Articulated bed with adjusted waist and head position

FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.

SUBSTANCE: control mechanism for an articulated bed comprises a drive element, a driving lever of the waist portion and tows. The drive element is pivotally attached to the upper body support section by means of a bracket. The said drive element comprises a piston. The drive arm of the waist portion is pivotally attached to the piston and extends from a tubular shaft rotatable in the bearing assemblies mounted on the upper body support section. The tows are designed to adjust the angle, extend from the tubular shaft and are attached to the waist support through the openings in the upper body support section. The waist support element retracted relative to the reference section for the body upper using a piston in the first position, creates a minimum deviation in the field for waist mattress, based on the reference section for the upper body, and the tubular shaft, rotated by the piston in the second position pushes the twos for angle adjustment through the holes for lifting the waist reference element.

EFFECT: increased compactness of the bed while maintaining its functionality.

4 cl, 9 dwg



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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: sanitary opening pad can be used for severely ill patient care as a disposable pad for a through sanitary hole of a bed for functional habits.

EFFECT: many times reduced time of manipulations with the severely ill person and his/her discomfort that improves the quality of life of the severely ill patients by making the pad disposable; a circumference ratio and an alignment of the pad, the mattress hole and the through hole in the bed prevent undesired displacements of the pad and prevents the pad from falling into the through hole in the bed, but the pad rests against the bed with its tube end when a portion of the end overhangs the bed hole that makes it possible to avoid an excrement contact with the bed.

5 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: patient is placed on his/her right side with the knees bent and the thighs set apart at 30-60 degrees on a horizontal inversion table with its head section gradually dropping to achieve the preset inclination. Dropping and resetting the head section of the table are enabled by oscillating continuously at a variable rotation angle along longitudinal and lateral axes of the table at a frequency equal or close to the patient's vasomotion frequency.

EFFECT: treating and preventing the given group of conditions effectively by avoiding undesired reflex responses in the form of vasospasm, inclination rapid blood outflow, lower heart load, better gastroduodenal transport, abdominal decompression, improved lymphatic outflow, stimulated vestibular apparatus, reduced blood pressure, prolonged expiratory phase, and improved pulmonary microcirculation.

2 cl, 1 dwg, 4 ex

Multi-function bed // 2538459

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to therapeutic equipment and medical equipment, in particular to medical beds. A multi-function bed involves a bedplate provided with vertical guides; movable bed backs; a frame rotating about a long axis of the bed and having semi-rims for rotating the frame manually; the frame semi-rims and bed backs are pivotally connected; one of the pivots is fixed in the bed back, while the other one is spherical and mounted in the frame semi-rim and is coupled with the back by means of a guide bar; a bed mounted inside the frame turnable, rotatable and vertically lifted in relation to a cross axis of the frame; the bed comprises separate sections, one of which is fixed in relation to the frame, while the rest are turnably mounted; a drive mounted on one of the bed backs makes the frame rotatable and mounts the bed; a coupled drive provides the combined rotation of the bed and sections.

EFFECT: selecting the most comfortable position for the patient and lower labour inputs for the patient care.

12 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to equipment for gynaecological and other medical facilities, and also may be used domiciliary for pregnant women. A bed for pregnant women comprises a carrier and a couch made of an elastic material with stomach and back openings; according to the invention, the stomach and back openings has a diameter adjustable by annual pneumatic chambers placed in the opening walls, having discharge valves and intake valves attached to a compressor. Besides, the annual pneumatic chambers consist of rubber cylinders with a rigid busbar enclosing an outer surface of the rubber cylinder.

EFFECT: higher reliability of the device and provided comfort for the pregnant woman enabling lying and sleeping in a prone position.

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a safety bed (1) hand-rail (2), particularly for a hospital bed. The above hand-tail is attached to a longitudinal side (1a) of the bed and comprises two distanced terminal supports (3, 4) between which there is at least one bar section substantially in the longitudinal direction. The supports (3, 4) are rotatable in a junction with the bed so that they can rotate from a position inclined to the longitudinal direction of the bed to a vertical position, when the safety hand-rail (2) is lifted from a lower position (B) to an upper position (C), and thereby rotate in an opposite direction when the safety hand-rail is dropped from the upper position into the lower position. So the hand-rail section (5; 51, 52, 53, 54) regardless of the rotary motion keeps its substantially horizontal direction. According to the invention the safety hand-rail (2) additionally comprises a gas strut (6) movable between the section (5; 51) and terminal support (3).

