Method to increase formation hydrocarbon yield and intensify oil-gas-condensate production by means of formation radial penetration with water jet

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes installing into the well a high-strength tubing, a diverter with inner channel extending therethrough, tying and possible thereof orientation in space in the interval of the lower level drilling of lateral wellbores, sealing the wellhead, installing downhole equipment comprising a water jet nozzle, control unit of the wellbore path, navigation system, working flexible tubing, a device for redistribution of flow, return valve feeding the flexible tubing, supplying liquid into the inter-string area of the tubing/flexible tubing, moving the water jet nozzle through the sealing device. Through the diverter, in contact with rock, drilling of planned length radial wellbore is conducted using the navigation system for monitoring actual position of the wellbore in the formation, and with using the control unit of the wellbore path to provide wellbore drilling along the planned path. After driving the working flexible tubing string with the nozzle through the formation, removal from the formation and well flushing is carried out up to complete discharge of slime. By actuation of the mechanical turning device, the diverter is moved to another plane. The work cycle is repeated for the next lateral wellbore. Milling of a separate port for each lateral wellbore is carried out immediately before performing the main operation for driving lateral wellbores through the diverter. When drilling the lateral wellbore, the wellbore path is determined and changed by supplying the working flexible tubing with wellbore path control unit and the navigation equipment. In order to perform drilling of radial wellbores at the following levels, the supply and working flexible tubing is extracted from the well, tubing is removed from the mechanical anchor, fitting pipe of the tubing that was preinstalled and equal to the length of the transition to the next level is removed, the tubing is seated on the mechanical anchor, and the working flexible tubing with navigation system, control unit of the wellbore path, water jet nozzle is run in into well, after that the operation for drilling of radial wellbores is repeated.

EFFECT: increased productivity of wells and hydrocarbons recovery factor, possibility to conduct address action on the formation, possibility to conduct intensification without effecting on string cement support with considerable pressure drop and chemical destruction, possibility to stimulate the formation by a significant pressure drop or chemical failure, cleaning the wellbore when drilling thereof.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method of high-viscosity oil field production with horizontal wells involves drilling of two horizontal wells, injector and producer, in the oil reservoir thickness. Producer is positioned below injector level, steam is injected to the injector and oil is swept from producer, presence of bottom water is checked, and if present, minimum height of producer path above water and oil interface, optimum distance between producer and injector, minimum distance from injector to formation top, and optimum thickness of oil reservoir allowing for parallel position of the producer and injector in the same vertical plane are determined, and if oil reservoir thickness drops below the optimum, injector drilling path in the oil reservoir space against the producer is modified by reducing the vertical distance between the wells, and injector is lead away from the producer in horizontal plane with account of reservoir anisotropy, preserving permeability gradient between the injector and producer.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of thermal effect on field with low constant and variable thickness of oil reservoir.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: average angle of bed slope to horizon is defined, against well-log curves for the neighbouring wells and drilling data at entry to the formation values of logging indicators are defined in the area of formation top, medium part and bottom, upon entry to producing formation direction of drilling is set against ascending path with angle of slope to horizon differing per 5-10% from the average angle of bed slope to horizon, horizontal borehole is drilled against ascending path with angle of slope to horizon within the specified limits and values of logging indicators are defined simultaneously. When values of logging indicators are reached in the area of formation top drilling direction is changed, drilling direction is set against descending path with angle of slope to horizon differing per 5-10% from the average angle of bed slope to horizon, horizontal borehole is drilled against descending path with angle of slope to horizon within the specified limits and values of logging indicators are defined simultaneously; when values of logging indicators are reached in the area of formation medium part drilling direction is changed to ascending path, at that drilling against ascending path and descending path is repeated till design reference mark is reached.

EFFECT: improved reliability and efficiency of well making in formation with low thickness.

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: wellbore curve maintenance system comprises a pigtail adapter having the first component making a bending angle in regard to the second component by a universal connector and a spring unit adjusted to change bending stiffness of the first component in regard to the second one. The pigtail adapter contains a sensor additionally to measure movement of the first component in regard to the second one. The wellbore curve maintenance system contains an auxiliary drive system, which receives data from the sensor and responses to reduce vibration.

EFFECT: improving potential borehole deviation.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: high load capacity is achieved by applying the methods using unique mechanisms of load transfer. For example, a higher load bearing capacity can be provided by using the principle of load distribution, according to which the torsional stresses are transferred together through the universal joint pins and the side faces of the universal joint crossbars. Higher load bearing capacity can also be achieved by transferring the load through the monolithic crossbar having pins constituting with it an integral whole, and a unit of dismountable connector/clamp. In another embodiment, a higher load bearing capacity is a result of using the universal joint pins inserted from the inner side of the universal joint and screwed outwardly until complete connection with the joint connectors. Each of the embodiments of the universal joint can also be designed with the ability of the pressurised passing of the drilling solution through the joint.

