System of modular electric vehicle

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: modular electric vehicle comprises a plurality of interchangeable assembly units of the vehicle. Each module comprises a connecting surface for attaching to a neighbouring adjacent module, a central power bus, an electrical power supply, a central network bus, an electrically powered axle, and a module controller. The powered assembly module is designed rotatable by means of the controller interaction with the powered axle. The vehicle controller is designed to recognize a vehicle configuration and to select the appropriate control software based on this configuration. The operator interface connected to the vehicle controller and enabling the operator to control the vehicle. A central control network for use in a modular electric vehicle and an interchangeable assembly module of a vehicle are also claimed.

EFFECT: manufacturing a modular electric vehicle having the greatest configuration flexibility degree.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive control system. Proposed control system with three independent-control wheels comprises preset control magnitude transducer, actuator of continuous shift of control line and actuator of continuous control over the main direction of motion. Preset control magnitude transducer controls the wheels via selected control program. In motion along the curve, the wheels are directed towards control pole that shifts along control line when said transducer operates.

EFFECT: ease of control over several wheels thanks to smooth variation between directions and forms of vehicle motion.

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Control device // 2271955

FIELD: automotive industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanisms designed for simultaneously turning front and rear wheels. Proposed device consists of front wheels with steering shaft 5 and steering wheel 6 installed on frame of standard steering system. Bevel gear 7 installed in steering shaft 5 is in meshing with gear 8 of rear wheel control shaft 9. Crank-and-connecting rod mechanism is arranged on opposite end of shaft 9 whose output shaft 19 is arranged vertically, and steering lever 20 connected by tie-rods 21 with rear wheel turning levers 22 is secured on end of output shaft.

EFFECT: improved maneuverability of wheeled vehicles.

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The invention relates to control systems, namely, the compensating device to compensate for different angles of rotation of the wheels in the means of transportation with many wheels, of which at least two are connected by the drive system to rotate simultaneously

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the field of mechanical engineering and in particular to a hand-operated wheeled vehicle. The vehicle includes a sealed wheeled platform with four wheel pairs and a body that can be rotated in relation to it, a tower with the position stabilizing mechanism, support rollers, an engine with the coupling engagement the gear box, a central gear box, a shaft line, a control gear, two mechanisms that ensure movement on both rails, a brake, a wheel buffering system, four spare wheels, a propelling screw, four water propellers, a fold cowl. The shaft line provides transmission of the torque through the bevel gearing of the central gear box to the sun bevel gear and further to each of the two adjacent wheel pairs. Swiveling of the body about the central vertical axle of the wheel platform is performed beginning with the control wheel through the chain drive and bevel gear speed reducer. Swiveling of the wheel pairs is performed when the body is swiveling in relation to the wheel platform with the help of the shaft that is hardly attached to the body and to the driving sprocket of the chain drive. The driving sprocket of the upper chain drive is moving along it to some fixed positions with the help of a hollow rod that is hardly attached to this sprocket and is a part the throw-over gear from the driver's place. The shutdown mechanisms for the water propellers are installed on all the bodies of the inter-wheel differentials of the wheel pairs. The yoke lever provides two fixed positions for the bevel gear: I - for switching on the water propeller by enmeshing the tooth gear with the toothed wheel, II - for switching off the water propeller.

EFFECT: pivoting motions without slipping of the wheel pairs, and simplification of the design of the drives and the wheel pairs.

1 dwg, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, namely, to self-propelled vehicles. Proposed transport facility comprises wheel platform with, at least, three wheel pairs, body turning about wheel platform, stabilised turret, support rollers, storage batteries, two motors to drive transport facility and turn body and wheel pairs, central reduction gearbox, transmission with running gear, control drive, brakes, wheel shock absorbers and transport facility remote control hardware. Body is turned about wheel platform central vertical axis by RH motor via coupling and right bevel gear of central reduction gearbox. Driven gear of said gearbox is rigidly engaged by central vertical shaft with wheel platform body bottom. All wheel pairs turn in synchronism and through the same angle the body turns relative vertical axis of wheel platform driven by tube rigidly coupled with support of central reduction gearbox horizontal shafts and two drive sprockets of chain gear. Driven sprockets are rigidly engaged with turn columns and housings of wheel pair cross-axle differentials. Turret position is stabilised in horizontal plane in motion jointing turret with wheel platform body via toothed clutch. Note here that drive half-coupling is rigidly engaged with driven bevel gear of body turn drive gearing and central vertical shaft. Driven controlled half-coupling is fitted on stationary shaft rigidly engaged with turret that features two locked positions, i.e. bottom position is turret stabilisation cut-in position, top position is turret stabilisation cut-out position.

