Method for bed preparation with stable rock in immediate back

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method for bed preparation with stable rock in immediate back includes driving of production and ventilation drifts. Transportation of ore is carried out by a conveyer located in extraction drift. The extraction of minerals is performed by chamber system with extraction of block in retreat order. In the middle of the section the production and ventilation drifts are parallel to each other. At that they are periodically connected to each other by brake throughs in which the ventilation bulkheads are installed. The ventilation drift extends from production drift at a distance to exclude their mutual influence. The preparation scheme is applicable for two-bed mining.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce time for preparation of block for mining, increase development rate.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method of block preparation and profiling of contiguous flat sylvinite layers by chambers includes a driving by combine complexes simultaneously to boundaries of the extraction block, driving of sectional developments only along the top layer, formation of block ventilating developments. The broken ore is supplied through ore pass wells from the top layer on the conveyor mounted on the lower layer. The block is profiled in the inverted order. Extraction drifts are pierced by ventilating passes. On the boundary of the extraction block the flank ventilating are formed then the block is profiled. Cleaning chambers of the lower layer are pierced among themselves at the boundary of the extraction block. The block conveyor is installed in the extraction drift of the lower layer and is increased during the driving. As the block is profiled the conveyor is shortened.

EFFECT: invention allows to reduce volumes and time of pre-mining works.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises preparatory jobs, ply-by-ply stoped excavation with setting of barren formation seam on worked oil behind the mole. Working is performed with the help of mole of various operating principles. First, stope is subjected to through ventilation. For this, said stope is subjected to first cut by the mole over its entire length for communication with vent gateway. Separate ply-by-ply excavation of potash seams is made by selective, continuous or cyclic miner is executed. First, bottom productive zone of the bed is excavated and loaded into self-propelled car. Miner returned to initial position, started is excavation of barren formation seam to be left at stope soil. Thereafter, left productive formation seam is excavated and located into self-propelled car to be displaced to mine transportation means.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of ore mining.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: formations are excavated in inverse order in a panel with aligned arrangement of chambers and pillars. Meanwhile the thinner formation is excavated by chamber-and-pillar system with regular cutting of inter-chamber belt pillars by break-throughs towards the front of pillar mining, meanwhile a ventilation of a working zone and dust air removal is performed due to mine ventilating pressure drop through the last inter-chamber break-through, and the thicker formation is excavated by chambered system with lagging from the thinner formation.

EFFECT: improvement of performance of excavation of thinner formations due to increase of extraction of minerals from subsoil by regular cutting of interchamber pillars and ensuring of efficient ventilation and dust removal from a working zone of operators of winning machines and self-propelled transportation equipment into excavated space.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: installation for formation by dilution and accumulation of gas in salt cavern (26) formed by formation by dilution includes pipe string (70) intended for flow divergence, made so that a provision is made for interconnection as to fluid medium with two or more concentric pipes (2, 2A) in one main shaft of a well with at least one side hole (44) passing from internal passage (25) with external annular passage (24) interconnected with the surface under one set of X-tree with gate valves. Devices (25A) for flow control, flow diverters (47) and/or insulating tubes (22) can be introduced to the pipe string intended for flow divergence, which provides a possibility of changing a zone of dilution in the salt cavern to control the cavern shape. Besides, the pipe string intended for flow divergence and used for formation of cavern can also be used for dehydration and accumulation of gas.

EFFECT: enlarging technological capabilities; improving effectiveness of a cavern creation and use method.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry, and namely to support of mine workings and their conjugations in saliferous and saliniferous rocks, and namely at construction of responsible underground structures that allow no formation of cracks in concrete support, for example water collectors for waters not saturated with salts or conjugations of well shafts with approach mine workings and dosing chambers. First, based on mining and geological conditions of the mine working being designed, there determined is thickness of a flexible layer of the support. Then, a mine working is driven; its roof and walls are fixed with temporary anchor support. After that, the flexible layer is constructed out of polystyrene slabs by installing them tightly to the mine working rock. Then, a monolithic concrete support is erected; with that, thickness of the flexible layer of the support is determined considering the displacement speed of the rock outline of the mine working, service life of the mine working and compressibility coefficient of flexible layer material.

EFFECT: invention allows simplifying and reducing labour intensity of works on erection of a two-layer support and improving supporting efficiency due to controllability of flexible layer thickness.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: step-by-step mining of productive layers of potassic seams with advance breaking the rock salt, first shearer mining is executed in the chamber design contour over its entire length to combine it with vent drift. Blasting cutting of the entire rock salt is performed in the entire volume of cleanup chamber design contour from the walls of shearer mining drift. Cut rock salt if placed on soil of previous shearer mining. Excavation of mineral from productive layers of potassic seam is performed by heading machine. Machine drift in the chamber design contour is located subject to chamber width either at the chamber centre or on board of its design contour.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of seam working owing to complete cutting of diluting layer in chamber contour.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises chamber seal mining, working the chamber entrance from development entry, excavation of rock interlayer and shearer mining of the seam productive seams. Advance cutting of rock interlayer from the seam is performed by blasting. Mining of seam productive layer is performed by shearer mining in radial passes to design width of working chamber. The, the miner is moved to initial position of radial pass. Cut rock interlayer is placed at the soil of worked chamber.

