Method of forming elliptical direction diagram for active phased antenna array

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: method of forming elliptical direction diagram for an active phased antenna array containing delay lines, and the delay lines in the antenna are configured in such a way that the reception and transmission are carried out by electromagnetic radiation converging at the focus of the ellipsoid.

EFFECT: possibility of forming an elliptical direction diagram with the possibility of changing the parameters of APAA to determine the azimuth, the tilt angle and the distance to the target.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems for controlling brushless dc electric motors for rotating a radar antenna and can be used in controlled electric drives. The technical result is achieved due to that the system for controlling a brushless dc electric motor for rotating a radar antenna, which comprises an inverter, a brushless dc electric motor, a velocity sensor, a reducing gear, transceiving devices, an antenna sheet bending sensor, a velocity correcting device, an inverter control unit and a driver unit, includes a beam-forming system and an analogue-to-digital converter and, respectively, new connections between components, which enable to balance the space scanning speed when the wind load on the antenna sheet varies. Constant space scanning speed achieved owing to electronic anti-phase beam scanning with the rotational speed of the antenna improves the reliability of tracking high-speed targets. Limiting the rotational speed of the antenna based on the allowable bending value, achieved through corresponding connections between the inverter, brushless dc electric motor, velocity sensor, reducing gear, antenna sheet bending sensor, velocity correcting device, inverter control unit and driver unit, reduces the rated power of the electric motor and improves efficiency of the controlled electric drive.

EFFECT: improved tactical-process and performance characteristics of the system for controlling the brushless dc electric motor for rotating a radar antenna.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electronic equipment, particularly a transmitting antenna structure for radio jamming receiving devices of electronic communication means, data transmission means, electronic and navigation equipment of consumers of network-based medium-altitude satellite navigation systems. The transmitting antenna has a reflecting shield in form of a cylindrical pipe with radiators mounted on its surface at equal distances from the axis of the cylindrical pipe in one plane, perpendicular to the axis of the cylindrical pipe, which enable to form a circular beam pattern when interfering signals are transmitted to all radiators at the same time, said interfering signals having the same initial phase of oscillation of the carrier frequency, and forming a sector directed towards the position in the azimuth plane of the beam pattern, said sector having a high energy potential of radiation when interfering signals with given ratios of initial voltages and phases of the carrier frequency are transmitted to the radiators. The cylindrical pipe is involved in both formation of the required beam pattern of the transmitting antenna and providing rejection of the negative effect on beam formation of power cables of the radiating elements.

EFFECT: forming, in the azimuth plane depending on the situation, a beam pattern either maximally close to circular with uniform distribution of energy potential or with a high energy potential in a given sector of radiation of radio frequency interference.

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FIELD: physics, navigation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radar, particularly to an active phased antenna array. The active phased antenna array comprises first and second coherent oscillators, a central processing unit, first and second power dividers, N receiving-transmitting units, random-access memory, a programmable logic integrated circuit, non-volatile rewritable memory, a digital-to-analogue converter, an analogue-to-digital converter, a vector modulator, a quadrature demodulator, first and second band-pass filters, a power amplifier, a low-noise amplifier, a circulator and a protective device. The active phased antenna array is characterised by that it further includes a third coherent oscillator, a third power divider, a frequency divider, a directional coupler, a controlled attenuator, first and second mixers, a power controller, wherein the active phased antenna array comprises n+1 receiving-transmitting units.

EFFECT: high noise-immunity of a radar station with respect to image interference and low probability of false targets.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to telecommunications and more specifically to devices for deflecting directed electromagnetic radiation, and can be used in radio engineering structures, particularly small-size radar systems. A multilayer deflecting structure comprises two active layers, two high-resistance layers, two matching layers, two voltage sources, wherein the first voltage source Ux is configured to generate a potential difference Ux1-Ux2 on contact pads of the first high-resistance layer; the second voltage source Uy is configured to generate a potential difference Uy1-Uy2 on contact pads of the second high-resistance layer.

EFFECT: low level of thermal energy released in high-resistance layers when control voltage is applied, low level of microwave losses, simple process of making the deflection structure, simple circuit for applying the control voltage.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: antenna for probing the ionosphere is in form of two rhombi that cross in orthogonal planes, having side length of 58 m for one rhombus and 26 m for the other rhombus, said rhombi being suspended on a 32 m support mast made of composite material which acts as the main diagonal of the rhombi, and two pairs of auxiliary 9 m masts for suspending second corners of the rhombi, guylines for guying mechanical attachment of the mast made of polymer material and cores of current-carrying cables of the rhombi, located on the edge of a cylinder as radiators of the antenna, loaded by a common resistance which is matched for the traveling wave mode in radiators, connected to a multi-beam earthing conductor, made on a parallel circuit for the mirror counterweight mode.

