Module of sliding door/swing-sliding door with console mounting of gear rack actuator

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: (1) sliding door/swing-sliding door module for railway vehicle includes the door leaf (21, 22) and longitudinally oriented in the direction of sliding door leaf (21, 22), beam (3) that is installed with the ability to move in a horizontal direction, particularly across its longitudinal extent. The sliding door/swing-sliding door module (1) comprises a linear guide for supporting the door flaps (21, 22), which is fixed to or integrated into the beam (3). Door leaves (21, 22) are moved by a rack actuator. The rack actuator contains a rack (71, 72), only its first end connected to the door leaf (21, 22). The cantilevered end of the rack actuator is meshed with the gear wheel (9) installed in the beam (3).

EFFECT: decreasing the weight of the module.

15 cl, 7 dwg, 2 tbl



Same patents:

Hinge // 2549591

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: at door opening, flap 4 with bush 1 and ring 6 turns about pin 3. It results in sliding of solid of revolution 10 from locking surface 9 into groove 8 that does not impedes free revolution of bush 1. After opening, door activated by return spring starts closing at turning the flap 4 with bush 1 and ring 6 about pin 3 in reverse direction. Note here that solid of revolution 10 gets onto locking surface 9 to impede door closure. Torque developed by return spring drives solid of revolution 10 over locking surface of resilient beam 7 to strain the latter. Thereafter, solid of revolution starts turning to pass ring 6 with bush 1 relative to pin 3 so that braking moment is developed. Said door presses tightly without noise and against box surface.

EFFECT: simplified design, higher reliability and ease of use.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: locking device comprises a basic body (30), made as capable of closing an opening (8) and with the possibility of displacement between the open position and the closed position, a pushing element (34), comprising the first (36) and the second (38) ends and having an extended configuration and a shortened configuration. The first end (36) of the pushing element is connected to the basic body (30). The locking device additionally comprises a connection element (42), connected to the basic body (30) and to the second end (38) of the pushing element (34). The locking device comprises a support element (50). The connection element (42) makes it possible for the pushing element (34) to change from the shortened configuration to the extended configuration and vice versa.

EFFECT: increased reliability of a device.

15 cl, 15 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: adjustable torsion hinge comprises a hinge unit, a torque generation unit and a torque adjustment unit; the first and the second plates of the hinge unit are conjugated with a pivot axis and form a pivot joint with the first and the second clutches; the torque generation unit comprises a torsion spring to provide for a recuperation return; the torque adjustment unit comprises a torque adjustment element; the first clutch includes the first jaw inside it and the torque adjustment element includes the second jaw conjugated with the first jaw thus making the torque adjustment element regulate the torque of the torsion spring, due to the above the conversion between the first and the second clutches allows for the usage of the supporting hinge in both directions.

EFFECT: invention allows for the pressure accumulation at both the forward and backward movement to adjust torque at opening and closing.

5 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: driving device is proposed for a furniture (3) door (2) with at least one actuating arm (6), which is loaded or put under load with a spring device (4) for movement of the door (2), and also with a pushing device (5), by means of which the door (2) may move via the first range (M1) of the opening angle from the closed position in direction of the open position. The spring device (4) in the first range (M1) of the opening angle does not substantially impact the door (2) and moves the door (2) in direction of opening only in the second range (M2) of the opening angle, besides, the second range (M2) of the opening angle directly adjoins the first range (M1) of the opening angle or, if required, slightly overlaps with it.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability.

15 cl, 7 dwg

Door hinge // 2466259

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of hardware and to a hinge (1) for a door, at least partially closing a chamber, comprising the first and second supports (2, 3), attached accordingly to the chamber body and to the door, or vice versa, and joined to each other (10) at least as capable of rotation, and at least one hydraulic damper (9) with a cylinder and a piston. The piston (18, 19) is directly or indirectly connected with the first support (2) or with the chamber body, and a cylinder (13) is directly or indirectly connected with the second support (3) or the door, or vice versa. According to the invention, at least one damper (9) is a damper with inner overflow of liquid it contains.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to prevent shocks against a furnace structure when a door opens or closes without necessity for a user to apply special forces.

