Dispenser for napkins nested in each other

FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.

SUBSTANCE: dispenser (1) comprises a container (2) having a bottom wall (5) extending in a horizontal plane and located in the lower part of the dispenser (1) and side walls (6) having an upper edge and a lower edge and extending from the bottom wall (5) in a vertical direction perpendicular thereto, and defining the boundaries of the dispensing opening (7) located in the upper part of the dispenser (1) and opposite the bottom wall (5), so that the side walls surround the support surface (8) designed to provide a support for a pile (3) of napkins (11) nested in each other. The dispenser (1) further comprises a load (4) disposed between the side walls (6) to form a dispenser cap supported on the pile. A discharge (9) is formed in the load (4), and the load (4) is movable between the upper position adjacent to the dispensing opening (7) of the container (2) and the lower position adjacent to the support surface (8) of the container (2). In addition, the dispenser (1) contains a tool (15) regulating the load connecting the load (4) and container (2) with each other and penetrating inside the container (2) between the element (17) to connect to the container located at the lower part of the dispenser (1), and the element (19) to connect to the load, located in the upper part of the dispenser (1). The load control tool (15) restricts the movement of the load (4) in the vertical direction along the side walls (6) to define a specific location of the upper load position (4). In the container (2), a lower part comprising a bottom wall (5) and a wall part comprising at least a portion of the side walls (6) are formed. The lower part is attached to the wall part with the possibility of detachment to add napkins from the lower side of the dispenser (1).

EFFECT: reliability of operation without damaging the dispensed napkins.

25 cl, 9 dwg



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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to accumulators of purified drinking water and can be used in water treatment systems with reverse-osmosis membranes. Accumulator comprises housing 1 composed of top and bottom parts 2, 3, resilient chamber 4 with filtered water filling neck, displacement chamber 5 for service water and resilient chamber fixing device 6. The latter allows uniform drain of service water from displacement chamber and is composed of the first and second sections. Note here that second section has at least one element composed by camber and/or cut-out directed along, at least resilient chamber fixing part.

EFFECT: reliable design, higher efficiency.

16 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: liquid applicator comprises a handle, a base and an applicator pad. The handle has proximal and distal ends and comprises a receiver and an elastic cap. The receiver is configured to enclose a package comprising liquid, and to facilitate the liquid removal from the package. The elastic cap is configured to close the package tightly and to deflect under an external pressure, providing thereby applying the external pressure to the package if the latter arranged inside the receiver, to compress the package and to ensure bleeding. The base projects in the radial direction to the outside at a non-zero angle from the distal end of the handle. The base is configured to guide the liquid flow and comprises a distal hole and an outer wall projecting in a transverse direction to the outside from the base and arranged circumferentially about the distal hole. The pad is attached to the base hydraulically connected to an inner portion of the receiver. A portion of the pad is inserted inside the distal hole, while another portion of the pad is wound about the outer wall to delimit the portion of the pad inside the distal hole of the base. According to the second version, the liquid applicator comprises at least one ventilation element configured to supply air into the receiver and discharge it from there. A liquid application system comprises the liquid package, and the aforesaid applicator. The package comprises the first and second opposite sides of the package forming a hermetically sealed liquid space in between, and a fragile section. The fragile section is configured to be ruptured under the force applied to the package to remove the liquid from the package. The system possesses the property of collapse enabling the first side of the package to be transformed from an arch position into a dish position, when the package is compressed to collapse the previously hermetically sealed space almost completely. The method for applying the liquid on the surface involves applying pressure to the elastic outer surface of the handle on the proximal end of the applicator and pressing the liquid-filled package inside the handle, thereby compressing the elastic portion of the package and rupturing the fragile section of the package for the package bleeding; enabling the liquid flowing through the handle through the distal hole at the base on the distal end of the applicator to the applicator pad attached to the base; and contacting the applicator pad to the surface for the liquid transfer from the applicator pad to the surface.

EFFECT: invention provides time- and quantity-accurate delivery of the required preparation.

