Deflecting device to cut port in well casing

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a hollow mill-reamer fixed on the drill pipe string. A deflecting wedge is suspended from mill-reamer on a shear element provided with a hydraulic attachment unit with spacer element and at least one ram having teeth on the outer surface. Fluid supply channel is made in the form of a pipeline connecting the inner cavity of the mill-reamer and the hydraulic attachment unit comprising a fishing sleeve with inner collar and circulation holes and a nozzle jet with central channel and a seat directed against the flow for drawdown ball. The nozzle jet is placed inside the fishing sleeve. The hydraulic attachment unit comprises a cylinder sleeve, a hollow rod secured to the spacer element of the deflecting wedge, a hollow rod inside the cylinder sleeve, a threaded cap fixed to the lower part of cylinder sleeve, an annular piston, a supporting bushing in the bore of the lower part of the cylinder sleeve, an elastic rod fastened to the annular piston and a ram. The hollow rod is in communication with the pipeline connecting the inner cavity of the mill-reamer and the hydraulic attachment unit. The fishing sleeve is provided with its own channel for fluid located inside its side wall and inner collar, the inlet of the channel inside the side wall is located on the end of the fishing sleeve directed against the fluid flow, the outlet of the channel in the inner collar of the fishing sleeve is located on the end directed towards the hydraulic attachment unit. The pipeline for supplying fluid to the hydraulic attachment unit is connected to the outlet of the channel on end of the fishing sleeve through a flushing hole. The pipeline at point of connection to the fishing sleeve is equipped with a union comprising an annular groove with reduced cross-section of the union wall, capable of tearing the pipeline from the pipe union with tension of the drill string.

EFFECT: improved reliability of deflecting device fastening, reduced risk of accident, level of vibration, increased cutting ability of the mill-reamer, provided pure milling with smooth edges, increased accuracy when cutting a port per one running-pulling operation.

3 cl, 10 dwg



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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the field of controlled drilling of oil and gas wells. The controlled drilling assembly includes control system placed inside a cylindrical body connected to the drilling bit having radially retractable pistons. The fluid activating the piston flows from the body through the fluid dosing unit, which directs the fluid to the fluid channels in the drilling bit, which lead to the respective pistons. The control system controls the fluid dosing unit in order to ensure selective passing of the fluid though the fluid channels to pistons and to let it out through the outlet in each fluid channel. Selective passing of the fluid forces pistons in the drilling bit to retract in the direction opposite to the desired deviation of the well bore, thus deviating the drilling bit from the axial line of the well bore. The fluid dosing unit is capable to stabilise total area of the flow, to control total area of the flow and change total area of the flow inside the drilling bit by moving the upper element inside the fluid dosing unit.

EFFECT: control system and drilling bit are connected in a special way to facilitate separation in order to change configuration and size of the control section and cutting design of the drilling bit simultaneously.

42 cl, 45 dwg

Deflection device // 2539494

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to oil and gas well drilling and aims at casing window cutting and further auxiliary hole drilling. A deflection device comprises a whipstock with an inclined working surface configured in the form of a chute in an applied carbide mill, an anchor connected to the whipstock through an adapter bushing, a high-pressure flexible tube, a whipstock fixation unit. A chute portion from both sides from below is machined to reduce a stagnant portion, while a low-pressure chamber for transferring the device into the transport position is a shank bore of the anchor with a plunger inside. The adapter bushing comprises a piston used to press the whipstock to the casing pipe, and its profile bevel comprises disk spring washers in a socket for pressing the whipstock head to the boring casing after the cutter detachment.

EFFECT: higher technical and process drilling factors of multi-lateral wells.

5 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the oil and gas production industry, namely to a tail pipe for side hole attachment in a multi-lateral horizontal well. The tail pipe comprises a casing pipe of an effective length, a drive shoe with an end face displaced to an outer diameter, connected through an operating connection pipe to a body of a drive shoe clamper, forming a hinge fitting with an inner connection pipe in an articulating hub; beside the fitting, the articulating hub also comprises a back-pressure valve with a rod-opened retainer when lowering into the well; a stop assembly body is provided with a displacement plug casing; the lower displacement plug is provided on the connection pipe of the fitting, which is attached through the bore to the body of the removed tail pipe assembly; the body accommodate a crown hub with a put-on top of a profile partition, while a lower side seats on a lock connected to the hinge through an inner left thread to form a closed cavity inside the partition. The closed cavity of the partition is closed with the valve and additionally with a collet gate to protect from pressure jumps in a hydraulic canal of the tail pipe; the cavity has two sealing canals to be filled with water and de-aerated; corrugations of the partition are put on crown flanges of the hub and sealed, while a lower side is mated with the lock which comprises a seat for a foundation cutter; along the left thread, the lock is connected to the hinge to form a detachment assembly; the hinge fitting from the drive shoe, connection pipe and drive shoe clamper are configured to move in the axially symmetrical and radial direction along the well bore.

