Food preparation device

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: food preparation device contains frame, legs connected together, tray and skewers. In this case, the frame is made as two-tier frame, with the possibility of the fixed installation along its lower perimeter of the tray, and along the upper perimeter of the movably mounted skewers. The upper and lower tiers are rigidly connected by the vertical rods protruding from the bottom out the frame level. At that the two-tier frame, legs and skewers are made of metal, and the tray is made of aluminium foil. At that the two-tier frame, legs and skewers are made of stainless steel. At that the tray is made of the aluminium foil with the thickness of 70 microns. At that the two-tier frame and the tray are rectangular. At that the two-tier frame and the tray are round. At that the tray is made disposable. At that the fixed installation along the perimeter of the aluminium tray two-tier frame is achieved due to the L-shaped rim edge made along the tray edge. At that the legs are made as folding. At that the legs are made from vertical and horizontal bars joined together. The upper pair of horizontal bars serves as the additional support for the tray. At that the legs are made removable, installed by the loops on the vertical bars, finishing at the bottom by L-shaped protuberance. At that the legs are made at obtuse angle with respect to the two-tier frame. At that the legs in the upper part are rest against the vertical bars, protruding from below, finishing by L-shaped protuberance.

EFFECT: device improvement.

13 cl, 3 dwg



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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: method of burning of fuel in the top-hat furnaces with the fuel combustion chamber and the fire grate comprises the fuel loading, ignition and burning of at the expense of primary air supplied through ash box. The movement of gases in a top-hat is performed without the pipe draft, with a possibility of accumulation of hot gases in the top part of the top-hat. Note that into the top-hat, directly into the burning zone, the secondary air is supplied. Hot gases move up, giving thermal energy to the top-hat, and cold particles of ballast gases fall down through the top-hat zones with the decreased temperature. After heating of the combustion chamber in it, below the secondary air supply, the superheated water vapour is supplied to the heated carbon thus obtaining combustible gases.

EFFECT: improving efficiency factor of furnaces and heat generators.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to steam-generating devices. A convection-type steam-generating device for bath procedures includes at least one steam generator representing a chamber including a wall heated from a heat source, and evaporation elements. The chamber has a possibility of water inlet and steam outlet, water flow via heat compartments and outlet of non-evaporated water. The heat source housing is provided with a convector. The convector surface forms a steam generator wall arranged above the evaporation elements, which are represented by inclined guides. The lower part of the steam generator has a possibility of air inlet. The heat source housing is provided with a humidifier. The steam generator has a chamber and evaporation elements. The outer wall of the chamber is arranged above the evaporation elements. The humidifier for bath procedures includes an open tank. The tank is provided with a receiver, as well as it is adjacent to the metal housing and to the lower part of the wall. The housing is provided with a convector. The receiver is arranged in the upper part of the wall and provided with a water supply duct. The cavity between the wall and the convector represents a humidifier chamber.

EFFECT: improvement of efficiency of bath procedures.

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Collapsible oven // 2533505

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: collapsible oven contains a combustion chamber with a door and a pipe. The door and the pipe are made from heat-proof fabric and attached to dismountable metal frames; the combustion chamber frame is designed in the form of a truncated triangular pyramid; the pipe frame together with the heat-proof fabric forms a cylinder; the frames of the pipe and the combustion chamber are connected via an attachment point sewn into the oven cladding and made of curved tubes attached to rings; the lower parts of the tubes are curved at the same angle as the pyramid edge corners; the door is designed in the form of a trapezium and has sizes a little more than those of the combustion chamber fire hole that is also trapezium-shaped, the door sewn into the heat-proof fabric with one of the lateral sides and the upper base.

EFFECT: food preparation in field conditions.

