Drain device of railway tank

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: drain device of a railway tank comprises a cylindrical housing of two connected parts (1, 2), between which a safety ring (4) is mounted. A main shutter (4) with a drive mechanism is installed in the upper housing part, and an additional shutter in the form of a cover with a gasket and a clamping screw is installed in the lower housing part on a rotary bracket (5). The main shutter is mounted on an abutment rod (10) of the drive mechanism with the possibility of free rotation in an open clutch and consists of two valves mounted in series one below the other, the upper of which is a spring poppet valve for closing the upper face of the drain hole, and the valve located under it is a shut-off valve in the form of a truncated cone for closing the flow housing section.

EFFECT: invention increases the reliability of the drain device due to preserving its tightness under conditions of external forces acting on it in the event of emergency situations.

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FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device relates to equipment of tanks and is designed to intake and discharge oil and oil products, to decrease the level of undrainable residue. As well, it may be used for emergent pumping of bottom settlement water at fire and washout of bottom settlements. Besides, it can be used for separation of product from pipeline at normal operation (tank-cap valve function), decrease in the rate of intake of products electrifiable in transportation (charge drainage function) and shutoff function. This device comprises housing converging towards tank bottom and changing the cross-section from round at joint to intake-discharge pipe to slot-like at open bottom end of product inlet-outlet case, control mechanism to adjust slot sizes by means of shutoff valve arranged at said case.

EFFECT: combined all aforesaid functions.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Proposed plug comprises cover with inner thread for cover to be screwed on fuel tank filler neck, case with flange and cup, gasket, sealing plug on filler neck and valve device. Cover has ledges arranged on its inner surface and is jointed with the case by fastener. Air valve is arranged on fastener spring. Case is made up of two split parts jointed together by fastener. One part of the case represents a ring-like box with flange, box inner surface being furnished with annular groove receiving filtration element. The other part represents a barrel accommodating stepped part with stepped hole supporting valve device. Cover has centerline slot. Gasket with double-sided annular sealing flanges is arranged between top surfaces of the barrel and neck and bottom surface of the box. Outlet valve represents a cap with flange and axial bore in its bottom and is furnished with annular sealing flanges arranged on bottom surface of the flange and axial bore.

EFFECT: tight joint between plug and filler neck.

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FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vertical steel reservoirs for oil, oil products and other fluids. Proposed receiver-distributor comprises pipeline running inside bellows compensator with gap that communicates with working reservoir receiver-distributor branch pipe and feed pipelines. One end of bellows is tightly welded to pipeline while the other end is jointed to branch pipe in protective wall. Bellows pipeline is arranged off center, eccentricity error depending upon radial motion of reservoir and inclination of receiver-distributor branch pipe from initial position at external effects acting on reservoir. Gap between branch pipe in protective wall and pipeline is sealed by jacket.

EFFECT: increased travel of reservoir without elongation of bellows, ruling out of ingress of oil product inside reservoir.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to facilities for shut-off and control of loose material supply and can be implemented in agricultural engineering for control of grain flow. The gate-regulator consists of a case with a vertical flexible branch, of a cut-off plate secured along perimetre of the branch and of a hold-down element. The cut-off plate is made in form of a washer enveloping a lower edge of the flexible branch and rotating in a circular channel of the case.

EFFECT: reduced damage of grain.

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Chain gate // 2388675

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to auxiliary transport equipment, namely, to chain gates to be sued for shutting off hopper outlets in unloading major grain size loose materials. Proposed chain gate comprises two rings arranged below major grain size fraction discharge hole, arranged one above the other and oriented in horizontal planes. Said rings are connected by vertically oriented round-link chains with their free ends locked on said rings and all around rings. Upper ring is furnished with run rollers to be driven by upper drive along circular rail around cylindrical casing. Lower ring is fixed. Circular rail represents inclined surface, while upper ring linearly displaces along its axis when rotating.

EFFECT: higher reliability reduced loads, possibility to mount said gate at up to 45 deviation from vertical position.

