Rectal suppositories for prostate treatment containing lysyl-glutamyl-aspartyl-proline tetrapeptide

FIELD: pharmacology.

SUBSTANCE: invention describes rectal suppositories for treatment of prostate diseases, particularly chronic prostatitis, including chronic abacterial prostatitis (HAP), prostatic hyperplasia, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and for treatment of pre-and postoperative prostate conditions. Suppositories contain lysyl-glutamyl-aspartyl-proline tetrapeptide (0.0003-0.0010 grams), dimethylsulfoxide (0.014-0.05 g) and a base for suppositories in an amount sufficient to produce a suppository weighing 1.0 g.

EFFECT: suppositories are stable during storage and highly effective for treatment of prostate diseases.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to novel compounds of formula I, possessing ability of binding with delta-opioid receptors. In formula R1 is selected from the group, consisting of i) phenyl, optionally substituted with one-two substituents, independently selected from the group, consisting of C1-4alkyl, C1-4alcoxy, C1-4alkylthio, hydroxyl, di(C1-4alkyl), aminocarbonyl, chlorine and fluorine, in such a way that only one di(C1-4alkyl)aminocarbonyl is present; ii) naphthyl; iii) pyridinyl, optionally substituted with one substituent, selected from the group, consisting of C1-4alkyl, C1-4alcoxy, C1-4alkylthio, hydroxy, fluorine, chlorine and cyano; iv) pyrimidin-5-yl; v) furanyl; vi) thienyl; vii) 5-oxo-4,5-dihydro-[1,2,4]oxodiazol-3-yl; and viii) di(C1-2alkyl)aminocarbonyl; Y represents ethyl, vinyl or bond; or Y represents O, when R1 represents optionally substituted phenyl, where substituent represents C1-4alcoxy; R2 represents phenyl, optionally substituted with one-two substituents, independently selected from the group, consisting of C1-4alkyl, C1-4alcoxy, fluorine, chlorine and cyano, trifluoromethoxy and hydroxy; or R2 represents phenyl, substituted with one aminocarbonyl, di(C1-4alkyl)aminocarbonyl, C1-4alcoxycarbonyl or carboxysubstituent; R3 is selected from the group, consisting of i) 3-aminocyclohexyl; ii) 4-aminocyclohexyl; iii) piperidin-3-yl; iv) piperidin-4-yl; v) pyrrolodin-2-yl-methyl, in which pyrrolodin-2-yl is optionally substituted by 3-rd or 4-th position with one or two fluorine-substituents; vi) azetidin-3-yl; vii) 2-(N-methylamino)ethyl; viii) 3-hydroxy-2-aminopropyl; ix) piperidin-3-yl-methyl; x) 1-azabicyclo[2.2.2]octan-3-yl; and xi) 8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octan-3-yl; or R3 together with Ra and nitrogen atom, which they both are bound to, form piperazinyl, optionally substituted with 4-C1-4alkyl; Ra represents hydrogen, 2-(N-methylamino)ethyl or C1-2alkyl, optionally substituted with azetidin-3-yl.

EFFECT: compounds can be used in treatment of pain in the range from medium to strong, caused by diseases or conditions, such as osteoarthritis, migraine, burn, fibromyalgia, cystitis, rhenite, neuropathic pain, idiopathic neuralgia, toothache, etc.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents an agent for preventing and treating prostatitis and prostate adenoma in the form of a capsule, which contains doxazosin, diisopropylammonium dichroloacetate, afobazol, copper glycinate, vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol acetate), zinc glycinate; L-Glutamine; L-Alanine; L-Arginine and excipients: corn starch and talc.

EFFECT: extended range of products for treating and preventing prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves a course of 5-7 pulse ultrasonic procedures having an intensity of 0.2-0.4 W/cm2 of 5-7 minutes daily. That is combined with enzyme therapy with Longidaza 3,000 units 2 times a week for 1 month. Besides, Trilon B rectal suppositories 1,000 mg and Dimexidum 200 mg are administered daily for the night for 3 months. The bacteria are detected by a microscopic and microbiologic examination of ejaculate that is followed by a 4-6-week antibacterial therapy by administering an antibacterial preparation taking into account the microflora sensitivity.

EFFECT: such implementation of the method provides removing the prostate stones or decreasing the number thereof, reducing a probability of the inflammatory process in the prostate, ensuring a differentiated therapeutic approach by detecting the group of patients whom the antibacterial therapy is indicated to.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely to urology and balneotherapy, and can be used for treating patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia complicated by chronic prostatitis with a dominant symptom of nocturia. That is ensured by performing EHF therapy. The above is combined with an integrated resort treatment: oral administration of carbonate-hydrocarbonate-sulphate sodium-calcium low-mineralised (3.6-3.7 g/l) water in an amount of 280-300 ml three times a day 40-45 minutes before meals. The balneological treatment is prescribed: taking baths with similar mineral water at a temperature of 36-37°C with the exposure of each procedure 15 minutes in the number of 8 procedures every second day. Phytomicroenemas are prescribed in the number of 8 procedures every second day. That is combined with drug therapy with artesine 2 mg/day for 10 days.

