Dripping-preventing nozzle for device for treatment of food products

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: nozzle (60) for the spout (140) of a food treatment unit (10), comprising a housing (70) with a fluid inlet (80), a front surface (160), and a fluid outlet (100). The housing forms a subsequent cavity (110), which, with the possibility of removal, receives the spout and disposes the fluid inlet adjacent to the spout. The nozzle also comprises a dripping-preventing flap (150) attached to the front housing surface and covers it. The dripping-preventing flap reversely rotates around the horizontal rotation axis between the closed position, in which the fluid outlet is blocked by a sealing element on the flap, and the open position, in which the fluid outlet is open.

EFFECT: device performance improvement.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: soybean juicing machine with grinding function comprises two concentric rotors (13) and stator (14) arranged vertically in the housing. Said rotor (14) has at least two convex ribs of turns 16 distributed uniformly on rotor body outer surface. Clearance for revolution is arranged between rotor (13) runs (16) convex ribs and stator inner wall (14). Mid top part of rotor body (15) is composed of revolving part with smaller top side and larger bottom part. Clearance of rotor top side corresponding to top filter screen (17) on stator (14) is the largest and makes the squeezing section to handle material after its feed. Clearance of rotor body mid part (15) corresponding to stator (14) abrasive wheel mid top part has mean value designed to crush the material. Clearance of rotor body bottom part (15) corresponding to stator (14) abrasive wheel bottom part gets gradually shorter by at least 1 mm that makes the material grinding section. Rotor part (13) under grinding section corresponding to filter screen (18) at stator (14) that makes the section of separation of soybean milk and residue.

EFFECT: stable spinning of the rotor, reduced noise, fine grinding.

10 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a juice squeezer module. The juice squeezer module comprises a juice squeezer container with an open top; the lid which is provided with a loading chute for raw materials in the wall of the lid, and is connected with the upper section of the juice squeezer container; a mesh drum rigidly located inside the juice squeezer container; and a screw located inside the mesh drum, at that the screw is equipped with a spiral portion formed on the lateral surface of the screw, and a rotating shaft which passes through the hole for the shaft of the juice squeezer container. The juice squeezer container comprises a lower inclined surface descending out from the hole for the shaft, and at the lower end of the screw there is a lower inclined surface which is at least partially formed in contact with the said lower inclined surface. The guide rotating section is formed on the upper end of the screw, and the lid is provided with a rotary guide for the direction of rotation of the screw.

EFFECT: invention facilitates cleaning the juice squeezer and the lid, and reliably prevents leakage of liquid out of the container of the juice squeezer, improves effectiveness of juice squeezing.

21 cl, 12 dwg

Pulping device // 2423903

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: pulping device (1), especially for use in a food processor, which comprises a cup-like sieve (2) with a bottom (5), equipped with through holes (4), and with a shell (6), which surrounds the bottom in the form of a collar, and also comprising a pulping tool (3) with a hub (8), arranged with the possibility of connection with a driving shaft, to put the pulping device (1) into rotary motion around the axis (A) of rotation, passing in longitudinal direction of the shell (6), and at least with one pulping blade (11, 12), passing from the hub (8) radially outside. The shell (6) along its perimeter on its inner side has at least one section (7) in the form of a niche, distance from which to the axis (A) of rotation is more than the distance from the other section of the inner side of the shell (6) to the axis (A) of rotation. That edge (15, 16) of the pulping blade (11, 12), which takes the lead during the specified direction of rotation, at least on a partial section is equipped with the first cutting edge to grind the pulped product. Using the pulping device (1) proposed by the invention, a product with solid particles, such as ripe tomatoes, may also be pulped.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of pulping.

14 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a device for mechanical processing of food products, in particular a type of vegetable cutter containing a kitchen appliance for cooking vegetable purees. This kitchen appliance contains a grid, a device for compression of food products to place food products opposite the grid, the disk intended to remove the finished food products. At that the device for compression comprises a means for cutting food products before they are placed opposite the grid of the kitchen appliance for preparing vegetable purees. The invention also refers to use of this device for preparing purees at the standard of catering institutions.

EFFECT: device for mechanical processing of food products which contains a kitchen appliance for preparing vegetable purees is proposed.

