Hollow poppet valve

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: hollow poppet valve (10) has a head (14) formed integrally with one end side of the stem (12). The valve (10) comprises a hollow part (S1) disposed on the head side (14) and a hollow part (S2) located on the side of the stem (12). The hollow part (S1) and the hollow part (S2) are separated from each other by a partition (15) formed in the region of the halving part (13) between the valve head (14) and the valve stem (12). Hollow part (S1), located on the side of the head (14), formed by partitioning (15), spherical indentations hull heads (14) and the closing element forming the bottom of hollow parts (S1), located on the side of the head (14). On the head side facing the combustion chamber (14), in a hollow part (S1), located on the side of the head, there is heat-insulating part containing gas or material, which has a lower thermal conductivity compared with metal forming valve (10). In the hollow part (S2) located on the side of the stem (12), there is a cooling part, into which the coolant (19) is loaded. Thermal insulation effect is achieved in the heat-insulating part. The heat dissipating effect is achieved in the cooling part. By specifying at least one out of the wall (15) in the direction of up and down and the length of the partitions (15) in the direction of upside-down is provided by regulation of the relative values of heat-insulating and heat dissipating effect. A method for controlling the relative values of the heat-insulating effect and the heat-dissipating effect of the hollow poppet valve is disclosed.

EFFECT: increase the mechanical strength of the poppet valve.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: high temperature throttle device comprises the housing with an angular location of nozzles for input and output of high temperature gas and throttling member with rotating movable element made as a barrel, with reference to the fixed element with flow outlets in them, mated in an open position of the throttle device, and annular gap between them. The rotating element of the throttling member is rigidly connected to the shaft fixed from axial fixed and packed in the housing. The fixed element of the throttling member is made as a barrel with flow outlets located in opposite locations, installed along an axis of output branch pipe of the housing and forming with opening in the housing a header for heat input of high temperature gas to flow outlets of the barrel. The movable element of the throttling member is made as a barrel placed inside a bush and having flow outlets, made also in opposite places on its cylindrical part. In the housing the cavity of chilling medium limited from the one side with the plug tightly put on the housing through the bottom of which one the packed shaft goes into the inner bore of the barrel, and from the other side - cylindrical sleeve packed along the housing and the shaft is formed. The drain cavity of chilling medium is limited from the one side by the above mentioned cylindrical sleeve, and from another side - by similar cylindrical sleeve installed in series with the first one.

EFFECT: perfected operating performances.

3 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to heat insulation of main and process oil pipelines and oil product pipelines, namely, to the method of heat insulation of a sliding shutter. Heat insulation method for the sliding shutter involves design and manufacturing of a heat insulation structure from foam glass with a protective cover taking into account the geometric dimensions and peculiarities of the sliding shutter design; at that the heat insulation structure comprises two or more parts being connected by locks which provide for the access to the sliding shutter for maintenance and repair; the seams of the heat insulation structure are sealed by sealing gaskets from foamed rubber and the inner surface of a heat insulation product contacting with the sliding shutter is coated with antiabrasive material to protect its anticorrosion coating.

EFFECT: use of the proposed device provides for heat insulation of the sliding shutter with the usage of fire safe materials and for the access to it for its maintenance and repair.

2 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: valve comprises body 11 with bore 13 and shutoff element 15. With valve closed, end face valve gate shutoff part 16 fits tightly seat 14. Gate 15 is arranged inside body 11 to displace therein driven by, first of all, electromagnet 23, into open position and, driven by permanent magnets, into closed position. Magnetic force or magnetic field force acting in closed gate position is lower than that acting on gate 15 and applied by valve drive. First permanent magnet 24 is arranged inside body 11 on support arranged therein. Second permanent magnet 25 is opposed to first one on gate 15 and features with identical direction of magnetic pole. Permanent magnets feature somewhat transverse sizes and are embedded in support on one side and, on opposite side, in gate 15 to make unidirectional poles of both magnets are opposed.

EFFECT: longer life, accurate glue feed.

10 cl, 10 dwg

Pipeline valves // 2454586

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: in inner cavities of basic parts, mainly of the cover, which are free from zones occupied with movable parts of closing assembly there installed is(are) insert(s) made from elastomeric foam material, for example foamed polyurethane, or containing the cover from elastomeric material, for example rubber, the inner cavity of which is filled either with inert gas, or with air, or meshed cover from metal which is corrosion-resistant to the conductive medium the inner cavity of which is filled with hollow elements of various sizes, for example small balls.

EFFECT: creation of pipeline valves, including gate valves capable of withstanding multiple freezing and melting processes in inner cavities of conductive medium without destruction of basic parts, that is without loss of its operability.

