Means for topical application in complex therapy of oral cavity diseases

FIELD: pharmacology.

SUBSTANCE: topical means for complex treatment of oral cavity diseases contains ground succinic acid introduced into the oil extract of propolis by suspension type in a weight ratio of 0.5:99.5; while the oil extract of propolis is prepared by extraction of propolis raw frozen at -10C and ground to a powdered state with a fraction size of 0.05-0.1 mm with sunflower oil refined at room temperature for 5 days at a propolis to extractant ratio of 1:9.

EFFECT: means has a strong antioxidant effect, contains no alcohol and irritants, so can be used for application to mucous membranes of the oral cavity in treatment of individuals sensitive to alcohol, or children.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine and is intended for oral cavity care. Compositions contain non-dialysable material of cranberry extract, in which non-dialysable material of cranberry extract is present in quantity, effective for inhibiting co-aggregation of oral cavity bacteria and/or inhibiting bacterial growth.

EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to increase efficiency of oral cavity care due to inhibition of bacterial growth and co-aggregation of bacteria.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: 5-6 days before surgery, 0.15% Tantum Verde mouth wash solution is prescribed daily two times a day in a dose of 15 ml, and postoperatively the patient is supposed to take 2-3-minute oral baths of the same 3-4 times a day for 5-7 days. The postoperative care also implies 5-7 sessions of intraoral anode electrophoresis with 10% Dimexidum on the surgical area.

EFFECT: method enables providing the more effective prevention of inflammatory complications.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: opening of a carious cavity, ablation of overhanging enamel edges on the entire circumference, necrectomy and drug treatment with a 0.06% chlorhexidine solution are performed. The preparation "Lemifaren" is applied on walls and bottom of the carious cavity in a uniform 1 mm thick layer, which is left for 1 day under temporary filling. After the removal of the preparation irradiation in a pulse mode with the power of 5 W and frequency of 2000-3000 Hz is carried out for 5 min with the application of the laser apparatus ALST-01. After that, the cavity is restored with an account of functional and aesthetic parameters of the particular tooth.

EFFECT: effective treatment of deep caries prevents caries recurrences and pulp inflammation.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine and is intended for oral cavity care. Compositions contain: a) guanidine-based active substance, b) film-forming polymer, c) hydrophobic modifier of viscosity in quantity, sufficient for provision of composition for oral cavity care with time particle sedimentation more than 20 minutes, and d) oil carrier. Guanidine-based active substance preferably represents L-arginine. Film-forming polymer preferably represented GANTREZ. Hydrophobic modifier of viscosity preferably represents thickened mineral oil. Oil carrier preferably represents natural oil. Composition is enclosed in gelatine capsule. Method of teeth cleaning includes application on teeth of composition for oral cavity care in such a way that composition for oral cavity care cleans teeth. Device for oral cavity care, which contains: handle, fastened on handle head, where head has external surface and a row of teeth-cleaning elements, projecting outwards on external surface, and gelatine capsule, which contains composition for oral cavity care, located on head.

EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to increase teeth cleaning efficiency.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: implementing the presented method involves mixing gel Hyaludent 1 ml on a slide with Betaleukin 0.0005 ml dissolved in water for injections 1 ml; the produced content is applied with a single application syringe on a desalivated treated area of the involved periodontal tissues and left until completely absorbed for 1-3 minutes; the involved area is exposed to laser light generated by the laser semiconductor dental therapeutic apparatus Optodan with a periodontal tip in the mode II, with the exposure length for 3-5 minutes; the therapeutic course is 8 days daily.

EFFECT: using the method enables achieving the fast regeneration length, ensuring the intact periodontal state in the most patients.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents an agent for treating a pulp inflammation differing by the fact that it contains Bezornil ointment and Dycal ivory paste in ratio 1:1 blended until smooth.

EFFECT: invention provides relieving oedema and pain on the day of doctor's appointment, accelerating the pulp tissue regeneration process, creating the reparative dentin within 30 days, and ensures the higher clinical effectiveness in the pulp inflammations.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: a phytopreparation containing bee wax 1.9 g and a herbal extract 0.1 g with the above herbal extract containing common oak bark, common St. John's wort herb and creeping thyme (Thymus) herb in equal proportions is used.The preparation is used as a chewing substrate (a chewing gum) for two weeks 3 times a day 15 minutes after meals.

EFFECT: using the invention improves clinical manifestations of the disease; oral inflammations are supposed to relieve or reduce; the length of erosion and ulcer epithelisation is reduced; the oral fluid structural properties are normalised by increasing phosphorus and magnesium, reducing protein, calcium and TBA.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: vitamins A and E, novocaine blocades of parotid salivary glands, intake of potassium iodide solution, intake of galantamine, additionally administered is "Vezugen" in a dose of 2 tablets (capsules) 2 times per day for 30 days are administered.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to stimulate the formation of own saliva in patients in case of drug sialoadenopathy, conditioned by chemotherapy of malignant tumours.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: 20-25 minutes after surgical intervention, a mouth bath of an implantation area with the Tonsinal phytopreparation diluted in an amount of 2.5 g in 100 ml of boiled water of room temperature is executed. 20-25 minutes later the Plastin CM-1 phytopreparation is applied on the alveolar process mucosa within the implantation area from the vestibular side for 1.5-2 hours. That is preceded by the desalivation of the oral cavity and mouth rinsing carefully with the Tonsinal solution trying to avoid any dynamic movements. The above procedures are performed 3-4 times a day for at least 10 days.