EFFECT: invention provides higher patient and personnel safety.

2 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medical equipment, particularly to rehabilitations beds for placing and managing the serious patients, and control units therefor. The system comprises a rehabilitation bed with a base frame 1, an inclination frame 2 and a bed frame 3, as well as system control units 31. The base frame 1 is a support and rests on four wheels 30. On the bed frame 3, there are mounted series hinged 17, 18 and 19 bed section 4, pelvic section 5, hip section 6 and leg section 7. A foot section 8 is mounted on the leg section 7. The inclination frame 2 is arranged between the base frame 1 and leg frame 3 and aims at providing lateral inclinations of the inclination frame 2 in relation to the base frame 1 and longitudinal inclinations of the bed frame 3 in relation to the inclination frame 2. The whole system of the frames and sections comprises eight regulation mechanisms which contain actuators 9-16 with driving elements in the form of levers and hinges. The system comprises all necessary motions of the patient's body segments for implementing the method of treating the restrained patients by A.A.Vagin's pulse kinetic therapy. The system possesses the enhanced control of a rehabilitation program, collection of the rehabilitation treatment results and development of the recommended rehabilitation program of the patient admitted to hospital on a local or remote server, higher operational safety and reliability.

EFFECT: invention provides higher operational reliability of the system.

13 cl, 20 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medical equipment, namely to equipment, intended for treatment and rehabilitation of bed-patients, mainly patients with burns and bed-sores. Claimed is rehabilitation, bed-sore preventing bed for burn patients, which represents reservoir in form of bathtub, filled with supporting medium. As supporting medium used is liquid, namely biologically inert liquid perfluororganic compound with density higher than 1.6-1.9 t/m. Bed is additionally provided with system of liquid supporting medium circulation to provide its cleaning and thermostating.

EFFECT: claimed bed makes it possible to reduce pressure on patient's body induced by its weight.

2 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: sanitary-hygienic complex can be used for nursing critically ill bed-patients. Complex is connected with source of water supply and sewage system and/or is used in autonomous way. It contains system of warm air supply. Movable side barriers, backs and bed form a box, covered with padding from waterproof material with hermetic adaptors. There is a unit with supply and exhaust ventilation. Portable mixer of hot and cold water is provided with universal fixer and injector-siphon on flexible hose, as well as portable regulator of water pressure on injector. Complex contains device, installed above bed, provided with hole and pipe for supply and outflow of air from device. Additionally it contains drainage hole in foot part of bed and drainage hole in pelvic segment.

EFFECT: claimed is sanitary-hygienic complex for bed-patient care.

62 cl, 23 dwg

Multifunctional bed // 2464002

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: bed contains base with backs, frame with axial bars on its butt ends, bed bottom, located in frame and connected with it via fixers, ion butt side of frame, detachable pneumatic grips, mechanism of frame rotation around horizontal axis in form of drive and worm pair, connected with one of axial frame bars via coupling and "П"-shaped bracket, pivotally fixed on crossbeam of one of backs, mechanism of inclination on vertical line in form of carriage with pivotally connected to it bar, guide-screw, passing through carriage. Bed is provided with mechanism of vibration of lifting of frame and devices for sanitary treatment and massage, device for installation of video equipment in form of bar, located on frame from the side of mechanism of its rotation. Bed has located on its lateral sides on transverse axis on pins, installed by means of hinges on internal lateral sides of frame. Bar of inclination mechanism is pivotally connected with bed. Mechanism of frame lifting is made in form of electric drive and connected to it compressor for supplying liquid under pressure and telescopically installed in bed backs tubes, connected to each other and compressor via transport tube. Mechanism of frame rotation additionally has system for control of frame rotation in form of electronic device of producing electronic signals of drive supply control, connected with the latter via rotary switch of rotation mode or specifies angle of frame rotation and drum of fixation of angular frame position. Massage device is made in form of carriage with installed on it by means of axes massage rollers, which has possibility to move on rails, fixed to lower parts of lateral bed sides. Device for sanitary treatment is made in form of installed under bed bottom detachable sectional tray with pins, installed into vertically multi-layered skids, fixed to internal lateral sides of frame, shute-shaped box, placed in tray bottom and having connecting pipe of water supply and discharge of products of sanitary treatment and detachable lid. Pins of each tray section are installed by turns on vertical, each in its skids with possibility of travelling with respect to each other. Bed bottom is made with detachable section net.

