Cooling tower fan

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: cooling tower fan includes a diffuser, body of which is made as a convergent-divergent shell from the glass material, on the outer surface of the body there are made intersecting stiffening ribs, and a bladed wheel is installed in the diffuser, which shaft is connected to the blade wheel rotary drive and disposed coaxially with the convergent-divergent shell, intersecting stiffening ribs are made hollow with a trapezoidal cross section and are arranged vertically and horizontally to form the cells between them, the convergent-divergent shell is formed as a body of revolution. The generatrices surfaces of the convergent-divergent shell parts are formed by the circle arc, gradually coupled with the cylindrical part generatrix, located between the generatrices of the convergent-divergent parts. The radius of the circle arc R1 of the shell convergent part is from 0.32 to 0.40 of the shell height H1, the radius of the circular arc R2 of the shell divergent part is from 0.45 to 0.50 of the shell height H1, the height H2 of the cylindrical part is from 0.35 to 0.40 of the shell height H1, the height H3 of the convergent part is from 0.32 to 0.35 of the shell height H1, the height H4 of the divergent part is from 0.25 to 0.35 of H1 the shell height, and the bladed wheel is located coaxially to the cylindrical part of the diffuser at the distance S from the diffuser shell inlet section of 0.45 to 0.5 from the shell height H1, wherein the convergent-divergent shell is mounted on the support ring, fixed on the metal frame, made in the form of a regular polygon, and the blade wheel drive is mounted on the fixed, relatively, to the metal frame beams intersecting along the shell axis, wherein the drive motor is mounted on the one of the beams end, and the reducing gear, coupled with the input shaft to the motor shaft, mounted in the place of the beams intersection at the reducing gear output shaft, coaxial with the axis of the shell, the cooling tower fan impeller is installed.

EFFECT: aerodynamic drag reduction of the cooling tower fan diffuser flowing part, while maintaining the required stiffness of the diffusor structure.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for descaling from cells of the irrigated cellular element used in the heat exchanger of air-water type. According to the invention the device comprises at least one tool with an active edge mounted with the ability to move on the frame between two positions along the direction common to all tools mounted on the frame, at that the active edge of this tool is made on the end of the rod of the actuating cylinder, which housing is made movable with the ability to move relative to the frame along its axis, and the piston fixedly connected to the rod limits in the housing the first chamber, permanently connected to the source of the pressurised fluid medium, and the second chamber through which the rod passes communicating with the first chamber, while the rod is at least partially retracted in the housing of the actuating cylinder and is insulated from the latter, and working on the outlet when the rod is at the extreme extended position outside the housing.

EFFECT: implementation of the device increases the efficiency of descaling surfaces.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: system includes one or more sootblowing devices; with that, each of the sootblowing devices has a lance with an elongated hollow tube and at least one nozzle on the far end of the tube. Each of the sootblowing devices is capable of moving the lances to and from the boiler during introduction and removal strokes. In order to measure and control the temperature of the annular wall of the tube during operation of one or several above said sootblowing devices, a temperature measurement system is used. The control system controls a steam flow via the tube and through the nozzle during parts of cleaning and cooling strokes. In the part of cooling strokes there used is lower steam flow level in comparison to the part of cleaning strokes during parts of cooling strokes based on the wall temperature measurement using a system for temperature measurement and elimination of the wall temperature measurement beyond the limits of the specified temperature limit.

EFFECT: minimisation of cleaning liquid flow rate in a sootblowing device.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: method of upgrading the blower system of the regenerative furnace/boiler comprising a number of soot blowers each of which comprises a frame, a travelling cart resting on a specified frame, a motor for moving the travelling cart, a blower tube mounted on this cart capable of being entered into the regenerator and removed out of it and having at least one nozzle and a pipe for steam supply which is connected with the blower tube for supplying blowing steam through the said nozzle into the regenerator; this steam supply pipe includes a first valve mounted as being capable of passing steam through the nozzle only when this travelling cart with the blower tube is in operating position, and a controlled adjustable valve is mounted in a separate section of the steam supply pipes before the first valve, a closing device is used to achieve closure of the first valve also when the blower tube is in operating position.