EFFECT: more effective dental implantation by improving microcirculation, fast normalising of oral microbiocoenosis, wound surface healing by immediate union, reliable implant attachment to gums and providing the implant stability.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine, namely to dentistry, and can be used for the treatment of conditions, related with the increased expression of MMP-13, selected from the group, consisting of loss of one or more teeth fixation, teeth loss, teeth mobility, formation of recesses, bone tissue loss and a combination of two and more of the said conditions. For this purpose the application of 4-acetamidophenyl 2-isopropyl-5-methylcyclohexylcarbonate in the production of a medication for the treatment of the said conditions is claimed. A composition for teeth care, containing an orally acceptable carrier and a therapeutically effective quantity of a MMP-13 inhibitor in the form of 4-acetamidophenyl 2-isopropyl-5-methylcyclohexylcarbonate is also claimed.

EFFECT: group of inventions provides the effective treatment of the said conditions die to effective MMP-13 suppression.

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FIELD: veterinary medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises subcutaneous administration of antibiotic preparation enroxyl 5% at a dose of 0.1 ml/kg daily one time a day for 7 days and intramuscular administration of homeopathic preparation ovarinin at a dose of 1 ml/kg one time for 4 days, 4-fold.

EFFECT: use of the invention enables to increase the efficiency of treatment, to reduce treatment time and to restore reproductive function of dogs.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to new (R)-stereoisomers of substituted 2-thioxo-imidazolidin-4-ones of formula 1 or to spiroanalogues thereof, which possess the properties of an androgen receptor agonist, to versions of a method for producing them, and to intermediate compounds 2.1-2.4 for producing compounds of formula 1. The invention also refers to a pharmaceutical composition presented in the form of tablets, capsules, injections. In formula 1 R1 represents OH, NH2, or OR4 group; R2 and R3 represent methyl, or R2 and R3 represent CH2-CH2 group; R4 represent C1-C4alkyl or cyclopropyl. The compounds 2.1-2.4 are described by structural formulas:

EFFECT: compounds of formula 1 can be used for producing the medicinal product applicable for treating a cancer disease, such as prostate cancer, breast cancer.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine, namely to a method of treatment or prevention of epilepsy. For this purpose recombinant human interleukin-2 is introduced to the patient with a reduced BDNF concentration in blood serum and/or plasma. The group of inventions also relates to the application of interleukin-2 for the treatment or prevention of the said disease.

EFFECT: application of the claimed group of inventions makes it possible to apply recombinant interleukin-2 as a single therapeutic agent in the treatment of pharmacoresistant epilepsy, associated with the insufficient BDNF production.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: what is presented is using meso-tetra(3-pyridyl)bacteriochlorin of structural formula (I) as a near-infrared photosensitiser for a photodynamic therapy. Doses 1.0-2.5 mg/kg of the declared photosensitiser have provided 70-100% tumour growth inhibition, 80-131% increase in life expectancy and 25-100% animals' recovery by selective tumour collection and fast clearance.

EFFECT: high photoinduced activity on human tumour cells of various epithelial origin and high dose-dependent anti-tumour effectiveness in the animal with tumours of various origins.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: cryoprotector is opened in a laminar flow unit; a special syringe of asyringe pump is filled with a cryoprotector; that is followed by introducing a filter solution of the cryoprotector - 55% dimethylsulphoxide with 5% dextran 40 at temperature +4C in a nucleated cell suspension with haemopoietic stem cells in a cryopackage with the concentrate and mixing mechanically in a mixing apparatus, transferring the system together with the cryoprotector flask into the laminar flow unit; the air is released from the cryopackage and portion of the suspension; the package is sealed and placed into a shrink bag; that is followed by programmed multi-stage freezing, the first stage of which keeping the mixture of the suspension with the stem cells and cryoprotector - a freezing sample - for 10 min at temperature +4C; the second stage is cooled at a rate of 1C/min to temperature -12C; the thirst stage provides cooling at a rate of 20C/min to temperature -60C; at the fourth stage, the sample is heated at a rate of 10C/min to temperature -18C; at the fifth stage, the sample is cooled at a rate of 1C/min to -60C; at the end of the freezing program, the sample is cooled at a rate of 3C/min to temperature -100C; after freezing, the sample is placed into a quarantine dewar with liquid nitrogen until infection and bacteriological fungal contamination test results are obtained. After termination of the quarantine shelf life, the sample with haemopoietic stem cells are placed for long-term storage at temperature not exceeding -150C, into the dewar with liquid nitrogen if observing negative test results. If the infection and bacterial and/or fungal contamination test results are positive, the sample with haemopoietic stem cells are transferred into the dewar with liquid nitrogen for infectious material for long-term storage.