EFFECT: increase of convenience of patient servicing and reduction of labour intensity of care.

2 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medical equipment and is applicable for bed care, holding care and care of disabled A medical bed for therapeutic and hygienic procedures comprises a base 1 with a section bed 2 consisting of head, hip and foot sections which are rotatable and latched at an angle to the base 1, a bath 3, frames 4, a lift 5 and a tool 6 for handling the seriously ill patients and disabled. The section bed 2 and the bath 3 are mutually movable and latched. Ends of the frames 4 opposite to the bed 2 are connected by longitudinal 7 and transversal braces. The bath 3 is arranged between the bed 2 and the lift 5 is made of a waterproof cloth or a waterproof film. The waterproof cloth or the waterproof film is fastened on longitudinal bars 9 and transversal bars 10. The longitudinal bars 9 and transversal bars 10 are coupled with the frames 4 by cantilevers 11 and replaceable bolts 12. The replaceable bolts 12 are arranged in holes formed along the frames 4. The width of the sections of the bed 2 exceeds that of the bath 3 by 5-10 cm. The distance from a surface of the section of the bed 2 to the next hole for the replaceable bolt 12 is equal to the height of the bath 3 and exceeds the height of the bath 3.

EFFECT: invention provides a comfortable and safe patient's position, improved service characteristics, simplicity of design, as well as reduces physical efforts of medical personnel performing hygienic procedures.

6 cl, 4 dwg

Rotating device // 2443405

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to equipping health care facilities, particularly patient's and invalid's beds for supporting patient's body. The bed comprises a bearing surface (3) for a mattress formed by a bearing frame (2). The bearing frame (2) is formed by segments (4) which can rotate relatively to each other with a rotating device (12) arranged between two adjacent segments (4) respectively. The rotating device (12) comprises a driving mechanism (13) where the driving mechanism (13) comprises an engine (14) and a transmission (15). The transmission (15) of the driving mechanism (13) has a flange mounting with the shaft (17) where the shaft consists of two semi-shafts (18, 19). The each semi-shaft (18, 19) extends in the body (20). The rotating device (12) comprises a bearing element (22) formed by two segments (23) where two segments (23) are formed by the body (20) which encloses a respective semi-shaft (18, 19).

EFFECT: rotating device considerably saves the space in terms of installation, have safety advantages as the whole structure module is closed.

7 cl, 66 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: claimed invention relates to medical equipment and can be used in hospitals and preventive medical institutions, as well as in home conditions when caring for seriously ill patients. Medical transformable bed contains base on legs with wheels. On the base placed are pivotally connected to each other rotary back, hip and ankle sections. Axis of back section rotation passes through the base and is displaced from back section edge. Hip section is pivotally connected with back section and with rotary stand, whose lower end is pivotally connected with the base. Ankle section is pivotally connected via first actuating mechanism with rotary stand. Back section is pivotally connected via second actuating mechanism with the base.

EFFECT: medical bed has extended functional possibilities and makes it possible to transfer patient's body from one position to another efficiently with minimal effort.

1 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention belongs to medical equipment and can be used in caregiving for bedridden or impaired patients, namely for changing patient's position or for patient's displacement. Medical bed includes framework with castors, drive, transmission with drawing bars and bed mounted on the framework. Bed can be fixed at an angle to framework and can be vertically displaced and fixed parallelly to framework. Transmission includes supporting bracket with lock mounted at the head of the bed, supporting bracket with lock at the foot of the bed and elongated rod with guides. Supporting brackets are joined to framework with first hinges and have form of obtuse-angled triangle. Triangles are positioned with hypotenuses to the same side in opposite direction from the bed. Drawing bars are joined to acute angled vertexes of obtuse angled triangles. Drive has telescopic construction and is positioned for turning of supporting brackets. Bed has central hinge support for joining supporting bracket at the foot of the bed. Elongated rod is fastened to bed with guides and mounted in the way allowing alternate interaction with the lock of supporting bracket at the foot of bed and with lock of supporting bracket at the head of bed.