EFFECT: creation of compact well drilling system comprising a universal joint with high load bearing capacity.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to boring tool and can be used in inclined boring of wells. Drill bit body comprises rear end, guide section and boring section. Note here that rear end can be articulated with drill string. Guide section is arranged on drill bit drive end opposite the drill bit body end. Boring section is arranged between drive end and rear end. Note also that rear end, guide section and boring section are integrated in drill bit body. Note that guide section includes at least one device to control drill bit guide section and, thus, to control the drill bit entire section. Besides, drill bit body includes stabiliser ring coupled with boring section to control guide section displacement relative to rotational axis. In compliance with another version, well site system is created to include drill casing, guide drill pipe connected with drill casing and drill bit body described above. Also, invention covers the boring of well curved shaft in underground formation using the above described drill bit body and well side equipment system.

EFFECT: possibility to repulse the drill bit assembly to deflect well path in limited space.

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Drilling system // 2479706

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: drilling system includes a rotating drill column connected to a tractor unit and a controlled system of directed drilling, which is connected to the tractor unit and moved by means of it. Rotation of the drill column and/or the axial load transmitted with the drill column to the drill bit have been used for a power drive of the tractor unit and/or controlled system of directed drilling.

EFFECT: reduction of sticking and vibration risk of the drill column; increasing the drilling rate.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: when the well shaft is being constructed through unstable clay mine rocks, a vertical section is built. The section of initial deviation is drilled with increase in and stabilisation of a zenith angle of less than 60° by means of a navigation telemetric system. Flushing fluid is used with the base represented with clay flushing fluid with density ρ=1250-1400 kg/m3 with addition of modified disperse silica in the quantity of 0.1-0.3 vol. %. Casing string is lowered to the well with entry to upper lime, and casing string annulus is cemented. Productive part is opened by drilling the shaft using polymer-clay solution with density ρ=1112-1200 kg/m3 with increase in the zenith angle required for achieving the horizontal plane in the middle of the project formation.

EFFECT: avoiding cases of severe accidents when developing unstable rocks at high zenith angle.

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FIELD: oil-and-gas production.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises smaller-diameter side tracking with tailing in using standoff wedge. Additional casing is carried out in two steps. First, reaming tubes are lowered down to pay roof after side tracking. Then, after injection of isolation material, reaming tube are lowered to rest on roof, reamed and expanded by using composition with longer polymerisation which allows expanding auxiliary borehole over its entire length.

EFFECT: reduced costs, higher well performance, easier repair and maintenance.

2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method includes production of a composition capable of setting that contains water, cement dust kiln, a hydraulic cement and at least one component from an additive that moderates setting, a disperser and their combination. The composition is introduced into an underground bed in the part of the circular space between a pipe string and a well shaft wall, where either cement kiln dust is available in the amount from 0.01% to 25%, or cement kiln dust is available in the amount of approximately from 75% to 100%, and the hydraulic cement is available in the amount from 0% to 25%.

EFFECT: reduced cost of a suspension for cementing with simultaneous preservation of sufficient thickening time.

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FIELD: gas and oil production.

SUBSTANCE: here is disclosed controlled rotor tool installed in downhole drilling device for correction of drilling direction. Also, the controlled rotor tool consists of a tubular external case, and of at least one controlled pusher movably secured on the case. The pusher travels between an extended position, whereat the controlled pusher touches a well wall formed with the drilling device, and a retracted position, whereat the controlled pusher does not contact the wall of the well. Further, the controlled rotor tool consists of a tubular shaft mounted inside the case and connected to a drill string on its first and second ends. The shaft transfers torque to a bore bit and also forms a channel for flow of drill agent to the bore bit. The controlled rotor tool comprises a pressure chamber formed between the shaft and the case and connected at least with one of the above said controlled pusher to transfer the controlled pusher from the retracted position into the extended one, and a piston movably installed in the tubular shaft. By means of preliminary specified changes of drilling agent pressure, the piston travels between the first axial position and the second axial position. In the first axial position internal section of the shaft is connected directly with the pressure chamber, which causes transfer of at least one above said controlled pusher into the extended position for contact with the wall of the well and corrects the direction of the drilling device. In the second axial position the internal section of the shaft is not connected directly with the pressure chamber to prevent transfer of one or each said controlled pusher into the extended position.

