Multipurpose dishware

FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.

SUBSTANCE: multipurpose dishware has a pot body frame (10), composed of the base (11) and the capacitance (12), whereupon the base (11) is provided with the upper surface (111) and the bottom surface (112). The capacitance (12) is formed on the base (11) side and is provided with the holding space (13). The dishware comprises a steam nozzle (20), which covers the capacitance (12) side, which is opposite to the base (11), and is optionally designed with a possibility of taking off from the capacitance (12). The steam nozzle (20) is provided with the air vents (21) that pass through the steam nozzle (20). The dishware has a pot cover (30), the form of which corresponds to the capacitance (12) shape. The pot cover (30) is optionally designed with a possibility of the covering the steam nozzle (20) side, which is opposite to the capacitance (12), for obtaining the closed space with the capacitance (12). The base (11) side is provided with the capacitance (12) by virtue of this with the aid of one item of the dishware one can fry food on the base (11) and make soups in the capacitance (12). The capacitance (12) is covered with the pot cover (30), additionally varying a capacitance (12) so that it becomes a vacuum cooker, where one can simmer the food. Moreover, the steam nozzle (20) is located between the capacitance (12) and the cover (30) of the pot so that the steam generated by the liquid heating in the capacitance (12) steams the food that lies on the steam nozzle (20) so that the capacitance (12) becomes the steam cooker. The frying pan, the broth pot, the vacuum cooker and the steam cooker are combined in one unit in instant invention.

EFFECT: one dishware item can serve a set of functions simultaneously, so that the convenience of dishware reference increases and, in comparison with the ordination of the great number of dishware items, the necessary space decreases.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: method for food products deep frying envisages supply of food products to be deep-fried into hot oil or fat and removal from such oil or fat upon expiry of a certain period of treatment. Over the free oil surface a steam-saturated zone is created containing superheated steam that protects oil from ambient air; a flow of steam corresponding to the quantity of water evaporated from the products being deep-fried is withdrawn from the zone; a border area is maintained between the steam-saturated zone and ambient air within the boundaries of a certain vertical area which results in almost complete exclusion of ambient air penetration into the steam-saturated zone with contact of the free surface of hot with ambient air prevented.

EFFECT: method improvement.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: multilayer bottom of the reservoir is used in the production of the dishware for high-temperature processing of food products. The bottom consists of two fixedly connected layers made of different materials motonically increasing from the center to the periphery. The contact line is made in the wavelike amplitude and the ratio to the wave length. Besides the maximum wave amplitude doesn't exceed 0,1-0,3 of the thickness of the most thin layer. The method of multilayer bottom production includes the connection of different materials by explosive welding. The driver material is made in the form of asymmetric rotary shell segment which axis is set perpendicularly to the fixed plate. The crowned surface of the shell turns to the fixed plate. Then the materials are connected with the explosive material layer posed on the concave surface of the layer with further activation in the center. Curve radius is defined according to the set ratio: where K - curve radius of the shell, a - angle between the axis and shell normal, r - interval between the center of the fixed plate and its crossing point with the normal, 5 - shell thickness, X - wave length of the welding seam in the distance from the center of the plate, and II are quickness of an explosive and the shell in the crossing point with the normal.

EFFECT: to increase the fatigue limit of the reservoir for the high-temperature processing food products.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the container for food preparation with means of temperature indication. The container for food preparation contains structural components located outside of the main casing of the container. Detachable label with covering containing thermal chromatic pigments is applied to the components. Also the labels are detachable, have different configuration at that different temperature sensibility of the pigments corresponds to each of these configurations.

EFFECT: improvement of signalling means of reached temperature, decrease of costs for the method of applying these means.

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Improved frying pan // 2345695

FIELD: household objects and personal effects.