10 cl, 4 dwg

Compact juicer // 2388394

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: fruit and vegetable juicer contains a motor whereabove a filtering basket is positioned surrounded by a collection chamber. The feed-in nozzle is supported above the filtering basket and forms a single whole with the collection chamber lid. The distribution chamber contains a central part for liquid collection and a part for pulp collection surrounding the first part. The cylindrical inner side wall separating the pulp collection chamber and the juice collection chamber tapers on the inside relative the central rotation axis. The side wall and with a minor diametre is positioned next to the filtering basket upper rim.

EFFECT: invention ensures a juicer wherein inner characteristics of juice flow are optimised to facilitate cleaning and minimise splashing.

10 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: food engineering, in particular, fruit and vegetable equipment.

SUBSTANCE: juicer has main parts such as upper and lower supports, netted filter, plate for juice, and cover. Lower support has drive mechanism and plate for juice fixed on drive mechanism. Fruit or vegetable is introduced into juicer through cylindrical opening provided in cover. Juice is expelled owing to high-velocity rotation of juice plate. Plate for juice is equipped with plurality of radial toothed blades and central intersecting arcuate blades, with end of one of said arcuate blades extending through center so that during crushing of fruit, dead crushing sector is eliminated from center. Such construction allows cylindrical opening provided in juicer cover to be positioned in center by increasing size of opening and whole fruits and large-sized vegetables to be directly laid into juicer.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and wider range of juices produced by means of juicer.

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Juicer // 2195853
The invention relates to household appliances, in particular to a device for extracting juice from fruit

The invention relates to food primarily for the canning industry, can be used to produce natural juices from fruits and vegetables in your home, and in farms and processing plants

The invention relates to food industry, namely, devices for processing of fruits, vegetables, and can be used in a domestic environment for the production of juices

Kitchen appliance // 2533102

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: kitchen appliance for food products steam treatment contains a body surrounding the cavity for such food products placement. The appliance additionally contains an outlet hole for dispensing fluid food products from the body and a collector for fluid food products receiving and collection as well as such fluid food products delivery to the outlet hole. The outlet hole has a spout designed so that to enable rotation round an essentially horizontal axis between the first position (wherein fluid food products may be dispensed from the spout) and the second position (wherein fluid food products dispensing from the spout is prevented). The said spout is designed so that to enable control with the help of a switch exercising impact onto the spout to withdraw the spout into the second position.

EFFECT: this appliance design reduces the probability of food products dripping onto the support surface; additionally, the appliance is easily controllable.

17 cl, 7 dwg

Juicer design // 2523241

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: juicer contains a motor-driven electrical appliance juicing fruit and vegetables and a vessel for juice; the electrical appliance contains a juice outlet channel representing a tube passing along it. Additionally, the vessel contains a cover or a closure means pre-shaped as having a hole with dimensions and design allowing to accommodate the said tubular outlet channel. The channel contains an end section with an inner wall spanning through it; at least the said end section is designed so that to enable turning round the channel axis for the said juice delivery wall turning into another position of the said wall as a partition preventing dripping and liquid flow.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at preventing juice dripping after squeezing discontinuation and squeezing without much splashing.

12 cl, 9 dwg

Kitchen device // 2519987

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: described is a kitchen device containing a rotary filtering element (30) that has a closed .lower part containing a grating disc (34). The said lower part has an external circumference while the filtering element contains a conic perforated wall (33) passing from the said external circumference to the upper edge, the said upper edge forming the opened upper part of the filtering element. The kitchen device additionally contains a driving electric motor for bringing the filtering element into motion, a supply tube (10) having a tubular wall passing from the first opened distal end intended for food product inlet to the second opened distal end that is opened close to the said grating disc, and a closure element (60) passing from the upper edge of the perforated wall to the tubular wall of the supply tube (10) for closure of the said opened upper part of the filtering element (30), with the closure element (60), the filtering element (30) and the said tubular wall forming an essentially closed ring-shaped space.

EFFECT: design improvement.

11 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to juice extractors for citrus fruit. The juice extractor for citrus fruit comprises a vertical nozzle mounted on a shaft driven by the electric motor, so that for juice extraction half of the citrus fruit can be pressed to the nozzle. Usually, such juice extractors are equipped with a lever bearing a hollow pressure element which is intended to lower by turning the lever for pressing the half of the fruit to the nozzle, and after application, usually the lever returns to its fully raised position. Accordingly, the lever takes its raised position and tends to take the raised position during storage and transportation. The invention provides a locking means for locking the lever in the lowered position, which provides the storage and transportation of the juice extractor with the lever fixed in the lowered position, which makes the juice extractor more compact and convenient to use. Particularly preferably, the lever is additionally equipped with a damping device, such as a rotating frictional damper for controlling the upward movement of the lever when it is disengaged from the locking device.