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Bin gate // 2384503

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: bin gate consists of gate, bracket whereon case of bin is mounted, and of drive mechanism including actuating device and lever. The drive mechanism consists of a strip with installed thereon stop, one end of which is fixed on the gate, while another one is attached to rotation axle of the gate. The rotation axle is secured on the bracket. A roller interacts with the above said strip, and a return spring with one end is connected to the case of the bin, while with the other end - to the lever; the roller and the return spring are installed on the lever of the drive mechanism secured to the bracket, the lever is designed to rotate and is mechanically tied with the actuating mechanism by means of a spoke. Dead point of the strip, lever and roller facilitates "closed" position of the gate. Maintaining position of "dead point" is achieved by means of the stop located on the strip not allowing further roller rotating.

EFFECT: simple design of bin gate facilitating decrease of error at weighing small doses.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: in ore pass rock mass discharge complex, its bottom part at discharge hole area has enlarged diametre with stepped fitting to the smaller diametre upper part and equipped with vertical support beams fixed along its perimetre on a internal surface. A chain gate upper ring fixed on the beams upper sides. The ore pass bottom part dimensions defined with ration. The bottom rings equipped with slides installed on it and located along its external perimetre with the same step, with possibility of their rotation at vertical axis and interaction with a vertically oriented cylindrical form case internal surface. The case fixed on fixed foundation and located with ability to mage chains with a gap. The bottom ring from its bottom side is a rim shaped with possibility to dislocate it inside a steel wire cable channel, which fixed on the rime form one side and on the drum from another side. The drum cinematically connected to the drive equipped with brake. In its initial location, at the gates opened the cable covers the rim along it total circle length. The cable branch going down from the rim located with a possibility to cover from the bottom the drifting block with a possibility to rotate along its axis. The axis equipped with sliders, which located with a possibility of their vertical guides displacement and equipped with a balance. The balance based on the foundation at its initial position. The drum top located over the rim with exceeding of the bottom ring vertical displacement at the ore pass discharge hole shut down. The drum axis horizontal displacement away from the drifting block axis selected from a rough equilibrium of a creeping on and coming off cable branches tightening resultant, for the bottom ring at the initial position and after its displacement to the top at discharged hole shut down with threaded chains. The case equipped with a vertical slot-hole with possibility to locate the cable with in it with gaps, coming of the bottom blocks rim. Slot-hole height assumed to be not smaller than the bottom ring vertical displacement movement.

EFFECT: ore pass big scale rock mass discharge complex height decrease and its simplified design.

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Hopper device // 2375291

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: hopper device consists of case (1) and of bottom (2) made in form of bearing ring divided between them with slit opening. Cone-splitter is installed in the centre of the bottom. Movable circular gate (5) equipped with a drive is lowered below bottom edge (2) overlapping the slit opening. Inclined slots are uniformly made along perimetre of movable circular gate (5) on its surface; a roller secured on the case is installed in each of the slots; cuts are uniformly arranged around the bottom; each cut is equipped with a movable gate. The cuts can be of rectangular, triangle or other shape. The drive can be made, for example in form of two pneumatic cylinders installed diametrically opposite relative to a movable circular gate; rods of cylinders are connected with the gate. By means of supports bottom (2) is secured to unloading funnel situated under the bottom.

EFFECT: optimal ratio of degree of granules cooling and amount of their flow from hopper owing to even regulation of slit openings dimensions.

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Ore chute gate // 2354600

FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: ore chute gate comprises two bottoms attached onto cranks and arranged below the outlet hole to turn in a vertical plane in opposite directions relative to horizontal axles. The latter are fitted outside the branch pipe vertical walls and in parallel to them. Aforesaid cranks are linked up by other two cranks with their free ends linked with the rods of power cylinders arranged horizontally. The latter have are furnished with two rods to turn the cranks of aforesaid linkage in different sides. The cranks of bottoms, in initial position and with the gate opened, are oriented horizontally, while the cranks of the above linkage with the branch pipe walls form a 45 degrees angle. There is a dual-slope baffle arranged inside the branch pipe at the level of axles and in parallel to them to overlap the end face edges of bottoms, in plan, with the gate closed. Every bottom's crank has two pins fixed in cantilever therewith to enter, unobstructed, the openings of counter balance that rests upon the bottom's crank via detachable sleeves fitted on the pins.

EFFECT: higher reliability of gate operation.