EFFECT: possibility to work potassic small-thickness seams using the miner, ruled out replacement of digging hardware, lower costs of handling jobs.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises opening, preparing and working of the section of chambers, preparing of filling mix of potassium dressing wastes and filling of chambers. Working section is opened in drifts from overlying bed. After processing of said section by cleanup chambers, the latter are filled with filling mix with addition of calcium chloride. Filling mix is fed over drifts from overlying bed by gravity. After filling of said chambers, impermeable dams are erected at drift start. Subject to mining and geological conditions, said filling mix can be fed to every chamber or set of chambers via wells drilled from working of overlying bed. Then, wells are plugged.

EFFECT: decreased volume of mining job, larger volumes of disposal.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method of working-out backfilling in flooded potassium mine involves well drilling, preparation of pulp by mixing carrying liquid and solid particles, supply of pulp through wells to flooded working-outs, and backfilling of working-outs. Drilling of injection well and well for liquid pumping-out is performed from day surface to flooded working-out meant for backfilling. Carrying liquid for pulp preparation is taken from flooded backfilled working-out on the level of its soil through the nearest well of the drilled wells. After excess pressure appears on the mouth of the injection well, pulp is supplied continuously; total supply volume of pulp solid particles to the mine through the injection well does not exceed the volume of possible liquid filtration through a sinkhole formed during flooding of potassium mine.

EFFECT: invention allows reducing the deposition of ground surface above flooded mine owing to preventing probable leaching.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: primary interchamber pillars are treated only after consolidation of a filling material with rocks of interchamber pillars, formed during primary treatment of a salt bed, when subsidence of the earth surface reaches ≥90% of the value of final subsidence of the earth surface from deformation of primary chambers, determined by observations along reference lines. The secondary treatment of the bed is started from the section of its deepest submersion, at the same time flattening of a shift mould formed during its secondary treatment is carried out by transfer of a treatment border from a border of primary treatment to the distance equal to the width of a softening zone, determined depending on environmental and mining conditions of the treated section.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase extraction of a mineral due to involvement of a mineral left in a mineral into treatment.

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FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention comprises following scheme. Oil is produced from producing wells. Potassium salts are extracted from mines and processed. Solutions are pumped into deep lying porous rock formations preliminarily revealed between oil-bearing and potassium formations. Those porous rock formations are chosen which are located below underlying stone salt. Pumping of solutions is effected through injecting wells until pressure drop in oil-bearing formation is compensated to a value sufficient to prevent deformation in potassium formations, this value being calculated using special math formula. Oil formation is then run while maintaining compensating pressure in chosen porous formation.

EFFECT: significantly reduced environmental loading and increased safety of mining operations.

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FIELD: mining industry, particularly for mining gently sloping potash salt beds.

SUBSTANCE: method involves delineating stall by excavations; mining stall stock by means of faces along with keeping crunches of existent excavations by auger towards crunches by cutting seam along the full thickness hc; performing cutting between stalls in crunch center after excavation destruction; drilling out potash salt seams with the use of stopping wells in direction to exhausted space, wherein drilling-out is performed for B=4hc width and distance between stopping wells Δ is equal to 3hc.

EFFECT: increased safety and increased degree of sylvinite mineral extraction.

4 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes extraction of resources of mine field by extraction fields, limited in space by surfaces of pyramids sides, vertexes of which do not go beyond lower limit of water-protective massif, allowed when fracturing cracks are absent, and slanting angle of sides of these pyramids is greater than or equal to angle of full displacements of rocks of natural massif, encased in pyramids. Within each pyramid concurrently with extraction of mineral resource artificial carrying block is formed, being in force interaction with rocks surrounding pyramid. Prior to extraction of deposits of mineral resources above future extracted space in water-protective massif a mesh of environment-protective mines is formed with nodes, positioned below pyramid vertexes, limiting extraction fields, and threads - environment-protective mines, directed along sides of these pyramids. Nodes of mesh, mating and/or intersection of environment-protective mines - are preferably positioned below vertexes of pyramids at distance from vertexes no less than height of possible ceiling of crack formations and cave-ins above connection and/or intersection of environment-protective mines.

EFFECT: higher personnel safety.

