Vacuum cleaner

FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.

SUBSTANCE: vacuum cleaner according to one aspect of the present invention includes the body, having the suction motor, the suction element configured to communicate with the vacuum cleaner body and suck the air and contaminants, the installation element, disposed on the vacuum cleaner body, the battery unit, detachably mounted to the installation element and having the battery, the cord coil unit, detachably mounted on the installation element for replacing the battery unit and having the power cord, and the controller, configured to control the suction motor, based on the unit, mounted on the installation element.

EFFECT: increase of the application convenience and the work reliability.

17 cl, 7 dwg



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Automatic cleaner // 2557509

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: automatic cleaner comprises a housing with a suction hole, a main brush set on the suction hole side inside the housing, the first part of a drive able of rotating the main brush, a working element able of movement on the housing, the second part of the drive able of generating energy to move the working element, a side brush able of rotation at the working element to receive the energy from the first drive part, and a control part able of controlling the first and second drive parts.

EFFECT: higher operation reliability.

15 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: support contains a casing, on it main casing is installed, it is made with possibility of cleaning, lighting source installed in casing, diffuser made with possibility of the light diffusion of the lighting source, and lid creating external top surface of the casing. The casing contains bottom area made with possibility of contact with suction nozzle of the main casing, and area of side wall from bottom area for bending relatively to the bottom area. The diffuser is installed on area of side wall.

EFFECT: increased comfort.

18 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: described is a vacuum cleaner suction fitting that includes an impact element contacting the plane being cleaned thus enabling more effective cleaning of such plane. The suction fitting includes the suction fitting housing, an agitator installed inside the suction fitting housing to enable rotation, a motor connected to the agitator so that to initiate its rotation and an impact element loosely joined to the agitator; the impact element is fitted for contacting the plane being treated during the agitator operation.

EFFECT: design improvement.

15 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: inventions group relates to a vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner suction fitting. Disclosed are a suction fitting and a vacuum cleaner that are capable to effectively perform cleaning of a surface being cleaned by way of striking blows at the surface being cleaned; the suction fitting includes the suction fitting housing, a stirrer positioned so that to enable rotation in the suction fitting housing, a support element (designed so that to enable rotation relative to the stirrer) projecting from the stirrer centre in a radial direction and an impact element connected to the support element for striking blows at the surface being cleaned when the stirrer is set in motion.

EFFECT: design improvement.

15 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: vacuum cleaner 10 suction head 12 contains a suction head 14 for creation of a low pressure area contained therein and interfacing the surface to be cleaned 16, and a series of air nozzles 20. Each air nozzle 20 is designed so that to enable induction of an air vortex into the suction chamber 14, the vortex directed towards the surface to be treated 16. Each nozzle contains an air inlet hole and an air outlet hole and has a conic frustrum surface; the air inlet hole is positioned tangential relative to the air outlet hole to direct air tangentially relative to the conic frustrum shaped surface.

EFFECT: vortex movement induced lifts and picks dust and debris inside the carpet.

41 cl, 28 dwg

FIELD: personal usage articles.

SUBSTANCE: proposed is a device for adjustment of the vacuum cleaner suck-in flow rate. The suck-in flow rate adjustment device includes the first suck-in flow channel (100) the ends whereof are connected to the vacuum cleaner main body (1) and the brush unit (2) respectively. The device includes the second suck-in flow channel (200) that is formed inside the handle (3) positioned on the connective means (18) with a flow channel including the first hole (210) connected to the outside and the second hole (220) connected to the first suck-in flow channel. The opening/closing device (300) is installed for opening/closing the second hole (220).

EFFECT: device design improvement.

15 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electric vacuum cleaner. The dust collector comprises a first part 41 for centrifugal separation for separation of dust under the action of centrifugal force, and the second parts for centrifugal separation, which communicate with the first part 41 for centrifugal separation and separate the dust, which is finer than dust, under the action of the centrifugal force, which is separated by the first part 41 for centrifugal separation. The first part 41 for centrifugal separation comprises the container housing 51 capable of holding the dust, and the cylindrical rotating part 52 which is located in the container housing 51 and rotates the air containing the dust between the rotating part and the container housing 51. The rotating part 52 comprises on its periphery the peripheral openings 65 communicating with the second parts for centrifugal separation, and at its end the end opening 74 communicating with the second parts for centrifugal separation. The first part 41 for centrifugal separation comprises a sealing filter 54 located on the end opening 74.

