Method for stopping vehicle engine (versions) and vehicle

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: when the engine (10) is stopped, the rotation speed of the drivetrain integrated starter/generator (DISG) (240) is adjusted to the desired rotation speed, which provides the required pressure in the transmission (208) clutch oil line in response to the request to stop the engine (10) rotation. Release drivetrain clutches (236) slide in the drivetrain between the DISG (240) and the engine (10) to stop the engine (10) in the desired position. A method for stopping a vehicle engine and a vehicle are also proposed.

EFFECT: reduced engine-starting period and fuel economy, emission reduction.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in pre-starting and auxiliary heat power plants of vehicles for simultaneous generation of heat and the electric power. Pre-starting heat power plant for vehicles contains an internal combustion engine (1), an electric generator (2), a waste heat exchanger (3) utilising the heat of exhaust gases, a mixing device (4) with an electric heater, a liquid pump (8) with the electric drive, a check valve (5) and hydraulic lines (9), (10), (11) with heat carrier. The plant is also contains the oil pump (15) with the electric drive, the recuperative heat exchanger (18) for heating of engine oil and the oil line which is built in the oil pan with the nozzles directed towards necks of the cranked shaft and towards the oil pump of the internal combustion engine, oil hydraulic lines. The recuperative heat exchanger (18) of heating of engine oil according to the series hydraulic circuit is connected by hydraulic lines of the heat carrier to the mixing device (4) with the electric heater. The oil pump (15) with the electric drive through oil hydraulic lines supplies engine oil to the recuperative heat exchanger (18) for heating of engine oil after which heated engine oil is supplied into the oil line which is built in the oil pan with the nozzles directed towards the necks of the cranked shaft and towards the oil pump of the internal combustion engine.

EFFECT: design simplification and reduction of dimensions.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in internal combustion engines. The invention proposes an electric heater of diesel oil or motor oil, which includes the following: outer casing (2), heating rods (1) and temperature control (3). Each of the heating rods (1) includes an electrode part, a heating part and a cover of the external coating, as well as it is connected to a mounting end of temperature control (3) by means of the electrode part and rigidly attached to outer casing (2) with one of its ends. Temperature control (3) is arranged inside outer casing (2); cavities of outer casing (2) are filled with a liquid sealant, and hole (5) is arranged on outer casing (2) for fixation of the heater in a set position.

EFFECT: heater has a low price; it is composed in the form of a structure; it is safe, reliable and serviceable.

6 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed heater comprises housing with coolant feed and discharge channels and cover tightly coupled with said housing, tubular electrical heater secured therein and motor-drive rotary pump Impeller is fitted on pump rotor shaft inside aforesaid housing Note here that said rotary pump is provided with jacket fitted in heater housing with secured by its one end in the latter in inlet channel zone Its opposite end is secured at housing cover in the area of rotor shaft with impeller exit so that said impeller is located inside aforesaid jacket Note here that said jacket in impeller zone has openings to communicate the jacket inside with heater housing inside Motor rotor is enclosed in cup-like case closed by cup cover on cover outer side and secured at cover inner side Note here that rotor shaft section with impeller fitted thereon extends through cup cover and heater housing cover inside the housing Tubular heater is composed of helical coil arranged around said jacket above its openings and secured at heater housing cover Coolant feed channel, pump jacket and rotor shaft with impeller are aligned.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, electric power saving.

11 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention claims autonomous device for diesel fuel heating in fuel tank 16, including heat exchanger 1 and heat carrier feed and control system 2. System 2 includes trolley 3 with gas heater 4 for heat carrier, pump 5, accumulator 6, control device 7 and gas cylinder 8 mounted on the trolley, heat exchanger is made in the form of rigid spiral tube mounted on handle 10 by a joint and connected to heater 4 with a flexible hose. Electric pump for heated diesel fuel stirring is installed inside spiral tube of the heat exchanger.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of diesel fuel heating in the whole volume of fuel tank.

3 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: measured ambient air and coolant temperatures are used to define air heater operating interval to correct it by fuel mix temperature in combustion chamber at compression stroke end while fuel in nozzle is heated to maximum possible value. After engine start, fuel heating intensity is decreased while nozzle operating heat conditions are kept up with the help of thermal pickup built in the nozzle, heater and control unit and maintained at said level during the entire cycle of post-starting interval with allowance for engine heat conditions and ambient air temperature. Inlet fuel and air controlled heating subject to engine and ambient air temperature allows maintenance of optimum temperature of combustion mix in the engine combustion chamber at whatever operating conditions.