4 cl, 4 dwg

Solenoid valve // 2338945

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: solenoid valve has locking group, inlet and outlet pipes, heating element and switch. First switch input is connected with common wire of on-board power system. The second switch input is linked with power line for solenoid valve heating and connected to anode of first diode. Cathode of the first diode is integrated with cathode of the second diode and connected to the first winding of solenoid valve. The third switch input is connected to power line for solenoid valve switching on, linked with anode of the second diode, with the first end of the first relay and with triggering input of univibrator. The second end of mentioned relay is connected to common wire. Univibrator output is supplied to the first end of the second relay winding. The second end of this relay is supplied to common wire of on-board power system. Timing input of univibrator is connected with central contact of relay group of the first relay. Temperature transmitter is connected to circuit-opening contact of relay group. It is mounted near solenoid valves windings. Inlet pipe is linked with locking group connected with outlet pipe. The second relay group of contacts for the first relay is connected with common wire of on-board system, with relay group of contacts for the second relay and with the second valve winding. Relay group of the second relay is connected with the first solenoid winding. It is connected to common wore of power supply and to cathodes of the first and the second diodes.

EFFECT: reliability enhancement; reduction of material consumption and improvement of serviceability.

3 dwg

FIELD: arrangement for chose of working regime for control heads of thermo-static valves is assigned for using in heating systems.

SUBSTANCE: arrangement has body with means for fastening to valve and with first tooth for blocking rotation; flange of body with second tooth, holding element connected in axial direction with holder of sensor; rotating handle having external graduated scale for chose of necessary temperature; ring which may travel in axial direction and rotating. At that second tooth of flange is located in such angular position that it is leveled in axial direction relatively to first tooth of body and is located opposite the last; indicated ring has graduated scale on its external surface and inner lug passing along whole axial extension of ring and also front surface provided with nests capable to enter into engagement alternately with tooth of flange and tooth of body and at least with one inner lug of handle.

EFFECT: provides simplicity and comfort of using.

11 cl, 23 dwg

FIELD: ferrous metallurgy, namely designs of hot blast valves of blast furnace air heaters.

SUBSTANCE: valve includes water cooled lined lock disc, water cooled lined housing having lid, mouth portion, attached flanges and cylindrical portion inside which stop rings restricting inter-ring space for placing lock disc are arranged. At each side of inter-ring space in housing there are two annular ducts for water used for cooling stop rings and attached flanges. On lateral outer surface of housing ducts for cooling water are mounted. In lower portion of housing at each side of inter-ring space branch pipe with two openings is mounted in order to partition duct for water that cools attached flange. One opening of said branch pipe is connected with system for supplying cooling water and with duct for cooling stop ring. Second opening is connected with duct for cooling flange and with duct for cooling water on lateral outer surface of housing. On each front outer surface of mouth of housing there is duct for cooling water connected with duct on lateral outer surface of housing.

EFFECT: increased period of useful life of valve.

4 dwg

FIELD: heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: nozzle comprises housing, sensor whose length depends on temperature, and driving member made for permitting movement in the direction of the valve loading. The sensor is mounted in the actuating unit of the nozzle between the housing and driving member. The actuating member receives adjusting link of variable length made for permitting change of its length with the rate less than that of the variation of the length of the sensor.

EFFECT: reduced temperature variations.

15 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: valving systems.

SUBSTANCE: nozzle comprises housing, sensitive member whose length depends on temperature, and driving member made for permitting movement in the direction of loading of the valve. The sensitive member is mounted inside the driving section between the housing and driving member. The driving section receives the fluid or air operated amplifier that converts the variations in the length of the sensitive member into the length of the driving section.

EFFECT: improved structure and enhanced sensitivity.

11 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: valving.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises housing with axial inlet, flowing section, axial outlet, and passages for supplying and discharging cooling air. The housing receives central chamber provided with prechamber and mounted on the shelves. The central chamber receive sleeve valve and mechanism for moving the sleeve valve. The mechanism is made of a rack and pinion. The rack is secured to the rod of the sleeve valve and is shifted with respect to the axis of the pinion by the value of the radius of the dividing circumference. The pinion is rigidly connected with the shaft of the driving mechanism. The shaft of the driving mechanism is set in the detachable support. The support is connected with the inner side of the central chamber. The load-bearing pins and temporary bushing perpendicular to the pins are mounted in the plane of the pinion axis. The housing inside the flowing part is provided with the outer shield. The central chamber has inner shield. The shaft of the driving mechanism is set in the bushing-bearings in the detachable support. The support is flexibly connected with the inner surface of the central chamber through the flat springs. The housing receives additional pins. The pins are locked inside the housing and are movably connected with the central chamber. The mechanism for moving the rack-pinion is provided with the adjusting plate. A part of the outer shield in the flowing section can reciprocate. The inner shield in the central chamber is multi-layered.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability and expanded functional capabilities.