EFFECT: improved design.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention is aimed depending on the projected versions and dimensions at "dry" cleaning streets, yards and premises, without the propagation of dust into the environment, without release of filtered air into the environment, with increased coverage of cleaning surface, with the collection-bagging of garbage in the airtight disposable recyclable standard or special reusable sacks/bags or a one-piece box, with the use of automatic unloading the reusable sacks/bags and cleaning of the filter. The closed circulation of air flow is provided by the use of internal return air duct (12), the side return air ducts (2) and active closed extension area of continuous simultaneous forced injecting-tapping of air (1). The device of expanding and retention in the expanded state of the sacks/bags is implemented using a perforated or mesh box (4), sealing (6) and hermetically sealed hatch (11), at that on the inner side of the walls and the bottom of the sack/bag (5) the force is applied pressing it to the walls of the perforated or mesh box (4) in movement of the air flow through the filter 8 from left to right - in the mode of garbage collection. The device of automatic unloading of reusable sacks/bags (5) and cleaning the filter (8) is implemented through the use of return-reverse air flow and manipulation with the lids/curtains of the special hermetically sealed hatches (7, 10, 11), shown in Table 1 together with the operating modes.

EFFECT: providing "dry" cleaning streets, yards and premises, without the propagation of dust into the environment.

1 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to portable vacuum cleaners. The portable vacuum cleaner contains a body including a handle for carrying the vacuum cleaner; the body has an inlet hole and the garbage cup connector (enclosing the said hole), an electric motor/ventilation unit for generation of suction force through the inlet hole, a garbage cup (containing a relatively hollow body having an inlet hole at its front end and a outlet hole at its rear end); the rear end of the garbage cup has a body connector (that is adapted for conjugation with the garbage cup connector for detachable connection for the garbage cup to the body), a fixture (connected between the garbage cup and body for selective connection of the garbage cup to the body), a filter (positioned upstream the electric motor/ventilator unit) and multiple fittings each having at least one nozzle hole and an outlet hole at the rear end, such outlet hole detachably connected to the front end of the garbage cup; at least one of the multiple fittings is manufactured by way of formation from an elastomer material and a conjugation frame between the garbage cup and at least one fitting manufactured by way of formation from an elastomer material.

EFFECT: invention ensures the necessity to clean different surfaces with the help of a vacuum cleaner preventing their damaging.

18 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: cylindrical vacuum cleaner comprises a centrifugal separator for separating dust from air by centrifugal force, the dust container having an open upper part through which the centrifugal separator is mounted in the dust container, at that the dust container comprises a dust bag for containing the separated dust, and a cover with the electromotor to generate suction force, and the cover is mounted to close the upper part of the dust container, at that the centrifugal separator is arranged so that the central axis of rotational force of the centrifugal separator for swirling air passes at right angle to the central axis of the electromotor, whereby the dust contained in the sucked air enters into the dust bag, and the air which was separated from dust is brought outwards through the electromotor on the cover.

EFFECT: preventing clogging of the filter and providing a compact design of the device.

16 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: vacuum cleaners having no dust bags providing possibility for easy removal of trapped dust and cleaning filter without change of dust filtering member.

SUBSTANCE: vacuum cleaner includes brush; drive electric motor for generating suction force; main housing with chamber for placing filter; dust suction tube whose one end is communicated with chamber for placing filter and whose other end is communicated with brush. Lid of main housing is joined with filtering unit for simplified placing filtering unit in chamber for filter and removing it from said chamber. Lid is made with possibility of locking in main housing.

EFFECT: improved design, simplified maintenance of vacuum cleaner.

16 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering, in particular, supporting apparatus for vacuum cleaner.

SUBSTANCE: supporting apparatus for elongation tube of vacuum cleaner has casing member attached to elongation tube of vacuum cleaner, and supporting member cooperating with casing member for rotation between first position, wherein supporting member functions as support for elongation tube, and second position, wherein supporting member is folded toward casing member. Casing member consists of first and second casing parts adapted for cooperation with one another around elongation tube and correspondingly comprising pivot joint slot. Supporting member has pair of pivotal protrusions adapted for rotating insertion into pivot joint slot. Supporting apparatus of elongation tube is utilized in vacuum cleaner.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and convenient utilization of vacuum cleaner.

