Telescopic suspension device, equipped with prestressing pretension precautions system

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: telescopic suspension device is made with the possibility of connection with the hub of the wheel, containing the first tube, second tube moving sliding on the first tube, and a spring located inside these tubes, and optionally contains the cap regulation prestressing of the main spring. The control plug of the prestressing pretension of the main spring contains the pre-stressing system of the main spring in accordance with the user's weight. The bicycle frame contains a suspension device.

EFFECT: increase the accuracy of suspension adjustment by the user.

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Bearing assy // 2526305

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a bearing assy used as a support for a tubular element, in particular, to a lower bearing of the sliding tube of shock-absorber strut of the aircraft landing gear. Bearing (2') assy comprises body (3') supporting the first and the second annular supporting portions with the supporting surfaces, which contact with inner tubular element (1') in the areas distanced from each other in the axial direction. The annular supporting portions are represented either by separate supporting rings (4") installed in body element (3') with the supporting surfaces of different diameters, or by one supporting ring (4"), which can bend in the radial direction and is supported in such a way that the second annular supporting part can bend under effect of a load in the radial direction, while its supporting surface will occupy a position with a diameter bigger than the diameter of the supporting surface of the first annular supporting part (4"). Supporting ring (4") is installed in body (3') in seat (5") with shaped base (7") or conical base (9").

EFFECT: removal of a pinpoint contact between a tubular element and a supporting ring reducing wear and pressure.

13 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to machine building. A flexible bush comprises a flexible wall, a ring reinforcing element completely embedded in the flexible wall near an open end, and a holding element. The holding element is installed so that its surface is open along the flexible wall. The outer dimension of the holding element is more than the inner dimension of the ring reinforcing element. A gas spring unit comprises the second end element shifted longitudinally from the first end element. The second end element comprises an end face wall, a side wall and a holding protrusion. The flexible bush is attached between the first and the second end elements. The open end of the flexible bush is inserted along the side wall of the second end element. An assembly method includes the following operations. Installation of the holding element along the open end of the flexible wall. Installation of the flexible wall open end and holding element near the holding protrusion of the end element. Forced movement of the flexible wall open end and holding element along the holding protrusion.

EFFECT: improved reliability of unit performance in tension mode.

17 cl, 33 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: detection device includes hollow housing (11), in which piston (14) is tightly installed and provided with possibility of being moved with sliding. The piston receives pressure in the chamber through inlet (12) of the housing interconnected with that chamber. The piston is retained in the position of pressure overcoming by means of retention device (21). The latter has the possibility of releasing the piston when the specified pressure threshold is achieved or exceeded. The piston is moved in forced manner under action of pressure to indication position. The piston is rigidly attached to pin (27) projecting out of the housing inlet. The pin has the possibility of forced movement with force overcoming of the retention device.

EFFECT: activation of the device both in case of overpressure and collision.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed bearing 1 has top housing 3 made from synthetic resin with seat surface 10 for mount device 9 arranged on car body side and annular bottom surface 2, bottom housing 5 made from synthetic resin and annular thrust plain element 6 from synthetic resin. Annular top surface 4 is made integral with bottom housing 5 opposite surface 2, and seat surface 25 of suspended cylindrical spiral spring 7. Said housing is fitted on top housing 3 to rotate about axis O of housing 3 in direction Z. Thrust plain element 6 is arranged in annular clearance between surface 2 and surface 4 and features annular thrust surface sliding to thrust against surface 2 or surface 4. Mount surface 10, working surface and part of surface 25 where against thrusts spring 7 are fitted on bearing axle 1.

EFFECT: efficient bearing to reduce load from car body.

8 cl, 11 dwg

Hydraulic damper // 2413887

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: inside cylinder tube and hydraulic damper there are arranged inter-communicating piston cavity and controlled cavity. Both cavities are filled with oil in a pressurised state. Additionally, there is installed a piston travelling in axial direction in the piston cavity and a rod connected to the piston. A flexible element is installed in the control cavity in a position forming a reservoir in the control cavity by means of compression of oil with pressurising force; impact effect is damped so, that the flexible element is forced to elongate and contract when oil flows in/out of the reservoir due to travels of the rod.

EFFECT: simplicity and reduced dimension of design of hydraulic damper, retaining constant amount of oil in piston cavity.

10 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bearing structure of damper in hydraulic actuator. Structure for fixation of damper (72a, 72b) is located in hydraulic actuator. Coats (14, 16) are installed on of the cylinder (12) casing. Piston (18,) is installed inside the cylinder (12) casing. Damper groove (70a, 70b) contains the first and the second grooves. The first groove (74) is open from the side of end surface. The second groove (76) is located adjoining to the first groove (74) and expands relative to it. According to the first version damper groove (70a, 70b) is formed on the end surface of piston (18) perpendicularly to its axis and is directed to covers (14, 16). According to the second version damper groove is formed on the end surface of cover (14, 16) perpendicularly to its axis and is directed to piston (18). Damper (72a, 72b) contains basic element (80) and expanding relative to its guideline element (82).