EFFECT: decreased time and power consumption by diesel preparation for starting.

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Fuel heater // 2535431

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: electric fuel heater comprising body in form of the bolt with cavity in its rod, input and output holes, agitator, ceramic heating element, nickel-chromium spiral connected in series with the ceramic heating element, and casing. The internal cavity of the fuel heater body is made with spiral groove. The fuel agitator installed in the internal cavity of the body is in form of the bolt containing guide part and agitating element in form of the ellipse with spiral groove direct opposite to the spiral groove of the body.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of heat transfer.

1 dwg

Ice liquid heater // 2535291

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: heater comprises ICE, electrical generator, heat exchange offgas heat recovery unit, offgas main line, fluid lines, electrically drive fluid pump, check valve and tank with electric heater. In compliance with this invention incorporates extra recuperative heat exchanger for cooling of coolant with electrically driven blower and three-way valves with servo drive. Note here that fluid electrically driven pump is communicated via coolant fluid lines with ICE cooling system. Said system accommodates the tank with electric heater and heat exchanger-offgas heat recovery unit. Said heat exchanger is connected via fluid line with the first three-way valve with servo drive. The latter is arranged downstream of check valve in fluid line feeding coolant from ICE to carrier heater radiator lines and those of aforesaid recuperative heat exchanger. Second three-way salve with servo drive is arranged upstream of electrically driven fluid pump to communicate coolant feed and discharge lines with carrier ICE. Besides, ICE exhaust gases are fed via offgas main line to recuperative heat exchanger.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of pre-starting heating, higher thermal efficiency, decreased overall dimensions.

1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: engine prestart heating is performed by natural gas feed into prestart heater combustion chamber to heat carrier engine coolant by natural gas combustion heat. Natural gas is fed from low-pressure main line via distribution gas line and gas hose into prestart heater combustion chamber. Prestart heater control system power supply and that of actuators related therewith is performed by connection to power supply located outside the carrier.

EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency at long stops.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: system to maintain availability for start-up of an internal combustion engine (7) of a diesel locomotive comprises a standard system (4) for cooling of an internal combustion engine (7), a liquid heater (1), connected to the main manifold of the standard cooling system (4), a standard fuel system (18) of an internal combustion engine with a standard fuel tank (23) and a standard injecting fuel pump (19), an additional fuel tank (20), equipped with an overflow pipeline (21), a drain pipeline (22) with a tap and a pipeline connecting the additional fuel tank (20) with the liquid heater (1). There is an additional fuel pump (17), installed in the standard fuel system (18) in parallel to the standard injecting fuel pump (19), an additional oil pump (11), connected in parallel to the standard injecting oil pump (43), a device (15) for booster charge of an accumulator battery (16) of a diesel locomotive, maintaining it in the condition of availability for start-up of the internal combustion engine, and cooling coolant temperature sensors (13) for control of system operation, connected into the pipeline (46) with the lowest coolant temperature in the cooling system of the internal combustion engine. The additional fuel tank (20) of the system is connected into the drain pipeline of the standard fuel system (18) for provision of its reliable filling with diesel fuel. Additional circulating water pumps (30) are installed on inlet pipelines of standard liquid heaters (28) of air in driver's cabins (29) for provision of conditions in them for start-up of the internal combustion engine (7). Supply of the liquid heater (1), circulating electric motors (8), oil (11) and fuel pumps (17), a device (15) for booster charge of the diesel locomotive accumulator battery (16) and elements of the control system (47) is arranged via a separate cabinet (48) of electric equipment from the external source of energy.

EFFECT: increased reliability of system operation and increased time for engine standing idle in cold time of the year as continuously available for start-up.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in gas feed into cylinders and cylinder antechamber, spark ignition of gas in antechambers, and feed of gas combustion product from antechamber into combustion chambers of engine cylinders. At starting gas engine at crankshaft cranking by starter to stable idling rpm, gas is forced into engine cylinder antechamber and/or gas engine cylinders, gas volumetric combustion heat exceeding that of natural bas by some 1.5-2 times and higher. At starting the gas engine, fuel gas can be fed into some cylinders of multicylinder gas engine.

