Device for energy consumption forecasting and method of energy consumption forecasting

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: energy consumption forecasting device is provided, comprising: a receiving unit (110), an air resistance calculation unit (140, 150), and an energy consumption forecasting unit (130). The receiving unit (110) is designed to receive road information including the traffic speed information specified for each route. The air resistance calculation unit (140, 150) is designed to calculate the air resistance as the computed air resistance value by the air resistance calculation formula based on the traffic speed information of the planned traffic route and to correct the computed air resistance value so that the air resistance increases, as the traffic speed of the planned traffic route decreases. Air resistance occurs when the vehicle moves along the planned traffic route. The energy consumption forecasting unit (130) is designed to predict the energy consumption of the planned traffic route based on the corrected air resistance value.

EFFECT: increase the efficiency of energy consumption forecasting.

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FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises a stage, at which information on location is saved, related to the current location, as well as specific time information related to the specified current location, in a nonvolatile memory of the device, in order to set up a registration logbook, besides, such information is saved only when one of the specified set of events takes place, the specified set of events is specific either for the navigation mode or for the free driving mode during the device operation. Preferably, a set of events specific for the navigation mode, is one or more of the following: a user indication of an activity type, calculation of a new route, repeated calculation of a new route following deviation from the previous route, reaching a destination point; and a set of events specific for the mode of free driving is one or more of the following: a user indication of an activity type, connection and/or disconnection of device power supply, deviation of the device from the current direction and/or road, on which the device moves.

EFFECT: reduced volume of data received during registration.

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FIELD: control of air transport motion.

SUBSTANCE: in each design of the group for measurement of the altitude relative to the ground radio waves are received radiated downwards by a lying-by aeroplane. Then, the data on fluctuations of the level of the electric field strength of such radio waves are introduced and recorded in the computer. The time of passage-by of the nearest point is determined on the basis of the time of onset of clearly defined peaks irrespective of the frequency of motion.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy.

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The invention relates to the field of machine and tractor, in particular to the tracked undercarriage systems

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: speed signal (201) is generated from the measurements that represent the vehicle speed variation (v(t)). Speed signal lower frequencies are filtered (202) to get the reference filtered signal associated with said vehicle speed variation (v(t)). Power (E1) exploited by vehicle in covered path is calculated (203) from the speed signal and vehicle description model. Reference power (E2) associated with reference measurement is calculated (204) with the help of filtered signal and sand vehicle description model. Said power is compared (205) with reference power to output (IND1) of driving style data depending on the shift between power and reference power. Invention covers also the driving style evaluation system.

EFFECT: determination of driving style.

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FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to traffic analysis and control systems. This system consists of traffic schedule control and analysis device. This device includes traffic schedule generator, analysis, forecast and representation display unit, traction hardware system operation simulator. The latter consists of initial data unit, device operation correction unit, traction power supply system design unit, power supply calculation unit and unit for control over adequate operation. It includes also traction power supply system temperature gages. Additionally, it incorporates traction power supply physical parameters record and control device. Besides, is incorporates extra unit for analysis and generation of optimum traffic schedule. Aforesaid traction hardware system operation simulator incorporates extra data conversion unit.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of simulation, optimum traffic schedule.

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Tachograph // 2540845

FIELD: measurement technology.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tachograph. Tachograph includes case (1) housing a printer and inlet chamber (13) for printing strip roll which can be overprinted by the printer, and inlet chamber (13) features installation hole (4) opened from the user end of tachograph and closed by cap (3) where at least one lit control element (6) actuated from the user side is installed. Structural element mounted rigidly in the case bears one or more light sources, their light directed towards control element (6) when the cover (3) is closed.

EFFECT: improved reliability.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle instantaneous fuel flow rate displaying. Data display system for a vehicle contains following devices: control device intended for determination of current instantaneous efficiency value based on vehicle current operation conditions; receiver for data relating to brake system; device for corrected instantaneous efficiency value. Data display device shows corrected instantaneous efficiency value. In the method of data displaying, corrected instantaneous efficiency value is calculated; instantaneous fuel efficiency value correction amount is calculated based on brake system data; corrected instantaneous efficiency value is calculated; and instantaneous efficiency value is displayed.

EFFECT: higher reliability of indicated values.

20 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to drives of transport facility display. Proposed display is designed to indicate at least one operating parameter of said working machine. Said parameter can be changed subject to one or several parameters of machine adjustments. Note here that said device can display the operating parameter change resulted from the change of at last one adjustment parameter and display the operating parameter change by simultaneous display of said parameter before and after its change. Note that said display can indicate the first geometrical figure with size that represents the magnitude of operating parameter change and characteristics that take on two discrete magnitudes depending on the sign of operating parameter change. Besides, it displays the second geometrical figure that represents the smaller of said magnitudes.

