Safety locking device with locking mechanism of valve plate

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a valve body (112), a valve seat (120) located between the inlet and outlet, a return rod (136) moving between the retracted and the reduced position. The valve plate support (160) comprises a threaded rod and is connected to a return rod (136). The valve plate (122) interacts with a support rod and is made with the ability to move in response to the movement of the valve plate support (160) between the open position and the second closed position in which the valve plate (122) is adjacent to the valve seat (120). A threaded nut (206, 208) attached to the threaded part of the rod of the valve plate support (160), also, a locking spring (210), protected by a threaded nut (206, 208), is disposed on the rod of the valve plate support (160). The locking spring (210) applies a biasing force to the valve plate (122). Versions of the device and method of stopping the valve plate are described.

EFFECT: increase the reliability.

18 cl, 9 dwg



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Control device // 2498137

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: operating in different modes by independent drives. Control device comprises a slide damper with moving blades coupled through a connecting gear with a drive of passive operating principle, the drive casing is fitted by an actuator with a stem. The device is also equipped by a drive of active operating principle which is coupled with a connecting gear through a clutch. Each of half-clutches of the latter is capable of free rotation in relation to the other one at the angle less than 360. One half-clutch is connected to the shaft of the drive of active operating principle. The other half-clutch is connected to the shaft of connecting gear. An intermediate load-bearing element is set in-between the stem and the connecting gear. Besides, the intermediate load-bearing element is made as a precompressed spring and the drive of active operating principle - as an electric drive.

EFFECT: invention allows for enhancing reliabiliy and safety of control unit of passive heat removal system and of reactor facility on the whole.

3 cl, 7 dwg

Locking device // 2454585

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: radial threaded hole and annular groove is made in housing of the device, and threaded sealing cup, housing of actuator with control levers, with protective sleeve and stock are installed. Stock is connected to plunger through trapezoidal slot. Rectangular slot is made on external surface of plunger, and inner spherical segment is made on the end. Annular tight chambers are located on one side in housing channel, restricted with inner diameter of channel and external surface of support sleeve. Sealed spherical segment is made on the end of support sleeve. Cross-over sleeve with tight chamber and ribs is installed on opposite side through projection in housing groove. Seats are made on ribs. The appropriate seats are arranged in housing groove and pins are installed, and end of cross-over sleeve is provided with spherical surface and projection. Sphere is located between support and cross-over sleeves. Tight chamber is made in sphere. Projection of cross-over sleeve interacts with plunger through rectangular slot, and sphere interacts with inner spherical segment of plunger at rotation of control levers so that sphere can interact with sealed spherical segment of support sleeve with possibility both of forced shutoff of inlet channel of hydraulic connection, and interaction of sphere with spherical surface of cross-over sleeve or with sealed spherical segment of support sleeve when direction of pumped medium flow changes to close or open the channels of hydraulic connection in automatic mode at operation of the locking device. For convenience of assembly and removal of the locking device the central channel of hydraulic connection is eccentric relative to housing axis.

EFFECT: improving reliability, reducing element base of the device design, enlarging service life, reducing hydroabrasive wear and improving corrosion resistance.

