Pacing device

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: pacing device contains a housing to which the rods are attached, a swing mechanism and a controlled drive. Rods are made in the form of legs and represent a mechanically connected upper arm, lower arm, and support. The upper arm is provided with a controlled drive with the function of the rotational movement of the upper arm in an axis parallel to the axis of the pitch of the housing and connects the upper arm to the housing. The other end of the upper arm is connected to the lower arm by a controlled actuator with a rotary movement function of the lower arm in an axis parallel to the roll axis of the housing orthogonally to the axis of rotation of the upper arm. The other end of the lower arm is connected to the support. The function of the swing mechanism is provided by the construction of the foot.

EFFECT: simplification of the kinematic design of walking devices designed to move around the floor with the possibility of overcoming or circumventing obstacles, changing the static positions of the hull in a horizontal plane and with the ability to move along the stairs.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: high cross-country capacity walker with legs-propulsors comprises pipe to carry three platforms. Two platforms are fixed at said pipe while third platform can displace there over. Every said platform is equipped with four mechanical legs with automatic drive and visual and tactile sensors of leg joint position to allow a stable position of legs on uneven surface, adaptation and variation of said position by step-over. Legs are required for stability. With one leg lifted for search of fulcrum three other legs should be located so that system gravity centre projection stays in the stability triangle.

EFFECT: higher stability, higher load carrying capacity.

2 cl, 2 dwg

Stepping vehicle // 2516958

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: stepping vehicle contains body, left and right propellers. Stepping propellers are made in the form main levers coaxially installed on body directed downwards and connected by links with crank via sliders located on the crank at intervals of 180. On the free end of each of main levers, downward-backward support lever with footpad and front arm connected via connection rod with profiled lever. Profiled lever pin is made with rotor piston on both sides forming cavities with body, and crank is made with spool valve to close communication channel between cavities when corresponding slider is opposite to main lever pin half of circular path of slider movement. Each footpad is made in the form of soft roller installed on yoke pivotally fixed on the end of support lever. Each support lever is performed with overhead rear arm. Rear arm has friction block to brake soft roller in upper yoke position, and compression spring which thrusts by its other end against the yoke. Support lever is made with underneath stopper to create gap between friction block and soft roller in lower yoke position.

EFFECT: obtaining reverse movement of stepping vehicle, obtaining noiseless and long-lasting operation of footpads.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises two terminal modules of identical design. Each module comprises a vertical panel with at least three transverse electric actuators hingedly fixed on it and arranged evenly, and on their bodies there are freely rotating support wheels with the possibility of their movement along the inner surface of the pipeline. Between the terminal modules there is a middle module, comprising two end panels, between which a longitudinal electric actuator is rigidly fixed, as well as at least two telescopic guides. The middle module is connected to each terminal module by means of a spring-loaded universal joint, one axis of which is fixed on the end panel of the middle module, and the other axis - on the vertical panel of the appropriate terminal module. The spring covering the universal joint with its one end rests against the end panel of the middle module, and with the other end - to the thrust orifice, installed on the axis of the universal joint, connected with the vertical panel of the appropriate terminal module.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to improve operational properties of an intratubal transport device due to flexibility and lightness of design, reduced friction during its motion in a pipeline.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to walking propulsors. Walking propulsor comprises drive crankshaft articulated with axle center. Shafts with ball pins articulated with axle ends, said pins being articulated with support shoes. Distance between centers of shaft bearings equals the sum of four crankshaft radii. Rotary support mechanism rollers are arranged at the distance of crankshaft three radii at axle beam in line connected support shafts centers. At crankshaft drive turn said rollers roll on rotary support plate rigidly secured at the body while one of said supports displaces in trajectory reference section. Distance between body and trajectory reference section is equal at whatever position of crankshaft.

EFFECT: higher speed and maneuverability of propulsor.

13 dwg

Machine // 2499720

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Proposed machine comprises engine, transmission, power train, running gear, control mechanism, supports with walking (reversible) drive for vertical walking interacting with thrusts and machine front axle lift hydraulic cylinder.

EFFECT: efficient operation.

7 dwg

Traveler // 2495780

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport machinery. Proposed walker comprises body with two front and rear supports arranged at vehicle sides arranged to turn about vertical axes and equipped with separate turn drives. Parallel interconnected guides for two telescopic support struts are mounted on every support and equipped with separate horizontal and vertical motion electromechanical drives. Guides for every strut are composed of two cylindrical pipes spaced apart over the height to support carriages with ball bushings connected with telescopic support struts.