EFFECT: provided considerable reduction of the non-productive time required to attach the horizontal side hole during the multi-lateral well construction.

12 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction of oil and gas wells, in particular to devices intended for sidetracking. The tool includes cutters - window cutter with a tip and expanding cutter having a common case with the central channel having stepped and arched surfaces, a whipstock fixed to the lower end of the window cutter, equipped with a shear lug made as a longitudinal corrugated pipe with a blind lower end and arms made as abrasive elements at external surface, and a hydraulic circuit. The tip body is made solid with a flushing port and an eccentric outlet opening interconnected to a flushing port made as a grove at the tip working area. The cutter blades are made as separate steel straps with flat-topped longitudinal grooves with cutting elements. At the lug external surface, along the perimeter there is a sealant applied with thickness up to 5mm in the form of straps placed at the distance equal to width of the strap width at least. The lug slips are made similar to the cutter blades and installed diametrically opposed to each other in the area of arched surface transfer of the corrugation towards cavities in longitudinal direction by intervals.

EFFECT: reduced emergency rate, improved reliability of the whipstock setting and the well bore separation.

5 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: equipment unit is designed so that it may be installed in the well bore and comprises surface of the outside wall intended for deflection of a cutter to form a branch hole as well as deflection of at least a part of the component for the completion assembly in direction towards the branch hole. A part of the component for the completion assembly represents an articulation joint used for completion of the side pipe branch and comprises an interrupter and a branch hole, subsystem for temporary plugging of the space between the above surface and a channel wherein the interrupter may be inserted and a bushing fixed to the temporary plugging and capable of shifting by a shutter. The above bushing is designed to prevent entrapment of at least a part of waste in a compactor, at that the above surface may be matched with a shutter and deflect the side pipe branch in direction towards the branch hole of the well.

EFFECT: completion of the branch hole of the well without shutter removal before its sidetracking.

14 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling, particularly, to deflectors of drilling or milling bits. Proposed device is configured for contactless attachment of deflector to milling/drilling bit. Note here that said bit comprises shank and multiple cutting blades. The latter extend below the shank to define the bit outer tooth and cutting surface. Besides it includes at least one hole for mud escape between two blades of set multiple cutting blades. It comprises upper yoke to be arranged around said bit, at least one connector arranged at first end on upper yoke above cutting blades to extend therefrom downward. Note here that said connector can extend through bit mud discharge bore. Note here that said connector features length sufficient for it to extend beyond bi cutting surface. Deflector can be fitted on second end of at least one connector.

EFFECT: safe and efficient trip.

30 cl, 23 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises mounting of locking assembly with deflector wedge with one deflection surface in the well main borehole constructed to design depth. Locking assembly is composed of hydromechanical anchor with seat to be locked below sidetracking interval. Prior to sidetracking, casing string is exposed by cutting the "opening". After sidetracking, deflector wedge is withdrawn from the well at disconnecting it from the locking assembly. Extra longer deflector wedge is lowered to interaction with hydromechanical anchor seat to prevent its turn. Prior to sidetracking, casing string is opened by cutting an extra "opening" with subsequent withdrawal of deflector wedge after construction of second side hole. Proposed device comprises deflector wedge to be lowered on the string and equipped with one deflecting surface connected by shear elements via adapter with locking assembly composed of hydromechanical anchor equipped with pipe corrugated in lengthwise direction and plugged at bottom by shoe and hydraulic locator arranged under said adapter. Note here that said locator is composed of the case with lengthwise channel communicated with said corrugated pipe and string. Said case houses the piston displacing axially at fluid overpressure and equipped with conical surfaces to act at pushers arranged regularly over the case perimeter and height to allow limited radial displacement outward to interaction with casing string walls. Note here that case top has groove to mate with adapter ledges at deflector wedge and extra deflector wedge to rule out their turn and to lock them at preset position.

