Method of operation of hydro-electric turbine system

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises the following steps: place a turbine 12 on the seabed in a zone of a reservoir prone to tidal actions; lay an electrical cable for transferring electrical energy from the turbine 12 to a remote location; provide the possibility of rotation of the turbine 12 and the generation of electrical energy due to the energy of the tidal flow of water passing through the turbine 12; and before electric connection of the cable to the turbine 12 absorb electric energy by the load unit 16. The unit 16 is electrically connected to the turbine 12. The unit 16 is installed in the hydro-electric turbine system 10.

EFFECT: simplification of installation of the hydro-electric turbine system in the reservoir prone to tidal actions.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric power station at water flow in cut-off basin with natural or artificial water head contains eddies in cylindrical basin and central neck of discharge outlet. With forced water flow along horizontal plane cylindrical basin 1 contains along the axis accelerator 2 with blasting chamber 3 on the one side and spreader 6 on the other side. Spread flow is directed between two side oval abutments 4 at turbine blade 5 with horizontal axis of rotation, which is installed at edge of spreader 6. Rotation of turbine 5 is transferred to gearbox 7 and generator 8. Gearbox 7 and generator 8 are located outside basin 1. Spreader 6 spreads flow into two sleeves and directs them to two lateral sides of basin 1. Then flow turns around oval abutments 4 and then directed to jet of accelerator 2.

EFFECT: device allows creation of completely independent power generation plant that does not require dam or derivational water heads and location in direct vicinity to rivers; it allows use of pressure derivation of natural water flow.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: method for generating electric energy on closed water current with forced acceleration consists in the fact that in the cylinder of single unit the water current is accelerated in forced way with blast wave creating vertical closed flow head acting on hydraulic turbine blades. Complexes are composed of single units and arranged in closed circular reservoirs which are filled with water. Guide cone is installed in the centre of each cylinder. Blasting chambers are arranged outside the reservoir housing.

EFFECT: providing the possibility of constructing hydroelectric power stations operating according to this method, in workshop conditions and supplying them ready for use to consumer.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to control facilities for automatic gearshift on bicycle when fluid pressure changes which operates when angular velocity changes with subsequent connecting auxiliary force from bushing of rotating wheel for rear gear selector operation. Spring-loaded control link (9) is rotated by bushing (8) of front wheel and is connected with device for shifting control link (9) depending on increase or decrease of bicycle speed. The device for shifting control link (9) contains circular screw (21) which is fixed relative to axis of the front wheel and circular channel (22) which is attached to control link (9). Circular screw (21) enters with gap into circular channel (22) with high-viscosity substance (23). Equilibrium of the link (9) between butt ends of half couplings (10, 11) is provided by spring and pressure of high-viscosity substance (23) which is charged by circular screw (21). When motion speed increases the pressure of charged substance (23) also increases, and the link (9) joins with threaded half clutch (11) movable on threaded axis section (7). Subsequent displacement of threaded half clutch (11) along axis (7) via cable (6) controls rear selector to switch chain from large sprocket to smaller sprocket. When motion speed decreases the pressure of charged substance (23) also decreases and the link (9) joins with reverse half clutch (10) which rotates threaded half clutch (11) in reverse direction via ball-type satellites (14). As a result of reverse displacement along axis (7), threaded half clutch (11) via cable (6) controls rear selector to switch chain from smaller sprocket to larger sprocket.

EFFECT: design simplification and dimensions and weight reduction.

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FIELD: physics; measuring.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns water-power engineering field, namely to methods of determination of rates of flux of a fluid in pipelines of major diameters of hydroelectric power stations at Reynolds numbers Re>>1x106. The first method lies in determination of local quantities of velocities of a stream on radiuses of traversal section of the pipeline. Break traversal section of the pipeline into 3-8 ring segments of equal volumes at their warrants. Then spot areas of their foundation beds and calculate co-ordinate x0 of points of measuring concerning centre of section of the pipeline on the basis of the Nikuradze power law In points x0 erect hydrometric revolving objects, measure medial velocity of a stream in each segment and count the full rate of flux. According to the second method, radiate an impulse under an acute angle "α" to a direction of a motion of a stream on a chord of traversal section of the pipeline ultrasonic. Then measure time its passages to direct and return directions also spot medial velocities of a stream on a stream chord. On the basis of the Nikuradze power law gain a distribution function of medial quantities of velocities on chords and spot weight coefficients. Determine the total of weight coefficients equal unity. Measure medial velocity of a stream on corresponding chords and calculate the fluid rate of flux.