EFFECT: adequate display of the quality of operation.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to means for integration of automotive device functions. The system is proposed which contains on-board device made as tachograph and at least one position gage and/or at least one radiocommunication device which are connected with on-board device or integrated in it so that this on-board device could use them. The on-board device includes at least one function of at least one of the following vehicle's devices: on-board device for road charge collection, device for event data acquisition, devices for alarm signals emitting, device for transportation verification, device for vehicle route tracking, fleet control device, where the on-board device is made with possibility of replacement of corresponding vehicle's device as for this at least one function.

EFFECT: technical result consists in design simplification and increase in reliability of means for integration of automotive device functions.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has an indicator surface, an indicator means and a control device. The control device is in form of an electronic data processing device. The control device detects input signals on the motion state of the hybrid car and outputs a generated signal to the indicator means with an indicator surface. The indicator surface has a braking area and an acceleration area. Information content of the indicator surface is given in form of an invariable indicator surface. The method involves detecting input signals on the motion state of the hybrid car, converting said signals to a predetermined output signal and transmitting the signal to the indicator means with an indicator surface. The actual braking or acceleration states are then indicated by the indicator means on the invariable indicator surface.

EFFECT: enabling a driver to pick up information on the motion state of a vehicle quickly.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: remote user module can be located at any point where there is Internet access. The system comprises: a tachograph servicing module which includes a plurality of user accounts, said tachograph servicing module being configured to use vehicle identification information to determine a user account and a remote user module having a processing unit and a map reader. The tachograph servicing module can receive said vehicle identification information associated with said vehicle, wherein a first message includes information for establishing a connection and provide said first message and said vehicle identification information to said user account in order to transfer tachograph information to a database from the vehicle. A remote user can periodically gain access to said user account and extract it. Vehicle identification information includes a vehicle identification number (VIN).

EFFECT: more flexible connection setup and transmission of tachograph information.

10 cl, 3 dwg, 3 tbl

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: measurements obtained by a tachograph (DTCO) and stored in a memory (SP) of the tachograph (DTCO) in a first memory region (SPB1) in a predetermined first data format (DF1) are processed according to a predetermined processing instruction and are stored in a predetermined second data format (DF2), which differs from the predetermined first data format (DF1), in a second memory region (SPB2). At least part of the data stored previously in the second memory region (SPB2) are read depending on a request (A) of an external reading unit (LE) in relation to the tachograph and are output via a data interface (DS) of the tachograph (DTCO) while maintaining the predetermined second data format (DF2).

EFFECT: enabling fast data output.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in selective catalytic recovery (in catalyst) of off-gases by reducing agent to be injected into exhaust system. Said method comprises the following stages starting from the vehicle motion beginning. Defining initial distance to be covered to next maintenance. Defining actual distance covered after the last motion beginning. Defining amount of reducing agent used after the last motion beginning. Defining the factor of aggressive driving depending upon said amount. Correcting actual distance covered depending upon aforesaid factor to obtain the distance smoothly covered. Finally, it includes upgrading of corrected distance to be covered to next maintenance depending on smoothly covered distance.

EFFECT: limited use of reducing agent.

10 cl, 1 dwg, 2 tbl

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: method includes measuring parameters of signals of global navigation system satellites at the beginning and end of travel; converting said parameters into coordinates of the ship at said moments in time and determining the distance of travel; from the obtained overhead information, determining the composition of operating satellite constellations at said moments in time; selecting a group of satellites which is common for both constellations and denoting said group as a single operating constellation for the entire travel time; for the entire travel time, while simultaneously receiving radio signals from spacecraft, receiving radio signals from coastal stations operating in differential mode, and making corresponding adjustments; when measuring radio navigation parameters of signals, estimating the error caused by multipath propagation of radio signals from the spacecraft.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of determining the distance of travel of a ship by eliminating systematic components from the general error of measuring said distance.

1 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to self-contained digital integrated systems of on-board equipment of multi-engine aircraft. The on-board information support system comprises a take-off dynamics module, an altitude-speed and meteorological parameter module, a flight characteristics module, an aerodynamics module, an engine thrust module, an aerodrome database module and a global database of the topography of the underlying surface EGPWS of high precision in 3D format and minimum safe altitude, an analysis and decision-making module and other modules. The disclosed cognitive format of presenting information on a flight display includes a synthesized display of the runway with an axial line, the runway threshold, display of the boundaries of maximum allowed lateral deviation of aircraft take-off run and other vital displays. The flight display, on the background of the windscreen, further displays commands to raise the nose wheel, take-off, accelerate the aircraft to safe climbing speeds and commands to maintain an optimum pitch angle at the airborne part of the take-off distance, as well as commands to turn and emergency climb to prevent collision with the underlying surface and manmade obstacles. The formats of said parameters are displayed using principles of activating visual perception of information in information support of the crew in cognitive operations of the crew using principles of artificial intelligence, completeness of information presentation, relevancy and interactivity.