EFFECT: sidetracking of two opposing boreholes from one level of existing wells, lower costs.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method lies in installation of fixing unit with a whipstock for one deflective surface in the main hole constructed up to the design depth. The fixing unit is made in the form of hydromechanical anchor with mounting seat, at that the anchor is fixed below the sidetracking space. Before sidetracking the casing pipe is penetrated by window cutting and after offshoot construction the whipstock is retrieved from the well disconnecting it from the fixing unit; auxiliary longer whipstock is run in till it interacts with the mounting seat of the anchor fixing it from rotation; before sidetracking of additional offshoot the casing pipe is penetrated by additional window with subsequent retrieval of auxiliary whipstock after construction of the second offshoot. The device for method implementation includes a whipstock run in at the pipe string and equipped with one deflective surface and connected from below by breakable elements through the crossover shoe with the fixing unit made in the form of hydromechanical anchor equipped with longwise corrugated pipe blinded from below with the shoe and a hydraulic centring skid located below the crossover shoe. At that centring skid is manufactured as a body with a gallery communicating with longwise corrugated pipe, pipe string and pushers located evenly along the perimeter and height of the body limits radial movement outside until interaction with the casing walls at excess pressure in the gallery; at the top the body is equipped with a groove for matching intrusions of the crossover shoes of the whipstock and auxiliary whipstock in order to exclude rotation and ensure their setting in preset direction.

EFFECT: group of inventions allows drilling of two opposing additional boreholes from the same level of the existing well, engaging of the main borehole into operation and reducing material costs for construction of the downhole splitter.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: cement bridge is installed in a well. A borehole hydromechanical pusher is fixed on the end of a drill string. An upper end of a wedge-shaped diverter is attached to the lower end of the pusher with shear screws. The diverter is lowered to the well till the cement bridge. An axial load on the drill string is created to unfasten the pusher casing and liquid is supplied for wedging up the pusher in a cased well bore and for cutting off the screws attaching the upper end of the wedge-shaped diverter to the lower end of the pusher. The pusher includes a hollow adapter the lower end of which is connected to a ram holder interacting with the ram. Inside the ram holder there is a longitudinal end-to-end channel. From the lower end onto the ram holder with possibility of longitudinal movement there led is a casing with a side opening for the ram. On the lower casing end there fixed is a sleeve with a limiting bushing, inside which there led is a hollow stock with a longitudinal channel inside it, which is shut off from below. The lower end of the hollow stock is connected with shear screws to the upper end of the wedge-shaped diverter. The lower end of the diverter is equipped with a fastening device.

EFFECT: fixation of a diverter in a well at impossibility of creating a load on a working face with the drill string weight, without using any additional equipment.

2 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil and gas industry, in particular, to devices for drilling of inclined and horizontal sites of the well. The device contains housing with inclined slots and rod placed inside it. From underneath piston is fixed rigidly to the rod; at that the piston is made annular and placed inside chamber formed by outer wall of the rod and inner wall of the housing. In inclined slots pads with teeth are fixed by pull-bars with rod. At the housing bottom there is lower crossover shoe with inner annular narrowing. Downstream of inner annular narrowing the crossover shoe has annular expansion. From above the device is equipped with telemetric system. The lower end of the rod can interact hermetically with annular narrowing. Upward spring-loaded and hollow lower piston is installed in annular expansion; the piston can move in horizontal plane to the upper part until it leaves the area of hermetic connection with annular narrowing. The rod is spring-loaded with bigger load than upward-loaded lower piston. Between the lower piston and annular narrowing there is a small ball and from bottom of annular narrowing and from top of the lower piston there are accesses for the ball which are located opposite each other.

EFFECT: device provides possibility of multiple correction of slope angle in drilling process without lifting to the wellhead.

2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes the rotation and axial delivery of an assembly with a bit and supply of a flushing fluid through an inner cavity of the assembly to the bottomhole, in the flushing fluid loss zone the transfer of the fluid supply to an annular space over the downhole motor through the cross-over shoe by its activating. At the transfer of the fluid supply in the flushing fluid loss zone the isolating compound is supplied at a pressure of 2-6 MPa, flow rate of 8-12 l/s in a volume of 10-30 m3, upstream the injection volume drilling mud is placed, the assembly is put up to the drilling mud zone, pressure up to 3 MPa is generated in the annular space, the isolating compound is flushed to the loss zone in the full volume, the process is withhold until the isolating compound is set and hardened, the cross-over shoe is deactivated, circulation is restored and injection capacity is defined. If the injection capacity is less than 2 m3/h the drilling process is renewed.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of isolation for the flushing fluid loss zones at well drilling.