EFFECT: raising accuracy of measurings on quantity to 10%.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to water-power engineering and can be used in construction of mobile water power stations. The proposed floating power-generating set incorporates turbines representing the bodies of revolution furnished with the elements regularly arranged on their side surfaces and being in semisubmerged condition in water flow, the said elements being coupled by a flexible joint. Note also that the proposed set comprises a riverbed anchor and a generator fitted on the said flexible joint and linked up with the riverbed anchor with the help of flexible link. The said riverbed anchor transmits, via a flexible cable, generated electric power to loads. Note that the floating turbines are coupled in pairs and arranged cascade-like along the flow and can align themselves relative to the water flow.

EFFECT: exploiting the energy of top water flows without shutting-off water flow section.

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FIELD: hydropower engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind and water power engineering and may be used both in wind engines and as a propelling device on a mobile platform. A turbine comprising a vertical rotation shaft, horizontal supports being rigidly attached to the shaft and arranged in a row in least two directions around the shaft and fitted longwise with blades that are arranged about vertical axes, mounted to the supports and capable of turning limited by fixing devices. The turbine is equipped with radial horizontal masts, rigidly connecting the supports to the shaft, and sails, the upper part of which is attached to the masts and capable of turning, while the range of turning is limited with two adjustable stops. The supports are attached to the masts at a straight or an obtuse angle oppositely to the rotation direction. The blades have the form of a tubular member made of a flexible material, fitted snugly over a vertical reinforced axis and a vertical hard edge, that is detached from the axis by spring-loaded elements. The sails may have the form of tubular members made of an elastic material and fitted snugly and incapable of axial displacement about a horizontal reinforced axis being capable of rotating about the mast and a horizontal hard edge being detached from the axis by spring-loaded elements. The turbine maybe fitted with at least one additional row of masts with supports, wherein the masts of adjacent rows are offset in a circumferential direction and a build-up shaft is used being capable of adjustable changing its height.

EFFECT: stable and energy efficient operation at high speeds and gusts of wind.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems of power generation using sea currents. Proposed system contains body of revolution with front inlet side and rear outlet side, at least one transmission member connecting inlet side with generator. Body of revolution has conical and/or bulb-shaped section changing in direction of inlet side from cylindrical narrow section and conical and/or flat section passing in opposite direction from outlet side. Narrow section of body of revolution is provided with turbine blades, arranged over circumference and equally space, designed to provide rotation of body of revolution whose front end is connected to transmission member and serves to transmit rotation to generator. Inner surface of external wall of body of revolution contains blades arranged over circumference and designed to eliminate friction created by liquid inside body of revolution.

EFFECT: increased efficiency at relatively low expenses.

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FIELD: oil producing industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed osmotic power plant is designed for transfer of highly mineralized waters, for instance, associated waters at oil and gas production. Plant contains reservoir, diaphragm device made in form of set of modules of hollow-fiber type, pump for delivering highly mineralized solution to diaphragm device with hydraulic system piping with shutoff-and-regulating valves and pipeline to deliver fresh water or low mineralized solution. Reservoir is essentially pressure reservoir with drain and inlet branch pipes and outlet branch pipe connected to pump included into unit of turbopump converter consisting also of starting mechanism, matching reducer and turbine connected to diaphragm device and external pipeline.

EFFECT: enlarged operating capabilities.

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Water engine // 2224134
The invention relates to engine and can be used in various industries, can be used as a source of energy supply in isolated, remote from the centralized power supply of objects in a location where there are conditions for engine operation

The invention relates to the field of power engineering, namely to clean energy installations, working from hydrostatic pressure source

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: conveyor-type hydraulic power station contains guide channel, actuating device with flexible element in form of closed chain-drive comprising connected with each other links-carriages with blade units, each contains symmetrical blade pairs. The guide channel contains main and secondary channel, its output is equipped with shutter. Each channel is divided to the contraction, work and diffuser parts. Each blades pair includes vertically oriented small and large blades. Large blades are secured on axles provided with rollers, and small blades are connected with each other and with large blades by means of the horizontally oriented arc-like jumper-blade. At that if the guide channel contains one secondary channel, then the later is located above the actuating device, and if several secondary channels, then they are arranged along the main channel from both sides. The secondary channels are connected with each other and with main channel by means of the tapering branches and windows equipped with shutters and guide partitions that guide the flow to the main channel and installed before the windows inside the main channel at angle to the casing.