2 cl, 6 dwg

Locking device // 2447343

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: locking device comprises a casing, a ring in a casing bore with a sealed conical surface, a plug with an appropriate sealing surface, an eccentric drive, a bypass bushing. A sleeve is screwed in the casing via a radial threaded bore and an end seal in a circular groove and is fixed in the casing bore by pins. In the sleeve there is a chamber at one side, and a threaded hole, a seat with cylindrical and conical surfaces and an external thread at the opposite side. In the sleeve chamber there is a plunger connected with a drive bushing and a screw with the left thread, at the opposite side in the seat - a threaded sealing bushing with cylindrical and conical surfaces, a screw with the right tubular cylindrical thread, a press ring and a captive nut. The drive bushing via the left thread interacts with the left thread of the screw, and via the right tubular cylindrical thread the screw interacts with appropriate threads in the opening of the sleeve and in the sealing bushing, at the plunger's end there is a conical bore and a channel for hydraulic connection in the sleeve chamber, and on the external surface of the plunger there is a ball segment crossing with the conical bore, and a slot open at the end of the drive bushing, a slot of the appropriate section and rated length is provided in the sleeve chamber, balls are placed in slots. At the same time in the central bores of the casing there are circular grooves, and the following components installed with appropriate grooves - a support bushing with a sealed spherical surface and an inlet channel at one side, and at the opposite side - a bushing with guide surfaces at the end and with an appropriate output channel, forming tight chambers between circular grooves, besides, the stop element is made in the form of a hollow ball, weight of which is equal to or less than the weight of the displaced liquid as capable of displacement along guide surfaces of the bushing and interaction with the ball segment of the plunger for forced closure of the inlet channel of the support bushing via its sealed spherical surface during the right rotation of the screw by levers of control and opening of the inlet channel under action of the pumped liquid flow movement during the left rotation of the screw and arrangement of the hollow ball in the sleeve chamber, and also with the capability to both close the inlet channel of the support bushing and to partially close the inlet and outlet channels of the support and guide bushings in the automatic mode, when the pumped liquid flow is limited by the rated left or right quantity of screw rotations for arrangement of the hollow ball in the conical bore at the plunger's end under action of the liquid flow movement direction change in case of pressure drops upstream and downstream the locking device. To adjust tightness of the screw with the right tubular cylindrical thread by a sealing bushing with the right internal tubular cylindrical thread there is a slot in a protective bushing, an appropriate slot is made in a protective jacket, and screw tightness is adjusted via slots with a captive nut through the press ring.

EFFECT: improvement of device operational reliability.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: equipment of flying vehicle fuel systems.

SUBSTANCE: proposed vent valve has hollow body where shut-off needle with spherical shut-off member, plate-type valve and detachable plug are mounted. Shut-off needle is provided with hold-down bush connected with body by means of threaded joint; this bush has axial passage for escape of gas being vented and side passages in lower part which are brought into communicated with axial passage. Fitted in body through sealing gasket is plate-type valve having hold-down surface in lower part and tail-piece in upper part. Mounted in widened part of body is additional hold-down bush which has axial cavity with site for wrench in upper part and hole for tail-piece of plate-type valve in lower part. Vent passage is closed with detachable plug.

EFFECT: enhanced tightness of valve.

2 cl, 6 dwg

The invention relates to the field of instrumentation and can be used as actuator shut-off valve in household gas meters on the housing and public utilities

The invention relates to safety devices installed on pipelines

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: valve seat is suggested for use with valves for fluids. Valve seat (302) contains ring (302) of valve seat, sealing assembly (422) and lock (424). Valve seat ring (302) has external surface (402) containing the first round groove (414) and second round groove (416) located near the first round groove (414) to form the step profile (418). Sealing assembly (422) is located in the first round groove (414), and lock (424) is located in the second round groove (416) and holds the sealing assembly (422). The valve seat interacts with socket (314) and valve body (304). If the valve stock (318) moves by the drive, the lock element (316) can open or close the hole (322) in the socket (314) to ensure possibility of flowing of flow termination between the input hole (308) and output hole (310).

EFFECT: improved design.

21 cl, 9 dwg

Fuelling valve // 2554673

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: fuelling valve contains a body with installed in it supply union, seat in contact with gate, flywheel for the thread rod rotation, channel for medium output. Nut secured on the valve body is made with grooves. In grooves through the fluoroplastic cuffs the resilient rings sealing the stock are installed. From one side the valve interacts via the fluoroplastic seal with the seat, and from the other side - via the pin with thread rod. The valve is equipped with the visual pressure monitoring device, its cavity is connected with the device cavity. Between the casing and cover of the visual pressure monitoring device the spring-loaded stock is installed, it interacts with the stop in top position from one side, and with washer from another side. Between the washer and base of the stock the membrane is located, it along the outside diameter is pressed by the cover and casing of the visual pressure monitoring device. Top tip of the spring-loaded stock upon pressure presence in the internal cavity of the valve projects beyond the cover end ensuring visual monitoring of the pressure presence.

EFFECT: increased reliability, durability and easy operation due to reduced friction coefficient at the stock seal, not requiring tensioning during operation, and implementation of the visual pressure monitoring device in internal cavity.