3 dwg

Cooking device // 2531415

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a devices for cooking food using steam. The cooking device contains a heating chamber (where food is placed and heated), a heating means (that heats food), a steam generation reservoir including a water evaporation chamber, a heat source, a heating steam generation reservoir, a water supply means delivering water into the water evaporation chamber, a supply hole for supply of steam from the water evaporation chamber, a release hole discharging into the heating chamber steam supplied from the supply hole; the buffer chamber communicating with the supply hole and the release hole is positioned between the water evaporation chamber and the heating chamber, the heat source positioned between the buffer chamber and the water evaporation chamber. Additionally, a second version of the cooking device design is provided.

EFFECT: prevention of supply of bubbling water from the evaporation chamber into the heating chamber, enhanced efficiency of heating, reduction of the size of the heat source heating the steam generation reservoir, reduction of the cooking device size, simplification of the steam generation reservoir structure and reduction of cost.

6 cl, 15 dwg

FIELD: personal demand items.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to appliances, particularly, to the devices for cooking when in field. A disposable field oven comprises a casing including: the casing wall, the casing bottom, a hole for fuel firing, air holes; the casing is made as a punched item from sheet or sheet corrugated material, the casing wall able of bending and fixing around the casing bottom is fitted by a lock latch, stoppers to hold the vessel being heated and stoppers to hold the bottom.

EFFECT: reduced volume and weight of an oven at its transportation, simplified design, lower material consumption and cost price of the oven at its production, possibility of one-time usage of the oven, including that one for heating of canned food.

1 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: collapsible stove with pots in transport position has a form of a rectangular parallelepiped and is inserted into a smaller pot, besides, on all ribs of rectangular pots there are grooves, which have a form of a segment in the cross section.

EFFECT: improved removal of remains of food cooked in a stove, reduced time for cooking food, device compactness.

7 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: multifuel heating furnace includes an axisymmetrical housing forming a combustion chamber, the design of which provides for creation of natural draft, a moving piston located in combustion chamber, and fuel supply means. Moving control piston divides the combustion chamber into above-piston and below-piston volumes and is brought into movement with external action; axisymmetrical sprayer is located inside the combustion chamber; combustion chamber design provides for stationary locations of gaseous, liquid and solid fuel supply/loading means.

EFFECT: possibility of simultaneous or alternating combustion of gaseous, liquid and solid fuel; widening control ranges of combustion processes; reducing excess consumption of fuel; reducing the percentage of unreacted hydrocarbons and other hazardous substances; reducing smoke formation in the room, furnace overheating and destruction of the flue gas duct.

7 cl, 4 dwg

Aladdin furnace // 2473843

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: furnace comprises a body, a combined hearth, an ashpit, an oven and a reservoir for boiling water. On the ashpit with a tight gate of controlled air supply there are firegrates installed of primary air and a thrust firegrate of the secondary air with lower combustion of solid fuel, in the hearth with support against the firegrate of secondary air there is a diffuser lengthy wood shaft mounted as inclined with a tight gate, into the shaft there is a tray mounted with steps - agitators of arbitrary sliding of wood pack, a round bed of the furnace is installed with support against the hearth with legs supported against the floor, into the bed there is a nozzle block mounted as guiding along the circle the gas flow arising from the hearth, into the bed on thrust bearings there is a latticed rotary table installed, at the same time the table is separated with the bed cavity by means of a circular gas channel, a table top is divided with solid detachable partitions into latticed sections-rings, onto which there are live rolls installed, on the output shaft of the table there is a conical hear installed and with transfer ratio of one to one is engaged with a gear of a manual drive of a steering wheel fixed in the bed, on the bed there is a cylindrical cap installed with a loading and unloading window for functional reservoirs and forms, on the cap there is a captive fork with the possibility of rotation to the handle of the steering wheel with stop and fixation of the table in the position of positional or carousel work, into the loading and unloading window a tight gate is mounted as capable of vertical displacement with fixation by wedging in the slot of a dovetail type, and under the window there is a shelf of the live rolls lattice, on the cap above the first position of the table ring section with highest gas temperature there is an oven installed, and on the intermediate position - a reservoir for boiling water, onto the cap, in the loading position, a stack is mounted, on the furnace body coaxially to the rotary table axis there is a plumb of the furnace plant installed.

