Padding with integrated automatically filled air tubes and method of its manufacture

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: padding has an integrated automatically filled air tube and comprises a plurality of air tubes arranged at regular intervals having a rectangular cross section and filled with air; a highly elastic material of the padding obtained by foaming covering the air tubes and attached to obtain an monolithic structure to the outer surface of the air tubes; and an air inlet/outlet unit for introducing/discharging air to/from the air tubes.

EFFECT: ensuring uniform pressure on the user's body.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to beddings. The method specificity consists in application of a frame made of a lightweight and resilient material, consisting of two halves, pivotally connected and equipped with pegs. The frame is made of tubular materials; on the frame sides there are appliances for the sides length regulation.

EFFECT: invention enhances operation convenience and reduces manual labour intensity.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: sealed bedding article with infection control such as a pillow, continental quilt, mattress, head cushion etc has a sealed jacket and resiliently deformable filler material containing a means for ventilation inside the jacket. The ventilation means contains a filtering medium containing a filtering membrane for removal of microbial size particles. The filtering medium additionally contains a reinforcement material layer for imparting mechanical strength to the filtering medium; thus, the filtering medium provides the opportunity for air flow through itself but is essentially impermeable for liquids so that to maintain a barrier for microbial size particles.

EFFECT: effective contaminations suppression combined with ensuring transfer of air into and from the product.

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Aroma bedding items // 2444270

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: aroma bedding item comprises a filler of fibres or layers of a fibrous material placed into an outer jacket. Fibres or layers contain natural or synthetic fibres or their mixtures. The filler contains dried and cut medicinal herbs, preferably evenly distributed between layers or fibres and surrounded with fibres of the filler or fibres of the fibrous material layers.

EFFECT: invention provides for convenience of use and increased duration of service life.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus comprises three layers, two of which are electrically-insulating, and the third one in-between is a screen made of a composite metallised film which includes a metal film one-side coated by a first layer of a polymer film having a smooth surface characterised by a high EHF and infrared electrical field reflection coefficient; the other side of the film is coated with a second layer of the polymer film. The screen represents applications laid on the electrically-insulating layers by the side coated by the second layer of the polymer film. The applications are laid on each electrically-insulating layer with uncoated segments left; the applications on the first electrically-insulating layer overlap the uncoated segments between the applications on the second electrically-insulating layer with an application strip width to exceed the uncoated segments by 10 % and more. A method for manufacturing of the apparatus consists in coating the composite metallised film by a cotton strip 7040 mm wide with an interstitial space 6040 mm. The total strip and space width is equal to d = D/2N, where D is a cotton strip width, and N is a number of the strips arranged on cotton.

EFFECT: use of the invention provides allows enhanced performance characteristics of the apparatus.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine and can be used in maternity hospitals, baby houses, as well as domiciliary for baby care before eight months. An assembly comprises a base extended from right to left, upwards and downwards, and body supports provided from the sides of the base and adjoining to both sides of a baby's body lying on the mentioned base. Each body support is removable. The body supports represent at least four bolsters of different size, lengthwise, and diametrically for baby's biometric parametres with at least two of which being of the same size and supplied with position regulators on the base. Position regulators on the base represent e.g. a Velcro fastener. The base is made of waterproof cotton and has mates of the Velcro fastener.

EFFECT: more reliable fixation of a sleeping baby.

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FIELD: personal demand items.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to piece of furniture intended for sitting, which may be transformed into bed, and is aimed at simpler handling of cover. Piece of furniture intended for sitting, which may be transformed into bed, is equipped with cover with sheet and soft layer arranged underneath. Cover, in folded condition, is arranged behind furniture piece back.

EFFECT: soft layer has elasticity, which prevents folding, so that layer, after folding together with sheet, automatically unfolds on top of sleeping surface.

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FIELD: individual supplies.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to orthopedic bedding such as pillows, mattresses, rolls and deck-chairs and etc ensuring optimal physiological position of the user and, as a result, improved comfort including that set by medical evidence. The orthopedic bedding consists of a case with filling element. The case is implemented with two cases, i.e. inner and outer cases. The inner case is made from water-repellent "breathing" cloth. The filling element is made from microspheres - hollow particles of spherical form, which are from 15 micron to 3 millimetres in size. The heat conductivity factor of the filing element is 0,07 Wt/mK. The cloth cell width does not exceed the micropsphere dimensions. Method of orthopedic bedding manufacture includes case manufacturing in the form of two cases - inner and outer - made from the said 'breathing' cloth and filling them with the filling element. Around perimetre, the outer case is larger than the inner case by 1 cm. The inner case is stitched from the outside at three sides interlaying it with stretching mesh. As a result the produced stitch is sealed with press under pressure. The outer case is edged and stitched at three sides. After inner case filling, the fourth side of the case is stitched. Again the fourth side is also sealed with stretching mesh. After that the outer case is tuned inside out and stitched to the inner case. Finally, while turning the case inside out, it is pulled on the inner case and the fourth side of the outer case is stitched.