15 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: mechanism (1) comprising several parts for a sliding door to be installed as capable of displacement on a support structure, for instance, on a furniture frame (19), consists of at least two sliding doors (2, 3), moving in two parallell planes, includes at least two moving tracks (4, 5), where rollers (6-9) of sliding doors (2, 3) are installed, at the same time all rollers (6-9) and moving tracks (4, 5) are arranged at one common side of the sliding doors (2, 3) in planes arranged in parallel to sliding doors at a certain distance from them, besides, the rollers (8, 9) of at least one of two sliding doors (2, 3) are installed on different moving tracks (4, 5).

EFFECT: optimised running characteristics of a mechanism for a sliding door.

11 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: balanced hinged device is equipped with the first connecting element and the second connection element, which are mutually joined and adapted for attachment, accordingly, to a base part and a door with the possibility to ensure door rotation between a fully closed and opened positions, in which the door occupies almost vertical and approximately horizontal positions. The device is also equipped with elastic facilities, a fixed stop facility and a rod facility, having a movable stop facility at one end, and a fixation facility - at the other one. Besides, the fixed stop facility is connected to the first connecting element, and the facility for fixation of rod facilities is connected to the second connecting element, or vice versa. Elastic facilities are installed between the fixed stop facility and the movable stop facility so that these elastic facilities at least apply a force to the rod facility, which counteracts to the door weight, at least in intermediate and fully opened positions. At the same time the rod facility is installed with the possibility of sliding in the hole of the fixed stop facility. Besides, the first connecting element and the second connecting element have limiting facilities, adapted for matching with each other in a fully open position. At the same time elastic facilities include at least two spiral compressed springs, which cover appropriate guides of the rod facility.

EFFECT: development of a simple and reliable device, which makes it possible to avoid door exposure to the force created by its weight and to reduce speed of door opening, the device itself may have small dimensions and provides a stiff stop of the door in the fully opened position.

11 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: auxiliary security module for doors (10), equipped with an opening "anti-panic" device (16), comprises a locking element (34), made as a hook and joined with the first axis (42) of a hinged joint, arranged orthogonally relative to the direction of movement of a slider (46), a lever (54), shaped as a swinging lever with a deflecting element (56) and a retaining element (58), arranged at the opposite edges relative to the central coupled part, at the same time the lever (54) swings around the axis (70) of the hinged joint, which is perpendicular relative to the direction of movement of the slider (46) and is perpendicular relative to the first axis (42) of the locking element (34), besides, the security module comprises a spring latch (64), swinging around the second axis (70) of the hinged joint and having a slot (72), where the lever (54) is installed.

EFFECT: increased extent of security against break-in.

2 cl, 23 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: at least one actuator and at least one transfer rod are installed in at least one slot of a frame and are fixed to each other by means of a screw. The screw is engaged with a through hole formed in a transfer rod. The through hole is formed in a transfer rod after installation of the actuator and the transfer rod in the slot. The hole is made by means of the screw top as a result of its screwing into the threaded hole made in the connection part of the actuator. The transfer rod comprises a central part and two side parts forming appropriate channel-shaped guides arranged at opposite sides relative to the central part. The central part has two side ledges having inclined lower surfaces. The actuator has a base and two parallel longitudinal ribs that protrude from the base. According ends of the longitudinal ribs have the shape that ensures sliding connection with the guides in longitudinal direction. Ends of longitudinal ribs have appropriate internal side ledges having inclined upper surfaces that contact with the inclined lower surfaces, when the screw is tightened to form a hole.

EFFECT: increased accuracy of installation and makes it possible to eliminate stages of measurement, cutting and drilling of rods.

8 cl, 38 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: spring with its one end rests against a counter-support, and with its other end - against a geared rack. A motorized driving mechanism is connected to the counter-support and the geared rack so that the motorized driving mechanism is arranged with the possibility to move both the counter-support and the geared rack in direction, which is parallel to a longitudinal length of the spring, and this actively change the spring pretension.