5 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: proposed gate consists of a box with a shortened and elongated faces and two bearing housings accommodating an axle arranged to move therein and to turn the said gate, a gate turning lever, two brackets and strips to rule out material spillage. The gate features a concave surface. The aforesaid axle supports upper parts of two brackets rigidly fixed thereon, the lower parts of which are attached, on both sides, to the gate concave surface. The aforesaid rear strip ruling out material spillage is rigidly attached to aforesaid concave surface and to the brackets. The lateral strips are rigidly attached to aforesaid gate concave surface and to the brackets. The box shortened face accommodates two housings of the other bearings rigidly attached thereto and housing a movable axle supporting the material spillage rule-out strip pin-jointed to counter weight. The box upper part is rigidly jointed to the hopper bottom.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of gate operation in metered delivery of loose material containing lumps and ruling out loose material spillage through closed gate.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to transportation of viscous oil products and may be used at facilities of petroleum chemistry, oil processing and oil storage facilities during unloading of solidifying high-viscous oil products. The device for heating and draining of high-viscous oil products from a tank comprises a monitor (5) with a nozzle head, a circulating pump (3), an output end of the pump line is connected to a heat exchanger (12), a filter (9), temperature and pressure sensors connected to a control unit (19) and a storage tank (8). A transfer pump and a jet pump are installed in the draining device. The circulating pump is communicated by a cock controlled by the control unit either with the jet pump or the monitor. The transfer pump delivering oil product from the storage tank is communicated either with a drain collector or with the storage tank through the heat exchanger.

EFFECT: invention reduces the time for emptying tanks with viscous products and increases the efficiency of product heating and transferring from the tank.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents a flexible panel with through holes forming a cell structure. The panel material has larger density than the density of liquid transported in the tank. Through holes can be made contracting correspondingly to the thickness of panel and in horizontal section they can be of round or triangle or rectangular or hexagon form.

EFFECT: enhancement of efficiency of prevention of sediments on the walls of tanks in the process of liquid transportation.

1 dwg, 3 dwg

FIELD: railway transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport and can be used for transportation of high-volume one-type fluids. Cistern train (2) consists of cisterns (1) comprising frame (3) with hinged wheels (4), tight cylindrical hollow tank (5) with face walls (6, 7) and drain device (9) arranged horizontally on the said frame. There is filling hole (8) at the tank top center. Coupling devices are rigidly attached to the frame front and rear, hinged to the like devices of adjacent cisterns. The cistern inside houses damping devices. The tank faces are furnished with flanges rigidly fastened with the flanges of the tank cylindrical part (10) with transverse corrugated pipes. Sealing gasket is fitted between the said flanges. The ID of cylindrical part with transverse corrugated pipes equals that of the tight cylindrical tank.

EFFECT: expanded operating performances.

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Freight car // 2336190

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: freight car contains discharge machinery with interlocking device (2), air-inlet hatch (3) including fixed on car body throat and hatch cover with ability of intercommunication of car chamber with atmosphere and air-inlet hatch control gear implemented in the shape of mechanical link of tension bar (7), link (8) and tappet (9) connecting hatch cover and interlocking device of discharge machinery. At discharge machinery interlocking it is implemented hatch cover shutoff, and hatch cover opening - at discharge machinery deblocking. Interlocking device simultaneously implements interlocking of all discharging machinery and in deblocked position of discharging machinery interlocking device is fixed by catch mounted on car body.

EFFECT: invention improves preservation of carried cargo and discharge conditions.

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FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway and road vehicles. proposed method includes operations for arrangement of electronic mark on tank neck or its mock-up possibility of changing spatial orientation of electronic marks at least along one of axes of coordinates, arrangement of video observation devices on neck of tank or its mock-up to transmit video image of spatial orientation of electronic mark to data collecting and processing unit to control change of spatial orientation of electronic mark to receive data on angles of deflection of electronic mark from initial position by data collecting and processing unit, recording of parameters of stability of remote communication between electronic mark and stationary transceiver at moment of each passing of radio coverage zone of stationary transceiver by electronic mark and comparing said parameters with information on spatial orientation of electronic mark received from video observation devices and from spatial orientation changing device and processing of received information in data collecting and processing unit. Device and tank neck mock-up are provided to implement proposed method. Invention provides effective readout of information from electronic marks located on necks of tanks, reduces time taken by testing and adjusting operations at mounting of electronic marks on tank necks, unifies process of testing of electronic marks on necks of rail tanks and road tank cars.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of operation.