EFFECT: design facilitation of medical bed with enhanced functional capability, ease of use and extension of rehabilitation procedures range with care enhancement without significant physical effort of personnel, resulting beneficial impact on well-being of seriously ill patient and invalids.

2 dwg

Fracture bed // 2395266

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment of medical institutions, namely to functional beds with regulated sections for support of various parts of patient's body in required position, and is intended for placement of patients in departments of resuscitation, traumatology and surgery. Fracture bed contains base on wheels with placed on it bed, formed by immovable pelvis section, regulated back section and two leg supports, on each of which installed are hip rotary sections, hingedly connected with regulated ankle sections. Both leg supports from one side are provided with legs with rotary wheels, and from the other side are connected with the base with possibility of rotation relative to vertical and horizontal axes with further fixation of the position. Axes of their rotation relative to vertical axis are located on the base under pelvis section in the place of patient's hip joints location, hip sections being made with possibility of linear travel.

EFFECT: fracture bed construction allows to carry out maximum of treatment process procedures without application of additional devices.

3 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medical equipment, namely to medical tables for performing sessions of manual therapy, massages of any parts of the body, as well as unloading and extension of the spine due to own patient's weight. Mechanurgic table for massage and manual therapy contains base, couch, device for connecting base with couch, means of fastening patient to couch, mechanism for vertical lifting of couch with base and mechanism for changing angular position of couch with respect to horizontal axis. Table is equipped with mechanism for couch rotation around vertical axis and device for cyclic compressing and relieving action on patient's body. Device for connecting couch with base consists of poles vertically fixed on base, and carriage, connected pivotally with couch and moving vertically on poles together with couch. On couch installed is bed for head, connected with couch by means of guiding device which ensures longitudinal fixed movement of bed for head, mechanism of vertical movement of bed for head being installed on guide device. Means of fastening patient to couch consists of unit for arm fixation and unit for leg fixation. Unit for arm fixation contains two guide consoles, which are pivotally fixed with one end on lower side of couch with possibility of longitudinal and lateral fixed movement relative to couch, on the other side of each of guide consoles rigidly fixed is bracket on which element for arm fixation is fastened. Unit for leg fixation contains two guide consoles, which are pivotally fixed with one end on lower side of couch with possibility of longitudinal and lateral fixed movement relative to couch, on the other side of each of guide consoles rigidly fixed is bracket on which element for leg fixation is fastened. Mechanism for vertical lifting of couch is made in form of connection "screw-nut", transmission element "screw" being fixed on base with possibility of rotation from electromechanical drive, transmission element "nut" being rigidly fixed on carriage. Mechanism for changing angular position of couch with respect to horizontal axis contains toothed sector rigidly fixed on lower side of couch and meshed with toothed gear fixed on carriage with possibility of rotation from electromechanical drive. Mechanism for rotation of couch around vertical axis is made in form of support bearing one of whose races is rigidly fixed on lower side of bed, the other race is pivotally connected with carriage, toothed on bearing race, installed on lower side of bed, installed is toothed wheel meshed with toothed gear located on shaft of electromechanical drive. All electromechanical drives are connected with autonomous system of programmed control of drives.

EFFECT: extension of functional possibilities due to performing on it complex of massage and manual impact on articular joints of bone skeleton including spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar), chest, upper and lower extremities, as well as organs of patient.

13 cl, 12 dwg, 5 ex

Medical bed // 2357717

FIELD: medical equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention concern medical equipment and can be applied in stationary departments of medical institutions. Bed includes wheeled base carrying rotating back, central and leg panels connected by joints. Base features slots for movement of mobile posts with their axles mounted at central and leg panels. Back panel features rotation axle passing through the base so that patient's body gravity vector passes through joint connection of central and back panels. Back panel is propped on a rod connected to brake. Brake is fixated to base and controlled remotely over cable threads by handles. Handles are mounted with account of anthropometrical parametres of human body.

EFFECT: possibility for patient to change bed geometry independently, without standing up from bed, significantly simplified and facilitated patient care for nurses.

1 dwg

Tilting medical bed // 2348391

FIELD: medical equipment.