SUBSTANCE: improved frying pan has reservoir for oil collection separated from area of food products frying by grid, which is movable and detachable to make it possible to clean internal side of specified reservoir. Grid has upper area with openings of larger diameter and lower area with smaller diameter openings that act as filter of admixtures. Frying pan has mark that indicates maximum level of oil, which may be held by reservoir.

EFFECT: improved frying pan during removal of cooked products makes it possible to free them from excess oil.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: kitchen facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to appliance for pan designed to protect range, kitchen room and utensils and also personnel working in kitchen from boiling fat sprays. Proposed replaceable filtering holder for pan consists of three perforated disks interconnected over edges by ring gaskets providing required air gap between disks. Perforation of disks is made in form of round holes arranged in rows with intervals between rows equal to diameter of holes. Disks are installed so that rows of holes in all three disks are parallel to each other. Rows of holes in first and third disk coincide in vertical, and rows of holes is second disk are displaced relative to the latter through value of interval. Disks and ring gaskets are made of corrugated cardboard. One of sides of all three disks is covered with aluminum foil. Foiled surfaces are pointed to one side, and nonfoiled surfaces, to opposite side. Filter made on nonwoven synthetic material impregnated with activated carbon is placed in one of clearances between two adjacent disks.

EFFECT: improved protection of kitchen facilities and personnel.

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FIELD: kitchen utensils, in particular, utensils used for preparing of second course dish by frying.

SUBSTANCE: closure for frying pan has casing and handle. Openings provided in upper part of casing are extending from casing center to its peripheral parts. Closure is equipped with one or more blades, which are fixed at an angle to casing thereon by means of pivot joint so as to define an angle with frying pan bottom. Blade is provided with shank abutting against casing for ensuring predetermined angle of inclination. In order to change position of blades relative to casing and, correspondingly, position of frying pan, closure may be provided with control device adapted for wedging of blade relative to casing. One of versions of said control device is wedge which may be fixed on arm rotating relative to axis of handle, said wedge being driven by means of lever rigidly connected to wedge. Any device identical to wedge may be used provided that said device has cylindrical or spherical working surface.

EFFECT: improved operating characteristics of frying pan owing to construction of closure eliminating splashing of oil during frying process.

9 cl, 6 dwg

Pan // 2210970
The invention relates to kitchen utensils and relates to devices for cooking dishes

The invention relates to the preparation of food, for example, pan predominantly coated with non-stick coating

The invention relates to light industry, in particular for appliances for heat treatment of food products

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: device (17) for cooking food, such as rice (4), is arranged as capable of realisation of a preparation process carried out by means of heating food (4) exposed to boiling water within a certain period of time. The device (17) comprises facilities (2,3) of control to control operation of the device (17), besides, facilities (23) of control are made as capable of controlling components of the device (17) so that the total quantity of water (5), which must be used in process of cooking is supplied to food (4) gradually, besides, supply of the larger part from the total quantity of water (5) is carried out after the cooking process has already started. Preferably the cooking process starts by evaporation of a quite small part of the total water quantity (5) into steam, with supply of this steam to food (4) and possibility of its condensation on food (4).

EFFECT: reduction of time for rice cooking.

13 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of household appliances. The invention concerns an apparatus for cooking containing a steam generator, a container comprising a removable bowl with removable basket provided with holes in the bottom, wherein the said container is closed with a lid. And the steam produced by the generator and fed into the hole in the upper part of the container, is directed under the cooking basket through the steam duct formed between the cooking basket and the bowl, and is removed through at least one opening formed in the top of the container.

EFFECT: invention enables to optimise steam generation to provide better uniformity of cooking products.

7 cl, 3 dwg

Pan // 2410009

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: pan consists of a cooking vessel of circular cross section with a flare at the top and the lid with a central hole, under which a hollow insert in the form of a glass is attached. Interacting flanged edges of the cooking vessel and the lid are detachably linked against each other with lock-on connections.

EFFECT: effective cooking liquid food in aerogrile can be carried out with the proposed pan.