EFFECT: development of a door drive, which has two versions for a shearing transfer or for transfer of a sliding bus.

13 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. Railway vehicle is equipped with contactless protector (1) against door traumatic effects. This protector (1) is furnished with one internal and one external contactless sensors (3, 4) to register obstacle in the door area and control device (2) to control door displacement in case said obstacle exists. Control device (2) operates as follows. When inner sensor (3) only is open said door goes no displacing in direction of closing. Instead, when outer sensor (4) is open door is locked.

EFFECT: higher reliability, accelerated displacement of the door.

5 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: boxcar door locking mechanism contains tooth (11) moving along guide installed on door from inside of body which tooth is made capable to interact with bracket rigidly fixed on the second door, and catch (13) installed with possibility to turn around axis perpendicular to car door movement plane. In opened position the tooth (11) is fixed by catch. When doors are closed under action of catch rotation caused by bracket action the tooth is moving along guide. When door linings contact the tooth engages with bracket flange. In closed position tooth (11) handle is fixed by latch.

EFFECT: automatic locking of doors when they are aligned and higher reliability.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: control device of the position of a door wing of a transport vehicle includes at least one wing position sensor (4), for example a micro switch electrically connected to a remote door control system, and a pressure element (5) for mechanical interaction with the above sensor. The device is located at the side wall of the lower door part and mounted on a lower wing support assembly that includes a housing and a lever (8) that is rotated in a horizontal plane for connection to the wing. The pressure element is located on the lever (8), and the sensor (4) of the wing position is fixed on the housing with a possibility of mechanical interaction with the pressure element (5) at the position of the lever (8), which corresponds to the final closed position of the wing.

EFFECT: invention improves reliability and safety.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: swivel door comprises door frame, flap with panel and frame, protective device, hinges and seals, and lock. Flap frame and door frame are composed by three-box channels each including outer and inner metal channels (23, 24) connected by thermal inserts (25). Cavities of inner profile of posts and flap frame crossbars, outer profile of hinge post and lower crossbar of flap frame as well as profiles of posts and door frame upper crossbar are furnished with at least one rib (26) to make two chambers. Said rib (26) rod-like fastener (7) of posts and crossbars extending through the hole inner lateral face of inner profile of flap frame post and into one of the chambers of flap frame crossbar and secured to its rib by the other end.

EFFECT: higher operating reliability owing to higher stiffness, safety and reparability.

13 cl, 15 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to guide devices for slide flaps of car doors and may be used in metro cars. Car body frame 1 is provided with shaped support bar 2 secured thereto to support lengthwise cantilever beam with rail guide arranged on its end. Said cantilever beam features, mainly, F-like shape. Beam bearing shelf 3 is secured horizontally on bar 2 while shelves 4 and 5 arranged perpendicular thereto and directed vertically downward to make rail guide to support rollers 6. Opposed surfaces of shelves 4 and 5 form shaped lengthwise groove with section matching with roller lateral surface profile. Vertical axles 6 of rollers 6 are mounted on lower horizontal shelf 8 of C-like bracket 9 that embraces rail guide. Vertical guide rods 12 are secured on lower horizontal shelf of bracket 9 to pass through holes 13 of bottom face of door 14.

EFFECT: higher safety and reliability.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to locking devices of sliding doors, namely covered freight cars. Locking device of sliding door of covered freight car includes catch with tooth, which is located on the car wall with possibility of rotation about the axis perpendicular to the movement plane of car door. Catch tooth has the possibility of interaction with bracket rigidly fixed on the door. Rotation axis of the catch is made in the form of bolt (4) installed in clamp (8) with two flat ends between which one end of catch is arranged, in through hole of which there installed is bushing (12) with flanges arranged in grooves of clamp. Head (5) of bolt is arranged flush with annular groove made in clamp (8), and cylindrical and threaded parts of bolt pass through cylindrical holes of both flat clamp ends, which are coaxial to each other, bushing (12) and car wall. Bolt end protrudes inside the car and is equipped with fixing devices. Clamp is made of metal flat band the thickness of which is not less than thickness of catch.

