Device for producing beverage with two-position water container

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: device for producing a beverage comprises of a casing and a removable water container that is adapted to be connected to the outside of said casing in the operative position when using the device. The water tank is further configured to be installed in an inoperative position inside a recess formed by said casing or parts thereof when the device is not used.

EFFECT: reducing the size of the device when the device is not in use.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverage preparation apparatus. The beverage preparation apparatus contains a body with a hole and a hot water and/or water steam generator with a movable release fitting. The generator and the release fitting have an operating position for supply of hot water and/or water steam through the said release fitting and a storage position wherein the generator release fitting is removed and inserted into the body hole. Thus, to prevent ingress of water with anti-scum agent into the water mug, the release generator fitting is stored in the position of injection into the body.

EFFECT: release fitting movement freedom is limited with any fluid medium drained through the release fitting retained inside the body.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: beverage preparation device (1) contains: a beverage preparation module (2), a detachable reservoir (4) assembled with the beverage preparation module so that to enable dismantlement form it for removal and a lid (41) for covering the reservoir. The lid contains a fixture mechanism (46) for attachment of the reservoir to the beverage preparation module when the reservoir is assembled with the module.

EFFECT: design improvement.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverage preparation apparatus with a liquid reservoir. The beverage preparation apparatus contains a beverage preparation module vibrating in the course of usage, in particular, a module for beverage preparation by way of passing liquid through a taste ingredient such as ingredient pre-packed and placed into a capsule; additionally, the apparatus contains a reservoir for liquid storage and supply into the beverage preparation module. The beverage preparation module and the reservoir are connected by means of a vibration insulated mechanical joint including blades designed so that to enable resting on an external support during the apparatus operation to impede or prevent propagation of vibrations from the beverage preparation module to the reservoir.

EFFECT: design improvement.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverage preparation apparatus. The beverage preparation apparatus contains where a service unit for collection of wastes is installed, designed so that to enable its manual installation into the seat in the waste collection position, wastes represented by liquid wastes and beverage ingredient wastes; a certain portion of the beverage may be contained inside a capsule); additionally, the unit may be removed (mostly manually) from the seat for discard of wastes after their accumulation in the service unit; additionally, a means for control of correctness of the service unit installation in the seat is provided for. According to the invention, the control means contains a feedback sensor mechanism for indicating at incorrect installation of the service unit in the seat to the user.

EFFECT: possibility of wastes disposal beside the service unit may be prevented.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for heating cups. Device for heating a cup comprises an assembly, a steam line for directing the steam into the cup, and a channel of water suction from the cup. Preferably, the channel of water suction is connected to the steam line so that the flow of steam along the steam line sucks the water and/or air from the channel of water suction. Suction of water from the cup is carried out by means of an end part of the channel of water suction of the assembly of steam injection prior to filling the cup with the beverage.

EFFECT: pouring the brewed beverage in the cup without the presence in it of condensate residual from heating with steam.

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Coffee machine // 2551073

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to domestic coffee machines. The coffee machine contains: a coffee supply module; a cup supporting surface (positioned before the said coffee supply module), at least the first steam supply nozzle whereto a milk supply container may be connected equipped with an emulsifier module having a connective socket wherein the said steam supple nozzle is inserted while the container is connected to the said first steam supply nozzle. The emulsifier module contains a tube for milk suction from the said container and a nozzle for supple of hot or emulsified milk. The steam supply nozzle is mounted on the supporting surface; the container connective socket is oriented upwards while the container is placed onto the supporting surface with the first steam supply nozzle inserted into the connective socket. The coffee machine is additionally equipped with a second steam supply nozzle enabling the emulsification chamber rinsing during the rinsing cycle while air supplied from the second nozzle during the beverage preparation process enables preliminary mixing of milk with air prior to further contacting with hot steam for high taste properties to be imparted to the target beverage.

EFFECT: design improvement.

17 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: capsule for preparation of a food product in the device fit for liquid delivery into the capsule contains a compartment with food ingredients being mixed with the delivered liquid for the food product preparation, and a filter intended for removal of impurities contained in the liquid. The filter is represented by a filtering appliance consisting of a filtering membrane and an outlet wall whereon the filtering membrane relies. In the outlet wall, there is a liquid outlet hole communicating with the said compartment. The capsule contains a body limiting the compartment and a filter seat for accommodation of the filtering appliance therein; the filter seat is positioned upstream the compartment. Additionally, the invention relates to a filtering unit.