EFFECT: easier control of aircraft and safer flights.

20 cl, 10 dwg, 3 tbl

FIELD: physics, navigation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to marine navigation and can be used particularly to determine velocity of a ship. The disclosed method of determining the true velocity of a ship from measurements of the travel distance of the ship on tack from a fixed constellation of spacecraft of a mid-orbit satellite radio navigation system includes receiving spacecraft radio signals; picking up overhead information from the radio signals; determining, based on the overhead information, the composition of working constellations of spacecraft of the system for the time of the beginning and end of the travel; measuring radio navigation parameters of signals of spacecraft of working constellations at said time of the beginning and end of the travel; converting the measured parameters into coordinates of the ship at the beginning and end of travel and determining the travel distance as the distance between points with the obtained coordinates, wherein after determining, based on the overhead information, the composition of working constellations of spacecraft of the system for the beginning and end of the travel, the composition of said constellations is compared by selecting a group that is common for both constellations of spacecraft and designating the selected group as the signal working constellation for the entire duration of travel, wherein for the entire duration of travel while simultaneously receiving radio signals from spacecraft, the method includes further determining and estimating residual error of the Doppler radio log in the primary velocity mode; calculating posterior mean-square error of velocity from the log to compensate for roll and pitch; calculating the desired horizontal components of the velocity vector.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at broadening functional capabilities of the method of determining the travel distance of a ship on tack based on location while simultaneously reducing the effect of negative factors on determining the true velocity of the ship.

FIELD: test equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to tests of remote controlled devices equipped with weapons system and mounted on land vehicle chassis. Test method for combat remote controlled module involves process adjustment and calibration operations performed before control operations. Before tests, weapons system is adjusted for standard combat, centre of impact is determined, and alignment is performed if required, then video cameras of technical vision system and thermal imaging unit of rotating platform are adjusted. Control process is divided into six control operation blocks including check of combat remote controlled module operability in intended application, check of monitoring and target designation, check of item controllability and set parameter maintenance, check of control unit, check of operator work, check of data transfer between control unit and rotating platform, check of accuracy parameters.

EFFECT: high efficiency of combat remote controlled module tests.

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FIELD: physics, navigation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gyroscopy and can be used to improve precision and operational characteristics of solid-state fibre gyroscopes in gimballess inertial navigation systems. The apparatus for suspending a block of sensitive elements of an inertial navigation system based on solid-state fibre gyroscopes comprises a base on which there are four pairs of guide posts, mounted such that each pair of posts mounted on the base opposite each other lie on the same axis; rubber bushings are attached to the guide posts by their internal diameter, the block of sensitive elements is attached to the external diameter of the rubber bushings, said block comprising three solid-state fibre gyroscopes, and a sealed cover which covers the whole structure.

EFFECT: improved precision and operational characteristics of solid-state fibre gyroscopes in gimballes inertial navigation systems.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: method includes selecting areas of neotectonic blocks on a map of the latest block boundaries; grouping the selected areas into classes close on morphometric characteristics, soil nature and vegetation; calibrating the selected classes based on the standard type of tactical properties; merging regions with identical tactical properties; creating resultant maps for each type of tactical properties.

EFFECT: better managerial decisions owing to more complete accounting of information, faster decision making owing to use of the required information in a rendered and generalised form prepared in advance.

2 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: in compliance with method of partitioning of map info for navigation of industrial vehicles, effected is partitioning info of map related with physical medium including static details describing the objects not varying in said physical medium and dynamic parts which do it, into multiple map segments. Segment corresponding to current location of vehicle is defined to allow navigation of industrial vehicle with the help of selected map segment.

EFFECT: efficient of route selection for industrial vehicles.

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FIELD: physics, navigation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to instrument-making and can be used in systems for indicating flight conditions of an aircraft. The method comprises first installing a backup altitude controller on the instrument panel according to mounting points, then using a switching device to display the "backup altitude controller installation" mode on a liquid crystal screen through a process frame in a menu, during which a computer automatically compares values of banking and pitching angles generated by the backup altitude controller with values of the main system obtained via an external interface, and inputting the difference into the ROM of the backup altitude controller, and in the absence of information on the values of angles through the external interface, installing the backup altitude controller through a tilting meter with minimal deviations from the zero position on the aircraft instrument panel located on a horizontal plane, using the switching device to display on the liquid crystal screen, through a process frame in a menu, the "self-contained alignment" mode by initiating self-contained alignment, during which the banking and pitching angles calculated by the backup altitude controller are output from the ROM and subsequently used to calculate the vertical line during operation.

EFFECT: high accuracy.

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