EFFECT: even long-term burning of solid fuel, provision of complete burning of fuel in a hearth, using lengthy stocks of local solid fuel, facilitation of service personnel and furnace operation.

9 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed apparatus comprises steam generator and steam heater to produce superheated steam and heat steam in heating chamber via circulation. Heated product F is processed by heated steam fed into said chamber. Proposed apparatus exploits the following stages: first heat treatment stage whereat said product F is subjected to heat treatment in feeding electric power to steam generator higher than that fed to steam heater, and second heat treatment stage whereat heated product F is subjected to heat treatment in feeding electric power to steam generator lower than that fed to steam heater. When product temperature exceeds fat melting zone but is lower than or equal to 100C, said first stage changes over to second stage.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

13 cl, 14 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: three-pot folding stove includes pots, two-link pipe and housing consisting of three rectangular sections with possibility of being put one into another. Rectangular sections are connected by means of one rotation axis; on larger section there installed is additional detachable upper rectangular section which is connected by means of rotation axis to the pipe the links of which are connected to each other by means of rotation axis. Stove with pipe in travelling position is arranged inside three pots inserted one into another.

EFFECT: increasing the stove volume and power.

1 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compact roasters. The compact barbecue roaster for heat treatment of food products is made with the ability of connection with a gas tank and comprises a base, a combustion chamber connected to the base and comprising an open front area, a radiating gas burner located in the combustion chamber opposite the said open front area. The barbecue roaster is made folding, and it has the support elements and a removable part, which can be easily removed from the roaster as an integer by retaining them together, which enables to prevent the possibility of falling or slipping the means holding the food by moving the removable part.

EFFECT: improvement of design.

13 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: portable grill installation has a grill reservoir in front of the carrying person with an appliance for receipt of a gas cylinder behind the back of the carrying person; the grill reservoir and the gas cylinder receipt appliance are mechanically interconnected; positioned between the grill reservoir and the gas cylinder are the shoulder and the waist belts; the mechanical connection between the grill reservoir 2 and the gas cylinder receipt appliance 1, characteristically represented by a carrier element 3, is positioned between the legs of the person carrying the installation 25; the electric and/or pneumatic switching element 20 on the grill reservoir 2 and/or on the carrier element 3 and/or on the gas cylinder receipt appliance 1 are mounted so that to be actuated when they are touched and/or when a load is applied to them.

EFFECT: possibility of being carried by a single person.

7 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: tandoor with flue pipe, damper and lifting thermocover includes massive fuel combustion chamber from fire-resistant material with a hole made in its upper part for loading of food products and fuel, and heat insulation, flue pipe for removal of combustion products to flue removal pipe. Fuel combustion chamber is equipped with ash box with ash box door, lifting thermocover with a loading hole closed with a removable cover from heat-resistant glass. Fasteners are installed from below the lifting cover to fix mounted equipment. Lifting cover has the possibility of being lifted by means of lifting mechanism provided with a restraint. Flue pipe with damper is connected to fuel combustion chamber in its lower part.

EFFECT: enlarging functional capabilities and improving operating performance of tandoor.

7 cl, 2 dwg

Barbecue grill // 2433776

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for cooking. A barbecue grill comprises two rectangular frames that compress a product with a wire handle, besides, the rectangular frames are made in the form of a grill formed by wire bars arranged along and across the frame. The rectangular frame with a longer handle is made with bent edges to form side walls by the latter, loops are made as multi-level and are formed by cells of the side wall of the rectangular frame grill with a longer handle, and in the crossing point the longitudinal and transverse bars are rigidly connected to each other. As the frames are folded, the rectangular frame with a shorter protruding part of the handle is arranged between the side walls of the rectangular frame with a longer handle, and protruding wire elements are formed by a bending point of longitudinally arranged wire bars that form the grill of the rectangular frame with a shorter handle, at the same time both handles are made as detachable. A handle with a shorter protruding part is made of a U-shaped bent wire with ends bent inside a U-shaped bend.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase reliability of fixation of a wide assortment of goods between grills.

