Water-gas unit

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: water-gas unit contains a membrane-valve mechanism for stabilizing a preselected water supply and a spring-loaded valve for gas supply with the drive from a membrane of the membrane-valve mechanism. The drive of the gas supply valve is carried out by the membrane through the magnetic field of two magnets oriented with respect to each other with the same poles located on both sides of the non-magnetic partition separating the gas and water cavities of the unit, one of the magnets is mechanically connected to the membrane and the other to the gas supply valve.

EFFECT: increase the reliability of the device and the accuracy of the water supply regulation.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the power industry and can be used in hot water accumulators to determine the content of heat in an accumulator. In order to determine the content of energy in a water volume, the water accumulator has a tank with an upper end relative to the ground and a lower end opposite to it; with that, in order to determine the content of energy in the water volume, an acoustic transmitter and an acoustic receiver are placed into the water, which can determine the time of the passage of sound in the water volume; with that, a provision is made for an analytical unit that can output an available content of energy based on the sound passage time; there is an indicator indicating the available content of energy depending on the current time of the sound passage; the tank is provided with the heat insulation to attenuate the sound signal.

EFFECT: invention allows increasing the ease of usage, especially at usage of accumulators of large volumes.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: described invention proposes control method of parallel operation of a multiple-unit water heater and provides for a group of water heaters parallel connected to each other, and involves the following stages: temperature measurement of straight-flow water supplied to multiple-unit water heater; reading of the specified temperature set by a consumer; calculation of difference between the specified temperature and straight-flow water temperature; and change of control value for additional activation of shutdown of each water heater in compliance with the calculated temperature difference.

EFFECT: effective operation of a multiple-unit water heater even at varying circumstances and operating conditions.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: in-line electric heater comprises a body, where a through channel is made, which determines the area of liquid heating, and heating elements may be arranged, which are designed for heating of liquid flowing through the through channel. The in-line electric heater also comprises a unit of flow rate limitation, which determines throughput section of the flow. The flow rate limitation unit is built into a body and comprises a valve element, which is at least partially submerged into a through channel. Besides, an in-line heater is developed with such heating unit.

EFFECT: simple, compact and cheap placement of a flow rate limitation unit, reduced costs for installation of a heating unit into an in-line heater, and such method of integration does not create potential weak points.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: specified method provides for a procedure of so called "optimisation", which may be carried out by an electronic controller of a water heater. The procedure of "optimisation" is applicable for optimisation of maintained temperature by means of automatic reduction of the specified value T.set, if the water heater is not usually used at full power, i.e. if the user has set an unusually high temperature T.set for its actual use. Inventions also relate to the electronic controller and water heaters.

EFFECT: reduction of heat energy scattering in a water heater with a heat accumulator.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to control method of multi-section boiler consisting of several sections installed in a row, which prevents exit gas thrust reversing. Each of the above sections is equipped with the following: sensor for measuring the head of the air supplied to combustion chamber, controller to control the rotation speed of the fan supplying the air to chamber according to the value measured with head sensor; at that, one of controllers is connected as primary controller and the others - as secondary ones. Primary and secondary controllers are connected to each other by means of communication line. Control method involves the following: measurement of the head of air supplied to combustion chamber by means of head sensor at controllers of operating sections; calculation by means of primary controller of average head in operating sections as per head values measured with their controllers; calculation on the basis of average head of the value of the required head on fans of sections not in operation; control of fans of sections not in operation on the basis of the calculated values.

EFFECT: possibility of creating cheaper multi-section boiler in which exit gas valves are not required, which also allows avoiding failures and reducing the maintenance costs.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: in the device there is provided gas temperature sensor, output signals of which are supplied back to gas temperature control assembly which in its turn is connected to the heating assembly with possibility of temperature control of gas leaving the heating assembly. Heating assembly is made in the form of electrically conducting cover or cavity through which gas or gas mixture is directly passed, and control is performed. In such case to the cover there supplied is the voltage controlled by means of control assembly in electric circuit; at that, owing to the current flowing in the circuit and material resistance the cover is heated, and as a result of which the gas or gas mixture is heated, after that gas temperature is measured and measurement results are supplied back to control assembly for control of voltage in compliance with gas temperature required at the outlet of cover or cavity.

EFFECT: invention allows accelerating the obtaining process of hot gas.

14 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: system of combined boilers includes device of boiler control, the first boiler efficiently connected to specified device of boiler control, and temperature sensor connected to specified first boiler. System also comprises at least one secondary boiler efficiently connected to specified main boiler. Device of boiler control is efficiently connected to the first boiler and makes it possible for the first boiler to control parametre of the first boiler and at least one secondary boiler.