2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed invention describes a coaxial valve (10) comprising a casing (11) with an inlet (12) and at least one outlet (14) for the medium (15) passed through the coaxial valve (10). A tubular shut-off member is installed in the valve casing (11) and can travel in its longitudinal direction, it interacts with the inlet (12) and the outlet (14) so that the medium (15) passes through the tubular shut-off member when the coaxial valve (10) is open. At least one valve seat present inside the valve casing has a supporting surface, the tubular shut-off member interacts with the supporting surface of the valve seat in one of its extreme axial positions closing the coaxial valve (10). A control device provides for travelling of the tubular shut-off member between its extreme positions. The supporting surface of the valve seat is formed on a replaceable sealing element (22) installed in the valve casing (11) hole (19) passing essentially across the longitudinal direction.

EFFECT: improved design.

21 cl, 5 dwg

Safety plug // 2552769

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means for sealing bottles, but can be used for sealing other containers for liquid and bulk products. The safety plug 1 is mounted on the bottle 2 with an annular projection 3, radial ribs 4. The safety plug 1 consists of a depositing funnel 5 with a pipe 6, a lid 7 with a retainer 8, a metal cap 9, a gasket 10 with a seat 11, a valve 12. The seat 11 has elastic elements 13 limiting the channels 14 when the valve is open. The conical surface 17 of the valve disc deforms the elastic elements 13 and closes the channels 14. When opening the bottle 2 the lid 7 is removed, the elastic elements 13 lift the valve 12 and the pressure above and below the valve 12 is aligned.

EFFECT: improvement of sealing.

2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to valve engineering and is designed to shut off flow passage of pipelines operated under high working pressures. A valve comprises a circular casing (101) with a throttle flap (102) and a ring metal gasket set in-between and placed in a saddle formed in one of the said elements while the other forms a seat (102) inclined in respect to the gasket axis. The side surface of a dynamic sealing element (12) of the gasket is in contact with the seat (102) in the closed position of the valve. The dynamic sealing element (12) of the gasket is connected to a resilient static sealing element clamped in the saddle, by a flexible sheet. The dynamic sealing element (12) comprises the first part on the side of the static sealing element contacting with the saddle, and the second part on the side of the seat (102) where a gap between the saddle and the main surfaces of the dynamic sealing element is provided when the dynamic sealing element is distanced from the seat (102). The flexible sheet comprises two branches with a ring in-between. There is a gap between the ring and each of the branches when the gasket is not affected by the pressure in the direction of its axis.

EFFECT: increased reliability of valve operation.

11 cl, 14 dwg

Percussion assembly // 2548227

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: percussion assembly contains casing with two channels for work medium entry, each of them is connected with one channel of work medium output via the installed shock valves installed on stocks. Between each shock valve and casing the return spring is installed. In work medium output channel the adjustment screw is installed brought-out to the casing outside surface. In work medium output channel two sylphons are installed, they are connected via stocks with the shock valves. The sylphons are hydraulically connected with each other via the f-shape branch pipe, its free end is brought-out from the casing and plugged with the piston connected with the adjustment screw. The forces of the return springs are made different.

EFFECT: increased operation reliability of the device and simplified design upon decreasing of the materials consumption, ergonomic implementation of the stroke frequency and amplitude control gear of the shock valves.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of valve industry and is intended for connection of the valve plug tip with a bearing element. The valve plug assembly contains a bearing element and a plug tip. The bearing element contains the housing with the first and the second end and the first conjugate element, located in an axial direction, contacting with the first end. The first conjugate element has a threaded section. The bearing element is made from metal. The plug tip is designed from ceramic material. The plug tip contains the first end and the second end opposite to the first end. The plug tip contains the second conjugate element contacting with the second end. The second conjugate element has a threaded section. The threaded section of the first conjugate element interacts with the threaded section of the second conjugate element. The glue sticks together, at least, a part of the threaded section of the first conjugate element with, at least, a part of the threaded section of the second conjugate element to fix the ceramic plug tip on the bearing element. The method of mounting of the valve plug assembly is available, as well as a hydraulic control with the named valve plug assembly.

EFFECT: group of the inventions is aimed at simplification of manufacture of the valve plug assembly due to decrease of glue solidification temperature and avoidance of heat treatment of the metal bearing element.

