System of diaphragm pump with possible refilling

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: system includes a diaphragm pump comprising of a suction port and a discharge port, a urea suction line communicating the urea source to the suction port through a liquid connection, and a urea discharge line in fluid communication with the discharge port. The recirculation line connects the liquid connection to the urea discharge line with the urea suction line and contains a flow controller operatively connected to it. The controller is capable of interpreting the state of loss of filling of the diaphragm pump and issuing a command to the flow controller in response to the state of loss of the fill, provides recirculation from the pump inlet port to the urea tank, ensuring a repeated filling of the pump.

EFFECT: improvement of the diaphragm pump system.

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FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a system for controlling an underwater compressor which is flow-connected to an inlet pipe for receiving a gas stream which may include a liquid, the amount of which varies. The control system includes a detector designed to measure and determine distribution of the droplets of the liquid according to size and volume content of the liquid fraction and operably located in the inlet pipe, and a control means operably connected to the detector and operating based on an input signal received from the detector.

EFFECT: method of controlling an underwater compressor is disclosed.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement systems for evaluation of reciprocating pump system operation in production of hydrocarbons from vertical well or out of plumb well. This measurement system generates at regular intervals the pump deep map as the function of directly or indirectly measured surface map and function of friction law derived from wave equation describing the linear oscillations in long thin pump rod. Control signal or instruction signal is generated on the basis of pump deep map characteristic for control over pump system. Said system generates also the report on pump and well analysis used for control over pump for determination of its operating conditions.

EFFECT: perfected controller to define deep pump map for inclined well according to the surface measurements used to control over pump rod operation.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to determination of electrically drive household device fluid pump load. In compliance with this invention, this pump is drive by synchronous with excitation by permanent magnets. Note here that current moment-generating component iq is used to define at least the pump load.

EFFECT: determination of pump load proceeding from current moment-generating component.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises mixer for low-pressure fluid feed to the pump. Said drive has drive section and hydraulic section with several plungers. It comprises also the actuator to couple drive section with selected partial set of plungers. Besides, this system comprises controller to select said partial set of plungers in compliance with working delivery, working pressure and/or indicator of hydraulic section fault. Besides, said controller feeds instructions to actuator for coupling selected set of plungers with drive section.

EFFECT: fast coupling/uncoupling of hydraulic section.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic automatic hardware, particularly, to displacement-type pressurised fluid sources and may be used in control hydroelectric drives of aircraft flying in rarefied atmosphere. Proposed power supply 1 comprises displacement-type pump 2 with rotor 3 arranged in housing 4 and coupled with drive shaft 5, feed and discharge lines 6, 7. Compensating pressurisation device is composed of bellow 8 secured on pump housing 4 to make chamber 9 communicated with inner volume of said housing 4 and that of hollow piston 10. Said bellow 8 is rigidly secured to housing 4 on one side and, on opposite side, it is secured to piston 10 fitted on housing 4 to make differential chamber 11 communicated with hydraulic line 6.

EFFECT: higher reliability, expanded operating performances, smaller overall dimensions and simplified design.

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FIELD: geology.

SUBSTANCE: device refers to the geologic bed testing, specifically, to the pump control or control of the fluid mover tool for the bed testing. Downhole device for the pumping discharge of the bed's fluids and the sample selection is a part of the tool of the bed's parameters assessment during the drilling or a part of the pipe string tool. The pump operation is optimized based on the parameters, received from the bed's pressure testing data as well as the tool's system data. Also, the tool's new structures are discovered for the fluid selection equipment, used in the measuring system during drilling. The pump optimal production is guaranteed on a high speed and with the improved safe.

EFFECT: optimized performance of the pump depending on the parameters of the bed.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: one cavity of these capacities is connected to one input/output channel, and the other cavity of the same capacities is connected to the other input/output channel of reversible hydraulic machine of controlled working volume. Shaft of hydraulic machine is connected through worm reduction gearbox and back-and-forth device to a piston. Working volume control of hydraulic machine is connected to the mechanism having the possibility of cyclic and smooth control of its working volume.