EFFECT: invention allows for creating maximum comfort for user due to heat accumulation effect and even heat distribution, even load distribution and also increasing volume filling factor.

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FIELD: household goods and personal effects; medicine.

SUBSTANCE: orthopaedic bedding contains covering with filling compound. The covering is made from water-repellent breathing cloth. The filling compound is made in the shape of microballoons - hollow particles of spherical shape, from 15 microns to 3 millimeters in diametre, with heat conduction coefficient being equal to 0.07 W/micron. Cloth cell width does not exceed the microballoon size. Orthopaedic bedding manufacturing method stipulates for production of covering and stuffing it with filling compound. The two identical parts of the covering are shaped from water-repellent breathing cloth, according to the dimensions given. Then, a transfer is shaped, strictly following the dimensions. After that, the two parts of the covering are coupled by gluing them to the transfer at three sides, at the distance of 8-9 mm from the edge of cloth. Fourth side is kept apart by protective paper. Then, an oblique border of cloth is cut. The length of it must be equal to the covering perimeter. Afterwards, the border is glued using stretch mesh. Then, at the edge of glued covering the stretch mesh is put. The oblique border and stretch mesh are tacked and stitched from three sides. After that, the three sides of the covering are ironed to melt the stretch mesh. The prepared covering is stuffed with filling compound according to the weight specifications. The protective paper is removed from the fourth side of the covering, which is immediately glued with transfer. Afterwards, cloth, oblique border and stretch mesh are tacked and seamed. The fourth side is ironed.

EFFECT: maximal comfort for user due to effect of heat accumulation and its uniform distribution, as well as uniform distribution of load, increase of space factor.

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FIELD: light industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in production of bedding or support means. Proposed packing material is dry mix of peel of protective film convering cedar nut kernel being waste of cedar nut processing, and dried and ground drug plants. Peel consists of great number of disintegrated elements-film-like particles of different configuration. In pillows for sleep and rest drug plants with sedative effect are used such as valerian, origanum, hop, lavender. In rollers for joints of arms, legs and spine drug plants with antiphlogistic and pain-relieving effect are used, such as pine tree, inula, oak, daphne willow, birch, spirea.

EFFECT: enlarged assortment of packing raw materials, simplified technology of manufacture, improved ecological and ergonomic characteristics.

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Bed-spread // 2250744

FIELD: sewing industry branch, namely manufacture of bed-spreads.

SUBSTANCE: bed-spread includes horizontal portion covering upper surface of mattress and having length and width corresponding to those of mattress and lateral surface joined with horizontal portion. Lateral surface has lateral and end sections extending from horizontal portion and joined with it. Edges of lateral sections touched with lateral portions of mattress are joined with edges of respective end sections touched to end portions of mattress. Portions of lower surface of mattress are closed by means of protrusions extending from lower edges of lateral and end sections. In addition bed-spread includes detachable part arranged in horizontal portion and joined with said portion by means of fastening member.

EFFECT: improved consumers' properties of bed-spread, simplified efficient process of making it.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: household goods and personal effects.

SUBSTANCE: invention offers earring cartridge, containing rotating joint circular earring and pussette stud holder assembly, holding the earring. Earring cartridge is inserted into socket of pussette gun, used to pierce ear with rotating joint circular earring. The cartridge can be transported and stored in a package box, allowing for piling and keeping the earrings sterile.

EFFECT: safe and effective piercing, an opportunity to use rotating joint circular earrings in piercing devices.

9 cl, 23 dwg

FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device is intended for piercing and incorporates eye-ring safe nut used in the studs' gun. The nut comprises the front plate with a hole receiving the studs' end and the front plate arranged on one axis with aforesaid hole. The said plate makes an intermediate surface between the studs' end and ear to be pierced. The ear-ring-nut can be fitted in the cartridge to be fitted in studs' seat for piercing. The said cartridge can be fitted in the studs' gun and withdrawn therefrom with the help of the cartridge packing box so that the piercing man may not touch the said cartridge in its loading/unloading.

EFFECT: safe and efficient piercing.