EFFECT: invention improves reliability and provides locking control owing to excluding the possibility of removing the catch.

8 cl, 3 dwg

Truck closed box // 2412070

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, in particular, to closed box opening device. Closed box 1 mounted on truck chassis 2 comprises lateral side divided along horizontal into top 3 and bottom 4 parts opening downward and upward, respectively. Parts of the sides are articulated by crank-slide mechanisms wherein side bottom edge makes mechanism starting link. Said mechanisms are arranged on side end faces, directly in front and rear walls 7 or in vertical props of body frame. Side top part is coupled with closed box vertical walls and mechanism levers-rods articulated and spaced apart along side top part by means of guide supports to make a pair of spaced apart outer and inner rollers. Outer rollers of each support are secured on closed box vertical walls while inner rollers are secured on either on them or at top angles on the side top part. Inner surfaces of closed box front and rear walls have shaped roller guides.

EFFECT: ease and reliability of opening.

10 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises, at least, one door leaf that tightly bears against the outside sheathing in door opening in closed state. The other door leaf is outside the vehicle sheathing in open state to clear passage. At least, one door leaf is fitted in skids furnished with a lengthwise guide for, at least, one door leaf. The door opening top skids can be removed with the help of a mounting plate by moving them in direction perpendicular to the vehicle lengthwise axis. There is a drive for, at least, one door leaf and said skids for them to move in the aforesaid direction. The said drive consists of a motor and a chain or belt drive furnished with a guide brace with a pressure roller on its end. The aforesaid brace is arranged in skids parallel to the skids move-out direction. At least, one first and, at least, one second chain or belt drive guide rollers are arranged on both sides of the aforesaid brace. The proposed design allows moving out of skids with a torque.

EFFECT: moving out over, lateral shift of one door leaf occurs faster than moving out, but with smaller torque.

16 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: railway transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed roller suspension of box-car door contains suspension upper member connected with door skeleton and resting through horizontal and vertical rollers on body frame, and suspension lower member including horizontal rollers secured on door skeleton. Door suspensions upper member is made in form of U-shaped section 11 arranged with its webs pointed down and enclosing horizontal rollers 12 and vertical rollers 13 secured for axial rotation of longitudinal beam of body frame and arranged under roof sheathing 15. Horizontal rollers of suspension lower member are isolated from outer space by door sheathing and labyrinth seal formed by lower binding of door and guide of car frame.

EFFECT: facilitated shifting of door wings.

4 dwg

FIELD: aeronautical engineering; sliding doors for flying vehicle cabins.

SUBSTANCE: proposed sliding door has framework 1 with three hinge units 2 and three guides for movable members articulated on brackets of hinge units. At least upper guide 3 and lower guide 4 have bow-shaped ends directed to doorway and center guide 5 is mounted on the outside of the cabin. Movable members of at least upper and lower hinge units are made in form of skids articulated on vertical axle of bracket; it is provided with side recess and side chamfers corresponding to radii of rounding-off of walls of bow-shaped ends of guides. Upper guide has profile widening downward and upper skid has mating section. Bracket 10 of upper hinge unit is provided with load-bearing axle and movable member kinematically linked with door handle 20 through rod 21 for vertical spring-loaded motion of skid at turn of handle.

EFFECT: simplified construction; enhanced safety of flight with open door.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Refrigerator body // 2268828

FIELD: transport engineering; refrigeration equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bodies, chambers, containers and vane for storing and transportation of cooled goods. Proposed body has door 5 with rod lock 6 with catches. Eye plates 11 are installed in bar of roof and sill which are axially locked by lock-lever turnable on axle in grove of said eye plate. In case of emergency, if human is accidentally locked in body and or locked on purpose, he can, by himself, turn upper and lower locks-levers to drive their catching part out of groove of eye plate and thus safe his life. This done, door opens when being pressed on from inside.

EFFECT: provision of rescuing of human in emergency.

6 dwg