EFFECT: creation of structure providing easy and reliably install damper on piston or covers.

7 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to plain bearing for suspension strut of four-wheel vehicle. Proposed bearing comprises upper collar (3) made in synthetic rubber and furnished with circular lower surface (2), lower collar (5) made in reinforced-synthetic rubber and applied on the said upper collar to revolve about its axis. The said lower collar has also circular upper surface (4) arranged opposite surface (2), and circular thrust part (6) made in synthetic rubber and arranged between surfaces (2) and (4). Lower collar (5) has surface (36) making a seat of cylindrical spring (61) and arranged on lower surface (25). Lower collar (5) comprises circular thrust section (12), upper cylindrical section (24), formed entirely on upper surface (23) of section (12). Surface (4) and lower cylindrical section (26) are formed on lower collar (5). The lower cylindrical section (26) is formed entirely on surface (25) of circular thrust section (22). Note here that surface (25) of section (22) arranged on radially outer surface (26) makes surface (36) of the seat of spring (61). Note also that sections (12), (24) and (26) comprise multiple tapered chambers.

EFFECT: reduced vehicle suspension weight and running gear cost.

13 cl, 6 dwg

Hydrogasifier // 2071574

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to roll bearing for radial support of the suspension stop, which rings are made out of forged metal plates and have enveloping geometry. Roll bearing contains lower ring (26) creating lower race, top ring (24) creating top race, and balls (28) rolling over top and bottom races ay that ensuring relative rotation of the top (24) and bottom (26) rings around the geometrical axis (XX) of rotation of the bearing. The bearing geometry is such that in any section plane, where the geometrical axis (XX) of bearing rotation is located, the bottom race creates bottom circular arc (Cinf) specifying the bottom centre (Oinf) of axial curvature, the top race creates the top circular arc (Csup) specifying the top centre (Osup) of axial curvature, at that bottom and top centres of curvature are located on the inclined geometrical axis (ZZ), that creates with the geometrical axis of rotation (XX) a inclination angle (Φ) from 5 to 65°. In the section plane, where the geometrical axis of bearing rotation is located, the top circular arc (Cinf) has two ends specifying opening angle (φinf) over or equal to 80° and tangential in bottom plane (Pinf) perpendicular to the axis of rotation in some bottom tangential point (Uinf) specifying together with the nearest end (Iinf) of the bottom circular arc a section of bottom circular arc (Cinf) with opening angle (θinf_I) over or equal to 10°.

EFFECT: design of roll bearing with increased strength and radial forces resistance.

13 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: electronically controlled shock absorber comprises a pack of that act as elastic elements, and means for attaching them to parts of the object. The plates are divided into two groups having one or more plates, each of them is attached to an object with only one edge. The plates have a clamping device that provides a specified necessary stiffness, depending on the load of the vehicle, and one of the specified characteristics of depreciation, whose work is controlled by the processor. The input of the processor receives signals from the sensors that control the parameters of the shock absorber's work.

EFFECT: enhanced functionality and improved reliability of the shock absorber of the vehicle.

4 cl, 1 dwg

Vibration isolator // 2279002

FIELD: mechanical engineering; vibration isolators.

SUBSTANCE: proposed vibration isolator consists of two pneumatic or hydraulic chambers. One chamber is operating one, and the other is additional one. Chamber are separated and are placed in communication through vibration damping member. Said member is made in form of two partitions. Each partition contains ring channel accommodating bearing unit. Exhaust holes are made over circumference of outer race of each bearing unit. Nozzle is laid tangentially to each ring channel. Nozzle of one ring channel is connected with operating chamber, and exhaust holes connect said ring channel with additional chamber. Nozzle of second ring channel is connected with additional chamber, and exhaust holes connect second ring channel with operating chamber.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of vibration isolation owing to provision of optimum dynamic characteristics of vibration damping member.

3 cl, 5 dwg

The invention relates to the field of physical modeling spatial mnogostennykh mobile technical systems

The shock absorber // 2182876
The invention relates to the field of engineering to the field of cushioning protection, machines and other objects, allowing a limited degree of mechanical loads

The shock absorber // 2172876
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in all areas of the economy to reduce vibration transmitted from the vibration source on the Foundation, the effects of vibration on the operator's hands while working with mnogoudarnye pneumatic machines, and also as a means of vibration isolation devices, equipment and other facilities, operating under the influence of variables statistical effort or moving with acceleration

Method of damping // 2126916
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to a method for damping oscillations of using films of plastic materials with layers decreasing young's modulus

The invention relates to the field of engineering, particularly to damping devices, protective devices amortization of objects subject to dynamic effects, and can be widely used in any field of technology to protect or damping, mainly in the engineering and electronic engineering

Vacuum spring // 2115045
The invention relates to the elastic elements, accumulating energy of compression or tension, and more specifically to the springs

The invention relates to the design of moving parts and cargo in the greenhouse and livestock pens, agriculture and civil engineering for manual or mechanized opening frames, transoms, doors, boards when the temperature of the air and gas composition in them and to the functioning of specialized agricultural structures

The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to the telescopic forks of the motorcycle