EFFECT: invention provides for control of combined boiler, which eliminates necessity of individual link between separate boilers, centralised external control in system of combined boilers.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: there proposed is water heater flange including one or more electric resistances, thermostat at least with one temperature sensor and covering the hole in the reservoir of the above electric water heater; at that, flange has a cavity facing external surface of reservoir and located mainly and/or generally parallel to the plane formed with the flange, and at least one above-mentioned temperature sensor of thermostat is arranged in the above cavity. At least one temperature sensor has the surface section adjoined to surface of cavity; thermostat is of capsule type; thermostat is electronic; flange is installed on intermediate reservoir. There also proposed is water heater with heat accumulator, namely electric water heater equipped with the above described flange.

EFFECT: increasing its serviceability and measurement accuracy.

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FIELD: water supply systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of preparing a drink by feeding hot water into hot-drink proportioner with the help of fluid transfer circuit incorporating a heater. Aforesaid heater comprises thermal resistor and pump. With the device switched on, fluid gets heated on feeding preset mean electric power to thermal resistor for it to keep on heating circulating fluid at constant rated flow rate of 0.5-1.5 centiliter/s. Note that mean electric power of thermal resistor makes the value in watts that its ratio to rated flow rate in centiliter per second exceeds 2000.

EFFECT: time savings.

26 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention is meant for heating water and can be used in transport technology. Invented is an air heater used in transport with a burner and heat-transfer agent in it, device for controlling the burning of the burner flame and device for supplying heated air through the heat-transfer agent. The device for controlling burning of the flame is provided with a device for measuring temperature of the heated air, flowing through the air heater. The device for measuring temperature is supplied with the first sensor for measuring temperature of the air leaving the air heater. The device for measuring temperature can calculate the temperature gradient of the flowing heated air. The device for measuring temperature is provided with a second sensor for measuring temperature of heated air flowing into the heater. The device for measuring temperature can calculate the temperature gradient of the heated air flowing into the heater, and also the difference in the temperature gradients of the heated air flowing in and the heated air flowing out.

EFFECT: increase in efficiency and operational safety of the heater.

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The invention relates to a power system and can be used in the systems of automatic control of boiler

Solenoid valve // 2543363

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to solenoid valve, solenoid part of which features a frame bearing a winding, and a sleeve is mounted on internal peripheral surface of the frame. The sleeve is made out of magnetic material and features a cylindrical section and a flange at lower end of the cylindrical section, while upper end of the cylindrical section forms a trapeze-formed part with outer peripheral surface deepened inwards in radial direction. In addition, trapeze-formed part is mounted so that it is turned aside and adjoins outer peripheral surface of immobile iron core tightly, and upon excitation of solenoid part, magnetic flux density in trapeze-formed part increases.

EFFECT: increased traction force affecting mobile iron core, reduced number of assembly process stages.

11 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to electrical engineering and electromagnetic valves. Magnetic plate positioned around moving iron core to form magnetic conductor between magnetic frame and moving iron core includes a section protruding towards immobile iron core along the surface of moving iron core. Area Sa of external surface section of moving iron core opposite to internal surface of the magnetic plate, and area Sb of moving iron core cross-section are set as K=Sa/Sb, K>1. Axial length h of internal surface of the magnetic plate and length L from attracting surface of moving iron core separated from immobile iron core by pullback spring to the front end of the magnetic plate complies with the condition of 2≤K≤ (K value when h=L).

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency due to reduced magnetic resistance generated by space between moving iron core and magnetic plate.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: electromagnetic shutoff valve is meant for being used in instruments and systems with automated control. An electromagnetic shutoff valve includes a solenoid with a core, a constant magnet, a pole tip having a supply gas channel, magnetic conductors closing an external magnetic field of the solenoid. Besides, the first magnetic conductor envelopes the solenoid. The second magnetic conductor is made in the form of a ring with an outlet gas channel and located on the side of the solenoid end face. Inner surface of the second magnetic conductor and end surfaces of the core and the pole tip form a through cavity. An armature made as per the shape of the above through cavity is located in the same through cavity. The above armature has the possibility of axial movement. Besides, the armature, the core, the first and the second magnetic conductors are made from soft magnetic material. Gas channels are open to the through cavity. The electromagnetic shutoff valve is equipped with an additional magnetic conductor from soft magnetic material. Constant magnet is ring-shaped and has axial magnetisation and is located between the second and additional magnetic conductors in magnetic contact with them. The pole tip is located coaxially to constant magnet and is in magnetic contact with the additional magnetic conductor.

EFFECT: improving tightness of the valve and its working pressure.

