Radar scanning method

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: in radar scanning method consisting in electronic and mechanical scanning by the phased array antenna beam with respect to the elevation angle and the azimuth in mechanical direction, change the scanning electron plane of the phased array antenna (FAA) by rotating or rocking of the FAA about the axis perpendicular to its plane, with the possibility to provide electronic scanning by FAA beam in the azimuth-angle sector for radar stations with one-dimensional electronic scanning when the rotation or rocking of the antenna in the azimuth plane is stopped.

EFFECT: providing electronic scanning by the phased array antenna beam in the azimuth-angle sector for radar stations with one-dimensional electronic scanning when the rotation of the antenna is stopped in the azimuth plane.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: two-dimensional electronically-controlled beam monopulse phased antenna array comprises radiator panels, phase-changer units and a waveguide distribution system consisting of line-column dividers, each splitting microwave energy in one of the aperture quadrants, as well as a microwave adder which enables to form integral-difference beam patterns, wherein each aperture quadrant of the phased antenna array is broken down into four parts and each part in the waveguide distribution system has a column distributor and a line distributor, which feed separate radiating aperture elements of their part without violating regularity of the structure of the entire phased antenna array. To form multiple independently controlled beam patterns, each aperture quadrant is further broken down into 2n parts. Column distributors in each quadrant in adjacent parts are merged into pairs which are fed from newly added balance bridges and which form, together with the line distributors in the aperture of the phased antenna array, subarrays the number of which is equal to the number of pairs. Each newly added balance bridge, which feeds a pair of column distributors, is connected at one of the inputs through an adder, which couples analogue inputs of the balance bridges in each quadrant, to a microwave adder, and on the other input forms an independent input of each subarray.

EFFECT: wider instantaneous bandwidth, high resolution and enabling simultaneous formation of independently controlled beams.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio engineering and can be used in receiving and radar systems. Disclosed is a multibeam scanning mirror antenna comprising a mirror in the form of a radioparent sphere, the inner surface of which is coated with a reversible material, radiators located in a focal sphere, as well as a control signal source in which two radiators are in the form of circles lying vertically in the focal sphere at an angle of 90° relative to each other, and scanning in the vertical region is carried out from a control device which, for example, may be based on a personal computer, through the control signal source with timing, wherein the timing enables to determine the direction of radiation at each point of scanning in the vertical plane.

EFFECT: reducing the rotational speed of radiators.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: in the lens antenna, the lens element is made from ferroelectric material and the antenna includes: a circular plate made from ferroelectric material; a high-resistance electrode lying on the top surface of said plate made from ferroelectric material; a solid electrically transparent resistive electrode lying on the bottom surface of said plate made from ferroelectric material; a first high-conductivity electrode lying at the centre of said high-resistance electrode; a second high-conductivity electrode lying on the edge of said high-resistance electrode; a controlled voltage source connected to the first and second high-conductivity electrodes.

EFFECT: controlling the beamwidth of the antenna directional pattern without mechanical manipulation of the antenna or parts thereof.

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FIELD: antenna engineering; radio-communication systems operating in short-wave band.

SUBSTANCE: proposed circular phased antenna array is characterized in that it is free from drawbacks typical of its prior art, has easily switched-over pattern-forming circuit of array and power splitter of transmitter, and its antennas are supplied with power over ring circuit at frequency band over 7 MHz and over arc circuit at frequency band below 7 MHz, the latter circuit using antenna array radiators in the form of pair of diametrically opposite cardioid-pattern antennas; transfer from circular array to arc one takes place due to changing power supply circuit arrangement (its switching and changing phase shift).

EFFECT: enhanced stability of array characteristics throughout entire short-wave band, more effective use of its aperture.

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FIELD: communications engineering; wireless communications base stations using intelligent antenna.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method for processing fundamental frequency band basing on intelligent antenna and noise suppression includes estimation of channels to obtain response from all channels, selection of useful symbolic level signal from digital signal received by shaping intelligent antenna beam basing on channel estimation, signal modification by means of useful signal received, and addition of scrambling code to obtain modified signal at elementary pulse level, as well as subtraction of modified signal from digital signal received; all these operations are repeated until signals of all users are recovered.