EFFECT: increased power of hydraulic power station.

3 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a device for generation of energy from fluid medium and to a blade used in it, and can be used in particular in wind generators. A blade for the device for energy generation from fluid medium includes a guide surface inside which fluid medium shall move to rotate the blade about rotation axis Xo that together with axes Yo, Zo forms an orthogonal system of coordinates Xo, Yo, Zo. The above blade is restricted with front edge (4) and rear edge (5), constricted between front edge (4) and rear edge (5) and passes along midline (10). Projection of midline (10) onto plane Xo, Yo has the first curvature. Plane Xo, Yo is formed with a possibility of containing midline (10) at front edge (4).

EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at improvement of output power of an energy generation device.

15 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydropower engineering, namely to hydroelectric power plants. A run-of-river hydroelectric power plant 2 is installed on a basement 26 and contains several rigid, water-tight housings 6 with an elliptic cross section fitted with turbine modules 8 arranged with a possibility of transmission of rotation from shafts 13 enclosed by a ring 27, turbines 12 through free-wheeling clutches 14 to the common shaft 15 passing through an onshore well 21 with the ground river water circulating in it through a reducer 16 to the rotor shaft of an electric generator 17 installed on the shore 3. In each turbine module 8 the plane of rotation of the turbine 12 blades is inclined at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the flow 1, in the zone of the hub 18 of the turbine 12 to which blades are fastened. On a guiding lattice 11 located upstream the turbine 12 a cone-shaped body 25 is installed with the top oriented upstream. From the back side on the hub 18 of the turbine 12 a hemispherical body 19 is installed. Upstream and downstream the turbine module 8 a shutoff device 7 is installed.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at providing of extraction of the maximum possible part of kinetic energy of water, which freely flows in the river, for its conversion into electric power.

21 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic power engineering. The hydro-electric power plant contains frame-mounted 6 hydraulic turbine 1 designed with a possibility of rotation around a horizontal axis, kinematically connected with the electric generator 2, the flow shaper 5 designed as a confusor interconnected with the working channel where the hydraulic turbine 1, the anchor device, ballast vessel 11 and a guidance blade are located. In the plant the even number of hydraulic turbines 1 is used which are located symmetrically with reference to the longitudinal axis 22 of the unit along which axes of their rotation are aligned. The turbines 1 are rotated in opposite directions. The lower plane of the flow shaper 5 is placed horizontally. The ends of rods 7 of the anchor device fastened to the rope 8 interconnected with the anchor 9 are fixed on the slides 16 installed with a possibility of reciprocating movement along the stands 14 which are rigidly fixed on each side installations at its front end. The guidance blade is designed as two plates 13 fixed on the frame 6 on each side of the unit at its back end out of the hydrodynamic shadow of the flow shaper 5. Total length of the rope 8 and rods 7 exceeds the water area depth at the unit location.

EFFECT: invention provides reliable positioning of the device in the horizontal plane, at its placement without "sitting" to the water area bottom.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: unit contains the bladed wheel immersed into the water flow under the river ice cover. The wheel by means of the shaft installed in the cylindrical housing on bearings is kinematically connected with the generator. The housing is fixed in a vertical position in the ice cover in such a way that its top part together with the generator is located above the ice cover surface. The top part of the housing is designed with formation of adjusting disk to which the generator is attached. The unit also comprises a base board with longitudinal rectangular cut in the middle, and two supports. The base board length is greater than the ice-hole length along the direction of the water flow in the river. By means of two longitudinal and transversal surfaces of the cut the board is able to interact with the external surface of the housing. Supports are able to interact with the base board and the adjusting disk and are placed perpendicular to the axis of symmetry of the basic board.

