Shut-off valves for main pipeline

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used as the shut-off valve in the pipelines of NPP, TPP, main oil and gas lines. There are lubricating elements located in a housing above and below sealing seats and interacting with working surfaces of a lifting gate and made of solid lubricant. The lubricating elements are provided with devices for pressing them to the lifting gate.

EFFECT: reduction of wear intensity of conjugated flat working surfaces of lifting gate and sealing seats.

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Valve unit // 2540345

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: valve unit comprises a valve body, a valve seat (11, 12) set in the inner chamber of the valve body, and a valve plug (2) which can move relatively to the valve seat (11, 12). The valve seat (11, 12) includes the first seat (11) and the second seat (12) which are set in longitudinal direction. The valve plug (2) has the first contact part (21) and the second contact part (22). The first contact part (21) can contact with the first valve seat (11) and form a seal. The second contact part (22) includes an annular protrusion. The latter is made as capable of deformation after being pressed into the second seat (12). The second contact part (22) can form a seal by contacting with the second seat (12) by means of the deformed protrusion (20'). The valve body (1) is fitted by a blocking part to block the valve plug (2).

EFFECT: provision of sealing action of the valve plug and valve seat resulting in no necessity in exact machining of the valve plug and the valve seat.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: automatic control system of a regulating valve includes a control object that consists of regulating valve 1 with trim 2, which is connected to electric actuator 3. Regulating valve 1 is equipped with trim position sensor 4. At regulating valve inlet 1 inlet there installed is pressure sensor 5, and at the outlet there installed is pressure sensor 6. At the system outlet there located is flow metre 7 with converging device 8, the inlet of which is connected to pressure drop senor 9 and temperature sensor 10. The system consists of calculating device 11 with input converters 12, 13, 14 and 15 and output converters 16 and 17. Input converter 12 connects pressure sensor 5 at the inlet of regulating valve 1 to calculating device 11, and input converter 13 connects pressure sensor 6 at the outlet of regulating valve 1. Input converter 14 connects flow metre 7 to calculating device 11, and input converter 15 connects trim position sensor 4 to calculating device 11. Output converters 16 and 17 connect calculating device 11 to electric actuator 3 to control trim 2 position.

EFFECT: simplifying the system design and improving its reliability and service life at control of gas pressure at the outlet of the regulating valve, which is specified in wider ranges of values providing operability of the next equipment in optimum mode considering gas flow rate.

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FIELD: engineering industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to discharge diffusers that provide fluid medium pressure release. Diffuser includes pressure release hole and adjustable shutter that adjusts the hole opening by adjusting the positions in response to internal pressure levels. Diffuser can also include safety mechanism wherein there used are valves for increase or release of pressure influencing the shutter to open or close the hole.

EFFECT: improving operating reliability.

30 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; internal combustion engines.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices of adjust portion composition of mixture of gasoline designed to feed into internal combustion engine and it can be used in automobiles or power plants operating on different kinds of fuels for generating electric energy. Design peculiarity of proposed device is compact and simple design of rotary device connected with sender of microcircuit read off device. Proposed throttle valve position sender has housing made of non-conducting material and provided with flange and minimum pair of projections with round and oval holes, respectively. Outer surface of housing is provided with closed ribbing. Ring ribbing is provided along axis. Inner surface is base cantilever support with fitted-in rotary bushing. Projection of trapezoidal form is made in inner open ring surface relative to which bent off coil of spring is fastened. Spring is installed on surface of bushing and is locked in bushing by soil of spring bent in opposite direction. To hold bushing in initial position and to turn it through angle not exceeding 121°, opposite blind hole of bushing is provided with eccentrically displaced axis. Ring magnet rigidly coupled with bushing is fitted in blind hole coaxially to axis. Outer surface of bushing is furnished with second cantilever support made in combination cover provided with sender reading changes of magnetic field. Cross of bushing serves for connection with rod of throttle branch pipe which changes output voltage of microcircuit of sender with linear characteristic by means of ring magnet. Combination cover is glued to housing. Housing is provided with dummy branch pipe connected with sender of microcircuit.

EFFECT: enlarged operating capabilities of proportioning fuel flow sender in process of angular adjustment of position of throttle valve.

4 dwg

FIELD: valving.

SUBSTANCE: throttling control valve comprises housing provided with inlet and outlet branch pipes. The branch pipes are in communication with the space separated by means of the seat. The seat has opening and is provided with the conical surface for cooperation with the closure member connected with the rod for permitting overlapping the opening in the seat. The seat has through passage for receiving the throttle member which is made of cylindrical shank connected with the closure member. The shank has at least one beveled surface arranged along the axis of the shank. The cross-section of the through passage is variable so that to define spaces for expanding fluid flowing downstream through the throttle path. The path is defined by the shank and wall of the passage having variable cross-section.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: pipeline fittings, particularly gate valves or sliding valves.