EFFECT: provision for eliminating multibeam propagation noise of all kinds in communication system using intelligent antenna.

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FIELD: noise suppression depending on intelligent antenna.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method involves beam generation for digital output signal of receiver depending on intelligent antenna with aid of beam shaping matrix, generation of range of digital signals of Nrk(m), suppression of main beam signals of other users contained in Nrk(m), generation of other range of digital signals of NSk(m), incorporating only desired signal and all noise signals, search for NSk(m) in digital signal, and generation of all multibeam propagation signals arriving from other users, as well as suppression of noise signal due to multibeam propagation in Nsic(m), alignment of main beam signal and signal of each multibeam propagation including phase coincidence, and generation of digital signal incorporating suppressed noise, which should ensure noise suppression.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability of noise suppression.

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Antenna system // 2162260

The invention relates to the field of antenna equipment, instruments and devices for emitting acoustic waves in a given sector or area of review

The invention relates to the field of antenna technology, namely an antenna system having at least two kinds of the radiation patterns, and can be used in the development of mirror antenna system forming a different pattern, for aircraft

FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in pulse radar with wobbulation of inter-pulse interval for displaying the targets as per their identity criterion of targets located in working area ("Normal Targets") and beyond maximum uniquely measured range of radar ("Off-Scale Targets"), classification of targets as per criterion "Normal Target" and "Off-Scale Target". At that, marks of "Normal Targets" are displayed on the display of coordinate-character indicator (CCI) in the form of crosses (on modern CCIs for marking the detected targets there used are various characters, namely a cross), and marks of "Off-Scale Targets" are displayed on CCI in the form of arrows located on external side of circle corresponding to the chosen scale. To the device containing a synchroniser, shaper of azimuth cursors, shaper of range cursors, mixer, display adapter and monitor; in addition, there connected is data storage device, selection diagrams of range codes of "Normal Targets" and "Off-Scale Targets", diagram for calculation of character of distance change to "Off-Scale Targets", selection diagram of arrow colour, data processor and character generator of arrow.

EFFECT: increasing detection accuracy of targets and enlarging radar operating range.

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The invention relates to the field of radar technology, in particular to the field of electronic indicator device overview radar (radar)

Radar device // 2105320

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to aircraft protection means. In compliance with first process, unfolding instruction is generated at equality in duration of second interval and half the second interval duration between detection of definite frequency signals when definite spacing occurs between drone antenna and approaching missile. In compliance with second and third methods, generated is the instruction for unfolding at equality of duration of two time intervals between detection of definite frequency signals when at definite spacing between antenna and approaching missile. First drone simulator unfolding instruction generation radar comprises locator of instruction output moment, two generators of count pulses, reversing counter, memory unit, PROM, digital computer, AND element, two continuous frequent generators connected in a definite manner. Second drone simulator unfolding instruction generation radar comprises locator of instruction output moment, shift register, count pulse generator, reversing counter, OR-NO element, AND element, analogue switch, two continuous frequency generators connected in a definite manner.

EFFECT: drone with two radars, miniature parachute, telescopic antenna with charge detonator.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to trajectory measurements using a tracking station (TS) for flight of a space vehicle (SV). At information exchange with SV via a radio channel TS makes a measurement of distance to SV and speed of its change. The main and additional TS antennas receive a signal response from SV and transmit it to an interferometric measurement unit (IMU) having a phase bearing finder. Azimuth angles and places of SV and speeds of their change are determined in IMU. In order to disclose ambiguity of angular measurements, they are additionally made on the frequency emitted from SV board and equal to 1/4 of the main one. This allows using no antennas on TS, which create shortened bases. All the six measured parameters (distance, angles and speeds of their change) are transmitted to a ballistic centre, where trajectory and forecast of SV movement is determined according to them.