EFFECT: prevention of the filter deformation as a result of pressure of liquid supplied into the capsule.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: device (2) for heating and foaming liquid such as milk includes a means (32) for generation of steam that is used for liquid heating as well as an inlet hole (27) for air used for liquid foaming. Other than in traditional devices, the air inlet hole (27) is positioned on the steam generation means (32) enabling supply of air immediately into the steam generation means (32), in particular - through the inlet hole (27), creating a joint flow of steam and air which is very well suitable for usage in the heating and foaming process implemented. Consequently, the heating/foaming unit (40) forming part of the device (2) requires but one connection to the supply line (60) apart from the liquid supply line (10).

EFFECT: design improvement.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: beverage brewing unit (3) contains a movable element (9) with a socket (15) for ingredients for preparation of the said beverages that is moved from the ingredients charging position into the brewing position where the socket (15) is positioned between a hot water dosing device (41) and a beverage outlet fitting (35) that are placed opposite each other. The movable element (9) is designed integrated with a rinsing element (19), that, by way of movement of the said movable element, may be positioned between the hot water dosing device and the beverage outlet fitting to form a rinsing channel through which water dosed by the hot water dosing device flows towards the said beverage outlet fitting.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: data transmitting system contains a beverage preparation machine having a data exchange module for data exchange, a servicing module (positioned at a distance from the beverage preparation machine and designed so that to enable data exchange with the beverage preparation machine data exchange module), transmitting means for data transmitting between the data exchange module for data exchange and the servicing module. The data exchange module for the beverage preparation machine data exchange contains a sound interface for data exchange in the form of a sound signal. The transmitting means contains a telephone device for transmitting such sound data signal in the direction of the servicing module and/or originating from the servicing module. The control signal contains information allowing the servicing module or the machine to automatically distinguish conversation between people and data transmitting by the machine.

EFFECT: module solves the problem of voice data and encoded data processing connection in the voice channel.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine for preparation of drinks using disposable container, such as cartridge, etc. proposed machine contains at least one distributing unit placed inside casing. Distributing unit contains at least one detachable manifold accessible through one access window made in casing. It contains one detachable closing member for closing or selective opening of access window. Access window is arranged opposite to manifold. At least one closing member and at least one access window are provided with sliding guide means completing each other.

EFFECT: provision of easy access to manifold, facilitated mounting and removal.

10 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: food engineering.

SUBSTANCE: coffee machine has height adjusting unit for adjusting height position of collecting tray adapted for accommodation of one or two coffee cups to be filled with coffee beverage. Collecting tray is attached to supporting member. Height adjusting unit has at least one vertical toothed rail which may loosely fixed to slide provided on supporting member. Slide is spring-loaded to toothed rail and may be manually moved against force developed by spring.

EFFECT: increased efficiency provided by quick, ready and stable adjustment of position of coffee cup within wide range without inclination of supporting member in selected height position of the latter.

17 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: personal effects.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to beverage-making machine designed for use with hermetically sealed cartridges. Stoppering mechanism of the beverage-making machine consists of rigid lower part and upper part. The latter can be rotated relative to lower part. The upper part can also be moved from open position, where it is disengaged from the lower part, to closed position, where it is engaged to lower part. Stoppering mechanism contains clamp down lever, which can be actuated to fix the upper part in closed position. Clamp down lever contains an element, engaged to the upper part with a capability of being rotated relative to first spigot, and another element, which can be rotated around second spigot. The edge of first element and second edge of second element are engaged to each other with a capability of being rotated around third spigot, so that the clamp down lever can reside in two positions. When actuating the lever to move the upper part from open to closed position, the lever is moved from first position to the second one.

EFFECT: creation of reliable and cost-effective mechanism for insertion of beverage cartridge into a beverage-making machine and extraction of cartridge from the machine.