EFFECT: method enables the rehabilitation treatment which provides higher adaptation capabilities of the body, reducing the symptoms of the lower urinary tract with the dominant symptom of nocturia from 4-5 to 1-2 urinations a night and improving the quality of life in the patients undergoing the resort therapy It is manifested by the positive improvement of the patients' status as shown by the clinical examination, as well as by IPSS, Q max values.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: present group of inventions refers to medicine, namely to urology, and concerns treating prostatic diseases. That is ensured by administering a therapeutic agent containing an activated-potentiated form of prostate-specific antigen antibody and using the activated-potentiated form of endothelial NO-synthase antibodies as an additional exalting agent.

EFFECT: administering this combined therapeutic agent provides the effective treatment of the prostatic diseases by the synergetic effect of the ingredients consisting in intensifying the antiproliferative, anti-inflammatory effects and improving the functional state of the prostate.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely to an agent for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. The antiproliferative agent for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia which contains red deer's antler lipids prepared by extraction of the red deer's antlers in a mixture of the solvents ethanol: ethyl acetate: water in the specific environment.

EFFECT: agent is effective for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to methods of treating diseases of various aetiologies and injuries of various visceras. Electropunctural pre-examination aims at determining the patient's overall potential and the potential in a point on the body surface at a minimal distance from the viscera to be treated, or in its immediate projection tender zones. A stem cell growth area is stimulated by placing a bee within the sternum. Then, an irritation centre is created using vacuum- or hirudotherapy in a point on the body surface at a minimal distance from the above viscera or in its immediate projection tender zones. The irritation centre is created to be intensive and short-term at the level of the potential in the point below the overall potential, or to be weak and long-term at the level of the potential in a point above the overall potential.

EFFECT: method provides the effective local therapeutic effect on the involved visceral tissues ensured by a combination of the used components of the effect.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to urology, and can be used for treatment of benign hyperplasia of prostate gland. For this purpose dynamic examination of prostate gland is carried out before drug therapy and 3, 6 and 9 months after that. Dynamic examination includes transrectal ultrasound examination (TRUSE) with Dopplerography and sonoelastography (SEG) of prostate gland. Comparison of prostate size values, hyperplasia size, blood flow in capsular and parauretral arteries, blood flow in adenomatous nodes and density of transitory zones of prostate is carried out in SEG. If values of examined parameters by TRUSE data decrease by 15% and more, each parameter is given 1 point. If density of transitory zones of prostate in sonoelastography is higher than 35 KPa, 1 point is given too. As a result if the sum is not less than 4 points, conservative therapy is stopped. If the sum of points is less than 4 points, therapy is continued. Examination is repeated after next 3 months.

EFFECT: method ensures reduction of terms of drug treatment and increase of treatment quality due to possibility of determining indications for complete or partial cancellation of drug treatment within 3-6 months.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: what is presented is using at least one protease for producing a drug preparation for treating and/or preventing benign prostatic hypertrophy/hyperplasia wherein the drug preparation is acceptable for the oral administration with at least one protease being specified in a group consisting of plant and microorganism proteases, and with at least one protease being administered in the amount of 1 to 100 mg/kg of body weight, and a respective pharmaceutical preparation.

EFFECT: what is shown is reducing high vascular endothelial growth factor in patient's blood under the action of a mixture of enzymes that makes it possible to inhibit angiogenic growth factors (VEGF), thereby leading to lower vascularisation, and reducing benign prostatic hypertrophy/hyperplasia, with the enzymatic therapy under the present invention having no effect on the normal VEGF level.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely urology, and may be used for treating suppurative septic complications of prostate adenoma. For this purpose, with underlying administering antibiotics, ozonised saline solution in the concentration of 3 to 6 mg/l in the amount of 200 to 400 ml is additionally intravenously administered; the therapeutic course is 3-5 injections depending on the patient's state. Besides, ozonised saline solution in the concentration of 5 to 8 mg/l is injected into the bladder in the preoperative preparation period, and from the second postoperative day, saline solution is introduced drop-by-drop in the amount of 400.0 ml daily five times with a two-way flushing system.

EFFECT: method enables reducing the risk of urosepsis, eliminating intoxication and accelerating postoperative wound healing of a BPH bed by anti-inflammatory, detoxification, analgesic action, improved blood rheology and microcirculation, increased local immunity with activated regenerative and reparative processes.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: vaginal suppositories "Cervicon-DIM", containing diindolylmethane, are applied. The medication is applied for not less than 6 months in dosage 200 mg/day of diindolylmethane. The claimed method ensures durative anti-recurrence effect for not less than a year after the completion of the therapy, as well as stimulates the immune system, including general and local immunity of the vaginal mucosa.