3 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: personal demand and household items.

SUBSTANCE: steam cooking chamber consists of the main body, an inner tank installed in it, a controller and a lid for the main body. A steam discharge pipeline incorporates a solenoid which is set in the main body and has a working element connected electrically with the controller of selective linear displacement. A supportive lid is fixed on the upper side of the lid and forms the inner space. In the inner part of the supportive lid, a lever for conjoint movements with the working element is installed. For selective opening/closing of a valve placed on the lid, there is a plunger, which moves with the lever rotation and blows the steam off from the inner part of the tank.

EFFECT: enhanced comfort and safety and improved sanitary characteristics of steam cooking chamber.

17 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: bakers' machinery.

SUBSTANCE: steam generating device consists of water storage tank, opened in the upper part, cover, partition for separation of internal part of water storage tank on a section of water delivery and section of steam generation. Water storage tank contains the first directing grooves organised on its forward and back sides that the opposite ends of a partition were displaced on the first directing grooves and connected to the water storage tank or were detached from it. At least, one node of induction coil is located on an external part of one side of water storage tank, and inductive heating element is located on vertical or horizontal between one side of water storage tank and partition for a steam production in a section of steam generation. Partition is located on a vertical or a horizontal near to an induction coil node so that the steam generation section had much smaller volume than water delivery section. Partition can contain the horizontal site which is passing in parallel of a bottom face of water storage tank, and the inclined site which is passing from a horizontal site to a steam-out tube, and the horizontal site is executed with set of through bores. Oven includes section for cooking, cavity separated from section for cooking, steam generating device set in a cavity; and steam supply tube, connecting back part of a cavity with the side of section for cooking. Water storage tank has in the back upper part a steam-out tube in which the steam supply tube is interposed for steam supplying into section for cooking by the steam-out tube. And on the forward side it has the handle set for that, when water storage tank is interposed into a cavity with handle use, steam-out tube connected with a steam supply tube and for that, when tank take out from a cavity with handle use, steam-out tube was detached from a steam supply tube.

EFFECT: fast steam generation; fast cooking; possibility of oven and steam generating devices clarification.

10 dwg, 10 cl

FIELD: food-processing industry.

SUBSTANCE: method involves processing food product in the form of crude paste by means of apparatus comprising at least one fast cooking microwave module, at least one steam cooking module having lower cooking rate, and device for regulating cooking intensity in each module.

EFFECT: stabilized gelatinized structure of food product.

19 cl, 3 dwg

Device for cooking // 2199933
The invention relates to cooking equipment

The invention relates to equipment for cooking, mainly fish soup or meat
The invention relates to food industry, in particular to methods and devices for extracting berry or fruit juice by heating with steam at home or in small farms

The invention relates to household machines and appliances

Vessel for cooking // 2553570

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: vessel for cooking relates to household appliances, in particular to vessels for cooking food by the method of cooking in liquid and steaming. The vessel for cooking comprises vertical walls connected to the bottom by the smallest technologically allowable radius, a removable bottom with supports, mounted on the periphery and fastened to the bottom by screws, removable extenders of the supports, a weighting material attached with a removable bottom in a known manner, and a lid. The perforated removable bottom is mounted at a certain distance from the bottom of the vessel and the gap between the bottom and the wall of the vessel. The presence of the volume of water between the two bottoms after readiness of porridge enables to cook porridge of good quality and excludes it burning and sticking to the bottom of the vessel. The vessel is easy to clean with water. Free mounting of the removable bottom in the vessel simplifies the structure of the removable bottom, provides ease of its manufacture and ease of use both in cooking and washing the vessel. The vessel for cooking is versatile and is used for minor operations for cooking any food. When installing the bottom on the supports with extensions the vessel is used for steam cooking. When removing the bottom from the vessel it is used for all kitchen works related to cooking food, and for other purposes.

EFFECT: improvement of the design.

6 cl, 7 dwg