EFFECT: reliable operation of device at high pressure of drilling agent.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes the rotation and axial delivery of an assembly with a bit and supply of a flushing fluid through an inner cavity of the assembly to the bottomhole, in the flushing fluid loss zone the transfer of the fluid supply to an annular space over the downhole motor through the cross-over shoe by its activating. At the transfer of the fluid supply in the flushing fluid loss zone the isolating compound is supplied at a pressure of 2-6 MPa, flow rate of 8-12 l/s in a volume of 10-30 m3, upstream the injection volume drilling mud is placed, the assembly is put up to the drilling mud zone, pressure up to 3 MPa is generated in the annular space, the isolating compound is flushed to the loss zone in the full volume, the process is withhold until the isolating compound is set and hardened, the cross-over shoe is deactivated, circulation is restored and injection capacity is defined. If the injection capacity is less than 2 m3/h the drilling process is renewed.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of isolation for the flushing fluid loss zones at well drilling.

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the device and method of drilling with continuous bit rotation and continuous drill mud supply. The device for drilling rig that contains the first drilling machine with top drive, installed with possibility of vertical movement along guide, and second drilling machine installed between the first drilling machine and well with possibility of the vertical movement along the guide regardless of the first drilling machine with top drive and provided with rotary table, able to withstand weight of the drilling string, rotation drive ensuring continuous rotation of the drilling string, and mud chamber ensuring liquid connection between end of the drilling string and unit for mud supply, at that the mud chamber is equipped with holes for the drilling string containing devices that can close holes for the drilling string ensuring liquid tightness. The second drilling machine is also equipped with the driven casing tongs that ensure connection and disconnection of the element and drilling string, at that the specified driven casing tongs are installed in the mud chamber and are made with possibility of vertical movement to connect/disconnect element and drilling string.

EFFECT: connection/disconnection of pipe elements with drilling string is ensured with continuous bit rotation and with continuous mud supply.

10 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes drilling of a well borehole by an assembly with the lower power drive and usage of a circulation fluid as a drilling mud. A loss zone is entered and drilling is transferred to the drilling mud, at entry to the loss zone rotary assembly or the upper power drive is switched, a drill string is rotated with a rate of 60-90 rev/min, consumption rate of the drilling mud is set equal to 18-20 l/s at the wellhead pressure of 1-2.5 MPa, the drilling mud is used with a viscosity of 60-90 CP, at the entry to the loss zone cuttings are introduced in a quantity up to 30% of the drilling mud volume and in the progress of the loss zone the passage quantity of cuttings in the drilling mud is reduced up to 8-12% at the loss zone end, the well is washed by the drilling mud without cuttings with a viscosity of 40-60 CP, with the consumption rate of 30-35 l/s and the wellhead pressure of 1-2.5 MPa and drilling is continued till the design reference mark.

EFFECT: improved reliability of the loss zone isolation, sticking of drilling tools is excluded.

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes drilling by an assembly with a hydraulic downhole motor, periodical reciprocating of a drilling string in the complicated zone with simultaneous rotating. Drilling is performed by a bit having a diameter of 220.7 mm, a sloughing rock horizon is drilled and the drilling fluid is used with a density of 1.3-1.4 g/cm3, viscosity of 50-90 CP, load to the bit is maintained within limits of 10-15 t, the drilling fluid is injected with a rate of 32-45 l/s, the productive formation is entered to a depth of 1.0-1.5 m with a zenith angle of 75-85 degrees. The sting below assembly is lifted above the sloughing rock horizon, the process is withheld within 1-2 hours, and the assembly is lifted from the well, logging survey is performed and the same assembly is run in. At running in the setting intervals are worked out, the assembly is lifted out of the well, the production string is run in to the bottomhole with a lower section of casing pipes, a docking device and an upper section of drill pipes, the borehole annulus of the lower section is cemented, the upper section is disconnected from the docking unit, the upper section of the drill pipes is lifted and the casing string with a diameter of 177.8 mm is run with the length from the docking device up to the wellhead, the strings are lined up and the borehole annulus is cemented. A packed-hole assembly with a bit of a diameter of 155.5 mm is run in inside the production string, the interval of the sections line-up is worked out and drilling of the productive formation is continued.

EFFECT: excluded sticking of drilling tools when passing the well through complicated zones.

Drilling rig // 2541972

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to drill rigs with movable rotary mechanism used for drilling of expendable wells. The drill rig includes mast, chain hoist for the string with movable rotary mechanism equipped with hydraulic chuck to retain drill pipes, chain hoist for drill pipe stands with elevator mounted above the chain hoist for the string and equipped with hydraulic chuck to retain drill pipe stands consisting of one or several pipes, carousel arrangement with circumferential cells for drill pipe stands, at that the above arrangement may be moved from the well axis and back, and stationary hydraulic pipe holder. Over chain hoist for the string with movable rotary mechanism there is identical chain hoist with movable straight-way making-up pipe holder coupled kinematically to the above one through two pairs of drive gear and having common reversible drive with it, in result when movable rotary mechanism moves upwards the making-up pipe holder moves downwards and vice a versa, a drill pipe stand pipe disconnected and connected to the string is taken by its upper end by hydraulic chuck of the elevator of chain hoist for drill pipe stands with elevator and removed from the carousel arrangement or accumulated in it with potential automation and synchronisation of operation for all elements the drill rig and alignment in time of working and idling operations for running in and out of drilling string and drill pipe stands as well delivery of the latter from the string to accumulation site and back. The drill rig provides drilling of wells with bore inclination at angle of 45-90° to the horizon.