EFFECT: invention contributes to the acceleration of epithelisation after carrying out destructive therapy concerning cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, makes it possible to reduce or eliminate the negative impact of side effects.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: medication includes 7.0-9.0 wt % of a dried thick fraction of a product of hazel dry sublimation, 0.025-0.033 wt % of hydrochloride anaprilin, 36.0-38.0 wt % of sodium hydrocarbonate, 24.5-25.5 wt % of boric acid, 12.0-16.0 wt % of phthalic acid, 5.5-7.5 wt % of sodium carboxymethylcellulose, 0.8-1.0 wt % of sodium dodecylsulphate, 0.45-0.55 wt % of calcium stearate and 5.5-10.8 wt % of glucose.

EFFECT: invention increases the therapeutic and preventive efficiency of treatment of postnatal endometritis in cows and cow-heifers.

FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to an agent for treating hemorrhoid, proctitis and other proctologic inflammations. The above agent represents a suppository 1,35 - 3,65 g containing diosmin 0,3 - 0,65 g, dexpanthenol 0,05 - 0,2 g, green tea extract 0,05 - 0,2 g as active substances, and emulsifier 0,0135 - 0,1825 g and fatty acid glycerides as additives.

EFFECT: agent provides the integrated antimicrobial, local analgesic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and adaptogenic therapeutic action.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: suppositories, containing uniformly distributed in one suppository recombinant human interferon-alpha-2b in an amount of 400000-600000 IU and immunoglobulins IgA, IgM and IgG in an amount of 0.1-0.3 g, are additionally rectally introduced as the second medication to an adult patient in case of the long-term introduction of an opioid-containing medication. The dose constitutes 2-3 suppositories 2-3 times per day with the reduction of the daily dose by 1-3 suppositories in case of the reduction of pain sensation to 2-3 points by a ten-point scale and expressed sedation. If pain sensation increases to 6-8 points by the ten-point visual analogue scale, the daily dose is increased by 1-3 suppositories.

EFFECT: application of the claimed method makes it possible to ensure the prevention of the opioid dose increase and an increase of the level of antibodies to interferon-alpha in the patients' blood serum in case of the long-term application of opioids.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: present invention refers to intravaginal drug delivery system the above system (5) comprises at least one portion (1a and 1b), comprising an inner portion (2) with a cross-section diameter d2 equal to 2-10 mm, and a membrane (3) covering the inner portion, wherein the inner portion and the membrane substantially consist of the same polymer structure or various polymer structures. Besides, the intravaginal drug delivery system comprises a connector (6) permeable for a therapeutically active substances with the cross-section diameter d6 equal to 0.5-4.0mm for forming the continuous working drug delivery system. The present invention also refers to a method for making the above intravaginal drug delivery system.

EFFECT: invention provides the controlled release rate of the therapeutically active substances.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: agent contains the following per 1 suppository: 1.0 g glutaminic acid and 0.4 g of a 10% alcohol extract of propolis as active substances, as well as 2.0 g cacao oil, 0.15 g Cremophore CO-40 and 0.1 g PEG 400 as a base.

EFFECT: agent has high bioavailability, prolonged action, uniform release of active substances and a wide range of biological and medicinal activity.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the pharmaceutical industry, namely to an agent for treating haemorrhoid. The agent in the form of rectal suppositories for treating haemorrhoid containing 10% ethanolic extract of propolis, nicotinic acid, polyethylene glycol 1500 (PEG 1500), polyethylene glycol 4000 (PEG 4000), emulsifier T-2, Lutrol F68 and Cremophore CO-40 in certain proportions.

EFFECT: presented suppositories for treating haemorrhoid possess a wide spectrum of biological and therapeutic activities: they have the vasodilation action at the level of small vessels, improve microcirculation, promote the weak anticoagulant action, have the antioxidant, anti-edematous, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and antibacterial action with the uniform release of active substances and the manifested prolonged action; they are easy to administrate with no assistance.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents pharmaceutical composition for correction and therapy of manifestations of amyloid intoxication in patients with brain pathologies, which are characterised by the fact that it contains melatonin 3-10 mg and memantine 5-300 mg.

EFFECT: effective treatment of patients, including cases of moderate cognitive disorders.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents an antifungal preparation in suppositories for children containing recombinant human interferon 2α and fluconazole, wherein lysozyme, Licopid and dimephosphone are additionally introduced.

EFFECT: preparation possesses the high clinical effectiveness in the fungal diseases in children that leads to reducing the length of treatment and prolonging the intercurrent period.

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FIELD: medication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medication against HIV/AIDS transmission through sexual contact and to method of HIV-infection prevention by introduction of said medication. Medication is made in form of suppository, which includes active substance and pharmacologically acceptable base. As active substance used is fraction of humic acids, extracted from oxidised brown coal, which possesses anti-HIV activity. As base used is cocoa butter or hard confectionery fat and emulsifier. Medication is introduced intravaginally 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at creation of safe microbicide with anti-HIV activity based on substances, extracted from natural sources.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pharmaceutics. Gel form of azelaic acid is described. Gel form includes micronized azelaic acid and additional substances: benzoic acid, disodium edetate, carbomer Carbopol 980, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, glycoceramides purified, isopropylmiristate, polysorbate 20, purified water.

EFFECT: invention is provided by obtaining stable medication in form of gel, which does not produce local irritating action in case of long-term on-skin applications.

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