EFFECT: gas without losses is compressed with less number of stages to extremely high pressures with high force on the piston at lower material consumption and overall dimensions.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: device is intended to pump various liquids. In pneumatic pump 10 to control the speed and position of valve 16, there used is magnet 14 installed in cap 16 of valve of pneumatic engine 18, and two hermetically sealed reed relays 20 installed in valve cover 22. Solenoid 24 is installed on valve cover 22 and can be operated to extend pin 26 to the valve cap 16 to stop the valve and to recover the pump from overspeed condition. Magnetoresistive sensor 34 is located in the centre of pneumatic engine 18.

EFFECT: accurate control of position of piston and providing input data required for accurate pump control and diagnostic, and the possibility of using it to make dosing measurements and using it as the element of multi-component system.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: pump drive comprises electromagnetic coupling, check valve, auxiliary hydraulic accumulator, auxiliary hydraulic accumulator valve, main hydraulic accumulator with rod and limit switch, switching relay, control relay and interlocking relay. Electromagnetic coupling is arranged between engine and main hydraulic system pump. Check valve and auxiliary hydraulic accumulator with valve are arranged on pump outlet to reduce pump starting torque. Main hydraulic accumulator with rod and limit switch is connected in hydraulic system to automatically maintain preset pressure therein. Main hydraulic accumulator with rod and limit switch, switching relay, control relay and interlocking relay are additionally incorporated with electric circuit to control electromagnetic coupling and auxiliary hydraulic accumulator valve.

EFFECT: reduced wear of harvester hydraulic system components, reduced fuel consumption and easier harvester engine starting.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: pump 10 incorporates magnet 14 arranged on cup 16 of pneumatic engine 18 and two reed transducers 20 arranged inside valve cover 22 to follow rate and position of valve 16. Solenoid is arranged on valve cup 22 to receive instructions about extending of plunger into valve cup 16 to stop the valve, thus, inhibiting pump runaway. Three methods can be used to increase storage battery life and follow solenoid plunger position, two them using variation in solenoid inductance to follow solenoid travel.

EFFECT: possibility to diagnose faulty components of pump pneumatic engine.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Fluid transfer section of two-diaphragm air drive pump 10 consists of two fluid chambers 12, intake manifold 14 and discharge manifold 16. Housing should be made in two steps. Polypropylene is, preferably, the material of carcass 18 reinforced with glass fibre is poured in for production of final article with the material of shell 20. Carcass 18 features such design that facing material of shell 20 cab flow from one side to another to allow mechanical adhesion between carcass outer surface 22 and shell inner surface without chemical adhesion between two materials.

EFFECT: decreased amount of precious materials.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention is realised in form of a device for feeding air into a flame photometer. The device has a vacuum diaphragm compressor with a series-connected hollow cylinder having inlet and outlet nozzles. The inlet nozzle of the hollow cylinder is connected to the injection valve of the vacuum diaphragm compressor. The diameter of the inlet nozzle of the hollow cylinder dIN=K·PC, where K is a coefficient of proportionality equal to 1÷3 cm3/kgf, PC is injection pressure of the vacuum diaphragm compressor, kgf/cm2. The length of the hollow cylinder 1≥20 dIN, and its diameter D≥10 dIN. The device can have multiple outlet nozzles but not more than four.

EFFECT: smoothing out fluctuation of pressure injected into the flame photometer, thereby ensuring stable operation of the flame photometer, considerably reducing measurement error by flame stabilisation, low mass and size of the device and the optical device overall.

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Diaphragm pump // 2509230

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed pump comprises membrane head with two chambers composed by membrane with case and cover with membrane edge secured between flanges on the latter, and moving rod displacing relative to case and cover for membrane center part to be rigidly secured thereat. Membrane head is equipped with two pressure valves and two suction valves. Case with rod are furnished with two seal rings fitted in the case coaxial grooves spaced apart along rod axis and accumulation chamber arranged there between and separated by baffles. Said case has cylindrical chamber accommodating piston of the same diameter communicated via channel with accumulation vessel on the side facing said rod. The side opposite said rod is communicated via opening and check valve with one of the membrane head chambers. Accumulation chamber and part of cylindrical chamber communicated with the latter are filled with grease. Piston diameter D is defined by the formula: D4(Fmp+Fc)πP where D is piston diameter, Fmp is the force of piston friction against chamber wall; Fc is the force of adhesion of grease with chamber wall; P is pressure inside membrane head chamber.