EFFECT: creation of the simple hydro-electric power plant with a possibility of its use for power generation utilising the energy of hydraulic flow of the river covered with ice.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Power plant // 2552589

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: power plant relates to the field of small power, namely to plants using energy of river flow. A power plant comprises a body, a hydraulic engine 27 is installed in it with a working element, a power generator 18, installed above the hydraulic engine 27. The working element is installed as capable of interaction with the water flow arriving via the receiving inlet into the working zone of the body, leaving it and being captured by the river flow, increasing the speed of flow outlet. The plant is equipped with a freewheeling clutch 29 and a wind engine 28 installed in series in a row above a power generator 18 and a hydraulic engine 27. Working elements of the hydraulic engine 27 are made as assembled from radial blades installed on axes between support rings mounted on the shaft by means of spikes. Blades are made as capable of rotation on axes to limiters and automatic installation into working and non-working position by the fluid flow. The wind engine 28 is made as acting similarly to the hydraulic engine 27. The plant is made as capable of rotation in the bearing installed on the head. The head is installed on the plant as fixed.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at provision of the possibility of continuous operation of a power plant.

5 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic power plants and methods of power production. The main element of the hydraulic power plant is aerodynamic surface in the form of a wing, in the body of which there is a channel that connects opposite surfaces of a wing. Water sucked into this channel rotates the turbine and the power generator connected to it. The plant may be stationary or mobile.

EFFECT: design improvement.

9 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in hydraulic power industry as an energy conversion device of a gravity water flow to electrical energy. A damless hydro-electric power plant includes a blade wheel and a housing installed on a support. The central vertical part of the housing is made in the form of a hollow sealed cylinder filled with water or air when necessary. The horizontal part of the housing, which is rigidly attached to a cylinder, represents a truss, on which there arranged is an annular track for support rollers of a bladed wheel, a bladed wheel rotated about the hollow cylinder, a support of driven sprocket 6 of the first stage of a kinematic circuit for transmission of revolutions from the bladed wheel to an electrical energy generator, side enclosures functionally performing a role of input and output diffusers A, B.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of an efficiency factor, simplification of a design and increase of unit power.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: method of flowing medium energy utilisation involves guiding a fluid medium flow to diffuser 11 where the flow is accelerated and then fed to duct 3 where it is additionally accelerated due to gradual duct 3 cross-section reduction, further conversion of kinetic flow energy into mechanical power by guiding the flow to at least one work wheel 5 with blades 6, installed in the duct 3, and further deceleration of the flow. Blades 6 of the work wheel 5 are tapered in width from inlet towards the outlet edge, side surface of the blades is convex, and outlet edge is shifted against inlet edge.

EFFECT: increased flowing medium energy utilisation rate.

7 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to flow energy converters located along it and taking hydraulic energy at the distance determined by the converter length. A mini hydro-electric power plant includes a screw consisting of a cylinder with blades on its surface. The cylinder is connected to the generator and located along a water flow. The blades are made in the form of several pipes uniformly located along the cylinder surface along a helicoid line. A confuser with maximum cone diameter equal to the cylinder diameter and a diffuser the minimum diameter of which is equal to a sum of the cylinder diameter and two diameters of pipes at their inlet are connected to the cylinder. Outlet ends of the pipes are provided with tips installed at a tangent to cylindrical surface.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at increase of efficiency and specific output power owing to increasing the effect of obtaining higher pressure from a moving flow and simultaneous use of a jet component of the flow.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Hydraulic unit // 2534642

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic unit for removal of energy from wave movement. Automatic adjustable hydraulic unit 200 for conversion of wave energy includes pump 201 intended for fluid medium pumping through hydraulic unit 200. Pump 201 has housing 202 forming chamber 203 and piston 207 allowing separation of chamber 203 into working compartment 208 and blind compartment 209. A provision is made for an activating element that is connected to piston 207. The inlet hole is interconnected with working compartment 208 of chamber 203 so that a provision of fluid medium flowing from the inlet hole to working compartment 208 of chamber 203 is provided. The outlet hole is interconnected with working compartment 208 of chamber 203 so that a possibility of fluid medium flowing from working compartment 208 of chamber 203 to the outlet hole is provided. A provision is made for a hydraulic control device having a possibility of control of pump 201 by controlling the fluid medium pressure at the inlet hole and the outlet hole so that optimisation of pump 201 output power as a response to tidal variations and/or sea state is provided. Control of the fluid medium pressure at the inlet hole and the outlet hole is performed in compliance with a control algorithm.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at achievement of higher volumes of production at lower costs.

21 cl, 12 dwg