12 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; railway transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for discharging liquid and viscous products from railway tanks. Proposed shutoff-and-drain device includes drain neck, rotary gate 3, backup rotary gate 4 and end stopper 5 independently controlled and installed in neck. Drain neck is formed by flanged housing of gates whose flanges are connected from inside and outside to flange of barrel and are clamped together by fasteners to form common flanged joint. Part of through fastening holes in flange of housing of backup rotary gate is provided with bushings of height exceeding thickness of flange. Flanged joint is provided with washers made of material whose linear expansion coefficient exceeds linear expansion coefficient of main material of joint.

EFFECT: improved operation reliability and safety of shutoff-and-drain device.

10 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for discharging liquid and viscous products from railway tank cars. Proposed shutoff-drain device has drain neck 9 with independently controlled main and backup rotary disk gates and end plug. In open position of main and backup disk gates, their working disks are arranged at different sides from axis of tank car drain neck. Barrel of tank is connected by flange 6 to flanged housing 7, 8 of main and backup rotary disk gates to form tank drain neck 9 by connected housings. Beads 12 and 13 are made on connecting surfaces of flange 6, and mating grooves 14 and 15 are made in housing 7 and 8 for mating with beads of flange through sealing gaskets 16 and 17. Shielding half-rings-lips 29 and 30 are secured in housing 7 and 8. Ring collector 35 of liquid product with directed draining device is secured on plug.

EFFECT: improved operation reliability and safety.

5 cl, 6 dwg

Draining device // 2267421

FIELD: railway transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to draining devices of railway tank cars. Proposed draining device of railway tank has housing 1 enclosed in heating case 2, main gate with hinged handwheel and valve 7, additional gate consisting of cover with rubber sealing ring 15 attached to housing tip, and intermediate gate 30 installed in housing between main and additional gates behind heating case. Intermediate gate 30 consists of split housing accommodating travel stop 32 and valve 33 with rod 41 to move valve connected with turning device. Proposed design of draining device improves operation reliability of tank owing to increased tightness of draining device under different actions of loads appearing at transportation of liquid loads, including emergency situations, and provides ecological safety, convenience in operation and repairability, as device is simple in design and easy to manufacture.

EFFECT: improved reliability and manufacturability.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: railway transport; tanks for liquid oil products.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method includes replacement of tank structural units. At first stage units for charging and discharging of loose materials are demounted, particularly, communicating pipes, branch pipes, aeration box, discharge unit and side charging hatches with covers. At second stage, blanks 2 are fitted on holes of side hatches and safety-intake valve 7 is mounted on barrel 4, and drain device. Metal plates 8 are welded on inner surface of barrel neck uniformly arranging them in height. Ring frames are secured on outer surface of barrel. Support sheets are installed in zone of sill supports and lips to protect brake equipment from spills of oil products.

EFFECT: enlarged operating capabilities, reduced cost expenses.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: railway transport.

SUBSTANCE: having assembled shell and bottom plates and mounting of manhole and drain device, framework of heating jacket is installed on barrel. Mounting of one framework makes it possible to carry out visual and instrument checking of quality of welds at hydraulic tests. Half-rings 7 with clearance between ring end faces are welded onto generating surface of seat 4 of drain device 5. After hydraulic tests, heating jacket is welded to framework and half-rings. Boxes are applied in places of formation of clearances between half-rings to communicate space of barrel jacket and space of housing of drain device.

EFFECT: reduced cost of manufacture.

4 cl, 5 dwg

Container tank pan // 2247690

FIELD: packing equipment, particularly for liquid products storage and transportation.

SUBSTANCE: pan comprises body 1, draining device including drainage valve 3, valve seat 16 and discharge pipe 6 directed along pan body and partly deepened in lower part thereof. Longitudinal and transversal cut is formed at discharge pipe inlet. Drainage valve seat is installed on longitudinal cut section. Transversal cut sections above valve seat and under valve seat are closed with walls. Drainage valve seat levels with lower generating line of pan body and is provided with means for securing lower part of draining device. Valve seat has groove in which gasket and ring are installed. Drainage valve seats on above ring.

EFFECT: increased operational safety during emptying container, improved ability to perform complete product discharge.

3 cl, 5 dwg