63 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: oral product holding means contains multiple portions of the product to be placed into the user's mouth for consumption and a holder for holding the oral product portions at the preset distance from each other so that the said oral product portions do not contact each other. The holder includes a vessel having a hole plane and multiple division partitions dividing the inner space of the vessel into chambers accommodating product portions. The accommodating chambers have hole areas formed through the hole plane division by the division partitions. The holder includes a sealing element for covering the whole hole area of the accommodating chambers enabling opening of the specified oral product portion contained in each chamber. The holder includes a cover covering the vessel hole plane and designed so that to enable movement relative to the vessel. The cover has a hole. The sealing element contains a pull-out band detachably fastened to the vessel and designed to cover (so that to enable opening) the whole hole area of the accommodating chambers; the band can be pulled out of the holder through the cover hole.

EFFECT: group of inventions ensures easy removal of a product portion combined with reliable holding of the other product portions inside the device.

13 cl, 33 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method, a system and an apparatus, including software, encoded on a computer storage medium, for dispensing toner. The toner dispensing system includes a toner container, a valve assembly with a cap, connected to the toner container, wherein the valve assembly with a cap includes a movable valve unit which is characterised by a first position and a second position, toner dispensing valves and an air inlet. In the first position of the valve unit, a toner feed channel and an air inlet channel are closed. In the second position of the valve unit, the toner feed channel and the air inlet channel are open. An air system includes a primary air feeder linked a channel for feeding air into the valve assembly with a cap, a secondary controlled air dispenser feeder linked to the toner container, and a control unit for controlling the secondary air feeder.

EFFECT: increasing accuracy of feeding toner and reducing wearing of the toner pump.

15 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: packing industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a packaging reservoir for a product in a powder, granular or liquid form, which makes it possible for a user to easily move content from this packaging reservoir into another reservoir without spillage of content during its movement. The packaging reservoir comprises a body of tubular shape, having an open end, a bottom and a side wall, and a funnel-shaped component (201), made as capable of forming a reservoir together with the specified body for movement of content into the storage reservoir. The funnel-shaped component (201) comprises a funnel (220), diameter of which reduces from a side with a larger hole towards a side with a small hole, and ribs (228), stretching radially from the centre of the open part (222) towards the side with a smaller hole of the funnel and connecting the internal surface of the open part with the side having the smaller hole.

EFFECT: provision of the possibility to easily move content from this packaging reservoir into another reservoir without spillage of content during its movement.

9 cl, 40 dwg

Applicators // 2466073

FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device intended for applying, liquid, pasty or gel-like substances on human body. Proposed applicator comprises container. At least, a part of said container is flexible and includes a substance application part. The latter features arc-like cross-section and has one or more first holes. Elastic valve diaphragm is jointed with substance application part and has one or more second holes. First holes are displaced relative to second holes. In normal state, said diaphragm, stays in contact with substance application part so that first holes are closed by said diaphragm. Pressure applied to vessel elastic part increases pressure there inside to move diaphragm away from substance application part in overcoming elastic force. Second, slotted holes are closed when diaphragm stays in contact with substance application part and open when it is pulled off said substance application part.

EFFECT: higher quality and reliability.

5 cl, 9 dwg

Thermopackage // 2422345

FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: thermopackage consists of housing, cover with sealing gasket, shutter and bottom. The bottom has bowl with sealing gasket centering the gasket inside the housing, and on the bowl pin the limiter with sealing is located which limiter is fixed by shutter into connection and also capable to be removed when the latter pin is removed. Between the bowl and the limiter on periphery there is the second sealing gasket capable to move in radial direction when the bowl is moving to the limiter.

EFFECT: obtaining thermopackage for modular propellant charges providing its usage both at position and in gun motor carriage without any additional holders, consequently without tubes in gun motor carriage cell for their packing which eventually leads to decrease in gun motor carriage mass, and this thermopackage design also permits to extract charges from both its ends.

2 dwg

FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to felting needles. Proposed package comprises container 2 with bottom 9 and walls 5, 6, 7 and 8 extending upward from said bottom 9. Note here that walls together with cover 3 surround inner space 10 accommodating felting needles 24. It comprises also, at least, one partition 11 directed at acute angle (β) to adjacent sidewall 5, 7 and arranged inside said inner space 10, approximately, along diagonal. Note also that said partition 11 has, at least, one recess 12 made at partition center.

