Intelligent electrothermal drive

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: intelligent electrothermal drive contains a magnetic core with a power winding, installed on the core, a fixed heating element and rotating element in the form of a short-circuited secondary winding, having the form of a hollow rotor with cooling elements. The coupling of the rotating element and the fixed heating element is done using the thrust radial rolling elements. The power supply of the network winding is carried out with the help of an intelligent control device that takes into account the level of illumination, the presence of movement, temperature, time of day, weather conditions.

EFFECT: selective operation of the drive is taken into account, considering the influence of the environment.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: method of heating thin metal films, implemented using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer scheme, which includes one highly reflective and two semitransparent mirrors, a mirror with phase modulation, as well as a solid-state laser, polarisers for controlling wave amplitude, is characterised by that the surface of the heated metal sample is placed at an angle α to the incident p-polarised laser beam, and said angle is read from the normal to the surface of the sample and has a value at which reflection for a selected material is minimal.

EFFECT: use of the method enables to solve the task of controlling absorption capacity of thin metal samples in the infrared range, and specifically increases efficiency of heating a thin metal film, thereby providing the most optimum heating mode thereof.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power supplies of induction heaters and can be used for heating, soldering, tempering and casting. Proposed invention consists in application of the device of arc welding device by currents in the form of variable-polarity pulses of ultrasound band frequencies as the inductor power supply.

EFFECT: possibility of arc welding and induction heating.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises the following steps: (a) mixing a first substance which includes an oil-bearing rock and a second substance which includes sensitive particles in form of dipole antennae to form a mixture of 10-99 vol. % of the first substance and 1-50 vol. % of the second substance; (b) exposing said mixture to radio frequency energy with frequency or frequencies from said set of one or more radio frequencies and power sufficient for heating the sensitive particles; and (c) continuing exposure to radio frequency energy over a period of time sufficient for heating sensitive particles of said mixture to average temperature higher than about 100°C (212°F). The method is characterised by that said sensitive particles are conducting carbon fibres with length between 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 the wavelength.

EFFECT: said sensitive particles can have advantages for radio frequency heating of hydrocarbon compounds, for example high temperature, anhydrous treatment as well as higher rate or efficiency.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: conversion device for induction heating based on a parallel bridge resonant inverter comprises two valve bridges on four controlled valves with DC and AC diagonals, parts of a throttle of an oscillating circuit, a source of supply, two capacitors, a double-winding inductor, semi-windings of which are arranged on a side surface of a crucible along the axis of the inductor and perpendicularly to this axis in an alternating sequence. In a control system in process of charge melting high-frequency single-phase electromagnetic field is generated, and in process of electromagnetic mixing and heating of a melted metal, double-frequency double-phase electromagnetic field is generated: low-frequency electromagnetic field with high-frequency modulation. By low frequency the electromagnetic field generated by the second valve bridge is shifted by 90° el. relative to the first valve bridge.

EFFECT: generation of a high-frequency single-phase electromagnetic field at the stage of metal melting and double-frequency double-phase electromagnetic field at the stage of electromagnetic mixing of melted metal and its heating with one conversion device, simplification and reduction of losses.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: induction hot air furnace is made in form of "Ш"-shape magnetic conductor and has horizontal closed channel for metal melting in form of torus of elliptic cross section. Primary winding is made on a middle core of the "Ш"-shape magnetic conductor; the secondary winding consists of two parts positioned over the first winding so, that its one part is over a horizontal channel with melt of metal, while another one is under the channel.

EFFECT: raised efficiency of melt mixing in furnace and its raised output due to elimination of oxides build-up in channel part.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: plant of induction heating of pipelines comprises a device of conversion and control, a heat exchanger, besides, the conversion and control device is arranged on the basis of an autonomous current inverter with quasiresonant switching, the load of which is an inducting wire, representing a multiple-core copper conductor in heat-resistant insulation, arranged on surface of the heat exchanger along its whole length in a single turn, and the heat exchanger represents a system of pipelines, inside which plates of magnetic materials are radially arranged along whole length.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase efficiency factor of heating system heat transfer, to increase controllability of heat transfer processes, to increase capacity and area of thermal field exposure.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device for pipeline induction heating comprises conversion and control device, heating element, conversion and control device is arranged on the basis of autonomous current inverter with quasi-resonant switching, and heating element is a conductor with multiwire current-conducting strand of high conductivity in heat-resistant insulation, arranged along pipeline axis, or at the angle to this axis, one turn forming a circuit or parallel connected turns of several circuits to form temperature field. Temperature field may be controlled due to displacement of conductor of one circuit along pipeline section, if straight direction conductor relative to reverse one is located at the maximum distance equal to diametre of pipe, heat transfer will be maximum, along full section of pipeline, as direct and reverse wires approach each other in pipeline section, temperature field exposure is reduced.

EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities for creation of a thermal field of heating system, improved repairability, higher control over heat release processes, reduced weight and dimensions.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to machine-building industry and can be used for heating of parts with hole (ring type) with currents of commercial frequency to temperatures allowing to restore metal-ceramic layer of discs of friction couplings by sintering. Device for induction heating of parts at application of metal-ceramic layer by sintering consists of special transformer with primary winding; heated metal part with a hole through which magnetic conductor of transformer passes is used as secondary short-circuit winding; at that, magnetic conductor of transformer and primary winding consists of not less than three sections. Each section is connected to separate phase of three-phase electric AC mains of commercial frequency; automatic control for maintaining temperature mode is installed in one of the sections, and heated part is installed into the box with heat protection and fixed with holding-down device.

EFFECT: use of this device allows saving the consumed energy, excluding skewing of power circuit phases and adapting parametres of the device to the process heating mode of parts during sintering.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises closed magnetic conductor covered with induction primary winding and secondary short-circuited winding, which is formed by combination of electrically and mechanically connected elements with the help of fixing device in the form of hollow pipe. Between external surface of active part of fixing device and internal circuit of secondary winding there are rings installed and made of the same material as the elements of secondary winding, and process holes are arranged in them, through which heated medium circulates relative to internal surface of secondary winding.

EFFECT: increased active area of thermal surface of secondary winding.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: vortex induction heater comprises magnetic conductor reservoir of cylindrical shape with input nozzle of liquid or gas coolant supply and output nozzle for drain of this coolant, and induction winding of copper wire enclosed into sealed toroid cylindrical vessel of insulating material. At the same time inside specified reservoir there are metal pipes attached as concentrically arranged relative to each other with identical gap to form labyrinth-like passage for specified coolant in direction from inlet nozzle to outlet nozzle, and induction winding is arranged inside specified pipes. The second version of heater provides for fixation of reservoir on frame, to which ribbed pipe of coil type is fixed, one end of which is connected to inlet nozzle of reservoir, and its other end is connected to output nozzle of this reservoir, or pipes ribbed with plates and connected parallel to each other and to inlet and outlet nozzles.

EFFECT: improved operational characteristics.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding. Proposed system (34) comprises heating inductor (36) arranged nearby welding torch or plasma cutter unit (16). Power supply induction source (38) of heating system (34) is configured to generate AC. Step-down transformer (42) is connected with said source (38). Inductor (36) is connected with step-down transformer (42) to receive AC and to induce eddy currents in part (32) to be welded for its heating ahead of moving welding arc or plasma cutter to homology temperature making at least 0.5. Said homology temperature is the relationship between material actual temperature and material fusion point, both being expressed in absolute units of temperature.

EFFECT: higher welding rate, increased penetration and higher mechanical properties and quality.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heating and quenching of gear wheels. This method comprises placing the wheel inside the heater. Second heater is arranged inside gear inner opening AC is fed thereto from second heater for inductive heating of spinning gear. Said heaters comprise permanent magnets and AC and DC electromagnets. AC is fed from third and fourth heaters arranged nearby gear side surfaces at increase in wheel rpm to preset magnitude. Note here that frequency of AC from first heater is defined by definite formulae.

EFFECT: production and isolation of extra heat power, uniform heating.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: heating cable is related to electric heating cables, in particular, to heating cables working on principle of skin effect and equipped with non-organic ceramic insulation. The heating cable comprises at least one current-conducting core inside a ferromagnetic mould. Electrical current passes through the current-conducting core in forward direction and comes back to the shell surface layer in backward direction thus leading to heat production. At that the current-conducting core is separated from the ferromagnetic mould by a centraliser.

EFFECT: perfected design.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric engineering, namely, to a heat-generating electromechanical converter designed for heating and/or movement of liquid or gaseous medium. The device comprises an additional fixed element made of antifriction non-electroconductive material, which performs the functions of a radial and/or thrust sliding bearing, from polymer composite material on the basis of epoxide-diane resin with filler from fluoroplastic powder, cut glass fibre and additionally aluminium oxide Al2O3 or silicon dioxide SiO2, which makes it possible to increase quantity of heat removed from the primary winding.

EFFECT: increased coefficient of heat conductivity of a fixed heat-insulating element provides for reduced temperature of primary winding of a heat-generating electromechanical converter, which accordingly increases reliability of its operation.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: induction heater with cross-flow ensures potential crossing of the conductive sheet side by an alternating magnetic field, at that the sheet is moved in one direction and thus induction heating of the conductive sheet takes place. The induction heater with cross-flow includes a heating coil placed so that the coil side faces the side of the conductive sheet; a core with the heating coil wounded around it; a screening plate formed of the conductor and placed between the core and butt end in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the conductive sheet movement; and non-conducting soft magnetic material which is fixed at the screening plate, at that the screening plate is placed between the core and non-conducting soft magnetic material.