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FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes contouring of extractive block by preparatory mines, extraction of block deposits by chambers with leaving of inter-chamber soft blocks. Prior to extraction of deposits drift is driven from preparatory mine and chambers are extracted by extraction combine from drift layer-wise, starting from lower sylvinite layer. Extracted sylvinite is sent to surface, and galit layer extracted later is used as backfill material in adjacent extracted chamber.

EFFECT: higher quality of extracted ore and higher reliability of ceiling control.

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FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes marking raised and depressed portions in ceiling of salt deposit by drilling reconnaissance wells. Then regional tectonic structures are marked and tectonic zones positioned between them, and also between regional tectonic structure and limit, separating platform from salt-bearing depression. Sub-layer model of deposit is built, separating sub-salt, salt and super-salt rock complexes. Value of displacement of tectonic zones during transfer from super-salt complex t salt complex is determined, and also level of positioning for each bed, after that horizontal shifts are detected, which complicate tectonic zoning. Possible geological complications are predicted during mining operations.

EFFECT: higher personnel safety, higher efficiency.

FIELD: mining industry, particularly for developing potash fields located under water-bearing horizons.

SUBSTANCE: method involves performing detailed geological description of anomalous zone during anomalous zone opening by excavation thereof; investigating the zone with the use of electrical and seismic methods and determining risk level of the anomalous zone; developing system and frequency of geophysical monitoring investigations. After initiating of roof sheeting and caving in side wall of mine excavated in anomalous zone along upper developing stratum one may drill horizontal boreholes having 1m length. Distance between boreholes depends on degree and level of anomalous zone danger and vary from 10 to 100 m. Temperature gauges used to measure saliferous rock temperature are installed in bottomhole zone. Temperature reduction for 10-20% indicates that cold underground water from upper water-bearing horizons enters into salt layer and salts began to dissolve in water. If above effect took place area of above process location and configuration of the area are determined and preparation for performing necessary works to liquidate salt water appearance in mine are begun.

EFFECT: increased control precision.

FIELD: mining industry, particularly for underground mining of potassium salt deposit.

SUBSTANCE: method involves determining waterproof formation thickness and composition, waterproof formation roof thickness and composition, thickness and lithologic-and-facies composition of stratum above salt layer, firstly for rock directly overlapping waterproof formation, parameters of hydrogeochemical structure and zones of supergene conversion of stratum above salt layer, parameters of hydrodynamic structure of stratum above salt layer, characteristics of aquifer complex above salt layer, namely filtration, hydrochemical ones, as well as forming and unloading conditions; performing zoning of all mine fields on the base of above investigations, wherein the zoning is carried out according to degree of hydrogeological protection of waterproof formation roof; establishing sequence and parameters of productive potassium salt deposit mining.

EFFECT: prevention of potassium mine flooding and losses in emergency.

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FIELD: mining industry, particularly for co-developing salt and platinum deposits.

SUBSTANCE: method involves detecting presence of platinum in non-soluble salt residue salt during salt deposit development; performing geological mapping of salt-bearing cavity and determining sand distribution in stratum above salt layer; drilling wells and bore pits and taking samples to determine platinum content; contouring sand deposits bearing platinum with concentration suitable for industrial development; cleaning surface; blocking out and excavating platinum-bearing sand; directing above sand to gravity separation plant; tying thereof with water in gravity separation plant to separate platinum therefrom.

EFFECT: increased complexity of deposit development.

FIELD: mining industry, particularly for new potassium mine field development.

SUBSTANCE: method involves performing topographical survey of ground surface; carrying-out detailed exploration of the salt stratum; determining geologic environment conditions, potassium stratum structure and abnormal zone presence in waterproof layer on the base of the detained exploration; estimating hydrogeological development conditions in new mine field areas to be developed; detecting potential technogenic failure zones in above mine field areas located in territories adjoining neighboring mine fields, water pools and flooded mine excavations and in man's impact territories; determining structures of ground, air, surface and underground water in said potential technogenic failure zones; performing radiological survey and investigating bioresources and forest resource objects; working out and implementing environmental actions in the case of above background parameters change.

EFFECT: increased potassium field development safety.

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FIELD: mining, particularly to develop thick gently sloping potassium-salt formations.

SUBSTANCE: method involves contouring excavation block with development entries; cutting block stock in chambers along with yielding pillars establishing between the chambers. Drive extending from development entry is formed before block stock development and chambers are excavated with the use of mining machine from the drive in cuts beginning from lower sylvinite layer. The development is carried out in layers. Each layer is developed in cuts having volume equal to halite or sylvinite volume to be loaded in vehicle along layer having the greatest thickness. Cut sylvinite is supplied to day surface, cut halide is used as filling material for adjacent worked-out chamber filling.

EFFECT: increased quality of sylvinite ore and increased reliability of mine roof control.

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