Polymeric composition for isolating and strengthening rock

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: polymer composition contains a prepolymer with short polymer chains separately injected into the rock mass in the volume ratio of 1:1, formed by mixing the solvent of 2,2,4-trimethyl-1,3-pentandioldiizobutirate, the hydroxyl-containing component of polypropylene glycol and a polyisocyanate of the brand "Wannate PM-200", taken in a double excess. The injection is carried out at the following ratio component in the prepolymer, wt %: polyisocyanate - 73-75, polypropylene glycol - 11-12, solvent - 14-15 and hydroxyl-containing plasticiser formed by mixing the solvent of 2.2,4-trimethyl-1.3-pentandioldiizobutirate and polypropylene glycol with the addition of the regulator polymerization "AMINE A33" in the following ratio component in the plasticiser, wt %: solvent - 84-87, polypropylene glycol - 11-13, the regulator polymerization - 0.1-4.5.

EFFECT: increasing the penetration depth and efficiency of the polymer injection structure in an array of species by reducing the viscosity of fluids while maintaining low compressibility of the whole, under the influence of pressure and small content of it residual isocyanate.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: yielding rock bolting comprises an anchor mounted in the mass with an outer threaded end, an upper support element and a deformable element fixed by the lower support element. On the exposed end of the rod of the anchor the tube is installed which is perforated in the lower belt, which is fixed by the lower support element.

EFFECT: ensuring of compliance of the rock bolting with the relatively constant resistance.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device includes a hollow anchor, in the lower part of which there is an outer thread, and in the upper part there are at least two cuts to the distance of at least 0.1 of a rod length. In the upper part of the hollow anchor an arrangement is made for a cylindrical capsule tightly adjacent to the rod walls and the length of which is equal to length of the cuts. The capsule is made from an easily destructible material and filled with a composition expanded during hardening. The capsule is fixed in its lower part with a metal disc made from a material with a linear expansion coefficient that is larger than that of the anchor material. The disc is connected by means of a stiff rod to a threaded plug that is connected to the outer thread of the anchor rod by means of the inner thread.

EFFECT: improving reliability of anchorage of frozen rocks and avoiding dependence of carrying capacity of an anchor support on temperature conditions of a mine working.

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Friction bolt // 2533389

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mine strengthening with frictional bolts. The frictional bolt contains a tube (1), which one is designed with a possibility of expansion and which is folded inside in a longitudinal direction, and which contains an external part (3), with, in essence, round cross-section, and also an internal part (5), is located inside the external part (3), and a gap (7), which continues in a longitudinal direction of the tube (1). Meanwhile the external part (3) of the tube (1) near the gap (7) passes into the internal part (5) of the tube (1). And the sections (9) of side walls of the internal part (5) are deviating from the form, concentric to the external part (3) of the tube (1) with reference to a longitudinal symmetry plain (11) of the tube (1). The sections (9) of the side wall of the internal part (5) of the tube (1) are curved with the curvature radius (R1), exceeding the radius (R2) of the external part (3) of the tube (1). And the curvature radius (R1) of the sections (9) of the side wall of the internal part (5) of the tube (1) amounts at least 250-350% of radius (R2) of the external part (3) of the tube (1).

EFFECT: improvement of reliability of operation of frictional bolts.

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Composite anchor // 2532553

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, is a fastening agent and may be used in assembly and installation of heavy elements or elements exposed to high load for their fixation relative to vertical or horizontal, preferably concrete, supports, such as walls, ceiling slabs or floor, also for installation of fences on objects of urban and suburban infrastructure. A composite anchor is made from composite material based on epoxide or polyester resin reinforced with glass fibre and glass fabric. It comprises a load-bearing rod 1 and a fixing unit 2. In the load-bearing rod 1 there is an axial through channel 3. On the load-bearing rod 1 there are shaped protrusions 4. The fixing unit 2 comprises a head 5 of the anchor and a fixing nut 6. The head 5 of the anchor is made on the load-bearing rod as a whole with it and has a common through channel 3 with the rod 1. The fixing nut 6 is installed on the rod 1 so that the head 5 of the anchor is placed in the inner cavity 7, made in the fixing nut 6. The support wall of the head 5 is equipped with external thrust lugs 8, which correspond in shape to the inner thrust lugs 9 of the support wall of the inner cavity 7 of the fixing nut 6. To provide for the possibility to let through a double-component quick-hardening glue based on epoxide resin and its placement between the head 5 of the anchor and walls of the inner cavity 7 of the fixing nut 6, the end surface and the support wall of the head 5 are equipped with radially arranged grooves 10, which communicate in pairs by means of longitudinal grooves 11, made on the side surface of the head 5 of the anchor, and the end surface of the anchor head 5 is cone-shaped.