12 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: vacuum cleaner unit with suction channels has upper and lower casings, first and second suction channels provided in lower casing, at least one upper opening provided in upper casing and adapted for sucking of outer air therethrough by suction force applied to first and second suction channels, and at least one lower opening provided in lower casing. Lower opening is positioned between first and second suction channels and is in fluid communication with upper opening so that air admitted through upper opening is directed into zone between first and second suction channels for dissipating dust therein. The given unit is employed in vacuum cleaner.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of cleaning in side zone as well as in central zone.

9 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: suction inlet unit for vacuum cleaner having low pressure source is equipped with lower casing including first and second suction openings, upper casing connected to lower casing so as to define connection channel for first and second suction openings, and noise volume decreasing unit extending along connection channel which is in fluid communication with low pressure source.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in sucking of dust at both sides of vacuum cleaner.

20 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: robotized cleaning-up technique.

SUBSTANCE: automatic cleaning-up system has outside charging apparatus comprising charging support with charging terminals, and a plurality of signal sending parts designed for sending of signals having different codes and power values. Cleaning-up robot comprises battery, connection terminals for connection to charging terminals for supplying of battery with electric energy, receiving part for receiving signals from signal sending parts and control part for controlling movement of cleaning-up robot using signals received by receiving part so that connection terminals are connected to charging terminals.

EFFECT: reduced manufacture costs and provision for creating of effective method for returning of cleaning-up robot to outside charging apparatus.

20 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: multi-cyclone apparatus that may successively separate from sucked air contamination particles and vacuum cleaners with such apparatus.

SUBSTANCE: multi-cyclone apparatus includes first trapping unit for separating large-size contamination particles out of air; housing of cyclones having second cyclone communicating with first trapping unit and third cyclones arranged around second cyclone and communicated with it. Second cyclone separates from sucked air mean-size contamination particles. Third cyclones separate from sucked air small-size contamination particles. Contamination particles receptacle is formed in lower end of housing of cyclones and it collects mean- and small-size contamination particles. First trapping unit includes casing, first discharge window, guide for directing sucked air from suction window and it also includes partition arranged between inner wall of casing and suction window.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency, simplified design of multi-cyclone dust-separation apparatus.

11 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: vacuum cleaning equipment, in particular, dust collecting apparatus positioned within vacuum cleaner.

SUBSTANCE: dust collecting apparatus for collecting of foreign matter has upper cover for closing upper part of dust collecting reservoir, and lower cover for closing lower part of dust collecting reservoir. Separating plate divides internal cavity of dust collecting reservoir into section for separating of foreign matter and section for collecting of foreign matter. Bar pushes separating plate into section for collecting foreign matter and compacting foreign matter collected in said section.

EFFECT: improved dust collecting quality of apparatus.

18 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering, in particular, cyclone type equipment for separation of contaminants.

SUBSTANCE: cyclone apparatus has casing comprising chamber of first cyclone, wherein contaminants are preliminarily separated by centrifugal force from air drawn from the outside, chamber of second cyclone, wherein secondary separation of contaminants from air occurs, said air being discharged from first cyclone chamber, and housing designed for catching of contaminants and connected to lower end of casing. Cyclone apparatus is additionally provided with discharge guiding channel extending through casing and housing and designed for directing of air discharged from second cyclone chamber. So, air discharged through discharge guiding channel is delivered directly into space where vacuum cleaner engine is placed.

EFFECT: simplified construction of apparatus and reduced pressure drop.

13 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: vacuum cleaner consists of case, dust collector, air-blowing fan unit, outlet duct for air flowing out of outlet aperture of the air blowing fan unit. Duct is several times curved and produces several flow ducts. At that the outlet airflow duct creates a space between the dust collector and air blowing fan unit. An air outlet filter is installed in the outlet air flow duct at the point where the cross section area of the duct exceeds the cross section area of the outlet aperture of the air blowing fan unit. Air, flowing out of the air blowing fan unit, is let and filtered through the said air flow ducts.

EFFECT: efficient reduction of noise produced by a running vacuum cleaner.

16 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention applies to vacuum cleaner, particularly to vacuum cleaner with a cyclone device. Vacuum cleaner consists of case with air inlet and outlet apertures, cyclone device, including primary cyclone for primary separation of air from contaminating particles, and number of secondary cyclones for secondary separation of contaminating particles out of air flowing off the primary cyclone. Each outlet aperture of the secondary cyclone is equipped with noise reduction component. Additionally each of the outlet apertures of the secondary cyclone can be equipped with partitions to separate outlet apertures or there may be installed guides to direct air flowing out of the outlet aperture of the secondary cyclone.

EFFECT: noise reduction in a vacuum cleaner.

19 cl, 5 dwg