SUBSTANCE: shutoff device has body, which consists of conical and cylindrical parts with coaxial inlet and outlet pipes. Shutoff body made as tore filled with compressed medium is arranged inside the body. The device additionally has connection pipes, two-way slide and adjustable throttle. The cone base is turned to inlet and outlet pipes. Body ends are connected to inlet and outlet pipes through connection pipes so that the connection pipes may be closed with two-way slide. Adjustable throttle is installed in connection pipe extending from conical body part. Connection pipe beginning from two-way slide and directed to branch pipe is fit into branch pipe and connection pipe end is turned in liquid flow direction.

EFFECT: possibility of shutoff device operation mechanization due to use of power and pressure of product to be transported via the pipeline.

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FIELD: pipeline fittings, particularly gate valves or sliding valves.

SUBSTANCE: shutoff device comprises body and shutoff member arranged in the body and formed as two tore rings of elastic material. The tore rings are fixedly connected one to another by bar and filled with compressed medium. Each body end is connected with inlet and outlet pipes by connection pipes. The device is provided with two-way slider. The slider opens or closes connection pipe upon shutoff device activation or deactivation. The branch pipe is provided with throttle to create pressure drop from both sides of shutoff member. The pressure drop is enough for device switching.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability.

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Bracket // 2222742
The invention relates to the design and Assembly electroizmeritelnykh regulatory devices that serve to maintain the specified level of pressure, flow, temperature and other parameters in the process of transmission pipelines liquids, such as hot and cold water, gasoline, gas, oil, steam and other

The invention relates to valves and particularly to valves for closing the piping and flow control taking place in their environments, in particular steam or water with high temperature and pressure

Locking device // 2042072
The invention relates to a valve and can be used in oil refining and other industries to overlap the piping and dispensing fluid

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: double-disk valve system (1) comprises a valve body (2), at least two valve elements (7) able of movement, the position of the valve elements (7) in respect to the valve body (2) determines the speed of a fluid medium flow through the valve system (1), and a sealing element (5) able of dividing the inner part of the valve body (2) into the first part including an inlet hole (3) and an outlet hole (6) for the fluid medium, and the second part in which the sealing element (5) is mounted on a moving mechanism (4), as a result the sealing element (5) can move together with the valve element (7), the sealing element (5) is a plate-like element forming a part of the wall of the valve body (2) inner part when the sealing element is in a dividing position.

EFFECT: improved design.

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Sliding shutter // 2545254

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: in shutter the outside thread bush engages with top section of the spindle when the separating screw enters the spline section of the spindle. The internal thread bush engages with bottom thread section of the spindle when the separating screw enters the spindle groove; on the casing cover via the sleeve with installed separating screw the bearing body with support bearings is secured, in the bearings the outside thread bush is installed. The shutter is equipped with the limiting screw installed transverse to the bottom thread section of the spindle and resting against the slider limiter during the shutter closing, with outside stroke limiter installed on the top thread section of the spindle and resting against end of the outside thread bush during the shutter closing, and with internal stroke limiter installed on the lower thread section of the spindle and resting against end of the slider during the shutter opening.

EFFECT: improved reliability of the drive design, easy control with simultaneous decreasing of weight and size, price of the shutter.

3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: valve includes a shutter installed with possibility of movement between open and closed positions inside the valve body and provided with walls forming discharge channel between opposite outer packing sides of the shutter. The discharge channel is designed with possibility of its switching from open position to the closed one and vice versa. Inner sides of the shutter form a window. The discharge channel is formed by at least one discharge shutter moving inside the specified window. The shutter is installed inside an elevator located inside the shutter window with possibility of linear movement inside the window between open and closed positions using a handle located outside the valve. The elevator is equipped with discharge windows with which the discharge shutter has sliding contact with tight fit.

EFFECT: improving the design.

14 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to valve production. a control valve "IGR" comprises a body with inlet and outlet branch pipes, a control port where eight throttling elements are set equidistantly and circumferentially along the port circle and the form of their section perpendicular to the control port axis is a isosceles triangle with a 90 apex turned to the control port axis, four of the said elements are stationary and the other four are set between them and can move in the direction of the control port axis, balanced and fitted by a drive with extreme position limiter and channels in the body parallel and perpendicular to the control port axis where spur racks geared with an elongated pinion are provided, the said pinion is set in the area of channels intersection in the body cavity with its depth being less than the pinion diameter by the height of its tooth.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at increased reliability of valve operation and reduced price of the valve.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: heat-resistant gate valve contains body, gate with throughput hole, bushing with jackets and seals installed in sockets made in body of the input and output nozzles, rod jointed with gate, gland packing, cover. Sockets have thin wall sleeves with external ring and internal support shoulders. Bushings and jackets and seals are installed in the sleeves ensuring end face contact between jackets and its internal support shoulder, and between bushing and end face of the gate. The gate with rod are connected by articulated joint including pin with spherical surface on gate, and ball at rod lower end connected with each other via the adapter with counter spherical surface provided with captive nut. Sleeves in sockets are installed creating the diametrical and end face clearances with case.