EFFECT: invention provides for reliable fixation due to increased stiffness of a structure achieved by solidity of a fixing assembly with a device as a whole.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: there proposed is an anchoring rod that consists of three cables, each of which in its turn consists of several strands twisted between themselves. Note that inside the rod along its whole length between the cables there are mounted bracings, above which there fixed are the bands pressing the cables to the bracings. At the bottom-hole end of the anchor rod there made is an expansion unit. At the tail end of the anchor there is a shank with three holes of cylindrical shape becoming conical at the bottom, in which there attached are the cables in cutting wedges manner, and at the external surface of the shank there is a thread for tension nut. There is a binding mixture supply tube passing through the shank centre, and at the shank top there is a supporting washer. The supporting washer has a side hole, through which there supplied is a sealer and air discharge tube goes out; the air discharge tube also goes between two cables of anchor rod up to its top part. Between the tension nut and supporting washer there is an insert of semi-spherical shape without internal thread.

EFFECT: increase of stability and safety of mine workings fixing.

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Lockless anchor // 2504659

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: lockless anchor includes a rod with a shank, an additional rod and a support plate, a washer and a tension nut, which are installed on the shank. Rods are flexible and installed at an angle to mining surface. Besides, rods are directed crosswise to each other. Rods are braced by their tightening through the washer with the tension nut till the support plate is tightly pressed to the rock.

EFFECT: obtaining a structure of an anchor that is convenient for its installation and removal, which is necessary for its multiple use.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: damaged ampoule with a water-containing mineral filler for fixation of an anchor in a hole, comprises a damaged body with a mineral component and a damaged capsule containing a water component, the length of the damaged capsule corresponds to the length of the damaged body. The damaged capsule comprises a hydrating component made in the form of a porous inert non-compressible mineral component or a mixture of components, impregnated with an aqueous solution or water, and the damaged body is filled with a hydrated mineral component or a mixture of mineral components, besides, in any cross section of the ampoule there is a permanent ratio of masses of hydrated and hydrating components.

EFFECT: provision of stable designed mechanical properties of an anchor support by delivery of a water component into a working zone without losses.

11 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: anchor from a composite material comprises a load-carrying rod with periodical profile of side surface of helical shape, a facility for fixation in a borehole in the form of a wedge-spacing lock and a spacing wedge, a spacing wedge placed on it from a composite material, at the same time the spacing wedge is made in the form of a truncated cone with a central channel and a through longitudinal slot, the inner surface of the channel is made in the form of a periodical profile of helical shape, which follows the profile of the side surface of the load-carrying rod, and the spacing wedge is screwed onto the load-carrying rod, the spacing bushing is made in the form of a cylinder with a channel of conical shape, separated with two longitudinal slots into segments connected by links, and the facility of fixation with the support elements includes a support orifice with a nut, besides, the nut is made of a composite material with the thread profile corresponding to the profile of the side surface of the load-carrying rod.

EFFECT: higher reliability of anchor fixation, its increased bearing capacity, provision of the possibility to use the anchor for support of mines tunnelled in a massif of a mineral to be excavated.