3 cl, 9 dwg

Safety valve // 2516060

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to pipeline valves and is designed to protect tanks against excessive pressure. A safety valve comprises a body, a safety valve cap with a hole and a piston unit of equilibrium pressure. The body is fitted with external thread to be connected to another body having a pressurised chamber by means of a threaded joint. The safety valve cap with the hole is connected to the body by a threaded joint with the inner thread of the body. The safety valve cap comprises a shutoff surface. The piston unit of equilibrium pressure, at least partially, forms a pressure-tight chamber of equilibrium pressure. The piston unit of equilibrium pressure comprises an opening which, as per the fluid medium, joins the equilibrium pressure chamber with the pressurised chamber. The piston unit of equilibrium pressure is made so that to be able of sliding travelling inside the body in relation to the safety valve cap and the shutoff surface to control the flow of fluid medium between the pressurised chamber and the safety valve cap. Design version of the safety valve is proposed.

EFFECT: enhanced operating reliability of safety valves.

19 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: device includes a threaded ring having the first turn of thread with thread axis, enveloping the body and supported from the body surface, and additionally, it includes a fastening element having the second turn of thread engaged with the first turn of thread. Fastening element has the possibility of being rotated about the thread axis relative to threaded ring till support surface is borne against the body and the body turns out to be pressed between support surface and threaded ring. Threaded ring ends at some pre-determined distance to the support surface.

EFFECT: reliable fixation of a control element on the body.

9 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to piping accessories and can be used for pipelines shut-off of different purposes, through which it is transported liquid medium or gas. Closure system or pipelines shut-off of contains through casing with expansion and flexible sluice. Expansion of casing is implemented in the form of pipe bend, installed crosswise casing. In the capacity of sluice it is installed damped and fixed by ends bend of flexible elastic hose pipe so, that flow passage of casing intersects pipe bend in middle part from the side of major radius of band surface. Ratio of dimensions of casing and band of pipe are selected from the condition, in which flow passage of the device in open position is more or equal to section of connected pipes.

EFFECT: reduction of hydraulic friction and for design simplification of closure system.

3 dwg

Hose valve // 2299374

FIELD: valving systems.

SUBSTANCE: hose valve comprises housing provided with through hose. The housing with the through hose is bent. The top part of the bend is provided with connecting pipe for supplying liquid or gas. The through hose is mounted in the housing and represents a valving member. The sizes of the branch pipe flow area are limited by the plane tangent to the axis of the housing at the bend point thus allowing the hose to be pressed out from the wall within the opening of the branch pipe from the top point of the bend up to the overlapping of the flow area.

EFFECT: simplified structure and enhanced reliability.

4 dwg

Hose valve // 2299373

FIELD: valving systems.

SUBSTANCE: hose valve comprises housing with the flowing hose and pinching device. The housing is provided with a cylindrical section of greater diameter. The pinching device is made of dummy pinched hose whose diameter is larger than that of the flowing hose. The pinched hose is mounted in the cylindrical section of the housing. The pinched hose is mounted in the housing expansion parallel or at an angle to the flowing hose and is connected with the inlet and outlet of the flowing housing through the branch pipes that can be pinched. According to the second version, the pinching device is made of two dummy hoses that are mounted from both side of the flowing hose. According to the third version, the housing provided with the flowing hose is bend .

EFFECT: prolonged service life and enhanced reliability.

10 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: valving.

SUBSTANCE: inserted radiator valve with connecting member comprises housing and seal zone for sealing the region of the connection with the supplying or discharging connecting pipe. The seal zone is made of the first radial inner seal that acts inside and the second radial outer seal that acts from outside. The first seal and the second seal are interconnected through the opening provided in the housing.

EFFECT: enhanced functional capabilities.

10 cl, 3 dwg

Filter // 2244201

FIELD: valving.

SUBSTANCE: filter has housing ,provided with the internal space, with inlet and outlet openings, and lid. The housing receives filtering member.

EFFECT: enhance reliability.

1 dwg

The invention relates to a valve, in particular an embedded valve body and valve box, screwed into the casing and including a connecting profile for element

Control valve // 2036506
The invention relates to the field of valve industry

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engine building and can be used in piston-type aircraft and automotive ICEs. The proposed ICE exhaust valve comprises a stem with a tip, an umbrella-like heat with stiffening ribs, their number not exceeding eight. Note that the rib has a chamfer to horizontal surface not exceeding 20°. The valve is cast in vacuum in heated ceramic molds with the further thermal treatment in the protective gas atmosphere at 1200°+20°C for, at least, 4.5 hours, mechanically processed and coated thereafter. The invention comprises the alloy composition used in the valve production.

EFFECT: ease of manufacture, better manufacturability, smaller labour input, higher valve reliability, wear resistance, longer life, optimum weight.

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