EFFECT: making a broadband antenna which operates in the entire ionosphere probing frequency band.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for forming the beam pattern of a active phased antenna arrays has N identical channels, each having series-connected intermediate frequency amplifiers, the input of which is the channel input, an analogue-to-digital converter, a switch, the second input of which is connected to the output of random-access memory, a digital heterodyne unit, a multiplier, the second input of which is connected to read only memory, and the quadrature output of which is the channel output. Outputs of all N channels are connected to inputs of a digital adder, the output of which is connected to series-connected digital filter, interfacing unit and optical transmitter, the output of which is the output of the apparatus.

EFFECT: broader functional capabilities of the apparatus owing to a wider dynamic range, enabling debugging and control of the operating algorithm of the apparatus and longer transmission range of the generated data.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: antenna consists of two travelling wave power dividers in form of short and long waveguide coils fed from a halver - a hybrid T, coupling windows and a waveguide-slit fabric with alternating-inclined slits on narrow walls of lines, wherein each coupling window on the short coil increases in size successively from the first lower coupling window to the last by 1-2%, and on the long coil all coupling windows remain the same and are equal to the size of the coupling window located in the middle of the short coil; inclination angles of slits also increase from the beginning to the middle of the line from 1° to 20°, and from the middle to the end of the line, inclination angles of slits remain the same, without terminal loads in the coils and lines of the fabric with jumper leads at the ends of the lines, lying at quarter-wavelength distance from the last slits in the lines, made in form of metal plates, while providing the required amplitude distribution.

EFFECT: high antenna efficiency and high accuracy of determining angular coordinates in the scanning plane.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: antenna post has a periscopic hybrid mirror antenna with drives, a parabolic reflector with a polarisation filter, which interacts with a flat subdish, and a transmit-receive radiator. Each of the transmit-receive radiators has a pair of channels. The number of pairs of even and odd type received beams in the antenna fan with a small-component antenna array is one beam pair less than the number of radiators.

EFFECT: simple design of the antenna post, high speed of scanning space and accuracy of measuring coordinates, enabling scanning of space in the entire top hemisphere, enabling formation of a fan of received mono-pulse beams in the vertical plane and detecting targets simultaneously on all beams forming the fan.

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Microstrip antenna // 2475902

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention may be widely used as an independent receiving or transmitting antenna or an element of a phased antenna array, in particular, the antenna may be used as a receiving antenna in equipment of users of space navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS/GPS, etc.). The microstrip antenna includes a radiating plate, a screen arranged underneath, capacitance elements, fixed on the edges of the radiating plate, and a communication pin, which connects the plate with a power supply line, the antenna is equipped with a dielectric substrate, on the upper surface of which there is a radiating plate, made symmetrical relative to its central axis and having along the contour 2n through cuts with slots reaching the plate edge, and capacitance elements are fixed in the above slots and form together with cuts a metamaterial. Cuts arranged on one axis of the radiating plate clockwise or counterclockwise from a communication pin are made with area of Sn+1, which is more than the area Sn of other cuts, the angle of rotation relative to the communication pin makes, accordingly, +(45±5)° (right polarisation) or -(45±5)° (left polarisation), and ratio of areas of cuts is determined on the basis of the following dependence Sn+1/Sn=1.1+0.05.

EFFECT: reduction of microstrip antenna dimensions without reduction in efficiency of its radiation.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to on-board radar stations with a phased antenna array meant for forming a radar image of the monitored area of the earth's surface and objects on the surface in range-azimuth or elevation angle-azimuth coordinates in real-beam mode during low-altitude flight of an aircraft carrying the radar station, as well as on-board infrared radar stations, which receive and amplify a radiated thermal signal in the radar wavelength range. The method of increasing resolution of a phased antenna array of an on-board system involves formation of a beam pattern of the phased antenna array for a given angular direction, characterised by that based on the set of signals received by all channels of the phased antenna array, reflection or radiation field components are selected with increase in angular resolution by several times.

EFFECT: high angular resolution of a phased antenna array in real-beam mode.

FIELD: radars, communication and moving-object control systems on board sea-going and river ships, flying vehicles, and spacecraft.