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the device and method of drilling with continuous bit rotation and continuous drill mud supply. The device for drilling rig that contains the first drilling machine with top drive, installed with possibility of vertical movement along guide, and second drilling machine installed between the first drilling machine and well with possibility of the vertical movement along the guide regardless of the first drilling machine with top drive and provided with rotary table, able to withstand weight of the drilling string, rotation drive ensuring continuous rotation of the drilling string, and mud chamber ensuring liquid connection between end of the drilling string and unit for mud supply, at that the mud chamber is equipped with holes for the drilling string containing devices that can close holes for the drilling string ensuring liquid tightness. The second drilling machine is also equipped with the driven casing tongs that ensure connection and disconnection of the element and drilling string, at that the specified driven casing tongs are installed in the mud chamber and are made with possibility of vertical movement to connect/disconnect element and drilling string.

EFFECT: connection/disconnection of pipe elements with drilling string is ensured with continuous bit rotation and with continuous mud supply.

10 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes drilling of a well borehole by an assembly with the lower power drive and usage of a circulation fluid as a drilling mud. A loss zone is entered and drilling is transferred to the drilling mud, at entry to the loss zone rotary assembly or the upper power drive is switched, a drill string is rotated with a rate of 60-90 rev/min, consumption rate of the drilling mud is set equal to 18-20 l/s at the wellhead pressure of 1-2.5 MPa, the drilling mud is used with a viscosity of 60-90 CP, at the entry to the loss zone cuttings are introduced in a quantity up to 30% of the drilling mud volume and in the progress of the loss zone the passage quantity of cuttings in the drilling mud is reduced up to 8-12% at the loss zone end, the well is washed by the drilling mud without cuttings with a viscosity of 40-60 CP, with the consumption rate of 30-35 l/s and the wellhead pressure of 1-2.5 MPa and drilling is continued till the design reference mark.

EFFECT: improved reliability of the loss zone isolation, sticking of drilling tools is excluded.

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes drilling by an assembly with a hydraulic downhole motor, periodical reciprocating of a drilling string in the complicated zone with simultaneous rotating. Drilling is performed by a bit having a diameter of 220.7 mm, a sloughing rock horizon is drilled and the drilling fluid is used with a density of 1.3-1.4 g/cm3, viscosity of 50-90 CP, load to the bit is maintained within limits of 10-15 t, the drilling fluid is injected with a rate of 32-45 l/s, the productive formation is entered to a depth of 1.0-1.5 m with a zenith angle of 75-85 degrees. The sting below assembly is lifted above the sloughing rock horizon, the process is withheld within 1-2 hours, and the assembly is lifted from the well, logging survey is performed and the same assembly is run in. At running in the setting intervals are worked out, the assembly is lifted out of the well, the production string is run in to the bottomhole with a lower section of casing pipes, a docking device and an upper section of drill pipes, the borehole annulus of the lower section is cemented, the upper section is disconnected from the docking unit, the upper section of the drill pipes is lifted and the casing string with a diameter of 177.8 mm is run with the length from the docking device up to the wellhead, the strings are lined up and the borehole annulus is cemented. A packed-hole assembly with a bit of a diameter of 155.5 mm is run in inside the production string, the interval of the sections line-up is worked out and drilling of the productive formation is continued.

EFFECT: excluded sticking of drilling tools when passing the well through complicated zones.

Drilling rig // 2541972

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to drill rigs with movable rotary mechanism used for drilling of expendable wells. The drill rig includes mast, chain hoist for the string with movable rotary mechanism equipped with hydraulic chuck to retain drill pipes, chain hoist for drill pipe stands with elevator mounted above the chain hoist for the string and equipped with hydraulic chuck to retain drill pipe stands consisting of one or several pipes, carousel arrangement with circumferential cells for drill pipe stands, at that the above arrangement may be moved from the well axis and back, and stationary hydraulic pipe holder. Over chain hoist for the string with movable rotary mechanism there is identical chain hoist with movable straight-way making-up pipe holder coupled kinematically to the above one through two pairs of drive gear and having common reversible drive with it, in result when movable rotary mechanism moves upwards the making-up pipe holder moves downwards and vice a versa, a drill pipe stand pipe disconnected and connected to the string is taken by its upper end by hydraulic chuck of the elevator of chain hoist for drill pipe stands with elevator and removed from the carousel arrangement or accumulated in it with potential automation and synchronisation of operation for all elements the drill rig and alignment in time of working and idling operations for running in and out of drilling string and drill pipe stands as well delivery of the latter from the string to accumulation site and back. The drill rig provides drilling of wells with bore inclination at angle of 45-90 to the horizon.