EFFECT: improvement of the system.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: tube cleaning device for heat exchange units is proposed and it contains two-pass condenser supply water conduit, front pressure water chamber, tubes of the first pass, rear turning water chamber, tubes of the second pass, discharge water conduit, cleaning elements which are by 7-10% lighter than water, arrester of cleaning elements in horizontal part of discharge water conduit. To arrester of cleaning elements in discharge water conduit there welded is pipeline with diameter of 80 mm with gate valve directed towards the bottom of condenser, which is divided into two pipelines with diameter of 80 mm with gate valves which are welded in the following way: one - into the front pressure water chamber and the other one - into rear turning water chamber.

EFFECT: deepening of condenser vacuum, increasing efficiency of turbine generator and reducing manual work.

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Platform // 2428646

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: platform, mainly, for cleaning crust and slime deposits off surface of pipes of pipe bundle consists of guiding poles with supports whereon there are mounted servo-drives kinematically interacting with guiding poles, and of telescopic draw-out device. Also, servo-drives and elements of the telescopic draw-out device are electrically connected with a control panel of instrumentation. Each support is connected with at least two guiding poles by kinematic transfer. Synchronous automatic control of servo-drives positioned on each drive facilitate transfer of the support relative to the guiding poles due to actuation of discrete motion of a separate servo-drive with a control signal.

EFFECT: efficient discrete transfer of telescopic draw-out device for forced and object oriented supply of components of cleaning on surface of pipes of pipe bundle of steam-generator for cleaning crust and slime deposits.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: cleaning method of boiler heating surfaces from ash and slag deposits with subsequent periodic impact of cooling liquid jets on deposits is characterised by the fact that there pre-measured on boiler heating surfaces free from ash and slag deposits are distances from support to basic points located on opposite sides of the boiler; then, during the boiler operation there performed is repeated measurement to the same basic points, and on the basis of difference of distances for each basic point there determined is thickness of deposit layer and necessary degree of impact of cooling liquid jets for each basic point.

EFFECT: such method will allow controlling the contamination degree of boiler heating surfaces from ash and slag deposits and effectively cleaning them by having decreased the thermal stress of metal of boiler wall surface, and decreasing its cooling.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: unit for gas-pulse cleaning of heating surfaces includes distributing header, pulse chambers connected to distributing header by means of pipelines with shutoff-control valves, mixers with gas and air supply branch pipes having shutoff-control valves, which are connected by means of additional pipelines having shutoff-control valves with branch pipes, and air supply branch pipes are connected to distributing header, automatic control device with inspection sensors of explosion-generated pulses and temperature, which are arranged on pipelines before mixers. Temperature sensors are installed after heating surfaces; at that, automatic control device is connected via electric circuits to inspection sensors of explosion-generated pulses and temperature to periodically acting igniters and shutoff-control valves. Unit is also equipped with process unit with independent gas and air supply sources with gas and air pressure control and shutoff-control valves, gas sensors of continuous control of combustible gases concentrations, which are arranged on mixers which are respectively connected via pipelines to independent gas and air supply sources and electric circuits with automatic control device, fixed hinged supports installed on pulse chambers providing the changes of directions of pulse chambers in horizontal or vertical directions in manual or automatic mode; at that, pulse chambers are connected to distributing header by means of flexible hoses.

EFFECT: invention allows maximum use of power of blast waves generated with pulse chambers to cleaned heating surfaces owing to changing the direction of attack angles of blast waves, enlarging the cleaning range of heating surfaces, decreasing the number of pulse chambers for cleaning heating surfaces, which will considerably reduce costs for auxiliaries.

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Bench // 2392558

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of cleaning, in particular it may be used to clean surface of tubes in tube bundle of steam generator from scale and sludge deposits. Bench comprises panel to control instrumentation, pump set, platform with telescopic sliding device, where water and steam jet nozzle is fixed, as well as video adapter, laser metre of distance and light diode. Video adapter and laser metre of distance are installed in sealed sleeve equipped with transparent screen, water and steam jet nozzle is located under sealed sleeve with the possibility of rotation relative to vertical axis of telescopic sliding device, and light diode is installed in sealed sleeve between video adapter and laser metre of distance.