EFFECT: simplified drive and stabiliser design.

2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: wheeled vehicle comprises wheel platform q with four wheel pairs 2, rotary body 3, turret 4 with stabiliser, support rollers 5, engine with clutch and gearbox 6, central reduction gear 13, transmission, steering drive, two mechanisms allowing running in two tracks, brakes and wheels dampers. Body 3 turns about central vertical axis 8 of wheel platform 1, driven by steering wheel 9 with shaft via chain gear 10 and screw reducer 11 to bevel gear 12 of central reduction gear 13. Wheel pairs 2 turn in the same direction and through the same angle driven by lower bevel gear 15 in permanent mesh with running gear 12. Lower bevel gear 15 is coupled by tube 16 with drive sprockets 17 and 19 of two chain gears 18 that transfer rotation to driven sprockets 20 to turn wheel pairs 2. Brake hydraulic system working fluid is fed from braking fluid tank and main braking cylinder to central transfer unit via pipelines, and, further, via hole into special channel of central vertical axle 8, wherefrom is comes via for distribution unions into wheel braking cylinders. Turret 4 is stabilised thanks to toothed coupling 33 that stays in engagement with helical gear 14 rigidly coupled by central vertical axle 8 with housing of wheel platform 1. Drive toothed half-coupling is rigidly coupled with upper bevel gear 14, while drive half-coupling is fitted on shaft 35 rigidly coupled with turret 4 and has two fixed positions: lower I - stabilisation ON position, upper II - stabilisation OFF position.

EFFECT: simplified turret control and stabilisation control and drive mechanism.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to distant-control wheeled vehicles. Proposed vehicle comprises wheel platform 1 with three wheel pairs 2, rotary body 3, support rollers 5, central reduction gear 6, transmission, steering drive, turret stabilises 4, brakes 5 and wheel dampers. Body 3 accommodates storage battery box, two reversing motors 9 and 10, central reduction gear 6 and vehicle control hardware unit 11. Transmission serves to transmit torque from first motor 9 to first gear 12 of central reduction gear 6. Toothed gear driven wheel 12 is rigidly coupled with first drive sprocket 13 of first chain gear. Torque is transmitted to every wheel pair 2 via first chain 14 with first tensioning device from first drive sprocket 13 to driven sprockets 16. Body 3 is turned relative to central vertical axis of wheel platform 1 driven by second motor 10 via second bevel gear 19 of central reduction gear 6. Driven wheel 19 is rigidly coupled with wheel platform. All wheel pairs 2 are turned in turning of body 3 relative to wheel platform 1 driven by lower shaft 20 of central reduction gear 6. Lower shaft 20 is rigidly coupled with body 3 and drive gear of helical gear 21. Drive gear 21 is rigidly coupled with driven sprocket 22 of second chain gear. Torque is transmitted to every rotary column 23 via second chain 14 from second drive sprocket 22 to driven sprockets 24. The latter are rigidly coupled with said rotary column 23 and housings of differential gears 18.

EFFECT: simplified design of transmission and steering drive.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: claimed method consists in turn of one wheel axle relative to the other one about horizontal axis misaligned from wheel support axles. Horizontal axle is shared by both wheel axles and slides in the guide in the plane of wheels. Every wheel axle is articulated with horizontal axle by two-arm link with brace articulated with axle with guide for slide with horizontal axle. Brace and link arms are selected to feature equal length.