EFFECT: simplifying a tracking network of SV flight at performance of trajectory measurements.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for monopulse measurement of radial velocity of objects consists of two identical channels for processing probing and reflected chirp pulses, connected to first and second outputs of an electronic switch, wherein the probing chirp pulses arriving at the electronic switch and a chirp pulse reflected from a moving object are switched with the corresponding processing channel. Each processing channel consists of series-connected band-pass filter, multiplier, to one input of which chirp pulses are transmitted from the output of the band-pass filter, and to the second input of which the same pulse is transmitted, but delayed by a delay line, an integrator, a phase-locked-loop frequency control circuit, a frequency meter, wherein the output of the frequency meter of each channel is connected to the input of a comparator device, the output of which is connected to a decision device.

EFFECT: enabling measurement of radial velocity of a moving object while preserving the capability to measure range to the object.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: pulsed radio signal detector-measuring device includes a delay unit, a complex conjugation unit, a complex multiplication unit, an averaging unit, a phase computation unit, a multiplier, a switch, a magnitude computation unit, a first memory unit, a control unit, a threshold unit, a second memory unit, a synchronous generator, first and second two-channel switches, an additional averaging unit, an additional delay unit, an additional magnitude computation unit, an additional complex conjugation unit, an additional complex multiplication unit and an adder, connected to each other in a certain manner and performing inter-period processing of initial readings.

EFFECT: high measurement accuracy.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: radar sensor is in the form of a system of two circuits, one of which is used in a phase tracking circuit and the other in a tracking failure detector circuit. Co-processing of information obtained from discriminators enables to monitor failure of phase tracking and correction input.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of determining the time of phase-locked-loop frequency control failure and enabling correction thereof.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises irradiating a moving object with a high-frequency amplitude-modulated signal in a single rectangular pulse or simultaneous reception of a signal reflected from the object. In the signal received from the object, during the duration t of the amplitude-modulating rectangular pulse, phase incursion is measured relative to the phase of the high-frequency signal generator, and radial velocity V of the object is determined using the formula V=φ·λ/4π·t, where φ is the phase incursion in the reflected signal over time t; λ is the wavelength of the signal irradiating the object; t is the duration of the modulating rectangular pulse. The direction of movement of the object is determined from the sign the phase incursion ±φ, where plus indicates the object is moving away from the observer and minus indicates the object is moving towards the observer.

EFFECT: reduced error in measuring radial velocity of an object, where Doppler frequency is less than 1 kHz, and simple method of measuring velocity of an object.

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FIELD: physics, navigation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to navigation engineering and is intended to solve problems of improving intersection accuracy during short-term interaction of two aircraft at short distances. The method and apparatus to this end provide self-correction of misalignment when a small-size aircraft meets an object at the final flight path segment without using a gyroscopic device and by using a simple weakly directional antenna.

EFFECT: easy determination of current misalignment between flight paths of two objects and minimising misalignment between an aircraft and an approaching object.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to a method and device of a command formation for launching of protective ammunition and to the application of this device as a radar station of a target speed measurement, as a radio fuse and as a time interval meter of a target passing the known distance. The method involves determination of a moment of the command generation for launching of protective ammunition specified by starting of appearance and detection of a signal of specific differential frequency by the radar station. The command for launching of protective ammunition is formed only when duration of the second time interval is equal to duration of a half of the first time interval. The device contains an antenna, the first and the second mixers, a transmitter of a continuous signal with a frequency-shift by one-sided saw-toothed liner increasing rule, a differential frequencies filter, a continuous frequency generator, a broadband filter, a limiting amplifier, a narrow-band pass filter, an amplitude detector, a comparator, a pulse former, the second generator of continuous frequency, an analogue adder, a shift register, a count pulse generator, an updown counter, a digital comparator, a biased multivibrator, three AND elements, two OR elements, a halver, a commutator, a memory unit, a decoder. The antenna input for the transmission is connected to a high-capacity output of the signal transmitter by a delay component.

EFFECT: technical result consists in an increased reliability of superspeed targets detection.

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