EFFECT: sufficient reduction in duration of auxiliary operations of the drilling string run in and out is ensured due to their alignment in time.

4 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to drilling, and namely to water extraction from bore wells using the well drilling device by percussion rotary drilling. The well drilling device by percussion rotary drilling comprises a chisel weight magnifier installed directly over the chisel - above-chisel bit weighting material - fixed to the drill stem and the chisel bit by means of adaptors. The chisel weight magnifier is made as a section of casing pipe, which can be installed at the drill pipe thrusted to the adaptor that connects the drill pipe with a chisel bit at the one side and connection by the adaptor with the drill string at the other side, at that the casing pipe section is centred in regard to the drill pipe by means of protective couplings while the space between these pipes is filled with lead pellet.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of well drilling due to increased rate of drilling.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device includes a drilling bit weight enlarging mechanism installed immediately above the drilling bit - an above-bit weighting device - and attached to a drill string and to the bit by means of adapters. The bit weight enlarging mechanism is made in the form of a piece of a casing pipe that can be installed on a drill pipe so that it is borne against an adapter attaching the drill pipe to the bit on one side and connected by means of the adapter to the drill string on the other side; with that, a piece of the casing pipe is aligned relative to the drill pipe by means of safety couplings, and space between these pipes is filled with lead shots and electrorheological liquid and equipped with an electric field creation device increasing viscosity of electrorheological liquid when striking on the bit.

EFFECT: improving well drilling efficiency due to increase of driving speed.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: drilling tool comprises a drill bit (2) connected to the drill rod (1) by a connector (3) of the drill bit. The drill rod is made of sections (11) of the drill rod. Each section of the drill rod comprises an inner section (111) of the rod and a hollow outer section (112) of the rod. The inner section of the rod is fixed with the ability of rotation in the outer rod section. The inner rod sections are joined together and form the inner rod (11') of the drill rod. The outer rod sections are connected together and form the outer rod (12') of the drill rod. The inner rod is connected to the output shaft of the power unit, and the outer rod is rigidly connected to the housing of the power unit.

EFFECT: reduction of friction force between the drill rod and the borehole wall.

14 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling. Method of drilling the inclined and horizontal wells in highly porous rocks comprises generation of pressure difference in well-formation system by changing the flushing fluid density. To increase drilling rate by differential use of pressure difference range, additional pressure difference is created by increasing flushing fluid density.

EFFECT: higher rate of drilling.

4 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: at construction of production well, vertical shaft is drilled through rocks, including unstable mud shale, with entry into productive seam, going-in of production string to productive seam, cementing of annular space and drilling the shaft from production string into productive seam. At exposure of horizon with unstable mud shale, mechanical drilling rate is set not over 6 m/h for drilling with increased flushing fluid flow rate of about of 30-40 l/s using drilling solutions with density of 1.12-1.40 g/cm3. After well shaft drilling, drilling assembly performs cleanup job over well shaft with working of the shaft by rotary machine at rotor rpm of 40-100 rpm. Drilling fluid mixed with fibres in amount of 6-15 m3 is forced through the shaft and drill assembly reciprocates over the length of drive pipe. For well shaft casing operation string is lowered section-by-section. First 400-1000 m long section is lowered to well bottom on drill tool and annular space if cemented in interval from bottom to first section head. Cement is cured to lower production string second section. Sections are coupled, annular space is cemented and cement is cured. Production string is sealed.

EFFECT: ruled out sticking of drill tool in drilling unstable mud shale.

2 cl, 3 ex

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: at implementation of the method, cutter advancing devices are connected to a cutter; a pressure drop is created between the above cutter advancing device and the above cutter; with that, the above pressure drop causes descending movement of the above cutter advancing device and the above cutter and engagement of the above cutter at least with some part of the above cased well shaft is provided.

EFFECT: improving efficiency of an opening cutting process due to control of a load applied to a cutter.

23 cl, 3 dwg