EFFECT: invention enables increasing cell viability in the sample.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, particularly to oncourology, and can be used in the non-surgical treatment of the patients suffering early stages of prostate malignant tumour. A method of treating prostate cancer with using prolonged prodrug of octreotide accompanying surgical or drug-induced castration involves a) measuring pre-therapeutic prostate-specific antigen; b) measuring pre-therapeutic blood plasma chromogranin A; c) selecting the patients having high blood chromogranin A of more than 3 nmol/l; d) conducting a therapy with prolonged prodrug of octreotide in a combination with dexamethasone in the selected patients; e) controlling the prostate-specific antigen variation every month and monitoring a decrease thereof in the patients by measuring it intra-therapeutically according to the stage d); the therapeutic efficacy according to the stage d) is evaluated by a therapeutic response, which is accompanied by maximum decrease of the prostate-specific antigen.

EFFECT: invention enables providing the higher therapeutic efficacy in the patients suffering prostate cancer at the different stages.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely to balneology. A balneological agent for treating and preventing various diseases is prepared by the gradual and sequential mixing at room temperature of yellow clay, natural brine of Bolshoy Tambukan Lake, sage essence, dimethyl sulphoxide in certain relations.

EFFECT: agent possesses the more prominent therapeutic effect.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: tissue-specific matrix is obtained by performing a perfusion washing and a decellularisation of a parenchymal organ. Herewith 60-120 minutes before the perfusion washing of the donor organ, measures to prevent intravascular blood cell aggregation and microcirculation disturbances are taken and involve the intramuscular or intravenous administration of a disaggregant or disaggregants (heparin and trental) into a donor. That is followed by an organ perfusion by administering into its vascular bed phosphate-buffered normal saline of the following composition: 138 mM NaCl, 2.67 mM KCl, 1.47 mM KH2PO4, 8.1 mM Na2HPO4, distilled water up to 1l and containing 1% serum albumin and 10-15% glycerol or 10-15% dimethyl sulphoxide with pH 7.4 in an amount equal to a double amount of the vascular bed of the organ at a perfusion pressure of 100-120 mm Hg in its arterial system. Thereafter, the decellularised organ is ground to a particle size of 0.5mm to 4mm; the ground fragments are portioned in an amount of 5-10g, and each portion is frozen by immersing into liquid nitrogen gas for 5-10 minutes. The frozen portions are re-ground to a particle size of no more than 600 mcm; then each portion is de-frozen by re-suspending in phosphate-buffered normal saline 30-70ml of the following composition containing 138 mM NaCl, 2.67 mM KCl, 1.47 mM KH2PO4, 8.1 mM Na2HPO4, distilled water up to 1l , with pH 7.4, at a room temperature. The prepared suspension is cleaned from the particles of less than 200mcm; the prepared fraction is lyophilised and sterilised to prepare the target matrix samples.

EFFECT: using the invention enables providing the more complete decellularisation procedure ensured by preventing the disturbed microcirculation in the donor organ, providing higher density and uniformity of the re-cellularisation of the entire matrix and easier control thereof by increasing the matrix adhesive surface areas for the contact to inoculating cells as prepared in the form of powder.

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FIELD: biotechnologies.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to new heterogeneous ring compounds containing a pentatomic rings, condensed with other nuclei, only with one atom of oxygen as a heteroatom, namely to derivants of acetamid N-((1S)-1',2',3'-trimethoxy-6,7-dihydro-1H-benzo[5',6':5,4]cyclohepta-[3,2-f]benzofuran-1-il) with the general formula 1 , where R - substituent, R=Ph, pyridine-2-il, CH2OH, CH(CH3)OH, CH2CH2OH, CH2OAc, (CH2)8CO2Me or CH2N(CH2CH3)2, and also to their application as an active component of antitumoral medicinal preparation.

EFFECT: increase of activity with inhibition of proliferation of the tumour cells.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: set task is solved by application of final slag, formed in production of ferrovanadium by alumino-silicothermic method as bactericidal material.

EFFECT: extension of raw material resources for bactericidal materials.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method of producing a carbon sorbent with antibacterial and antimycotic properties includes impregnating granules of a carbon hemosorbent with 10-50% aqueous solution of glycolic acid for 7-9 hours at room temperature. The ratio of the hemosorbent to the modifier solution of glycolic acid is 1:1. Further, drying is carried out for an hour at 100-110C. Polycondensation of glycolic acid on the carbon hemosorbent is carried out in two steps: at 185-205C for 1 hour, at 215-235C for not less than 5 hours, on a sand bath. The disclosed modified carbon sorbent with antibacterial and antimycotic properties is granules with a round shape, contains not less than 5% polyglycolide, characterised by a specific adsorption surface area of less than 250 m2/g and total pore volume of less than 0.50 cm3/g.

EFFECT: improved properties of the sorbent.

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