8 cl, 23 dwg

FIELD: furniture industry, in particular, manufacture of functional orthopedic furniture for offices and educational enterprises.

SUBSTANCE: set of furniture has tubular carcass for accommodation of table top and seat of adjustable height, and at least two supporting backs arranged one behind another. Free ends of supporting backs are secured in rear part of carcass, with resiliency of securing of each subsequent supporting back exceeding resiliency of securing of previous supporting back. Movable supporting members for lumbar region of spine and for upper part of back are fixed on backs. Seat and table top may be arranged at adjustable height. Also, angle of inclination of table top may be regulated.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in prophylaxis of pathological changes due to sedentary manner of life, and convenient usage.

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Chair base // 2116742

Wellness chair // 2069061

Chair // 2058104
Medical furniture // 2009658

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design of air beds and relates to system and method used to maintain configuration of air bed. Inside a separate chamber or groups of air bed chambers levels of infrared radiation are measured. Distributed microprocessor controllers combined into a network configuration using network protocols of controllers, number of wires and connections required for the assembled system is reduced. In order to create separate chambers, using special types of semitransparent, transparent and reflecting infrared materials, suturing or high-frequency welding is used. Making cushions and balloons includes using various types of tissues with a required extent of air loss - from low one to high one. It is also allowed to use block with manual control both for system programming and for downloading information on operation of this device. Individual design solutions of cushions joined to components of bed cushions for head, body and legs are arranged specially for operation in compliance with the possibilities of control devices.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to maintain inflation of air bed at a certain level with the purpose to create comfort for a patient.

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FIELD: personal use daily items, furniture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to furniture trade and transport, and can be used for development of armchairs of different purpose, pieces of upholstered furniture, and also special types of furniture for medical purpose. Pneumatic regulated lodgment has a base, assembly of springing elements, which are fixed on the base with one end, and form supporting surface of the lodgment and flexible couplings with the opposite ends. Each flexible coupling is made of elastic air proof material in the form of a sealed chamber filled with air, and fixed on the base by the lower end. Each sealed chamber has a port for exhaust air with back-flow valve and port for air supply. All ports of air supply are joined with at least one tap of air supply from atmosphere by pipelines. There are springing elements inside of the flexible couplings.

EFFECT: providing comfortable positioning of a user due to that balanced support of the user's body is performed, body shape is reconstituted and the shape of the supporting surface in the contact zone is steadily kept without creating local reverse pressure on the user's body by the supporting surface.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: medical equipment.

SUBSTANCE: patient cooling device up to temperature lower than normal body temperature contains air cover enclosing patient body, furnished with inlet and outlet ports connected to air cooling system, while air cooling system recirculates air through air cover for energy conservation, and at least one aperture within air cover for detachable pipelines. Aperture contains flexible pipeline-compression collar turned so that it is radially compressed around pipeline. The second version provides air recirculation through coaxial hose. Device can also be supplied with set of blow sections and boxes jointly forming body support surface. And each blow section and box is separately blowable, with high pressure source in hydrodynamic communication with blow sections and boxes. High pressure source is activated to provide alternate pressure relief for patient body. Another version of device is designed in such a way that blow sections and boxes are pumped with either low-pressured cold air providing patient body cooling of low maintenance, or air of higher pressure however providing lower cooling effect.

EFFECT: invention application enables to extend range of devices for patient cooling.

11 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: valve used in air cushions or mats for providing fluid communication between two or more zones, may be employed for isolation of zones and formation of structure to be connected to cushion.

SUBSTANCE: valve has slide valve casing provided between two outer housing halves. Each of housing halves has a plurality of receptacles of connector with nipples. Each of said receptacles has at least one outer stopper. Slide valve casing has a number of connectors arranged along its length and equipped with nipples. The latter are inserted into air pipes along peripheral edge of cushion and connected with individual inflation zones. Each connector with nipples has at least one holding slot provided on its surface. Stoppers of housing halves cooperate with cushion edge and holding slot for holding of nipple in air pipes. Movable slide valve is located within bore. Slide valve has inner longitudinal bore and a plurality of apertures provided along the entire length thereof. Apertures communicate with inner bore. Valve is opened to align slide valve apertures with connector equipped with nipples for communicating of inflation zones with each other through slide valve bore. Valve is closed for moving slide valve apertures from position in which slide valve apertures are out of alignment with housing apertures to thereby seal inflation zones.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in isolation of zones and formation of structure for connection to cushion so as to prevent shifting and leakage.

8 cl, 31 dwg