixed on the body with the help of rings. In cores there is a hole for key placement. In the body and in the inner core there are main holes arranged coaxially, where locking bars are placed, springs, body bars and core bars. In the front part of the body and the front part of the outer core there are inserts of tempered metal are tightly installed. The cam is installed freely between outer and inner cores of identical length. In the outer core there are also main holes, which are coaxial with appropriate main holes arranged in the body, where locking bars, springs, body bars and core bars are installed. Along the entire length of the main holes in the outer core in the same plane with a groove in the body there is an additional slot to form a common slot in order to weaken cross section, in which there is a plastic holder closing the specified common slot, in which there is a spring, a body bar and a core bar arranged. In the additional slot of the outer core there are radial holes drilled, in which there are steel balls installed. Opposite to the slot and opposite to the additional slot arranged accordingly in the body and the outer body there are additional inserts of tempered metal tightly installed in appropriate coaxial holes drilled in the body and the outer core and arranged in staggered order relative to the main holes. In planes perpendicular to the plane of the key hole, in the outer core and in the inner core there are additional holes, where additional core bard are arranged. Inside the body there are longitudinal grooves with a shape corresponding to the shape of the additional core bars.

EFFECT: increased level of protection against break-in.

4 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: mechanical safety device for an emergency exit door handle is fixed to the door so that it prevents handle rotation. The safety device damages, when necessary. The device comprises the main part and the replaceable part. The main part may be attached to the door, and the replaceable part may be attached to the main part. The replaceable part comprises a safety surface to prevent handle rotation. The safety device comprises at least one weakened part, where the safety device breaks, when necessary. The weakened part is installed in the replaceable part. The replaceable part represents a plate parallel to the surface of the emergency exit door, when it is installed. The plate comprises at least one weakened part, where the plate breaks, when the handle is rotated.

EFFECT: reduced number of actions when opening a door and operation reliability.

13 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: window or door comprises a fold frame, an external frame and a handle-driven latch with driving rods. The latch with driving rods is formed by at least two fitting units to be joined to each other as capable of transferring motion. Matching is provided between efficient total length of the fitting units with various longitudinal dimensions of window or door folds with the help of pairs of connecting elements that are shifted at small pitch, cover each other and are engaged with geometric closure. Such pairs of connecting elements are provided at least between ends of driving rods in adjacent fitting units facing each other. Each pair of connecting elements is formed from one short connecting element on one driving rod, determining the efficient, accordingly, specified length of engagement with geometric closure, and also from one long connecting element at the other driving rod, matched with the possible length of shifting in the shifting zone, accordingly, the zone of application tolerance. The connecting element and/or appropriate driving rod at minimum length inside the application tolerance zone are covered with the driving rod, having a short connecting element, determining engagement length with geometric closure, on the top or the bottom along the entire zone of the application tolerance, so that the connecting element remains active along the entire length.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to avoid the necessity to cut driving rods and to provide several fitting units, which may be connected selectively with each other and which may be approved with fold dimensions.

16 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: in order to develop a rotary support (1), which is easy to install and inexpensive to make, a rotary unit (6) is connected to a support plate (3) by means of a journal (21) arranged on the rotary unit.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability.

1 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: lock mechanism contains key movable element with installed guide, plunger pin and secret mean. Secret mean includes two elements each of them is located in position of impact at plunger pin with one its part and with ability of moving and impact on plunger pin with anther its part. Means are installed with ability of contact with moving key sections and with ability of moving concerning them elements of secret mean. Key contains on one its part mean for putting in action of lock mechanism and on another part means for contact with elements. Simultaneously with putting in action of lock mechanism with key, one regulated elements position of secret mean of lock mechanism concerning plunger pin without impact on it and at that preserve guide in operating position.

EFFECT: invention provides high secrecy and reliability of lock.

31 cl, 48 dwg

FIELD: personal demand items.

SUBSTANCE: door handle of refrigerating and/or freezing chambers designed for opening the door of the refrigerator or the freezing chamber has the handle which is hinged on the refrigerator or freezing chamber door by means of a hinged support and has the possibility of being moved between open and closed positions, as well as the return device for automatic return of the handle from the open position to the closed one, and movement damper for damping the return motion of the handle from open position to closed one and/or for damping the handle movement when opening the door from the closed position to the open one. Handle is equipped with the pressing element for the lever-operated opening of the refrigerator or freezing chamber door; at that, the above pressing element consists of a slide which is installed in a movable manner on a narrow door side and hinged to the handle; at that, the slide is made with the possibility of being pressed to the door frame or the product housing in order to perform lever-operated opening of refrigerator or freezing chamber door when moving the handle to the open position.