EFFECT: ease of use.

13 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: package is composed of the following components: feeder, comprising bottom section, the first end and the second end; section of cover, comprising fixed partial cover and movable partial cover. Fixed partial cover is connected to the first end, and movable partial cover is connected to the second end and is attached to fixed partial cover by means of at least one snapping accessory with the possibility of disconnection. Snapping accessory retains movable partial cover in closed position. Package also contains at least two packs, which are freely arranged in feeder. At the same time specified pack has recessed section, which retains individual medicinal agent in the form of film. Each specified pack freely moves inside feeder, so that it is freely distributed from feeder as movable partial cover moves to obtain access to internal space of feeder. At least one snapping accessory is disengaged, and movable partial cover swings open by means of downward pressure at section of fixed cover.

EFFECT: package for individual medicinal agents provides for free arrangement of package content and more convenient access to it.

19 cl, 22 dwg

FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to containers intended for keeping and ejecting ice cream. Proposed container comprises elongated tubular housing with open bottom and top and side wall arranged between said top and bottom. Said housing has first piston coupled with pushing appliance arranged on tubular housing open bottom for user to apply pressure to ice cream along said housing to top provide gradual distribution of ice cream for use. Said top has multiple holes with diametre smaller than that of tubular housing to allows extruding ice cream directly from said container. Said pushing appliance has rod extending outward that doubles as element to keep container in horizontal position in ejecting ice cream.

EFFECT: sealed ice cream ejection, optimum system design.

14 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to an automatic hand washing apparatus comprising a body with two holes for insertion of user's hands for disinfection, and an automatic non-contact antiseptic sprayer through spraying nozzles; an antiseptic jet from the nozzles is well-directed to a target zone respective to fingers and a palm portion. The above holes are presented in the form of vertical ellipses or ovals coupled with cavities, substantially of equal form, placing the hands in the required position for a period of disinfection.

EFFECT: higher reliability of the apparatus, lower detergent consumption and faster hand washing process.

11 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to manufacture of sanitary ware in contact with water, such as sinks for a bathroom. A method for manufacturing sinks of mineral material includes cutting of blanks from acrylic stone plates, vacuum thermoforming into a shaped form by a rubber membrane and vacuum, post-forming processing and forming of drain hole. After cooling the preform the support acrylic frame is fixed to the bottom of the with the acrylic glue - a side bar, then sink contour irregularities are cut, and milling and grinding of work surfaces is performed.

EFFECT: invention enhances quality and reliability of sinks with high performance.

8 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: sanitaryware device comprises a ceramic block, a facility of water supply to the ceramic block, a facility of water drainage from it, a cup for collection of water fed by the specified supply facility and heating facilities for heating of at least a part of the ceramic block. The cup is made in one part of the ceramic block, and the heating facilities are installed in its other part.

EFFECT: invention ensures rational use of the space, where the sanitaryware device is located, and increases convenience in use.

15 cl, 6 dwg

Knockdown furniture // 2433772

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to furniture, such as bathroom furniture. A furniture element comprises the first side panel, the second side panel, a back wall and a front fixture. The second side panel is opposite to the first side panel for partial limitation of the inner space between them. The back wall continues between the first and the second side panels for additional limitation of the inner space. The front fixture that also continues between the first and second side panels in the position opposite to the wall relative to the inner space, in which the wall is made as capable of folding inside between the first and the second side panels in the first direction. The front fixture is made as capable of folding in the vertical second direction transversally to the first direction.

EFFECT: invention provides for simple folding and unfolding of a table for transportation and use.

5 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method is intended for high-efficiency draining of pipelines with foreign impurities and may be used in sanitary devices. Fluid flows onto water sink surface 1 at an angle and swirled relative to drain pipeline hole axis 2. Foreign impurities 3 are swirled and centrifugal force is created lower than gravity of particles of said foreign impurities to displace the latter into pipeline cross section area at higher fluid speed, hence, with higher dynamic pressure on foreign impurities. Displacement of foreign impurities in cross section plane into area of higher dynamic pressures creates conditions for cleaning draining pipeline of deposits on its inner surface.