EFFECT: free change of gate position relatively to bushings and case depending on accepted differential pressure on the gate with these loads redistribution by bushings, seals and sleeves material.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic drive of stop valves comprises a casing with channels for the supply of working medium, a spring-loaded stem able of axial displacement and installed inside the said casing. One stem end is able of providing for mechanical interaction with the stop valve operating member, mainly with the gate of a gate valve, and a hydraulic cylinder able of axial displacement together with the stem is mounted at the other stem end. Inside the said hydraulic cylinder there installed is a fixed piston attached by one end to the hydraulic drive casing and made as a profiled cylinder, mainly a hollow one. The channels for the supply of operating medium are connected to the end clearance between the said movable hydraulic cylinder and the fixed piston.

EFFECT: improved operational characteristics.

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FIELD: aircraft engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed gate comprises case, shutter with opening connected with shutter pneumatic drive. Said shutter features length six and more times as large as tube opening channel diameter. Shutter opening is shaped to rectangle. Note here that width of the latter is perpendicular to shutter axis and equal the tube channel diameter while its length is parallel with shutter axis and one and a half and more times larger than tube diameter. Shutter pneumatic drive comprises rod connected thereto, piston, cylinder with front openings to be overlapped by said piston and cylindrical bypass channel arranged at cylinder centre to communicated spaces on piston both sides. Besides, it has compressed air accumulator surrounding said cylinder and hydraulic brake with cylindrical chamber arranged behind said cylinder to change into converging cone.

EFFECT: perfected design.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: wedge valve gate unit comprises a casing with inlet and outlet branch pipes turned to each other by bores, where seats sealed hermetically and fixed in respect to the casing are set, are interacting with the responsive sealing fields of disks which are controlled by ridges of curved shape which are installed in the hole of a shell connected to a spindle. The hole in the shell on the outlet branch pipe side is blind, the shell on the inlet branch pipe side is with continuous curvilinear surface interacting with the responsive outer surface of a pivoted lever at closing of the gate. A niche is provided on the inner side of the lever and a disk is movably and rotationally installed in the niche.

EFFECT: creation of full passage gate unit of a wedge valve with two functions, namely, blocking of conveyed medium flow and prevention of return flow of the conveyed medium at the open wedge valve gate unit.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: wear-resistant shutoff assembly "IGR" comprises a casing with passage openings, inlet and outlet branch pipes, seats and a gate valve with a passageway set in it, a shutoff part, transverse grooves and annular ceramic elements on both sides of the shutoff part; the invention proposes that the transverse grooves are made at a distance being not less than the contact width of the seat from the edge of the gate valve passageway, and the contact surfaces of seats are fitted by annular ceramic elements.

EFFECT: wear-resistant shutoff assembly "IGR" allows for the increased reliability of the shutoff assembly in both gate valve and ball valve versions due to the efficient dimensions, shape and arrangement of balancing abradant-removing grooves, protection of seats by ceramic rings and consideration of errors of their mutual alignment with the rings of the movable shutoff element in the position "Closed".

6 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises body wherein seat with fluid flow channels arranged at 70 to 110 degrees to each other is fitted and control member arranged to vary the seat channels flow section.

EFFECT: higher flow friction factor, ruled out erosion, cavitation and vibration, longer life, expanded fluid control range.

5 cl, 4 dwg

Gate valve // 2244862

FIELD: valving.

SUBSTANCE: gate valve has housing with through passages and gate with the through opening. Movable bushing seats are mounted in the sockets of the housing and pressed to the gate with springs. The sealing members are mounted between the gate and bushing seats. In addition, the gate valve has spindle with a seal, cover, and flywheel. The sealing members are made of self-sealing U-shaped collars mounted in ring bores. The open side of the collars faces the center. The ring bores are made in the opposite sides of the gate sides to be sealed. Each collar is provided with a thin-walled ring which is set in its ring space. Movable seats are provided with webs. The webs are rigidly connected with the seats and elongated in the diametrical direction. The length of the webs from the side of the cover is no less than the length of the spindle stroke. From the opposite side, their length is equal to the sum of spindle stroke and half diameter of the through passage in the housing plus 2-3 mm.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability and reduced cost.

1 cl, 4 dwg