EFFECT: improving return movement of the handle to its initial position.

15 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating appliance comprises a door and a heat sealed body which is closed by the door. The inner surface of the door has the door seal along the door perimetre for sealing the door on the surface of adhesion to the body, and a handle design which is installed on the door with the ability to rotate and is made as two-arm lever, which has a long lever arm and a short effective arm, which in the first position enables a contact between the door seal and the contact surface, and due to moving the lever arm it can be transferred into the second position when the effective lever at least partially eliminates the contact between the door seal and contact surface. The construction swing mounts of the handle are formed by the bearing element which is located in the door wall, as well as by pin element which is rigidly connected with the construction of the handle. The pin element is retained in the bearing element with the ability to rotate and forms an axis of rotation.

EFFECT: use of this invention enables to create a refrigerating appliance with a reliable handle.

24 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device door with door leaf and door handle. Door handle includes a support part, which is arranged for fixation at side edge of door leaf, and also comprises handle grip, which is arranged with the possibility of rotation relative to support part around axis, which is substantially perpendicular to side edge, and also comprises a mobile pusher, joined to rotary motion. Support part protrudes beyond side of door leaf and holds axis in front of front side of door leaf.

EFFECT: using this invention makes it possible to accurately identify position of rotary axis of handle and to suppress effect that occurs in case of action at door handle.

17 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating and/or freezing device with a device body (2) is arranged with the possibility to be closed with at least one door (3), and also with an engine-equipped door actuator to automatically put the door (3) in motion. The door actuator has driving facilities (6) for automatic opening and closing of the door (3). The driving facilities (6) are equipped with a force limiter (8), arranged with the possibility to limit the actuation force whenever the door (3) is opened and/or closed and/or stopped. The force limiter is controlled by means of a sensor (12), or the force limiter is formed with a slipping coupling (8), connected to a driving motor (6) of the door. The driving facilities (6) have a bridge (9, 10) to shunt the force limiter (8), which may operate with the door (3) closed and/or in the limited initial zone of motion when going out of the closed position.

EFFECT: improved refrigerating device to ensure a simpler and more comfortable door control.

14 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: locked pin lock (1) for sliding doors comprises a cylindrical body (3), which is arranged with the possibility of installation in a door leaf, and a locking pin (2), made of two parts, which is arranged with the possibility of displacement in the axial direction in the body (3). Two parts (8, 9) of the locking pin (2) are arranged with the possibility of displacement one relative to the other to form an intermediate volume.

EFFECT: development of a locked pin lock for sliding doors, which may function regardless of temperature, is simple in operation.

10 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a support body, a handle and a polyhedron. The support body is designed for fixation on a door or a window. The handle is installed on a support body or in it without possibility of displacement in axial direction, but also with the possibility of rotation. A polyhedron serves for mechanical engagement of the device with the mechanism integrated into a door or window. At the same time the polyhedron protrudes with a section of polyhedron beyond the support body, and also the engagement system formed between the handle and the polyhedron to transfer torque from the handle to the polyhedron and to lock its transfer from the polyhedron to the handle. Length of a polyhedron section protruding beyond the support body and inserted into a frame of a door or a window as the support body is inserted into a door or a window is adjusted automatically. The polyhedron passes in the engagement system with the possibility of displacement in longitudinal direction, but without the possibility of slippage, and enters through it into the handle. The engagement system has two grips provided between the handle and the polyhedron, which at the specified gap along the angle of rotation between the gripping surfaces are engaged to each other with a force and/or geometric closure so that the possibility is provided to send a movement to a polyhedron, which accompanies the handle actuation. The device includes the first grip, which is connected to the handle without the possibility of slippage, and there is the second grip, which receives the polyhedron without the possibility of slippage, but with the possibility of displacement in longitudinal direction.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible, when installing onto a window or a door, to automatically take into account thickness of a frame or a profile with preservation of its safety and protection function with the purpose of always reliable engagement with the mechanism integrated into a door or a window.

17 cl, 6 dwg