EFFECT: invention allows excluding overheating of lateral sides of the conductive sheet in the heated object.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: device for induction heating by cross flow allows for the magnetic field crossing the face of a conductive sheet which is transported in one direction thus heating the conductive sheet inductively. The device for induction heating by cross flow comprises a heating winding set so that the winding face is turned to the conductive sheet face, a core around which the heating winding is wound, and a shielding plate formed from a conductor and set between the core and the side end section in the direction perpendicular to the conductive sheet movement, the shielding plate is fitted with a projecting section whose side surface is of closed loop if seen from the direction perpendicular to the winding face.

EFFECT: invention allows for the elimination of overheating of side end faces of the conductive sheet at the item being heated.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electrical conductor is placed between at least a first electrical contact and a second electrical contact. A ferromagnetic conductor at least partially surrounds the electrical conductor and is at least partially placed along its length. Upon feeding alternating electrical current, the electrical conductor induces an electrical current in the ferromagnetic conductor which is sufficient to heat the ferromagnetic conductor owing to resistance to temperature of at least about 300°C.

EFFECT: heating system according to the invention provides an improved heating method, which enables to extract hydrocarbons, hydrogen and/or other products from different formations containing hydrocarbons.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: control unit of an induction heating unit controls an AC power supply lead to a heating coil of the induction heating unit of cross type, which makes it possible for AC magnetic field cross the surface of the conducting sheet that moves for inducting heating of the conducting sheet. The control unit comprises: a switch to recover magnetic energy, which discharges AC power supply to a heating coil; a unit of frequency setting, which sets the output frequency in response to at least one of relative permeability, resistance and thickness of the conducting sheet; a unit of gate control, which controls operation of switching of the magnetic energy recovery switch on the basis of the output frequency specified by the unit of frequency setting. Also a system of induction heating is proposed, comprising a control unit of an induction heating unit, a heating coil, a core and a protective plate, and also a method to control unit of induction heating.

EFFECT: even temperature distribution.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: device includes an induction heater, a magnetoconductive screen, a heat insulating casing, an induction winding enveloping a cylindrical capacity, an AC rectifier and an inverter connected to the induction winding and an inverter control unit, temperature sensors of inlet and outlet flows, which are connected to a temperature comparator that is connected to the inverter control unit and a pump control unit connected to a pump. It is equipped with a bypass pipe, one end of which is located in cross section of an inlet delivery branch pipe, at the inlet of which the pump is fixed mechanically, and the other end is located in cross section of an outlet suction branch pipe with an automatic shutoff-control element connected to the control unit of the shutoff-control element connected to the temperature comparator. With that, the induction heater is located horizontally; the cylindrical capacity is made from non-magnetic material with a vertical wall installed in liquid flow direction, and the cylindrical element is made in the form of a heat exchange tube from ferromagnetic material, which is located inside the cylindrical capacity with a gap and equipped with horizontal heat exchange rods installed inside the tube in a staggered order, heat exchange semi-spheres located on its outer surface in a staggered order, and a temperature sensor installed on outer surface of the heat exchange tube and connected to the temperature comparator.

EFFECT: simpler heater design and improved reliability and automation of the device operation.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: loop inductor elongated in longitudinal direction includes similar and opposite to each other plate longitudinal elements with evenly turned-up upper sections and flat lower sections located from each other at a distance which provides slide or medium fit at installation of the inductor along edges of rail head matching them. The first end parts of inductor longitudinal elements are interconnected by plate cross element which face and back surfaces have shape corresponding to the shape of central part of rail roller surface of a new rail. The second end part of each longitudinal component is equipped with plate cross half-element having shape that corresponds to the shape of respective rail roller surface of a new rail. Each cross element is equipped with current lead connected to the respective output lead of the matching unit.

EFFECT: invention provides even heating of a rail head both at roller face and from side edges; it also has high efficiency of electric energy conversion into thermal energy notwithstanding depth of deposition area.

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Induction plant // 2251226

FIELD: heat treatment of items.

SUBSTANCE: proposed induction plant designed for heat treatment of items that has electronic switch unit and control unit for electronic switches is provided in addition with three-phase transformer whose secondary winding uses zigzag circuit arrangement and transformer output is connected to electronic switches of same conductivity; one of two switches of each winding is connected to primary winding leads of single-phase transformer whose center tap is connected to that of three-phase transformer secondary winding through choke; magnetic flux through magnetic circuit coils is closed through item being heated.

EFFECT: enhanced balancing in loading supply mains phases in load power regulation.

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