Leveling rotor for reducing vibrations and noise

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: electric machine in which a rotor is mounted in a stator by means of a rolling bearing in a late operation, is mounted. The rolling bearing itself is fixed in the bearing shield. Initially rotor rests in magnetic levelling device, and the bearing shield is not fixed relative to the stator and has the possibility, in particular, of radial displacement. To align the rotor, it is driven by the stator. At that, vibrations of rotor (e.g., in the form of forces or deviations depending on time) are detected, which are the result of imparting asymmetrical shapes or force effects. Then, the magnetic levelling device is adjusted so that the vibrations are reduced. In this state, when the vibrations are reduced or eliminated, the bearing shield is indirectly or directly fixed to the stator.

EFFECT: reduction of noise and vibrations.

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Electrical machine // 2458446

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: in a proposed design of an electric machine comprising a stator and a rotor arranged outside the stator, bearing supports perceiving vertical and horizontal loads, and an electromagnet reducing the load at bearing supports. At the same time, according to this invention, the specified electromagnet is placed inside the stator.

EFFECT: improved power characteristics of an electric machine, its improved weight and dimension characteristics, higher reliability and seismic resistance, significant savings of structural materials.

7 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerant apparatus without freezing on frost contains the evaporator which is held on the carrier separating as a wall a vaporising chamber from the refrigerating chamber, an outlet for air to the air channel is made in the wall of the carrier, as well as a fan mounted on a hole for air with a vibration dampening. Behind the outlet for air of the carrier a fan is placed with a vane wheel and an engine that pulls air from the evaporation chamber and pumps it into the air channel. The fan is attached on the wall element of the air channel placed opposite the outlet for air. The wall element has a flat vertically oriented base. The vane wheel is located on the inner side of the base facing the carrier, and the engine is located on the outer side of the base. The wall element is mounted on the carrier with vibration dampening elements.

EFFECT: use of this invention enables to create a compact design with an easily mounted evaporator unit.

9 cl, 7 dwg

Submersible motor // 2380810

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed motor comprises stator (1) housing rotor packs (5) fitted on shaft (4). Moving bearing bushes (6) are arranged on both sides of packs (5). Note here that the rotor incorporates additionally the rings arranged on both sides of said moving bushes to change their radial size at axial loads. Note also that a part of end faces of aforesaid packs, rings and bushes, is made tapered for them to abut, while inner surface of at least of a part of rings, features cylindrical shape. Particularly, taper-inner-surface rings (7) are fitted between every pack (5) and moving bush (6) to adjoin mating surfaces of adjacent packs (5) and bushes (6). Outer rings (12) are arranged on rotor ends, end face surface of said ends being tapered on one side and cylindrical on the other to ensure required axial sizes. Rings (7) and (12) made with cutouts allow adjustment of their radial size under axial load.

EFFECT: longer life, reduced vibration, reduced operating clearances adding to ease of assembly.

6 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical and power engineering and can be used at electric power stations in designs of commercially available turbo generators with rigid attachment of the core to stator casing. Proposed stator comprises casing (1) with support lugs (7) and core (2) rigidly fixed there inside. Said support lugs are mounted on flexible elements (11) with the help of distributing plates (8) arranged in recesses (10) of bed (5). Aforesaid distributing plates (5) are attached to bed (5) with the help of spring-loaded anchor pins (12).

EFFECT: reduced vibration of turbo generator and turbine bearings.

6 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: electric engineering, possible use in industry, agriculture and for home needs.

SUBSTANCE: in structure of electro-mechanical transformer for driving machine tools supports are used which consist at least of three segments controlled by driving mechanisms.

EFFECT: reduced level of vibration of electro-mechanical transformer directly during its operation.

2 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering; vibration or noise damping supporting structures for rotary electrical machine stators.

SUBSTANCE: proposed supporting structure for rotary electrical machine stator is mounted horizontally and has stator frame and two end plates vertically mounted at both ends of stator core axis perpendicular to axis direction. Stator frame has bottom plate supporting bottom ends of end plates and side plates joined with bottom plate to close side surfaces of stator core. Horizontal stand plate is welded to bottom end of each end plate. Bottom plate of stator frame has two fastening strips positioned in parallel with axis of revolution in same horizontal plane under axis of revolution, as well as junction strip that joins fastening strips together in horizontal direction. Thickness of junction strip is smaller than that of fastening strip. Installation seat of stand plate is welded to each fastening strip and screwed to stand plate.

EFFECT: reduced mass, facilitated manufacture and assembly.

6 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering; general-purpose motors.

SUBSTANCE: sheet-steel rolled frame of motor has only one welded joint. In order to obtain rigid stator-frame structure eliminating press fit, welded joint is made with frame fitted onto stator, on ends of high-strength rolled frame aligned in a spaced relation to prevent stator deformation. For strengthening welded joint, cover plate is placed on joint and welded to frame. Legs are welded to cover plate to prevent deformation of frame.

EFFECT: reduced vibrations during motor running.

1 cl, 2 dwg

The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely to the housings of the motors

The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely the production of two-pole turbine generators

The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, particularly to submersible electric motors (SEM)

Electric motor // 2285996

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rotor of proposed motor having barrel-shaped frame is built in first and second bearing units having alignment flanges and discrete component connected in parallel with motor leads formed by contact members installed on first bearing unit. Discrete component is connected to at least one of contact members through first connecting wire. Contact member is inserted in usually V-shaped slot depression to receive connecting wire which is contracting in direction of connecting wire insertion. As an alternative, proposed motor rotor is mounted in first and second bearing units having alignment flanges carrying contact members; one of the latter is grounded through motor frame made of conducting material. First connecting wire of discrete component is coupled with at least one contact member. Second connecting wire that connects discrete component with motor frame is passed between alignment flange of first bearing unit and motor frame. Alignment flange is provided with radial slot receiving second end of connecting wire placed on its bottom. Motor frame has boss that presses end of connecting wire to slot bottom.

EFFECT: simplified design and facilitated installation and wiring of motor.

5 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed electrical machine stator component has two calkable lugs and is made of plastically deformed material. Calkable lugs are joined together by means of connecting strip whose cross-sectional area is smaller than that of calkable lugs; it forms point of programmed destruction when bending calkable lugs for their connection to other component by calking.

EFFECT: facilitated control of calking process, enhanced efficiency of magnetic flux closing; enhanced axial holding forces between stator casing and component joined thereto.

4 cl, 5 dwg

Electric machine // 2210161
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering and of electrical engineering, namely for the construction of electrical machines, mainly valve

The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used in the manufacture of electrical machines DC and AC salient pole of the stator, for example, in single-phase asynchronous motor with shielded poles

The invention relates to a major electrical engineering and can be used in the manufacture of electrical machines with insulation made of laminated plastics

The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering and can be used when restoring a failed rotor induction motors

The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used for testing electric motors

The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering and can be used for the diagnosis and control of electrical machines

The invention relates to the field of electrical machines, in particular to tools for the analysis of switching processes in the collector electrical machines DC (mainly motors)