3 cl, 3 dwg

Spacing anchor // 2490470

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: spacing anchor comprises a hollow cylindrical vessel, a spacing lock installed on it in the form of rotary cams, a stem with a tail for a rotation drive installed inside the vessel, a support slab and a tension nut, according to the invention, it is equipped with a drilling crown fixed at the end of the stem at the opposite side to the tail, at the same time the support slab and the tension nut are installed on the vessel, the diameter of the blast hole arranged with the drilling crown is equal to the external diameter of the body, the stem is installed in the body with a gap providing for chippings discharge, and the rotation drive is made in the form of a drilling unit.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and safety of anchor operation due to no necessity to withdraw an anchor and its elements from a blast hole at all stages of mine bottomhole advance.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of plastic anchor bolt used for rib control. Proposed method comprises drawing continuous fiber threads via bath filled with resin into mould with stationary bottom die and displacing top heated die. Note here that multiple inner and outer reinforcing threads are drawn into open die to twist them so that, at least, outer fibers are located, mainly, in spiral line. Then, die is closed to form the bolt by drawing and pressing.

EFFECT: higher strength of plastic anchor bolt.

5 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: dry mixture for makeup of well-killing fluid containing industrial powdered lignin sulphonate, biopolymer of xanthane gum and bone glue with the following ratio of ingredients, wt %: the above lignin sulphonate 86.7-90.0, biopolymer of xanthane gum 9.5-12.5, bone glue 0.5-0.8.

EFFECT: improving impermeable properties of the well-killing fluid made of dry mixture having high stability during storage due to excluded caking and lumping, ensuring potential regulation of density of the well-killing fluid, reducing time and simplifying technology of well-killing fluid makeup of non-critical reagents, reducing time for well development, potential usage of the well-killing fluid at low climatic temperatures, expanding range of reagents, saving transportation costs.

2 cl, 1 tbl

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises deep loosening of soil, application of fertilizers and ferrous sulphate solution, and watering with increased irrigation rate. At that as the fertilizer the urea formaldehyde fertilizer is applied in the topsoil, which is saturated with ferrous sulphate solution and encrusted with phosphogypsum. After completion of washing the fertilizer is moved to the lower part of the ploughed horizon.

EFFECT: efficient desalination of irrigated saline soils with improvement of soil structure, increase in soil fertility and erosion resistance without damaging the surrounding area and plants.

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: cement slurry contains 46.0-75.0 wt % of binding material and as such portlandcement of packing class G or cement mix Micro TSS BTRUO or a mix of aluminous cement GTS-40 and microcement Micro TSS BTRUO in mass ratio of 3:7, or a mix of aluminous cement GTS-40 and portlandcement PTST 50 in mass ratio of 1:4 is used; 1.0-4.0 wt % of surfactant and as such a mix of emulsifying agent MR-150 is used with calcium alkyl benzosulphonate and emulsifying agent OP-4 in mass ratio of 1:4:9; or a mix of emulsifying agent MR-150 is used with calcium alkyl benzosulphonate, water-repellent agent ABR and Neftenol VKS-N in mass ratio of 4:4:3:3; 9.0-27.0 wt % of diesel fuel; 0.0-0.5 wt % of calcium chloride; 0.0-2.0 wt % of condensed microsilica MK-85 and fresh water - the remaining share.

EFFECT: improved fluidity, reduced water loss, improved strength and durability of cement stone.

2 tbl

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compositions and methods of wellbore processing. A composition for wellbore cleaning contains, wt %: solvent 10-45; cosolvent 10-40; hydrophilisating surface-active substance 5-10; purifying surface-active substance 5-20; non-ionogenic surface-active substance 1-10; non-ionogenic auxiliary surface-active substance 1-5; emulsifying surface-active substance 1-5; water liquid 1-5.

EFFECT: improvement of cement binding in the annulus space between the case pipe and the rock surface.

14 cl, 4 ex, 4 tbl, 2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compositions for wells treatment for use in oil industry. Composition for well treatment containing chemical for well treatment adsorbed using water-insoluble adsorbent, where composition is produced by the well treatment chemical deposition from liquid, at that the well treatment chemical is adsorbed on the water-insoluble adsorbent, and where the well treatment chemical is deposited upon metal salt presence. Well treatment liquid containing the above mentioned composition and carrying liquid. Method of the underground reservoir or wellbore treatment including the above mentioned well treatment liquid injection in the reservoir or wellbore. Method to monitor the well treatment chemical release in the wellbore including the above composition injection in the wellbore. Invention is developed in subclaims.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of treatment in environments with high pH.

