Machine for beverages preparation

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: machine for beverage preparation includes a brewing unit (10) with (i) a main body (12) forming a cavity (14) for placement of a removable capsule holder (18) and (ii) a lid (20) connected to the main body (12) for cavity (14) opening and closing. The beverage preparation machine comprises a detachable capsule holder (18) adapted to receive a capsule (50) containing an extractable food product. The brewing unit (10) and the removable capsule holder (18) cooperate so that the liquid flows like a fountain.

EFFECT: increased application convenience.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: this device relates to a brewing device for extraction of a portion capsule with the first brewing chamber element and the second brewing chamber element; the first and/or the second brewing chamber element(s) is(are) designed so that to enable movement along an axial direction between the charging position (wherein the first and the second elements are positioned at a distance from each other) and the extraction position (wherein the first and the second elements form an essentially enclosed brewing chamber); the first brewing chamber element has at least one first perforated means for the portion capsule perforation that is positioned along the Earth gravity field over a horizontal plane stretching essentially at a right angle relative to the gravity field and essentially centrally.

EFFECT: prevention of the possibility of the capsule substance downward sliding during extraction which significantly increases the quantity of beverage particles in the stream; at the same time, the risk of the perforating means injuring the user is decreased during the capsule charging into the brewing chamber.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverage preparation systems. The beverage preparation system using a capsule includes a capsule containing a body having an injection surface and an extraction surface with a hole on the wider side and ending in a flange with a free end as well as the beverage supply part. The beverage preparation device includes the first chamber part with a cavity, its shape adapted for tight grasp of the capsule body and a clamping surface engaging with the flange for clamping to it as well as the second part of the chamber with an extraction plate. At least one of the two parts of the chamber is designed so that to enable movement relative to the other part from the opened position wherein the capsule is inserted to the closed position wherein the capsule is locked between the two parts of the chamber. According to the invention, the first part (14) of the chamber contains capsule-grasping means (32, 38) for allowing to retain capsules in the said cavity of the first part of the chamber during movement from the closed to the opened position; the capsule contains matching means (8, 39) intended to be grasped by the said grasping means.

EFFECT: grasping and release means are intended for a spent capsule handling after the beverage extraction process and ensure exclusion of the risk of the capsule accidental delay by the extraction plate as well as reliable removal of the capsule from the device.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for beverage preparation in the beverage preparation machine with usage of a capsule containing a shell wherein tea leaves are placed. The method involves the following stages: a) water supply into the capsule for pouring tea leaves in the capsule shell, b) water supply with maximum flow rate for tea leaves wetting equal to 80 ml/min, c) water supply into the capsule till obtainment of the required volume of beverage supplied; during at least one period at stage b), water is supplied into the capsule for tea leaves stirring with the flow rate for such stirring exceeding that for wetting.

EFFECT: method improvement.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: capsule for preparation of a food product in the device fit for liquid delivery into the capsule contains a compartment with food ingredients being mixed with the delivered liquid for the food product preparation, and a filter intended for removal of impurities contained in the liquid. The filter is represented by a filtering appliance consisting of a filtering membrane and an outlet wall whereon the filtering membrane relies. In the outlet wall, there is a liquid outlet hole communicating with the said compartment. The capsule contains a body limiting the compartment and a filter seat for accommodation of the filtering appliance therein; the filter seat is positioned upstream the compartment. Additionally, the invention relates to a filtering unit.

EFFECT: prevention of the filter deformation as a result of pressure of liquid supplied into the capsule.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a portion capsule for beverage preparation which has a hollow space wherein beverage raw materials are envisaged; a hole is made in the portion capsule for beverage preparation.

EFFECT: design improvement.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: two parts of the chamber may be tightly compressed for a capsule accommodation. In an opened position the capsule may be retained in an intermediate position between the chamber parts with the help of the installation unit that contains guides positioned opposite each other, preferably - within a vertical installation plane and intended for guiding diametrally opposite sections of the capsule flange for retention in the intermediate position. One of the guides is designed as a turning guide while the opposite one is a splitting guide. The splitting guide has a cut-out designed so that the capsule may turn from the intermediate position relative to the turning guide and become released from the splitting guide. Prior to reaching the closed position, the capsule is released from the splitting guide at the first movement stage and from the turning guide - at the second movement stage due to impact of at least one chamber part thereon.

EFFECT: invention provides for low production cost and compactness of the design.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage preparation system containing capsules (1) with a beverage ingredient with an identification element (6) as well as a beverage preparation device wherein such capsules are placed; the said device contains a contact means (8) for physical contact with the capsule identification element (6) for readout of information from it as well as a control means connected to the contact means and intended for control of the beverage preparation device operation (11) depending on information read out; the contact means (8) contains: at least one moving board (81) that mechanically contacts the capsule identification element (6) and a resilient support element (82), contacting the probe on one side and conjugated with an electronic circuit (9) on the other; the element of the resilient support element contacting the probe has a shape ensuring the possibility of deformation when the probe applies force to it, such deformation occurring partially crosswise to the direction of the force being applied.