EFFECT: lower power consumption owing to decreased weight and overall dimensions, possibility to vary path of struts depending on relief.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport facilities and may be used at farms and in forestry. Proposed traveler comprises two traveling propulsors wherein every linkwork ensures foot straight travel, rocker mechanism allows fast transfer of the foot and hydraulic mechanism extends the foot and lock it to follow ground relief. Body has top and bottom openings, each being communicated via end check valve with appropriate chamber to be open by piston into adjacent chamber at appropriate piston extreme position. Main level axle is furnished with main piston to form front and rear chambers with main housing. Slide valve is arranged at crank axle. In common body said slide valve has groove for connection of twin central slot with left or right slides arranged on main lever axle side in 1st and 2nd quarters of slide circular path. Housing space is communicated via hydraulic control valve with inlet holes with at half-step position and, at stepless travel, with inlet grooves. Hydraulic control valve at step travel is closed. Pump outlet is connected with right main housing rear chamber.

EFFECT: higher flotation and traction force, smooth travel.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dynamic system to be used as carriers of passengers and cargoes. Proposed carrier comprises cargo cabin with supports secured thereto to interact with soil surface and arranged on opposite sides of its center of gravity. Said supports are composed of two units each being made up of two coupled U-shape feet with vertical struts interconnected by horizontal crossbar resting on soil surface. Top free ends of vertical struts in one unit are hinged together by rockers articulated, in their turn, with vehicle base on opposite sides. Feet vertical struts allows varying their length. Feet vertical struts and crossbars allow varying their shape under gravity of cargo cabin.

EFFECT: straight, smooth and stable motion.

7 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to walking wheels and may be used for motion of steps. Proposed walking wheel comprises central gear wheel attached to transport facility body, plane pinions turning there inside and fitted on planet carrier in counter phase, and two paired supports with convex thrust sectors made by circle arcs. Thrust sectors are pivoted to said supports in vertical plane and spring loaded relative to support to perform elastic turn there around. Pivot is secured on support axle at the center of sector curvature.

EFFECT: wheel geometrical parameters adapted to varying sizes of steps, uniform motion.

2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed machine comprises platform with engine, transmission and control components. Several walking gears are arranged on every side of the platform. Walking gear cranks are articulated and turned relative to each other. Guide slides are pivoted to the platform in the plane of slide motion. Guide slides are driven by independent gears controlled by steering device and speed control device of the machine. Ski is articulated with slide free end.

EFFECT: better flotation, stepless speed regulation, reduced dynamic load onto platform.

6 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; cross-country vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design of steering gear of walking vehicles. Proposed walking vehicle with paired step movement and at least six supports has post with drive crank whose upper end is fitted in guide made in form of rocking leverage, lift crank, reversible turning drive with control lever, steering mechanism, for instance, made in form of steering linkage. Vehicle turning drive consists of two reversible turning drives, being each coupled with levers of rocking leverages of half of supports by common rocking shaft and provided with common control lever. Leverage levers are installed in middle position at angle to vehicle vertical described by expression given in description of invention.

EFFECT: improved economy and reliability.

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Swamp tractor // 2259297

FIELD: transport engineering; self-propelled vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: proposed swamp tractor can be used for towing freight trailers. Said tractor with hollow supports at edges provides minimum load on surface of swamp which, firstly, brings to minimum resistance of swamp to movement of tractor and, secondly, unloads crawler propulsion unit making it possible to use track links of increased height of horns.

EFFECT: considerable increase in tractor pulling force owing to difference in lower edges of idler wheels and driving sprockets equal to height of horn.

2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; performing operations in various soils: chernozem (black soil), sand, plowed fields, river bottom and in pipes.

SUBSTANCE: proposed transport facility has bodies equipped with units for fixation of them relative to surface of motion; they are interconnected by means of motion means. Located on either side from central member are similar groups of members turned through 180° relative to one another. Fixation units are made in form of at least two members-retainers which may be increased in planes perpendicular to axis of transport facility when pressure gas is delivered to member-retainer unit from thermo-sorption gas apparatus. Motion means consist of at least two members-bellows filled with pressure gas; each of them is connected with member-retainer on one side and with end portion of transport facility on other side; end portion is taper in shape; it is forced into soil by member-bellows; it also includes two elastic members with tension-compression springs for motion of transport facility in required direction and return to initial state.

EFFECT: increased operational capabilities.

2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for automation of operations to be carried out in difficult to get at places and dangerous zones. Proposed vehicle contains two platform furnished with vacuum grips and interconnected by articulated joint. Each platform has independent wheeled propulsion unit. Vacuum grips are arranged between wheels. Articulated joint between platform is made in form of gas bellows connected with platforms by means of 360° turning devices square in section on one face of which joint is mounted in middle which is connected with members fastening bellows to one or other platform and providing flexible of bellows from 0° to 90° when gas under controllable pressure is fed from thermosorption gas apparatus secured in one of indicated fastening members and provided with outlet to space of gas bellows.