20 cl, 5 dwg

Sliding shutter // 2545254

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: in shutter the outside thread bush engages with top section of the spindle when the separating screw enters the spline section of the spindle. The internal thread bush engages with bottom thread section of the spindle when the separating screw enters the spindle groove; on the casing cover via the sleeve with installed separating screw the bearing body with support bearings is secured, in the bearings the outside thread bush is installed. The shutter is equipped with the limiting screw installed transverse to the bottom thread section of the spindle and resting against the slider limiter during the shutter closing, with outside stroke limiter installed on the top thread section of the spindle and resting against end of the outside thread bush during the shutter closing, and with internal stroke limiter installed on the lower thread section of the spindle and resting against end of the slider during the shutter opening.

EFFECT: improved reliability of the drive design, easy control with simultaneous decreasing of weight and size, price of the shutter.

3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to transport machine-building industry, and namely to valve units of an automobile. The valve unit includes a valve closing element driven by means of the valve element with regard to the valve seat for opening or closing of a cross-section of the flow for working medium to an opening or closing position. The valve closing element is connected to the valve element by means of the cardan joint so that the valve closing element can be spatially turned relative to the valve element.

EFFECT: achievement of reduction of valve wear and improvement of valve operation due to reduction of deformation of the valve closing element and seat.

5 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: inventions group relates to valves manufacturing and is intended for use as the obturator valve for pipes connection. Valve 1 contains at least one body with throughput passage, obturator 16 secured in rest position against the slot 14 under action of the first force created by preloading device 38. The obturator rotation device 28 is made with the possibility of the obturator rotation between the opened position of the valve 1 for the flowing medium passage and closed position to stop of the flowing medium pasasage. Device 26, 40 for the obturator 16 straight movement from the first position against the slot 14 to the second position where clearance j1 is created between the obturator 16 and slot 14. This device 26, 40 for the straight movement is made with the possibility of the obturator 16 straight movement independently from this obturator 16 rotary traverse. The device 28 for the obturator 16 rotation is made with the possibility of the obturator 16 rotation independently from the obturator 16 straight movement. There is device for pipes connection and method of pipes connection with such obturator valve.

EFFECT: increasing reliability of the pipes connecting device.

17 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: control valve has steam box with a lid.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

3 dwg

Radiator valve // 2245473

FIELD: heat supply systems.

SUBSTANCE: radiator valve has valve with a seat which forms an opening closed with the valving member which abuts against the seat in the closed position along the closing line which consists of sections which form closed broken line and has at least one radial section projecting from the larger radius toward the center of the opening. The outer edge of the closing line are provided with hollows which form a free space in the closed position of the valving member.

EFFECT: enhanced flow rate through the valve.

10 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: arrangements for cutting-off.

SUBSTANCE: valve has housing. The housing receives heat-reflecting member which moves between the first and second position. In the first position, the heat-reflecting member overlaps open sealing surface of the soft seal. In the second position, the heat-reflecting member does not close the open sealing surface of the soft seal and allows the open sealing surface of the soft seal to be in a gas-tight contact with the sealing surface of the closure member pressed to it. The heat-reflecting member has internal cooling circuit and made of a ring. The ring is mounted for rotation around the axis of rotation between the first and second position. The axis of rotation of the heat-reflecting member is parallel to the central axis and at a distance from the seat side.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency at high temperatures.

15 dwg

Regulating valve // 2249741

FIELD: manufacture of fittings.

SUBSTANCE: proposed valve has body with inlet, outlet and main holes and regulating member made in form of piston connected with rod; piston moves in main hole which is coaxial with it. Mounted in end bore of body coaxially to piston is permeable member made in form of ring consisting of several washers with diameter of inner hole equal to diameter of main hole. Said washers are provided with tight circular gasket whose diameter is equal to external diameter; these gaskets are laid in between washers; diameter of their holes is lesser than diameter of piston by value of interference of joint "piston-gasket hole". Washers have different porosity, average diameter of pores and hydraulic resistance. Average diameter of pores reduces in axial direction towards end bore of body. Washers are made from elastic or flexible material, metal-reinforced rubber, for example.

EFFECT: extended functional capabilities; facilitated procedure of manufacture.

3 cl, 1 dwg