EFFECT: design improvement.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises sealing unit (1) to house capsule (51) with stock for extraction. Said sealing unit (1) comprises first part and second part displacing relative to first one. It differs from known designs in that said first and second parts make the outlet (3) for discharge of extraction products from capsule (51). Sealing system for said device differs in that seal (61, 62) comprises at least one peripheral sealing edge abutting on capsule surface in line or strip to press capsule wall to capsule contents. Sealing edge extends inward towards extraction fluid inlet to make extraction fluid pressure press said sealing edge against said capsule.

EFFECT: perfected design.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: system for beverage preparation with usage of a product being extracted contains a replaceable capsule, a device containing a receptacle socket for the replaceable capsule retaining and a device for fluid medium output into the capsule under pressure. The capsule contains a rigid peripheral wall, a bottom, covering the peripheral wall at the first end, and a covering element covering the peripheral wall at the second end. The wall, the bottom and the covering element limit the inner space containing the product being extracted. The bottom contains an input zone. The device for the fluid medium output is designed so that to communicate (via the fluid medium) with the input zone for the fluid medium supplying into the beverage preparation product being extracted. The covering element contains an output zone. The system contains an output that, during usage, communicates with the output zone via the fluid medium. The receptacle socket is designed so that to enable the beverage output from the replaceable capsule through the output zone containing a filter layer represented by a layer of a non-woven and/or woven fibrous material and containing at least one first area where the non-woven and/or woven fibrous material is sealed for prevention of liquid output through the said area and multiple second areas where the non-woven and/or woven fibrous material is not sealed for ensuring the liquid output through the said area.

EFFECT: beverage quality enhancement.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to improved beverage preparation devices, in particular, to a beverage preparation device of the type where pre-packaged beverage ingredient capsules are used. The capsules may be designed so that to provide for air capture with a view of desirable foam formation. Air inlet holes are made in the inlet fitting to enable air passage into the beverage preparation device, thus to be captured. The air inlet holes pass mainly through the sides of the fitting while in a lifted position within the fitting expanded section.

EFFECT: invention reduces beverage flow into and through air inlet holes thus promoting cleanness.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: feeding head for a machine for making drinks comprises a movable first part and a fixed second part. The first part is made with the possibility of displacement relative to the second part between the open position and the closed position. In the open position the first part is arranged with the possibility to load a capsule into the feeding head. In the closed position the first part and the second part are arranged with the possibility to retain the specified capsule in the distribution position. The feeding head additionally comprises an inlet punch and an outlet punch, which are aligned in the same direction and are made with the possibility of rotation relative to the fixed second part between the pulled-in position and punching position.

EFFECT: reduced dimensions of the punching mechanism.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method of producing capsule 1 containing drink ingredients to be forced into drink making device wherein fluid is forced into capsule to interact with ingredients and force prepared drink outward. Capsule comprises case 4 with sealing component 8 attached thereto. Proposed comprises step whereat at least one sealing material is injected onto the surface of said case 4 to produce sealing component 8 by injection moulding. Said component is tightly attached to case 4. Case inner space is filled with food ingredients and tightly closed by membrane 5.

EFFECT: better tightness, ease of use.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a brewing device to prepare beverages or other food products from capsules, in particular, from disposable capsules. The brewing device comprises a brewing chamber with the first part and the second part capable of displacement relative to each other, besides, there is a seat for capsules in one of the parts. In this seat there is at least one perforator for capsule perforation. The first channel supplies a brewing fluid medium into the chamber, and the second channel provides for food product release from the brewing chamber. In the seat there is an alignment element for capsules, which may elastically move in axial direction and is equipped with a guiding and aligning surface for capsules facing the second of the brewing chamber parts. Besides, the aligning element is elastically loaded so that it partially protrudes from the seat while the brewing chamber is open, and may move inside the seat as the brewing chamber closes, besides, when the brewing chamber is closed with a capsule arranged inside, the aligning element is fully inserted inside the seat.

EFFECT: development of a new brewing device with a brewing chamber formed by two parts that may move relative to each other and a system that makes it possible to improve coaxiality of a capsule relative to a perforator or perforators and makes it possible to easier remove the capsule after brewing.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to household appliances. The machine for making coffee comprises a brewing group with the main body formed by the casing, limiting the space for the reverse movement of the brewing cylinder between the position of engagement with the packing piston for formation of the brewing chamber, and the position of decoupling with the packing piston to load a portion of ground coffee. And the brewing cylinder is rigidly supported by the rotating arm. It also comprises a tool of removable mutual coupling between the brewing cylinder and the arm, secured to take the said brewing cylinder out of the window of the body. And on the outer side of the said body there is additionally a means of moving the arm.