EFFECT: higher reliability of starting and accelerated starting.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle exhaust system with engine start-shutdown system. This invention consists in the following: vehicle comprises compression ignition engine with control device and offgas neutralizer. Engine control device defines idling conditions In case idling occurs, the engine is completely shut down Neutralizer comprises cellular carrier solid piece coated with catalytically reactive primer containing one or more noble metals. Said primer is arranged between first upstream primer area and second downstream primer area. Said reactive primer ply in said first area abuts on reactive primer ply in second downstream reactive primer area. Thermal mass in said first upstream reactive primer area is smaller than that in said second area. Total content of noble metal in said first area is larger than that in said second area. Cellular carrier solid piece features total length whereat said first area is confined by its upstream end while downstream end is confined by the point between 20% and 40% of total length of carrier solid piece is measured from inlet end.

EFFECT: higher activity of oxidizing neutralizer at processing of exhaust gas.

11 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: remote control device comprises remote controller to transmit request for starting and request for engine outage and engine control module to stop the engine by fuel feed shutting off provided the condition is satisfied that engine is started after receipt of said request for starting provided that predefined engine forced shutoff time lapsed and the condition that shutoff request is received.

EFFECT: possibility of forced engine shutoff even at failure that rules out disconnection of the vehicle electric power source.

7 cl, 10 dwg

Inverter generator // 2540416

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is attributed to the field of electric engineering and can be used for control of the inverter generator equipped with a motor. The inverter generator (10) comprises a winding (22a, 22b) wound around the generator unit (14) driven by a motor (12), a converter (24, 26) coupled to the winding and designed to convert alternating current at the winding output into direct current, an inverter (36) coupled to the converter and designed to convert direct current at the converter output and to transmit it as an output signal, and a controller (42) designed to control operation of the converter and inverter. An accumulator battery (20) is connected to the above motor. The winding comprises the first winding (22a) and the second winding (22b). The controller supplies the accumulator battery output to one of the windings - the first one or the second one - in order to run up the generator unit for the motor starting.

EFFECT: mass and dimensions parameters are improved.

6 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an activating device with an automatic circuit breaker unit for a dual battery system that includes a system of power batteries, which is connected to an electrical system containing a starter motor and a circuit of an ignition switch for a transport vehicle, and a system of starter batteries, which can be connected parallel to the system of power batteries by means of the automatic circuit breaker unit that can be switched between an open state and a closed state; when in the latter state, the system of starter batteries is able to supply energy to the electrical system. The activating device includes a control unit, a signal block having a possibility of generating voltage signal yi and supplying voltage signal y to the ignition switch circuit, a monitoring unit having a possibility of monitoring voltage signal y from connection of the ignition switch and a possibility of generation of a monitoring signal based on a controlled voltage signal y, and a processor unit having a possibility of comparing the monitoring signal to a pre-set detection criterion and a possibility of generation of a control signal based on this comparison, which is transmitted to the control unit. The invention also includes an activation method of an automatic circuit breaker unit in a dual battery system.

EFFECT: improving device activation reliability.

14 cl, 5 dwg, 3 tbl

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: combined internal combustion engine start-up system relates to transport equipment with electric-starter start. It includes a storage battery, a solenoid starter switch, a starter, a capacitive energy storage, the second output of which is connected to a minus output of the storage battery, a slave key that is made in the form of a thyristor; besides, the storage battery through the thyristor and the capacitive energy storage with its first output through a diode are connected to the starter for the starting period through contacts of the solenoid switch; a control electrode of the thyristor is connected to a common output of introduced switch 8 that connects, when in the first position, in-series connected threshold element (voltage-regulator diode) 9 and resistor 10 to a common point of storage battery 1 and anode of thyristor 7, and when in the second position, to a common point of resistor 10 and threshold element (voltage-regulator diode), and when in the third position, to a thyristor cathode.