EFFECT: sufficient reduction in duration of auxiliary operations of the drilling string run in and out is ensured due to their alignment in time.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to drilling, and namely to water extraction from bore wells using the well drilling device by percussion rotary drilling. The well drilling device by percussion rotary drilling comprises a chisel weight magnifier installed directly over the chisel - above-chisel bit weighting material - fixed to the drill stem and the chisel bit by means of adaptors. The chisel weight magnifier is made as a section of casing pipe, which can be installed at the drill pipe thrusted to the adaptor that connects the drill pipe with a chisel bit at the one side and connection by the adaptor with the drill string at the other side, at that the casing pipe section is centred in regard to the drill pipe by means of protective couplings while the space between these pipes is filled with lead pellet.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of well drilling due to increased rate of drilling.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device includes a drilling bit weight enlarging mechanism installed immediately above the drilling bit - an above-bit weighting device - and attached to a drill string and to the bit by means of adapters. The bit weight enlarging mechanism is made in the form of a piece of a casing pipe that can be installed on a drill pipe so that it is borne against an adapter attaching the drill pipe to the bit on one side and connected by means of the adapter to the drill string on the other side; with that, a piece of the casing pipe is aligned relative to the drill pipe by means of safety couplings, and space between these pipes is filled with lead shots and electrorheological liquid and equipped with an electric field creation device increasing viscosity of electrorheological liquid when striking on the bit.

EFFECT: improving well drilling efficiency due to increase of driving speed.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: drilling tool comprises a drill bit (2) connected to the drill rod (1) by a connector (3) of the drill bit. The drill rod is made of sections (11) of the drill rod. Each section of the drill rod comprises an inner section (111) of the rod and a hollow outer section (112) of the rod. The inner section of the rod is fixed with the ability of rotation in the outer rod section. The inner rod sections are joined together and form the inner rod (11') of the drill rod. The outer rod sections are connected together and form the outer rod (12') of the drill rod. The inner rod is connected to the output shaft of the power unit, and the outer rod is rigidly connected to the housing of the power unit.

EFFECT: reduction of friction force between the drill rod and the borehole wall.

14 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling. Method of drilling the inclined and horizontal wells in highly porous rocks comprises generation of pressure difference in well-formation system by changing the flushing fluid density. To increase drilling rate by differential use of pressure difference range, additional pressure difference is created by increasing flushing fluid density.

EFFECT: higher rate of drilling.

4 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: at construction of production well, vertical shaft is drilled through rocks, including unstable mud shale, with entry into productive seam, going-in of production string to productive seam, cementing of annular space and drilling the shaft from production string into productive seam. At exposure of horizon with unstable mud shale, mechanical drilling rate is set not over 6 m/h for drilling with increased flushing fluid flow rate of about of 30-40 l/s using drilling solutions with density of 1.12-1.40 g/cm3. After well shaft drilling, drilling assembly performs cleanup job over well shaft with working of the shaft by rotary machine at rotor rpm of 40-100 rpm. Drilling fluid mixed with fibres in amount of 6-15 m3 is forced through the shaft and drill assembly reciprocates over the length of drive pipe. For well shaft casing operation string is lowered section-by-section. First 400-1000 m long section is lowered to well bottom on drill tool and annular space if cemented in interval from bottom to first section head. Cement is cured to lower production string second section. Sections are coupled, annular space is cemented and cement is cured. Production string is sealed.

EFFECT: ruled out sticking of drill tool in drilling unstable mud shale.

2 cl, 3 ex

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: system comprises several data acquisition units (one unit per a well subject to risk of boreholes contact) consisting of vibration sensor, amplifier-converter, wireless network and antenna module and personal computer connected to wireless network and having software that includes data receipt unit, multichannel unit for cepstrum calculation, multichannel unit for cepstrum samples storage, multichannel unit for calculating cepstrum correlation, multichannel unit for comparing correlation factors with warning threshold and unit coding data to format of the geological and engineering survey station.

EFFECT: early detection of hazardous contact of a drilled well with existing well and potential change of the drilling path in order to prevent contact of boreholes.

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