SUBSTANCE: tilting medical bed contains foundation and frame on which couch is mounted. It contains tandem hinged spinal, hip, intermediate and foot sections. Sections are provided with inclination control mechanisms. Spinal section of the couch consists of three parts along the bed centre of which is attached to inclination control mechanism. Extreme parts are interconnected by double-beam structure shaped as bed back. The frame is supplied with movable, height and inclination adjustable limb support section. Screw inclination control mechanisms of couch sections are drive actuated with right and left patient's hand.

EFFECT: reduced rehabilitation period of patients.

6 cl, 10 dwg

Medical bed // 2293547

FIELD: medical equipment, in particular, beds used for patient or invalid care, more particular, medical beds used under hospital or home conditions.

SUBSTANCE: medical bed of various embodiments has base with self-orienting wheels, drive, and bed. Wheels are mounted on vertical poles. Bed is fixed on base and is formed from at least three movable sections with lever-type drive supports and at least one immovable section. According to first version, bed has base made in the form of parallelepiped girder whose rib angles are connected with vertical poles by means of fastening pipes. Drive is made in the form of mechanical, pneumomechanical, hydromechanical or electric power telescopic working members. Control levers for standing patient are positioned near bed end. Control levers for lying patient are connected in parallel with one another. Ends of at least one telescopic working member are pivotally connected to drive lever-type supports of at least two movable sections, and ends of at least two telescopic working members are connected by means of pivot joints with bed and with lever-type drive supports of movable sections positioned near ends of immovable section. According to second version, base is formed as parallelepiped girder whose rib angles are connected with vertical poles by means of fastening pipes. Drive is formed from engines pivotally attached to base and provided with power screws which are connected with movable sections through power nuts and drive supports fixed on movable sections. According to third version, base is formed as parallelepiped girder whose rib angles are connected in pairs to each vertical pole through tie-rods defining, together with ribs, rectangle with angular pivot joints. Mechanical, pneumomechanical, hydromechanical or electric power telescopic members are fixed at parallelepiped ends for lifting and/or inclining of base.

EFFECT: improved engagement between patient lying in bed and movable sections of bed, reduced weight of construction, increased strength and convenient servicing by medicinal personnel.

14 cl, 9 dwg

Medicinal bed // 2286122

FIELD: medicinal equipment, in particular, beds used in hospitals and under home conditions for seriously ill patients.

SUBSTANCE: medicinal bed has wheeled rigid carcass with bearing frame and bed. Movable collapsible lantern equipped with elastic transparent film and straps for accommodation of patients are disposed on frame. Bearing platform is placed within carcass, said platform being adapted for carrying bed made in the form of four-section inflatable casing. Upon feeding of air, casing surface is imparted outlines of patient's body, and upon removal of air casing surface defines water drain. Alternating changing of pressure in casing sections results in massaging of patient's body or patient' body is moved to sitting position.

EFFECT: improved comfort for patient, provision for elimination of grounds for development of bedsores during prolonged laying of patient in immovable state, and also improved working conditions for nursing personnel.

2 cl, 5 dwg

Bed (versions) // 2556528

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: bed comprises a base made in the form of a rectangular frame for placement of a mattress on the bed, consisting of longitudinal and transverse elements. A bed-head is attached to one of the transverse elements. The bed is provided with side walls or flanges having the length less than the length of the longitudinal element of the frame, each of which is attached to the corresponding longitudinal element of the frame with the ability of movement along the longitudinal element and/or in the vertical direction and with the ability of fixing in the selected position relative to the position of the longitudinal element. Each sidewall or the flange is made of two parts, one of which is inserted into the other and is equipped with an actuator of its extension from the other part.

EFFECT: improvement of convenience in use of the bed.

2 cl, 6 dwg

Mattress // 2519931

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to furniture, particularly to bedding accessories such as mattresses made of multiple layers connected with a moulding. Proposed is a mattress including F-shaped mouldings positioned along the base perimeter; inserted in their groove is the base plate that is made in the form of three layers with the external, the first and the third, layers made of plastic while the internal second layer is of thermal insulation material. Fixed in the recess formed by the mouldings and the base panel upper side is a soft panel including at least one filer. Positioned on the external part of the soft panel is a textile coating (slip) that covers the mouldings, is folded into the F-shaped moulding groove inside and this fixed.

EFFECT: reduction of the mattress structure weight combined with high moisture and thermal protection of the user as well as ease of the mattress structure assembly and dismantlement.

9 cl, 2 dwg