EFFECT: creation of compact and easy to use juice extractor.

12 cl, 4 dwg

Centrifugal juicers // 2471397

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: centrifugal juicer comprises a movable container or a container for collecting the unnecessary pulp produced in the process of juicing. In the work area of the juicer the grinding device is located, and the pulp is discarded from the grinding device up and passes through the slot, which is located in line with the filling opening in the container when the container is located properly to actuate the juicer. The container is made with the ability of sliding movement to and from the juicer and is open at the top. While operating the container is covered with the coating that extends outward from the juicer. The container comprises an upper connecting element over the filling opening. The connecting element comprises a surface made with the ability to move in contact with the lower side of the coating or close adjoining to it.

EFFECT: enabling the ability to remove sedimentation of pulp from the coating when pulling out the container from the juicer and detachment of the container.

15 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: squeezing machine comprises squeezing element in the form of cone or rotary head, which in process of squeezing operation, apart from its rotary motion, moves up or down depending on the torque of squeezing operation. Head comprises a set of knives in the form of ribs, so that fruit is placed onto specified knives, and when knives are put in motion by rotary cone as it travels upwards, they press the fruit, cutting it vertically and sending it to cone for smashing of its pulp, since fruit may not slip away being caught, in cavity inside cap, which may consist of two parts, one of which is movable, and in process of its motion it leaves opening opened, through which squeezing element communicates to tray containing fruit, which is previously set opposite to specified hole with the help of supplying system.

EFFECT: invention provides for reliability in operation.

19 cl, 10dwg

FIELD: articles for personal use.

SUBSTANCE: this invention refers to the household appliance with the electric motor drive especially, to the juice centrifuge with the case. Within the case the motor for the drive of the operating element (especially, of the basket operating element) is installed. The motor is installed by the damping mounting. The mounting is made by the bearing brackets with elastic and flexible areas.

EFFECT: invention makes the creation of inexpensive and easy mounted damping fastening of the motor.

14 cl, 4 dwg

Basket for juicer // 2373823

FIELD: articles for personal use.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the baskets for the home juice centrifuge. The basket has a bottom equipped with the grating disk. The sieve conically extended for the parts of its height and equipped with the passages is joined to the grating disk. It is consists of the first and second stages of filtration with the walls of different inclination angles located one above another along the perimetre.

EFFECT: invention provides the bigger amount of jouce received.

12 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: personal utensils.

SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to juice extractor. Juice extractor intended, in particular, to citrus fruit juicing, contains a rotating around its axis squeezing cone and set above the juice container attached to the squeezing cone screen having an area for juice passing through with a variable cross section of throughput. Thereat screen has a working surface with the first throughput openings and the second working surface of the screen with the second throughput openings. Changing of mutual positions of the first and the second working surfaces of the screen changes throughput section of the latter. Thereat for limitation of the amount of possible relative fixed positions of the first and second working surfaces of the screen, on the first working surface there is a retention pin with a fixing cog interlocking with the counter stop in the shape of several tapered cogs on the second working surface of the screen. It improves positioning of the first surface of the screen against the second surface, prevents spontaneous modification of the adjustment selected by the user.

EFFECT: improved positioning of the first surface of the screen against the second surface; prevented spontaneous modification of the adjustment selected by the user.

11 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: electric appliances.

SUBSTANCE: electric juicer consists of vessel and cap. Supply tube is passing through cap. Vessel has rotating disk grater installed inside of it and juice collector. Juice collector is installed under mentioned supply tube. Juicer contains the following components: external wall equipped with stop ring of juice collector, which deviates from vertical line. Inside stop ring of juice collector descending rim of mentioned cap is installed. Cover for electric juicer contains polymer cap, in which opening is provided. In mentioned opening metal supply tube is installed and fixed.

EFFECT: creation of improved and more industrially acceptable alternative in relation to known household appliances.

20 cl, 14 dwg

Juicer // 2261036

FIELD: kitchen equipment.

SUBSTANCE: juicer comprises rotatable pad, receiving vessel that is provided with the projecting member for squeezing half of fruit, and pad for receiving the juice outflowing from the outlet openings in the receiving vessel. The pad can rotate inside the housing.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

11 cl, 2 dwg