SUBSTANCE: proposed antenna array suited to operate under various conditions as part of radar station due to provision for enhancing values of some parameters with some sacrifice in other unused ones is convex structure made in the form of truncated tetrahedral pyramid whose top base and side faces mount subarrays; upper ribs of side faces are hinged to respective ribs of upper base which enables developing side faces into single plane with top base. In addition, this antenna array has two axes of revolution, one being horizontal (for instance, in elevation) and other one, vertical (for instance, in azimuth). Rotating developed array about these axes makes it possible to choose desired direction affording its maximal potential and definition and to organize scanning.

EFFECT: enlarged functional capabilities of antenna array.

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FIELD: radio engineering and communication systems; sector-shaped directivity pattern generation.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method includes evaluation of absolute radiation power of each antenna array component by averaging detected readings of input quadrature signal, evaluation of dispersion of complex pilot-signal envelope for all directivity patterns of given antenna incorporated in antenna array, evaluation of relative signal power of desired antenna array directivity pattern by averaging detected readings of pilot-signal complex envelope followed by subtraction of detected averaged estimate of pilot-signal complex envelope, evaluation of absolute signal radiated power for all directivity patters, and estimation of antenna-array directivity pattern form by accumulating and averaging estimates of pilot-signal complex envelope in each antenna of array. Device implementing this method has unit for calculating estimates of pilot-signal complex envelope and dispersion of desired directivity pattern.

EFFECT: ability of metering and estimating form of antenna array directivity pattern and signal power.

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FIELD: radar-location.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radar-location and can be used in angle track on target channels and in rocket coordinators. In the method of measuring angular coordinates, the time the target was located at the centre of the scanning circle is determined, and the angle of deflection of the axis of symmetry of the beam pattern about the centre of the scanning circle is measured, depending on the given degree of framing of the target. The device for realising this method has an antenna, a mixer, heterodyne, intermediate frequency amplifier, amplitude detector, three control signal amplifiers, two control motors, master clock, four match circuits, three subtracting circuits, unit for setting up degree of framing, inverter, irradiator actuator, switch and a comparator circuit, connected as indicated in application materials.

EFFECT: increased accuracy of measuring angular coordinates of extended targets.

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FIELD: physics, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to antenna engineering and may be used in radio engineering communication systems. Suppression of noises provides for reception of electromagnet wave of circular polarisation with the help of two orthogonal antenna systems, which are mutually inverted by 45°, transformation of received signals and formation of four signals with compensation of mutual effect of biorthogonal antenna system elements by means of weighed summation of transformed signals. Signals with effect of mutual influence compensation are used to find four hypothetical combinations of noise signal realisation, assuming that inclination angle of polarisation ellipse of summary noise signal is equal to one of angles α=-π/4.0, π/4 and π/2, then authenticity of each of four hypotheses is evaluated. The most authentic hypothesis is selected creating four summary signals for each hypothesis, minimum of which will correspond to authentic hypothesis. Four compensating signals are formed, which correspond to selected hypothesis. Four corrected signals are found by subtraction of four compensating signals from received signals, corrected signals are summed, creating output signal of biorthogonal antenna system.

EFFECT: high signal/noise ratio in process of reception.

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FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: initial coordinates of relative position of movable carrier and preset object of sighting (OS) are defined and set as well as initial conditions of setting inertial determination of sighting vector parametres of stationary object of sighting (SVPOS) in prelaunch preparation of antenna movable carrier by directing its mirror towards stationary OS after launching movable carrier. In launching flying carrier and its flying along trajectory, accelerometres and gyros are used, arranged in inner frame of two-axis gimbal suspension of the antenna, to define signals proportional to projections of apparent acceleration and to projections of absolute angular rotary speed of the mirror on appropriate axes of the base coordinate system of the antenna. Resulted signals, allowing for initial data on setting stationary OS and on setting SVPOS of stationary OS, are used to generate signals proportional to current parametres of sighting vector of stationary OS, namely oblique distance L and oblique speed of approaching the antenna base of stationary OS together with movable carrier spinning in bank that makes e1, e2 of spatial angular coordinate of stationary OS in the base antenna coordinate system. Signals proportional to current values of oblique distance L and oblique speed of approaching the antenna base of stationary OS together with movable carrier spinning in bank are used to effect inertial self-guidance of stationary OS in range. Simultaneously, resulted signals, allowing for initial data on setting stationary OS and on setting SVPOS of stationary OS, are used to generate signals proportional to current parametres of sighting vector of stationary OS, namely oblique distance L and oblique speed of approaching the antenna base of stationary OS together with movable carrier spinning in bank that makes e1, e2 of spatial angular coordinate of stationary OS in the base antenna coordinate system, that make signal of mismatch (error) between antenna optical axis and direction to stationary OS in two mutually perpendicular planes of the antenna base coordinate system set in prelaunch preparation of movable carrier. Note here that circuits of inertial automatic guidance of stationary OS are closed on response to negative feedback signal, that is, in response to signals from turn angle pickups of outer and inner frames of two-axis gimbal suspension of the antenna and antenna mirror hinged thereto. Thus, inertial control over antenna mirror direction towards stationary OS is effected with rotary motion of antenna base together with movable carrier spinning in bank. Simultaneously, signals proportional to current parametres of sighting vector of stationary OS, namely oblique distance L and oblique speed L of approaching the antenna base of stationary OS together with movable carrier are generated to effect independent self guidance of movable object spinning in bank towards stationary OS.