EFFECT: improved speed of maneuvering and stability.

2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: stepping engine comprises right and left parallelogram members provided with cranks that are mounted on the axles and coupled with the links. The parallelogram members receives more than three links made of bearing legs. The cranks are arranged in the spaced parallel planes so that when the bearing leg passes through the pin of the crank the members are not in a contact.

EFFECT: simplified structure and enhanced reliability.

2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for operation in difficult-to-get-at places and hazardous zones. Proposed vehicle for traveling along surface arbitrary orientated in space contains links with rotary units connected with platforms provided with vacuum grips for fixing on surface and at least two platforms with independent vacuum grips interconnected by four links connected to each other and at side of platform square to surface along which vehicle moves through rotary units. Each link is made in from of bellows of rectangular section flexing through angle from 0 to 90 degrees under action of gas (hydrogen) pressure-fed from thermosorption gas device.

EFFECT: improved maneuverability and stability when moving along surfaces arbitrary in space.

5 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; self-propelled vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to self-propelled vehicles capable of traveling over inclined and vertical surfaces, and it can be used for carrying technological equipment in difficult-to-get-at places and in dangerous zones. Proposed vehicle has body and step travel motion mechanism made in form of double-acting pneumatic cylinders arranged square to each other and connected to each other and to body. Extensible supports with lifting-lowering drives are installed on ends of rods of pneumatic cylinders. Step travel motion mechanism is provided with cylindrical sealed chambers installed parallel to two pneumatic cylinders, and their inner spaces are coupled with compressed air sources and furnished with hollow rods whose ends are connected by crossmembers with extensible supports. Hollows rods are provided with holes communicating space with inner space of sealed chamber.

EFFECT: simplified design of device, reduced number of air distributing sets and simplified control systems.

2 dwg

FIELD: transportation of loads.

SUBSTANCE: according to proposed method, resting of chassis on support surface at one side is interrupted and free turning of chassis together with load cabin under action of own weight around point of hinge connection of chassis with second support in contact at this moment with support surface is provided. After passing of chassis with load cabin of lower point and continuation of movement under action of inertia forces of other side of acting support, resting of chassis on support surface which has been interrupted is restored and then resting of chassis on support surface from side of acting support is then interrupted. So, cyclic repeated turns of chassis with load cabin under action of their weight is provided. According to first version of interruption of chassis resting of support surface from one of its sides, matched change of height of acting support of chassis at its other side is provided by value commensurable in each moment of time with change of height of load cabin. According to other versions, at movement of chassis under action of its own weight, due to available kinematic couplings, chassis shifts belt of transport platform which, in its turn, displaces load cabin. When chassis moves under action of its weight, force impulse can be conveyed to chassis to compensate for friction in units of vehicle and provide lifting of chassis under inertia forces to required height.

EFFECT: enlarged functional capabilities of vehicle without limitation in weight of handled load and character of support surface, no necessity of powerful engine for movement.

19 cl, 3 dwg

Automobile // 2311312

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to walking vehicles and automobiles made on such base. Proposed automobile has frame, bearings with shafts, closed chains fitted on sprockets, steering wheel, pins on links of closed chains and posts with support parts. Sprockets with fitted on closed chains coupling horizontally arranged shafts are secured on ends of shafts. Said shafts are coupled by other sprockets secured on them and closed chains fitted on said sprockets, with shafts arranged one over the other. Tires are installed between strands of closed chains whose lower ribs rest on bushing of pins coupled with posts. Road wheels are installed on sides in rear part of automobile on rotary plates secured on frame higher than roadbed with possibility of lowering road wheels onto roadbed at flexing of rotary plate on which they are mounted by means of flexible tie connected with lever or by means of rod of piston arranged in cylinder to provide braking of road wheel by brake band and cornering of automobile.

EFFECT: reduced power consumption in motion.

3 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: walking off-road vehicle refers to transport vehicles and can be used as walking robot. Walking off-road vehicle contains platform, engine, drives and supports connected with them. Additionally, off-road vehicle contains control unit that controls walking direction changing and kinematically connected central unit of support movement direction changing. The supports are performed in a form of six peripheral hydrotelescopic struts communicating with corresponding units of transforming rotational motion into reciprocal motion.

EFFECT: structure simplification and increase of walking off-road vehicle passability.

8 cl, 10 dwg