EFFECT: efficient cleaning of deposits on pipeline inner surface.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: unit of toothbrush and holder is provided, comprising toothbrush with handle and head, cleaning elements coming out of head, the first magnetic element fixed on part of handle, and holder having lower surface, at least one groove formed in lower surface, and at least one magnetic element installed in at least one groove. Each groove is intended to hold part of handle, having the first magnetic element attached to it. There are another two versions provided to make a unit of toothbrush and holder.

EFFECT: improvement of hygienic properties of device.

16 cl, 9 dwg

Tourist washbowl // 2375950

FIELD: personal demand items.

SUBSTANCE: tourist washbowl comprises reservoir with holes in upper and lower part and seat with saddle and external thread for nut. Rod with valve on one end and detachable tip on the other end is inserted in seat. Seat is fixed with nut in reservoir cover. Screw with gasket and cord for washbowl suspension is inserted into upper hole of reservoir. Seat of valve has guide hole for rod, which is arranged below valve seat. Along axis of rod there is a channel drilled, as well as radially arranged holes on top under valve and below in front of tip. Total area of lower holes section is more than area of upper holes. Along external surface of seat in its upper part there is thread cut for fixation of valve fixation to adapter. Spring that presses valve to seat is put on rod between seat and tip. Near seat in reservoir cover, tap is fixed, through which water may be drained from reservoir into other reservoirs or, having put hose onto lower nozzle of tap, washbowl is used as fountain syringe or hygienic shower. Shelf for toiletries is also provided.

EFFECT: invention provides for convenience in use and expansion of functional resources.

4 cl, 24 dwg

FIELD: personal articles.

SUBSTANCE: folding stackable multi-placed washstand contains installed with possibility of folding and vertical stacking basin or washing tub, water tank, four folding legs for support of basin and four folding legs for support of water tank. Washstand has hose of water supply, connected with water tank, and basin or washing tub is formed from two longitudinal profiles, two transversal profiles and plate, connected by welding, and is equipped with drainage for water withdrawal and opening in which hose is placed. Longitudinal profiles are equipped with primary hinge means of connection with legs for basin support. On upper surface of plate installed are hinge means for connection with water tank, consisting of cramp, guide and squared beam.

EFFECT: invention ensures reduction of laboriousness of mounting and demounting and convenience during storing and transporting.

6 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: proposed washing device contains a bowl whose elliptical-shaped functional surface (first functional surface) has a structure of upwards projecting walls arranged along the whole of its perimeter that serves to retain liquid within the functional surface area. In the first functional surface there is a drain hole arranged connected to the facility sewage network. On the first functional surface the tray is movably placed unattached to the bowl. The elliptical-shaped functional surface of the tray (second functional surface) is elevated relative to the first functional surface so that to be above the structure of upwards projecting walls while the tray rests on the first functional surface. Liquid freely flows over the second functional surface perimeter edge and onto the first functional surface. The second item is designed to be represented by an accessory to be utilised for washing varied type objects with running water.

EFFECT: invention enables improved operability especially relevant for confined premises.

15 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: washing equipment.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for washing has casing with upper first working surface surrounded with wall construction for preventing of liquid medium from pouring down from first working surface. Casing has connection member for connecting to sewage water discharge system. Bowl-shaped reservoir is detachably positioned on first working surface. Bowl-shaped reservoir has lower part with through opening and outer lower surface with sealing means surrounding said opening. On setting of bowl-shaped reservoir on first working surface, sealing means comes into contact with first working surface for preventing flow of liquid medium from pouring down therebetween and for holding of water within reservoir. Two versions of support for washing and wash bowl are described in Specification.

EFFECT: convenient usage, especially in cases of restricted space for accommodation of sanitary equipment.

33 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of dispensers of roll materials. The system for increasing watertightness of roll material dispenser, connecting to dispensing opening of the dispenser and comprising: means (1) to contain paper, attached to the periphery of the dispensing opening of the dispenser, a repositionable inclined door (4) made with the ability to move between open and closed positions, inclined seal packing (14) for paper, located between the said enclosing means (1) and the dispensing opening of the dispenser, at least one door seal packing (12,13) located between the enclosing means (1) and the inclined door (4).

EFFECT: providing complete watertightness of the dispenser.

12 cl, 7 dwg