EFFECT: conversion without lifting of wheel axles, higher mobility and efficiency.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: dump truck chassis with changeable cargo body for grain transfer includes dump truck chassis (1) with platform (2) and hydraulic jack (3), changeable cargo body (4) with bottom the front part (5) of which is horizontal and the rear (6) part is inclined. Cargo body (4) tilt mechanism is equipped with inclined frame rigidly fixed in the rear (6) part of platform under inclined bottom of cargo body (4). In the upper part of frame, articulated joints (8) are installed. In the inclined frame, parallel to the platform, lengthwise guides are located in which guides pusher is pivotally installed by its one end, and by its other end it pivotally bears against lower (6) part of inclined bottom. Traction chain guided by chassis frame unit (13) and platform unit (14) is connected with pusher articulated joint and with support (16) of hydraulic jack (3). The cargo body (4) by its rear part rests on articulated joints (8) below upper edge of inclined bottom part. On the border between cargo body parts (5) and (6), tilted forward transverse wall is located. Upper edges of cargo body boards are raised over boards resting on horizontal bottom and made at the same level with upper edge of transverse wall and upper edge of inclined bottom.

EFFECT: enhanced functionality.

2 cl, 5 dwg

Rover // 2490156

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to passenger and freight vehicles. Proposed rover comprises cabin with control assembly 1, body 2, drive 3, platform 5 and caterpillar chain. Drive 3 comprises control pump assembly communicated via pipes with hydraulic cylinders 10. Rods of said hydraulic cylinders are coupled with crankshafts 11 that rest on the walls of box 4. Cases of hydraulic cylinders are hinged together while outer cases are coupled with box walls 4. Wheels rest on caterpillar chain made of reinforced tread rubber 12 and coupled by rocker 8 jointed to box 4. Caterpillar chain dislodgement limiters are secured at platform 5.

EFFECT: fuel saving, higher efficiency.

3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle comprises chassis 1 equipped with mechanism 2 provided with hook frame 3 for replacement of bodies furnished with lock for attachment of replaceable body rails 5 to said mechanism 2, and replaceable body with coupling clevis. Replaceable body 6 is composed of front and rear sections 9, 10 interconnected by extension joint. Cargo is compacted by reciprocation of section 9 relative to section 10 fixed by lock 4 at the frame of mechanism 2.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and capacity.

3 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, namely to vehicles with replaceable bodies for transportation of loose materials. Proposed vehicle comprises chassis 1 equipped with mechanism 2 for replacement of bodies provided with towing coupler 3, hydraulic drive, control board and replaceable body 8 with beams 9. Vertical transverse wall 10 is arranged at body center to turn in lengthwise vertical plane, to reciprocate along the body without displacement of chassis in body reciprocation caused of towing coupler effects. Hydraulic drive allows automatic reversing motion of hydraulic drive machine and adjustment of its action duration depending upon materials density.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and compaction.

4 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Proposed vehicle comprises interconnected drive and drive sections. Said sections are interconnected by two joints, i.e. top and bottom.Bottom joint represents a universal joint. Top joint is arranged above the bottom joint along vertical axis and represents a steering device.

EFFECT: reduced weight.

4 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly, to vehicles. Motor transport vehicle comprises ICE with exhaust gas system incorporating silencer and heat recovery system. Recovery system medium circulation circuit incorporates pump, evaporator, expander, and condenser, and allows conversion of engine and/or its assembly unit off-heat into useful energy that increases ICE output. Evaporator is either incorporated with the silencer and in extreme exhaust pipe, or partially doubles as silencer, or it is mounted outside the silencer while exhaust pipe extreme end is located behind it. It may also be integrated with extreme exhaust pipe running above driver cabin and built therein or partially doubles as it, or integrated with silencer built in exhaust pipe running upward behind the driver cabin.

EFFECT: better design due to arrangement of evaporator in silencer.