38 cl, 3 dwg, 4 ex

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: lightweight plugging material contains cement PTsT-I-100, lightweight - expanded vermiculite, technical salt, chemical agent Crep, at the following ratio in wt %: cement PTsT-I-100 - 84.75; vermiculite - 9.42; Crep - 1.13; NaCl - 4.7. During the cement slurry preparation - expanded vermiculite, technical salt.

EFFECT: exclusion of the hydraulic fracture during wells cementation due to improved parameters of the packing cement, increased strength of cement stone at low and moderate temperatures at early stage of solidification upon simultaneous density reduction of the cement slurry.

1 tbl

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: reagent for treating drilling mud contains 94-96 wt % ferrochrome lignosulphonate and 4-6 wt % ammonium polyphosphate.

EFFECT: improved dilution properties of the reagent in salt mud, high thermal stability and environmental safety of the reagent.

3 tbl

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention mainly relates to methods of hydrocarbons production from hydrocarbons containing reservoirs. Method of treatment of the reservoir containing crude oil including stages when: (a) composition is supplied to extract the hydrocarbons to at least part of the reservoir, at that the composition contains at least two internal olefin sulphonates selected from group comprising internal C15-18-olefin sulphonates, internal C19-23-olefin sulphonates, internal C20-24-olefin sulphonates and internal C24-28-olefin sulphonates, and at least one viscosity decreasing compound, that is isobutyl alcohol, ethoxylated C2-C12-alhohol, 2-butoxyethyl, butyl ether of diethylene glycol or their mixture, and (b) composition is provided with possibility to react with the reservoir hydrocarbons. Invention also relates to method of viscosity decreasing of composition of highly active surface-active substance and composition for hydrocarbons extraction.

EFFECT: result is creation of more effective method of hydrocarbons extraction from crude oil containing reservoir.

14 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl, 2 ex

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method of acid treatment of bottom-hole zone of carbonate reservoir includes injection of the acid composition containing in wt %: inorganic or organic acid, or their mixture 9.0-24.0; zwitterion surface-active substance - oleinamidopropylbetaine 1.0-10.0; hydrophobically-modified polyurethane polymer 0.05-3.0; water - rest, at that the acid composition is injected by single stage or by portions with holding between injections. The acid composition can additionally contain anionic surface-active substance in amount of 0.1-3.0 wt %. The above specified acid composition is injected alternating with injection of hydrochloric acid at 12-24% concentration.

EFFECT: alignment of profile of inflow of the production wells in carbonate reservoirs with non-uniform permeability, creation of new fluid conducting channels through entire perforated thickness of the reservoir, restoration of reservoir characteristics of bottom-hole zone due to its cleaning of mud solid particles.

3 cl, 1 tbl, 16 ex, 4 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method of water production zone isolation in a well involves sequential injection of coagulation agent (25% solution of calcium chloride), buffer layer of fresh water, and Givpan acrylic reagent. Additionally, polyethylene terephthalate production waste product, PET with low polymerisation degree, is added to Givpan as a filler in amount of 18-24 wt %.

EFFECT: reduced core permeability.

1 dwg, 7 tbl, 3 ex

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compositions sued as binder for soil, and can be used in construction and mining. A two-component composition for reinforcing soil by injection contains as an isocyanate component polyphenylene polymethylene polyisocyanate containing 30-31% NCO groups, and as a hydroxyl component a homogenous mixture of alkoxylated alkanetriol with molecular weight of 370-500, ethylene glycol, a urethane-forming catalyst selected from a group comprising dimethylethanolamine and methyldiethanolamine, potassium acetate and a diluent selected from a group comprising chlorinated paraffin wax CP-470 and a mixture thereof with dibutyl phthalate, with content of the isocyanate and hydroxyl components in equal volumes.

EFFECT: invention enables to obtain a composition with low viscosity and no tendency to demixing, having a low reaction temperature and limited foaming.

2 tbl, 16 ex