EFFECT: invention provides for efficient forced supply of cleaning components to surface of pipes.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: generator consists of accumulating tank, of lock case rigidly fixed on bottom of said tank, also relief valve is installed in through cylinder cavity of lock case; through cylinder cavity is constantly communicated with accumulating tank via discharge channel and is equipped with blind cover on one end and with exhaust pipe on another; relief valve is conjugated with said cavity on side surface; together with blind cover it forms control chamber continuously communicated with source of compressed gas; control chamber is constantly connected with accumulating tank via channels in case; notably, control chamber is constantly tied with atmosphere trough lock element secured in cover. The relief valve is made in form of a cylinder two-step cartridge with a blind bottom; the free end of bigger by diametre step of the cartridge is constantly in the control chamber, while its lesser step periodically enters into a corresponding to it by diametre coaxial groove at valve locking; the groove is formed at the entrance into exhaust pipe; also exhaust pipe is made integral with the case; with its free end equipped with packing it contact surface of end belt facing the case; the end belt is created with a coaxial groove at the internal side wall of the exhaust pipe. The end belt located between side surfaces of small and big steps of the valve is constantly inside a circular groove created on internal side surface of the case; the circular groove envelops the bigger step of the valve; also the discharge channel from the accumulating tank enters through side surface of the bigger step of the valve into the cavity of the case. The blind bottom placed inside the big step of the valve consists of the free end of the blind cover facing the valve at distance in essence equal to maximal lengthwise stroke of the valve.

EFFECT: increased reliability and efficiency of generator operation.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns gas processing industry, particularly methods of slaggy surface cleaning in heat exchange aggregates used in low-temperature separation of natural gas. Method is performed by steaming slaggy surface of recuperative heat exchanger by saturated water steam, with beginning and duration of steaming defined by two empiric equations. Aggregate for method implementation includes industrial boiler 1 connected over automatic valve of water steam inlet 3 to inlet line of high-pressure natural gas 4 to recuperative heat exchanger 7. Automatic valve of water steam 11 outlet is connected to outlet line of high-pressure natural gas 9 from recuperative heat exchanger. Additionally the aggregate includes automatic valves of high-pressure natural gas inlet 2 and outlet 10 from recuperative heat exchanger, and automatic valves of low-pressure natural gas inlet 8 and outlet 5 from recuperative heat exchanger.

EFFECT: reduced time of slaggy surface steaming, enhanced efficiency of low-temperature natural gas separation aggregate operation.

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FIELD: industry power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for cleaning heating surfaces of boiler units from ash and slag deposits. Proposed device contains nozzle head in inclined fastening holder with carrier and electric drive on frame to provide reciprocation and rocking displacements of head on conical surface mainly in horizontal directions, and mechanism for turning nozzle head in vertical plane. It employs also coaxial truncated guide cylindrical bows whose end faces are fastened through support plate to boiler water-wall tubes. "Ω"-shaped slide belts are installed on outer and inner cylindrical surfaces of bows, being rigidly connected both from sides of bases and to each other. Outer "Ω"-shaped belt is connected by rods with frame of hydraulic monitor. Axes of cylindrical surfaces of truncated bows are arranged in one plane with axes of boiler water-wall tubes in smallest section of arch. Said plane intersects vertex of cone whose generatrix is axial line of nozzle head.

EFFECT: improved operation reliability.

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FIELD: cleaning of condenser tubes from deposits and elimination of wash-out of zinc from brass in tubes as a result of jet erosion.

SUBSTANCE: the device has a honeycombed ball-shaped framework with a cavity inside it, placed in which is an elastic non-hydroscopic material. The framework is made of an alloy of zinc, tin and lead. Passing through tubes, the component, decreasing in diameter, leaves its metal on the tube walls, rubbing it in the wall roughnesses, eliminating the erosion.

EFFECT: prolong service life of the tubes.

FIELD: jet treatment of surfaces.

SUBSTANCE: case of boiler unit is connected by means of single-axis hinges with central parts of two parallel three-hinged connecting-rods. Axes of hinges and axis of nozzle belong to the same plane. Ends of connecting rods are connected with ends of two levers by single-axis hinges. Other ends of levers are connected with foundation by means of two-axis hinges. Common axis of these hinges crosses center of opening in foundation. Hinges are placed onto foundation in such a way that axis of nozzle crosses center of opening. Case, connecting rods, levers and foundation all together form flat-hinged n-tier model, which is formed by parallelograms. The n-tier model is capable of turning about axis (i.e. it has two degrees of freedom), that's why nozzle has two degrees of freedom and its axis crosses center of opening at any position.

EFFECT: reduced wear of items of nozzle unit; easiness at control of drives of unit.