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Pneumatic valve // 2503869

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: pneumatic valve includes a body, and a seat with a valve. Sealing surface of the seat is located on the side opposite to an inlet nozzle. Valve is installed so that it is borne against a two-arm lever. One arm of the above two-arm lever is hinged to a spring-loaded stock, and the other one is fixed with a hammer catch when the valve is in closed position. The hammer catch is fixed on the pneumatic valve body and fixed with a lock pin. Besides, the hammer catch is installed so that it can contact the stock of a pyro actuator fixed on the pneumatic valve body. The above pyro actuator consists of a cylinder with a plug, two in-series installed pistons that form two disengaged working cavities. Each of the above cavities is interconnected with a separate chamber equipped with a pyrotechnic cartridge. At actuation of pyrotechnic cartridges of any or both chambers the piston of the pyrotechnic cartridge interacts with the hammer catch.

EFFECT: implementation of the invention allows providing its multiple use, quick action that is numbered into several thousandths of a second and sufficient flow cross-section.

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Valve assembly // 2484349

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: valve assembly to control fluid feed from fluid manifold to working chamber of mechanism handling said fluid comprises main valve, solenoid and core. Main valve comprises main valve element with surface fit and main valve seat and features open and sealing positions. Core can displace along the channel extending between first and second positions. With core in first position, main valve element defects to sealing position. With core in second position, main valve element defects to open position. Main valve element comprises ferromagnetic element. Valve comprises extra magnetic circuit. The latter can direct magnetic flux through ferromagnetic element with main valve opened to retain is element in open position. Invention covers also the mechanism operating with fluid.

EFFECT: efficient and reliable design.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed valve 1 has inlet area 13 and first discharge area 14, and, at least, one second discharge area 15 to be intercommunicated by, at least, two plate valves 11, 12. Flow control device 21 is arranged upstream of first discharge area 14 and second plate valve second discharge area 15. It has feed area 22 and discharge area 23. In compliance with this invention fluid in said flow control device 21 is directed via several channels distributed in said device distributed and separated one from the other. Said channels feature scroll shape to swirl fluid flow toward second plate valve 12.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

18 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: valve mechanism (10) of hydraulic power at least with one electromagnetic valve (10), solenoid (14) of which is connected or may be connected by means of two control lines (11 and 12) with electric control and (or) communication device (13). Electromagnetic valve (10) includes non-volatile data storage device (20) built in it, which contains identification data of electromagnetic valve (10), as well as modulation device (17) for data modulation of electromagnetic valve (10) in two feed lines (11 and 12). Control and (or) communication device (13) includes demodulation device (24) for demodulation of modulated data.

EFFECT: improvement of the mechanism design.

12 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: electromagnetic valve comprises a housing with inlet and outlet channels, a seat, a coil, a jacket, and a dividing pipe of non-magnetic material. The pipe is sealed and put on the stopper end. There are gates made on opposite sides of the armature. One locking element covers the seat of the stopper inlet channel, the second interacts with the housing seat when the armature is in a closed position. The top spring-loaded element of the armature is cured in a non-magnetic movable sleeve, the bottom one - directly into a hole of the armature groove. The lower part of the dividing pipe has a ring with projections. When a nut on the stopper is being tightened, the ring tightly presses on a flat part of the L-shaped sealing element. The latter is located in a groove of the jacket bottom part. A restrictive circular protrusion of a smaller diameter is pressed against the part of this groove in the jacket when the ring is being tightened. The second projection on a larger diameter of the ring enters the groove of the jacket with a seat and channels with its outer surface. The surface of the projection inner diameter of a larger diameter serves as a support for conical or flat return spring.

EFFECT: increased leak resistance and reduction in valve wearing.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: valve module comprises a bushing (7) of a valve, where a valve anchor (9) is installed with a stop element (11), arranged to control a fluid medium flow between an inlet side (3) and an outlet side (5) with the possibility of its directed axial displacement relative to an element (15) of the valve forming a valve seat (13) and fixedly installed in the valve bushing (7). A sealing device (21, 21', 21") is made with at least two circular sealing ledges (22, 22', 22") and is arranged relative to at least one throughput hole (17) so that in the closed position of the valve module (1), at least one throughput hole (17) is located between the sealing ledges (22, 22', 22"). The sealing device (21, 21") is arranged with two separate sealing ledges (22, 22"). The sealing device (21, 21', 21") is fixed on an end surface (10) of a stop element (11) or an end surface (16) of a valve seat (13) by the method of vulcanisation, casting onto the base or adhesion.

EFFECT: improved tightness of a valve module and its increased service life.

8 cl, 4 dwg