EFFECT: providing engine start-up at different temperatures and states of a storage battery.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: total length of starter harness used solely to starter connection and storage battery positive output terminal 4a is increased by adding additional excess segment to up the harness resistance beyond the limits of length required for laying said harness in engine compartment. Excess segment 21 is composed by a rod at forming of section with two flexures by bending the section of one continuous harness 7. Or, it is made by additional bending of the section with two flexures two times and secured via harness holder to storage battery support flange bracket. With application of resistor with heat resistance constrictions, it is potable to suppress voltage drop at restarting which problematic in carrier with idling engine outage function. Required resistance is ensured by excessive increase in length to decrease harness temperature increase.

EFFECT: lower harness heating temperature.

7 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ICEs. Proposed method comprises the steps that follow. (a) Magnitude defining the temperature (Tavt) of exhaust gases circulating at engine exhaust pipe, at turbocompressor turbine inlet. (b) Said magnitude is compared with preset threshold magnitude (Tavt_seuil). (c) In case the former magnitude is larger than the latter, first time delay (Tempo-in) is activated to repeat steps (a) and (b). If, during said time delay, the former is smaller than the latter, said time delay is stopped to initiate step (d). (d) In case the former magnitude is larger than the latter, second time delay (Tempo-out) is activated to repeat steps (a) and (b). If, during said time delay, the former is smaller than the latter, said time delay is stopped. Process of the second time delay is initiated again to initiate step (c). (e) In case first delay elapses and the former magnitude exceeds said threshold magnitude, engine automatic outage is prohibited. (f) In case second time delay elapses and the former magnitude is smaller than threshold magnitude, engine automatic outage is permitted to initiate, again, the first time delay.

EFFECT: limited increase in turbocompressor temperature at automatic engine outages.

10 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to start systems for automobiles, railroad transport, and electric transport. A system contains an accumulator battery and an energy storage unit, a system monitoring and control module (SMCM), a voltage conversion module (VCM), a power switching module (PSM) for switching of direct-current power circuits. The system contains a charger intended for additional recharge of the accumulator battery and the energy storage unit made as an electrochemical capacitor (ECC). At that VCM is coupled by power circuits to power supply buses of the onboard network, PSM and SMCM; PSM is coupled by power circuits to the charger, MM and ECC and the charger in its turn is coupled to power circuits of MA and ECC. The system monitoring and control module can supply control signals to VCM, PSM and the charger and to receive signals from voltage sensors of the accumulator battery, the ECC voltage sensor and the charger current sensor as well as to control voltage/current of the power supply bus of the onboard network and to ensure exchange of information with the vehicle onboard data bus.

EFFECT: simplification of the system, reduction of dimensions and enhancing functional capabilities.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: starting system is intended for engine with automatic outage at predefined state. Proposed system comprises starter to start the engine, storage battery to supply said starter and starter control device. Said starter comprises second gear engaged with first gear engaged with engine crankshaft, actuator to displace second gear for engagement with first fear and motor to run said second gear. Control device can drive said actuator and motor separately. Control device operates in the mode of rotation whereat said motor is actuated before said actuator. Note that in the case of said mode of rotation said control unit restricts the engine automatic outage proceeding from the lower voltage of storage battery decreased voltage after actuation of motor and decreased voltage of storage battery after actuation of actuator. Invention discloses the engine control.

EFFECT: limited engine outage at insufficient voltage of storage battery.

4 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises capacitor bank with its charger, electric starter with armature winding, at least one sensor, controller with output and at least one input connected with sensor, voltage inverter with master input, power input and output to convert power output voltage with respect to power input voltage at transmission ratio defined by signal at master input. Note here that voltage inverter power input is connected to capacitor bank, power output is connected to electric starter armature winding while master input is connected to controller output. Said controller incorporates extra capacitor bank charge estimation module. Besides it is configured to limit transmission factor if capacitor bank charge exceeds preset threshold. Otherwise it changes said transmission factor.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of capacitor bank application.

7 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: internal combustion engine at stay after cold starting can change its combustion mode to homogeneous combustion mode or that based on fuel charge layer-by-layer distribution. Working range of combustion based on layer-by-layer fuel charge distribution at vehicle stay after cold starting is expanded relative to that of homogeneous combustion at stay after cold starting as vehicle inclination angle decreases.

EFFECT: expanded working range, negative pressure of sucked air for required brake characteristic, decreased HC content at stay after cold starting.

7 cl, 6 dwg