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FIELD: heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises milling cutter mounted coaxially to the pipe of the heat exchanger, ropes connecting from both sides of the cutting miller, reverse wrench connected with the rope, and electronic control unit.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of cleaning.

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FIELD: chemical, metallurgy, mining and other industries.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for pneumopulse breaking of material and cleaning surfaces of apparatuses from deposits. Proposed pneumopulse system contains row of containers connected in succession and furnished with exhaust nozzles, elastic diaphragms, prechamber and working space. First container is connected with union to deliver compressed air. System in furnished with elastic diaphragms with valves dividing each container into prechamber and working space. Each container is provided with intake chamber divided by elastic diaphragm into intake space and adapter chamber communicating with prechamber through hole in its central part, and by means of holes on side surface, with atmosphere. Working space of each preceding container communicates through pipeline with valve with intake space of each following container, intake space of first container communicates through control valve with atmosphere and intake chamber, working space and prechambers of all containers are connected by throttling unions with compressed air delivery pipeline.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of material bridge breaking and cleaning of surfaces of apparatuses from deposits.

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FIELD: heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: cleaning member comprises thin and rigid ring-scrapers (0.3-1 mm) whose outer edges lie on the surface of a virtual sphere whose radius is less than that of the pipes to be cleaned by 1-3 mm, with the center positioning at the center of symmetry of the cleaning member. The specific weight of the cleaning members is close to that of the water (1 g/cm3). Passing through the pipes together with the cooling water, the cleaning members remove soft slime sediments and growing crystals of carbonate sediments.

EFFECT: enhanced quality of cleaning.

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FIELD: operation of compressor stations of main gas pipelines, namely of apparatuses for air cooling of compressor stations.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises steps of blowing off particles deposited on tubes with pressurized air while preliminarily removing large particles from low rows of heat exchange tubes by means of scrapers made of bent elastic steel wires at using elasticity of wires and gravitation force of particles for removing them.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of cleaning tubes of heat exchange apparatuses for air cooling of compressor stations.

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FIELD: chemical industry; petrochemical industry; other industries; production of the pneumoimpulse generators used for the pulse action on the gaseous, liquid and solid mediums.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the pneumoimpulse techniques and may be used in the various branches of the national economy for the pulse actions on the gaseous, liquid and solid mediums. The pneumoimpulse generator contains the body with the cavity connected by means of the inlet fitting pipe with the source of the compressed air, and by means of the outlet fitting pipe supplied with the spring-loaded cut-off gate having the rod - with the aerosphere. In the body cavity opposite to the outlet fitting pipe there is the piston, one of the butt wall of which from outer side is spring-loaded concerning the body. The second butt wall is connected to the cut-off gate by means of the rod, which is spring-loaded from its inner side. The pneumoimpulse generator has the heightened power of the pneumoimpulse and the high reliability.

EFFECT: the invention ensures, that the pneumoimpulse generator has the heightened power of the pneumoimpulse and the high reliability.

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FIELD: steam-gas thermal clearing devices.

SUBSTANCE: installation contains a housing, a steam pipeline, a muffle, a furnace with a torch, an offtake with a smoke intake chamber in the form of a narrowing tapered branch pipe with a cylindrical mouth going into a diffuser connected with the said muffle via downward gas duct, a steam dust with a nozzle fastened concentric on the said mouth and an exhaust pipe. The muffle inside has insulating walls with pocket-like cavities to accommodate electrical coils. Compressed air line is connected to the steam duct with nozzle. The offtake incorporates a union connected to the steam pipeline the end of which, accommodating steam release valve, is arranged in the smoke intake chamber tapered branch pipe.

EFFECT: higher quality of clearing of hardware surface and simpler operation.

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FIELD: constructional engineering, pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to cleaning heat exchanger pipelines using ball-shaped elements. Ball-catcher includes sieving channel with sieving gate for emergency pressure release. Sieving gate can move between closed position where cleaning balls are grasped with ball-catcher, and open position where total fluid flow resistance within pipeline is decreased. The system is designed so that the gate in normal position is closed and can move to open position for clearing or as a response to preset pressure difference between components of sieving channel upwards and downwards by flow. Invention also refers to method of cleaning balls removal.

EFFECT: provided removal of cleaning balls from water and their recirculation for a new supply.

10 cl, 9 dwg