EFFECT: longer life owing to additional lubing of moving rod seals.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: unit of membrane pump consists of membrane 1, disk 2, bolt connections 3, locking washer 4, faceplate 5, rod 6, washer 7, and stop 8. At movement of rod 6 the membrane is in continuous contact with the stop, sectors of which swing like a pendulum, which facilitates controlling membrane motion. Total force received with the membrane from working fluid is transmitted to the stop made as movable leaves.

EFFECT: considerable increase of membrane resource.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: device is designed for application in the field of pump engineering. Pump with hydraulic drive comprises the first chamber open for pumped liquid, the second chamber intended for storage of working fluid of hydraulic system and multi-layer diaphragm installed between the first and second chambers. Diaphragm includes the first layer in contact with pumped liquid, the second layer in contact with working fluid of hydraulic system and the third layer including highly elastic material of base and highly elastic current conducting path embedded into highly elastic material of base. The third layer is located between the first and second layers and may move relative to the first and second layers. Changes of electric resistance of current conducting path indicate failure conditions in the first, second or third layer.

EFFECT: higher reliability of pump operation.

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Diaphragm pump // 2311559

FIELD: mechanical engineering; pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to diaphragm pumps designed for handling different fluid media. Proposed pump has housing with pumping chamber, drive chamber, reservoir, diaphragm secured in housing and arranged between pumping and drive chambers, piston in cylinder arranged in housing, connecting channel between reservoir and drive chamber, and valve in connecting channel. Cylinder forms part of drive chamber, and piston moves in cylinder in longitudinal direction. Cylinder has surface with upper part when pump is arranged so that cylinder occupies mainly horizontal position. Vent hole is found in upper part of cylinder surface through which air is forced form drive chamber back into reservoir. Moreover, displacement spring connected with diaphragm and supported by piston has rigidity providing displacement pressure overcoming pressure at suction strokes under off-standard operating conditions of pump.

EFFECT: improved reliability, efficiency and quality of operation of pump.

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Diaphragm pump // 2281416

FIELD: mechanical engineering; spacecraft; temperature control systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for use in temperature control systems, mainly, in spacecraft. Proposed diaphragm pump includes diaphragm head consisting of housing and cover with edge of diaphragm clamped between flanges, and movable rod on which central part of diaphragm is rigidly secured. Diaphragm head is provided with at least one delivery and one suction valves and also inlet and outlet unions. Inlet and outlet unions are movable relative to diaphragm head, being arranged in adapters installed between housing and cover in their division plane. Axle of rotation of adapter is made in form of bushing with supply channels. Outer diameter of bushing corresponds to coaxial cylindrical through holes of equal diameters made in cover and adapter for bushing and blind hole in housing. Delivery and suction valves are made removable being arranged in said bushings. They are provided with members locking them relative to cover. Repairability of pump is provided owing to direct access to drain and delivery valves from outside of pump, provision of lock members, making of adapters movable and displacement of outlet and inlet unions in space providing access to unions fitted in adapters.

EFFECT: facilitated servicing of pump at limited access to places of pump arrangement.

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The pump diaphragm // 2238428

The invention relates to pumping equipment and can be applied, for example, for production of oil from wells

The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in the manufacture of membrane pumps

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: control device for an internal combustion engine includes the following: a solid particle sensor installed in an exhaust pipe of an internal combustion engine, a filter for catching particles, which can catch solid particles contained in exhaust gas and is located in the exhaust pipe at the point upstream relative to the solid particle sensor; an electronic control unit that can detect the amount of particles in the exhaust gas through the exhaust pipe in response to an output signal of the solid particle sensor; an electronic control unit having a possibility of supplying particle capture voltage between electrodes of the solid particle sensor during the first period so that a layer of particles can be formed on surfaces of electrodes of the solid particle sensor; and an electronic control unit having a possibility of stopping particle capture voltage supply during the second period so that the layer of particles can be maintained, and an electronic control unit that can perform control by detection of a failure in order to determine whether there is a failure of the filter for particle catching or not. The first period represents a period between completion of control by detection of the failure and the moment when the output signal of the solid particle sensor achieves a reference output signal. The second period represents a period between the moment when the output signal of the solid particle sensor achieves the reference output signal.

EFFECT: improved serviceability of a control unit and high measurement accuracy of the amount of solid particles.

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