5 cl, 2 dwg

Barbecue grill // 2424757

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention deals with food cooking devices. A barbecue grill comprises two rectangular frames to clamp a product between them, arranged with a wire handle attached to each rectangular frame. Frames are arranged with a mesh formed by wire bars located along and across the frame. In the crossing point the longitudinal and transverse bars are rigidly connected to each other. The rectangular frame with a longer wire handle is arranged with side edges located along this handle and bent towards a rectangular frame laid over it and arranged between these side edges with a shorter wire handle. The rectangular frame with a shorter wire handle is arranged with side edges located across this handle and bent towards a rectangular frame laid over it and arranged between these side edges with a longer wire handle. A longer wire handle is arranged as collapsible and includes a shorter wire loop connected to a rectangular frame.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase reliability to fix a wide variety of products between the grills with simultaneous reduction of a longitudinal dimension of the grill in transport position.

5 cl, 2 dwg

Charcoal grill // 2402970

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for cooking on open fire, to charcoal grills. There is no web distortion in the charcoal grill. The charcoal grill includes bottom support elements and two walls. Two of them consist of three parts connected to each other, due to which there is compensation of thermal expansion.

EFFECT: improved convenience of usage.

FIELD: personal demand items.

SUBSTANCE: contact cooking device consists of a solid cooking surface. The surface is heated on the back side by means of one or several gas burners. The latter are located in one or several combustion chambers. Fuel is supplied to burners from a portable gas bottle. Solid cooking surface, combustion chambers, burners and valve affinities comprise the cooking component which is installed with the possibility of being detached from the support trolley. The component is made so that it provides the arrangement of the above portable gas bottle and the possibility of using the above device either indoors or out-of-doors.

EFFECT: developing the cooking device together with a stove which ensures uniform distribution of heat throughout its cooking surface and allows the user, if necessary, to divide that surface into different temperature zones.

10 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: food products.

SUBSTANCE: trill-trivet contains frame for holding kitchen and camp implements and legs connected to it. Frame and legs is anchor-chain links of axial elements flexibly connected to each other. Frame elements making its long sides are made with at least two loose straps with legs connected to them like chain shackle placed by pairs opposite each other. Intermediate axial element is connected to one of loose straps with one end. Its other end is equipped with device for quick connection to the opposite loose strap.

EFFECT: simplified grill construction, increased capacity and ease of handling, particularly during preparation for use and transportation, with simultaneous material costs and technological operations reduce when serially mass produced.

7 cl, 5 dwg

Field kitchen // 2255640

FIELD: camp outfits.

SUBSTANCE: proposed field kitchen contains smoke chamber in form of housing with grills sectionalized vertically. Horizontal cover of outer housing is furnished with vertical flange whose height exceeds distance between adjacent grills and that of inner housing also sectionalized in vertical being essentially heating element of smoke chamber. It has kettles which can be arranged inner housing provided with windows for kettles, pipe, wood charge port and bar screen.

EFFECT: reduced overall dimensions, possibility of cooking in the field.

4 cl, 7 dwg

The invention relates to devices used in everyday life, campaigns, particularly for cooking and drying clothes on a fire field

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: method for regulation of temperature distribution in enclosed cooking volumes without forced supply of external energy involves application of a chamber where thermal treatment in the process of cooking takes place. The chamber inner surface changes its position (in particular - fragmentarily) depending on the temperature, moving deeper into the chamber space so that change in the free convective atmosphere flows inside the chamber promotes redistribution of the temperature field.

EFFECT: provision for and maintenance of preset regulation of temperature distribution in an enclosed volume where thermal treatment in the course of cooking takes place without forced supply of external energy.