EFFECT: expanded performances.

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FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: stationary antenna is made in the form of active circular (AC) phased array (PA), comprises circulators (C), transceiving modules, dividers-summators and transceivers. PA AC consists of three segments that generate three beams at the angle of 120° to each other, every of which comprises N flat active phased subarrays, which represent radiolocating modules (RLM), arranged tightly to each other along outer circular surface of antenna. Each RLM comprises 21 antenna elements (AE), which, through according C are connected to according transceiving cell (TC), transmitter and receiver of which comprises electrically controlled phase changers and are connected accordingly to inlet of transmitting track and output of receiving track of TC, inputs/outputs of all TC are connected by means of divider/summator with according input/output of RLM. Quadrature outputs of receiver in each RLM are connected to according analog-to-digital converters, outputs of which are connected to inputs of processor arranged with the possibility to digitally both generate three pairs of summary-differential directional patterns of circular array.

EFFECT: improved distance and accuracy of coordinates generation that are detected and accompanied by radiolocator of targets.

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FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: microstrip antenna comprises radiating plate and screen arranged oppositely and separated from each other, and at the edges of radiating plate (702) and screen (701) there are capacitance elements arranged in the form of two at least lengthy ribs (703) or set of short ribs (1203) bent inside space between screen and radiating plate to provide for reduction of resonant size. Various versions are proposed for making capacitance elements, in the form of bent rib or separate set of bent ribs, which provide for larger area of elements coverage from the side of screen and side of radiating plate to reduce antenna size.

EFFECT: development of microstrip antennas with expanded strip of working frequencies, having at the same time compact size and weight, and also development of multi-tier structure of antenna, having above-mentioned advantages with the possibility to locate printed circuit board on its radiating plate with low-noise amplifier and other elements.

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FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: operation of the first antenna in modes of detection of targets and illumination of sector of their attack allows using the receiving antenna array with digital formation of the required number of noninteracting beams as the second tracking antenna. Use of antenna array with digital beam formation allows: simultaneous multiple-target tracking and simultaneous preparation of the data for these targets for guided weapon; formation of directivity diagrams optimum as to the shape in capture and tracking modes, which reduces the target detection time and improves the accuracy of development of coordinates of tracked targets, formation of double-zero difference directivity diagrams in tracking mode of low-altitude targets (White method shall be applied), which improves reliability of their tracking.

EFFECT: increasing quick operation of weapon control system, increasing the number of simultaneously tracked targets and accuracy of development of their coordinates.

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FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: formed narrow-beam directivity diagram at fixed frequency scans in the specified sector, and weakly directional directivity diagram covering as to the level the lateral radiation of narrow-beam scanning directivity diagram at its any position in scanning sector remains fixed; some part of microwave signal received with narrow-beam directivity diagram is branched, its level and phase is set so that at further summation of this branched microwave signal with microwave signal received with weakly directional directivity diagram in the resulting directivity diagram of weakly directional antenna there can be formed the null in the direction of axis of narrow-beam directivity diagram. At that, at changing the angular position of beam of scanning narrow-beam directivity diagram in the scanning sector and/or operating frequency for formation of null in the resulting directivity diagram of weakly directional antenna there additionally changes is amplitude and phase of branched microwave signal.

EFFECT: decreasing the level of compensating directivity diagram in antenna system with electronic control of beam at any frequency in working frequency range.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: antenna with electromechanical scanning has a rectangular waveguide, a row of emitters made on one of the walls of the rectangular waveguide, a plate, a mechanism for moving the plate with a drive. The wall of the rectangular waveguide lying opposite the emitters is in form of a housing in which a cut is made, and the plate is fit into the said cut opposite and parallel to the emitters with possibility of longitudinal and transverse displacement relative the axis of the rectangular waveguide.

EFFECT: high accuracy of setting up the antenna directional pattern and smaller dimensions.

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