10 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposes propulsion windmill is designed to drive vehicles and comprises an inertial-pulsed converter with inertia masses, a mechanism to vary the radius of rotation of the aforesaid masses and a pusher with reciprocating mechanism. The aforesaid mechanism varying the radius of rotation consists of a pair of levers with masses attached to their ends and levers coupled with the shaft to move in angular direction and to rotate and, via con-rods, coupled with the pusher. The drive of the latter represents a rocker-and-slider two-degrees-of-freedom mechanism comprising a link attached to the shaft and furnished with a rocker die moving thereon and coupled via the said con-rod with the axle arranged to reciprocate between the converter and the rocker-and-slider mechanism. The aforesaid axle end provided with a pusher arranged on its end and coupled, via the extra shaft, with the first shaft to rotate the pusher about the axle and together with it, and to interact with the inertia masses via the con-rods.

EFFECT: reduces loads, improved aerodynamics, higher efficiency.

4 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle has body with platform at steering wheel for placing invalid chair. Aperture to move invalid chair into body is found in rear part of body. Body is furnished with rear door hinge connected with body from below for turning around horizontal axle to stop against roadbed. Door is provided with electric drive operated by hand control found in passenger compartment near side door. Cantilever sections of body are found at different sides relative to rear door in its lowered position. Longitudinal levers and elastic members of rear wheel suspensions of vehicle are connected with cantilever sections of body. Rear wheel has chain or belt drive from heat engine arranged in cantilever section of body. Front wheels have differential drive from electric motor arranged under hood before passenger compartment. Elastic member is installed on inner surface of door to thrust door in closed position against invalid chair when the latter is arranged at front wall of passenger compartment.

EFFECT: provision of comfortable carriage of invalids in city.

5 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: municipal vehicle building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to multipurpose small-size machines for cleaning and upkeeping territories of city residential districts. Proposed multipurpose municipal vehicle has driving and driven half-frames interconnected by hinge joint, driver's place with steering wheel arranged in front part of driving half-frame and extended forward relative to front axle, engine and transmission arranged on driving half-frame. Movable part of hinge joint is connected at one side mechanically by steering rods with steering wheel and at their side is coupled with driven half-frame by means of quick-release joint. Moreover, to provide coincidence of direction of rotation of steering wheel and cornering of vehicle, steering rods are arranged in cress-cross manner.

EFFECT: increased capacity of multipurpose small-size vehicle owing to improved maneuverability and reduced time for replacement of working equipment.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Traffic system // 2557099

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport systems where dedicated overground traffic paths are used. The traffic system includes dedicated road paths mounted on ramp in interleaving sections with steep ascent with inclination not less than 18% and smooth descent with inclination not greater than 6%, power source, propelling device and wheeled vehicles. Path sections with steep ascent are provided with stationary power sources and lifting propelling devices mounted with possibility to move wheeled vehicles over steep ascent to section with smooth descent for subsequent wheeled vehicles downhill movement.

EFFECT: lower power consumption during wheeled vehicles operation and expenditures connected with traffic system erection.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering. Self-propelled chassis of compact vehicle includes carrying frame, engine with transmission and drivetrain mounted on the frame, suspension, driver's workplace located in cabin with steering column and necessary control elements. In the front part of carrying frame, underframe is located. The transmission is provided with automatic centrifugal clutch, variable-speed gear or belt drive and reduction reverse gearbox with differential. Engine and reverse gearbox are mounted on underframe. The uderframe is mounted on carrying frame on cushions. Automatic centrifugal clutch is mounted directly on engine crankshaft. Front wheels are made driving ones. Front wheel drive is made in the form of constant-velocity universal ball joints. Cabin is made as spatial load-bearing structure.

EFFECT: decrease in dimensions of vehicle.

4 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed tractor comprises the carcass with engine and transmission, running gear composed of wheel or caterpillar propulsor and suspension jointing the engine with said carcass, cabin with operator seat, working hardware, engine and transmission controls, working tools, operator board and controller. The latter comprises long-term storage, RTC, digital computer and data I/O device adapted for wire or wireless data transfer to external device, and tractor operating and diagnostics parameters transducers. Said controller processes, stores and accumulates said parameters in said long-term store. Optionally, tractor life till servicing and residual life are forecast. Besides, violations of operating conditions by operator and estimation of its qualification are revealed. Required data and recommendations are presented to operator. Operating parameters are adequately adjusted and validity of parameters is ensured.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

14 cl, 1 dwg