35 cl, 46 dwg, 4 tbl

FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: device incorporates a suck-in assembly representing a Venturi tube and allowing the connection with the pressurised fluid medium-carrier generator. The said suck-in assembly comprises a casing with a medium-carrier intake channel communicating with the suck-in chamber and one packaged fluid suck-in channel and incorporates a nozzle, attachment and opening means allowing jointing the nozzle to the package and communication between the said suck-in channel and the fluid contained in the said package.

EFFECT: ease of manufacture of proposed device.

21 cl, 19 dwg

FIELD: process flow.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for production of milk-based beverage includes steam or water distribution device and milk tank directly or indirectly connected to collector shell that creates intracavity with opening connecting port to the specified distribution device, port for suction of milk placed in the tank and air suction port. At that the specified tank and shell are mutually and rigidly connected to form a single dismountable assembly connected to the specified distribution device. At that this assembly can be completely separated from it in order to preserve milk contained in the specified tank. Method of cappuccino preparation consists of automatic feed of prepared coffee beverage to the cup by a single command of coffee-making machine, recovery of specified volume of milk contained in the milk tank under the action steamflow supplied by steam distribution device of the specified coffee-making machine to the collector shell. At that the collector is directly or indirectly connected with the specified milk tank. Foaming of specified volume of milk is provided by air supplied to the specified collector shell. Supply of specified steamflow is terminated when specified volume of milk is recovered. The specified volume of foamed milk is fed to the cup.

EFFECT: development of milk-based beverage production apparatus easy for maintenance and provided with access to all parts.

47 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: household objects and personal effects.

SUBSTANCE: disposable package is intended for distribution, heating and foaming of one food liquid with fluid medium under pressure. Package is capsule formed by side wall, bottom and closing element. Closing element comprises cover that forms sealed closing membrane tightly fixed to collar of specified capsule. Package comprises passage designed for reception of extraction facilities of Venturi type. Cover has possibility of depressurisation in certain point. When extraction facilities are inserted in passage, they do not penetrate in package.

EFFECT: provides possibility to easier and faster heat and simultaneously foam pumped product in optimal hygienic and economic conditions.

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FIELD: items of private use.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to coffee machine. Coffee machine consists of the body and flat location piece. Location piece is implemented with ability of placement on body of cups for coffee extraction from coffee machine. Contact between location piece and body is provided ensured by resilient facilities.

EFFECT: suppression of objectionable noise and vibration, activated by pump operation.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for production of foamed milk out of concentrated milk source, water source and compressed air source. Milk foaming system contains milk admission system for concentrated milk, water admission system, compressed air admission system and area of mixing concentrated milk, water and compressed air. Invention provides for a possibility of efficient production of foamed and steam treated milk with high quality and at a high rate in separate portions for individual customers.

EFFECT: invention is convenient in service and competitive in the context of cost.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control panel designed for machines for making of hot drinks according to multiple recipes and is aimed at prolonged service life of control panel and machine as a whole. Control panel of machine comprises the main input element to receive information entered by user, display element for displaying of entered information to user by means of multiple entered identifiers and control unit, which is in data communication with the main element of input and display element. The main element of input comprises sensor element adjusted to detect motion of user touch on it. The main element of input and displaying element are in data communication via mentioned control unit so that mentioned motion sets a rolling of multiple entered identifiers on displaying element to make a selection of at least one recipe from mentioned multiple recipes or at least one operational parametre from multiple operational parametres of machine.

EFFECT: device is proposed for making of hot drinks according to multiple recipes and aimed at prolonged service life of control panel and machine as a whole.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nozzle, which may be fixed to steam-exhaust nozzle of coffee maker. Nozzle is arranged with the possibility of installation onto steam exhaust nozzle of coffee machine and is intended for foaming of liquid, for instance such as milk. Nozzle comprises the following components along water vapor flow: steam inlet opening, restraint with a limited cross section arranged with the possibility to increase water vapour flow speed and one cavity having larger cross section compared to restraint, from which foamed liquid may be drained. Nozzle additionally comprises outer body, which includes reservoir, giving homogeneity, and surface for interruption of jet facing hole, and one outlet hole shifted in radial direction relative to outlet hole of part of expanded mixing cavity. Outer body is installed partially around tubular part of mixing cavity.

EFFECT: invention provides convenient nozzle, which may be fixed to steam-exhaust nozzle of coffee maker.

19 cl, 9 dwg