EFFECT: invention enables to simplify the device design concept and make it more compact and reliable.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of domestic equipment. A device to prepare a drink from a food product contained in a capsule (24), by injection of a fluid supplied by a pump (70) into the capsule (24), comprises a head (20) of extraction, having a hole (22) to insert a holder (30) of the capsule and to supply the capsule (24) into a receiving chamber (25) of the capsule holder, a mechanism (21) to close the above capsule (24) in the receiving chamber of the capsule holder. Further it comprises one injecting element to supply a fluid from a pump (70), inside the capsule (24), a unit (80) to control at least a pump (70), and also decoding facilities joined with the unit (80) of control and designed to read data from the holder (30) of the capsule or insert.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase reliability of data transfer and to increase quality of a prepared drink.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the system 10, and also to the method of making beverages with an infusion method of the product contained in the package 1, and can be used in coffee machines of the ESPRESSO type. The system 10 comprises an infusion chamber 7, a locking device 60 including upper locking means 61 which are designed for selective prevention or providing access to the chamber 7 in its upper part, and the lower locking means 62 which are designed for selective receiving by the chamber 7 of the package 1 or providing the package 1 outlet from the chamber 7 under the action of gravity force. The position of the upper locking means 61 determines the position of the lower locking means 62 and vice versa.

EFFECT: increased reliability and simplification of the structure due to reducing the number of moving parts.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: cooking assembly contains an instillation station carrying out a rotary movement with a piston inserted into the station so that to enable sliding. A counter-piston interacts with the installation station and the piston so that to form the cooking chamber. Additionally provided for are cam elements for control of the installation station, piston and counter-piston motions. The installation station, piston and counter-piston may occupy relative to each other at least one position for loading the product for beverage preparation purposes, at least two various boiling positions (the two various volumes of the boiling chamber correspond to) and the position for used product discharge.

EFFECT: invention enables to enhance the design strength and reliability.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to improvements of brewing units for making beverages which use capsules, boxes, or other pre-packaged single portion packages, in particular for making coffee. The brewing unit comprises in combination: a support, a drawer which is, at least, a slot for single portion package, sliding relative to the said support and movable between the position of loading of the single portion package and the brewing position and the outputted element to supply water under pressure to the said single portion package. The brewing unit also comprises a lever to control the movement of the said drawer and mechanical connection between the said lever and the said outputted element. The lever action causes movement of the drawer from the loading position to the brewing position and presses the outputted element to the single portion package. The brewing unit is provided with a locking member blocking the single portion package in the brewing position, preventing it from movement in the direction of loading position when the said drawer is moved from the brewing position in the loading position. The said slot is partially restricted with a pair of swinging arms that move relative to the said drawer to enable disposal of the used single portion package from the said slot during movement of the drawer from the brewing position to the loading position.

EFFECT: automation of all operations performed by the operator after launch is provided.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of preparation of beverages. The machine for preparing beverages with a brewing unit for preparing beverages for accommodation of the disposable capsule comprises a node of the capsule retention, designed for retention the capsule in the given position during insertion of the capsule under gravity in the brewing unit, and a water injection node for at least a partial closing the capsule and the water supply to the capsule. The part retaining the capsule forms the front part of the unit and is attached to the node of liquid injection with the ability to move along essentially a horizontal trajectory, while the water injection node is a rear fixed part of the unit. The machine for preparing beverage comprises a housing. One of these nodes of the brewing unit can be movable or slide telescopically out of this housing for insertion/removal of the capsule with the ingredient and to be placed in the housing to bring the brewing node in the position of the capsule extraction.

EFFECT: group of inventions enables to provide a proper seal to create the necessary conditions for extraction.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of preparation of beverages. The plant for preparation of beverages implementing the claimed method is designed to complete the process of preparation of beverage by passing the flowing medium through at least one element comprising at least one ingredient of the beverage. And at least one element is designed for entering it and processing of different types of elements comprising the beverage ingredient, such as a pad, a cup, a capsule and a cartridge. The device additionally comprises a control means, a detection means for measuring at least one characteristic of the flow when the flowing medium flow is created, the memory tool for storing the group of the predetermined flow characteristics connected to different types of elements that contain a flow ingredient, and an injection device for injecting fluid. And the predetermined flow characteristics which are stored in the memory tool are characteristics of the operating point.

EFFECT: group of inventions enables to detect automatically an element comprising the beverage ingredient by creating the flowing medium flow through the element.

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