Method and system for operation of compression-ignition diesel engine

FIELD: engine devices and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: method of operation of a compression-ignition diesel engine comprises the following steps: to keep the state of the glow plug in response to rapidly following one after another stops and engine starts determined by a drop of an engine temperature. Activation of the glow plug is prevented after engine warm-up conditions in response to the engine which is subsequently automatically stopped and automatically starts for a predetermined period of time and selectively activates the mesh air intake heater which heats the contents coming into the engine cylinder in addition in response to the request of the automatic start of the engine, the glow plug is deactivated in response to the engine temperature and the mesh air intake heater is deactivated after deactivating the glow plug.

EFFECT: reduction of wear of glow plugs and improvement of emissions of an automatically started engine.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for reduction of emissions of toxic substances with the exhausted gases. The method consists in regulation of power supply of spark plug (SP) of diesel engine in view of at least two parameters, for example the rotation speed and fuel consumption. Also the switching on and off of one or several SPs depending on engine parameters, for example, combustion chamber temperature is provisioned. The device for implementation of the offered method is described.

EFFECT: increase of overall performance of catalysers.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: electric energy transferred to a spark plug (S) and the temperature of a combustion chamber are determined. The S temperature is forecast and the forecast S temperature is used to control the supply of electric energy to the S. The forecast S temperature is calculated basing on the numerical solution of the differential equation (DE) for the S temperature. The DE for the S temperature is non-linear one by the S temperature. The DE for the S temperature is deduced from the power balance equation comprising at least four members Pg, Pi, Pe, Pc, where Pg simulates the electric energy supplied to the S, Pi simulates the energy accumulated in the S per time unit, Pe simulates radiant energy per time unit, and Pc simulates heat energy per time unit, the heat energy is transferred by convection or thermal conductivity.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of temperature control.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to diesels and can be used for control over diesel running on alternative fuels. Diesel runs on liquid hydrocarbon fuel and incorporates glow plug in combustion chamber of every cylinder. For its operation fuel is selected with cetane ratio of 22-45 and glow plug supply voltage is maintained with due allowance for selected fuel cetane ratio in compliance with linear relation: U=29-0.24×CR, where U is glow plug supply voltage, V, CR is selected fuel cetane ratio.

EFFECT: higher engine efficiency.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: device for automatic preparation of a power plant of a military track vehicle for start-up includes a heater including a boiler, an outlet manifold, a supercharger, an electric motor, a water pump, a fuel pump, an injector, a fuel valve, an ignition plug and a heating plug. A control unit with a remote control panel, which is connected to the ignition plug, the heating plug, the fuel valve, the electric motor and a temperature sensor, is installed into a warm-up system. A flame temperature sensor and an outlet manifold cover drive are installed into the heater boiler, and a heating limiter is installed into the heat exchanger.

EFFECT: improving combat readiness.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: control method includes the following stages: measurement of voltage and current fed to a plug in "on" position of an electronic circuit breaker (M); generation of analogue signals (AS1, AS2) of reading, representing a time integral of voltage and current; generation of analogue reference signals (R1, R2); comparison of reading signals (AS1, AS2) with appropriate reference signals (R1, R2) and variation of appropriate control words (W1, W2) in order to minimise difference between signals (AS1, AS2) of reading and reference signals (R1, R2); putting the electronic circuit breaker (M) into on-off position after a period of time serially with the appropriate glow plug (GP) between outputs of the DC supply source (B) and calculation of average values of the measured voltage (V) and current (I) on the basis of values of the specified control words (W1, W2) in the start and in the end of the "on" position of the electronic circuit breaker (M). Also a device is disclosed that realises the method.

EFFECT: control of energy quantity sent to a glow plug.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: in control method and system of insert (2) powered with low voltage for pre-heating of fuel-air mixture of diesel engine (1) the insert (2) is fed with pulses with the specified amplitude and duration; at that, amplitude is less than maximum amplitude (PWMJMAX). Amplitude and duration of voltage pulses feeding the above insert (2) are controlled in compliance with the first parameters including durations of preceding pulses and durations dividing the preceding pulses following one after the other.

EFFECT: improvement of control method and system of fuel-air mixture pre-heating.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed device comprises preliminary determination section, confirmation section and modification section. Ignition plug (8) is supplied by storage battery (7) in ignition period and charged by power generated by AC generator (12). Preliminary determination section defines probability of faulty operation of ignition plug proceeding from variation in AC generator output power at termination of ignition period. Probability of ignition plug fault will be determined if variation in AC generator output does not exceed check value. The latter represents a set of values intended for revealing faulty conditions of operation of ignition plug. In determining the section fault probability, confirmation section is temporarily cuts in ignition plug (8) at the end of ignition period. If AC generator output power does not exceed preset limits, generator output power variation is compared with check values "a", given ignition plug (8) is connected. If variation of generator output power does not exceed check value, ignition plug fault is considered confirmed. Proceeding from detection of faulty operation of ignition plug, modification section increases top limit of appropriate range. Confirmation section can determine check values of output power variation directly at the start of ignition plug connection or after it. Connection is considered available, if AC generator outputs sufficient power. Modified top limit represents maximum possible power output of AC generator (12).

EFFECT: valid detection of spark plug faults.

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The invention relates to engine, in particular to equipment for igniting fuel multi-fuel internal combustion engines, mainly for engine starting in cold conditions

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in pre-starting and auxiliary heat power plants of vehicles for simultaneous generation of heat and the electric power. Pre-starting heat power plant for vehicles contains an internal combustion engine (1), an electric generator (2), a waste heat exchanger (3) utilising the heat of exhaust gases, a mixing device (4) with an electric heater, a liquid pump (8) with the electric drive, a check valve (5) and hydraulic lines (9), (10), (11) with heat carrier. The plant is also contains the oil pump (15) with the electric drive, the recuperative heat exchanger (18) for heating of engine oil and the oil line which is built in the oil pan with the nozzles directed towards necks of the cranked shaft and towards the oil pump of the internal combustion engine, oil hydraulic lines. The recuperative heat exchanger (18) of heating of engine oil according to the series hydraulic circuit is connected by hydraulic lines of the heat carrier to the mixing device (4) with the electric heater. The oil pump (15) with the electric drive through oil hydraulic lines supplies engine oil to the recuperative heat exchanger (18) for heating of engine oil after which heated engine oil is supplied into the oil line which is built in the oil pan with the nozzles directed towards the necks of the cranked shaft and towards the oil pump of the internal combustion engine.

EFFECT: design simplification and reduction of dimensions.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in internal combustion engines. The invention proposes an electric heater of diesel oil or motor oil, which includes the following: outer casing (2), heating rods (1) and temperature control (3). Each of the heating rods (1) includes an electrode part, a heating part and a cover of the external coating, as well as it is connected to a mounting end of temperature control (3) by means of the electrode part and rigidly attached to outer casing (2) with one of its ends. Temperature control (3) is arranged inside outer casing (2); cavities of outer casing (2) are filled with a liquid sealant, and hole (5) is arranged on outer casing (2) for fixation of the heater in a set position.

EFFECT: heater has a low price; it is composed in the form of a structure; it is safe, reliable and serviceable.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed heater comprises housing with coolant feed and discharge channels and cover tightly coupled with said housing, tubular electrical heater secured therein and motor-drive rotary pump Impeller is fitted on pump rotor shaft inside aforesaid housing Note here that said rotary pump is provided with jacket fitted in heater housing with secured by its one end in the latter in inlet channel zone Its opposite end is secured at housing cover in the area of rotor shaft with impeller exit so that said impeller is located inside aforesaid jacket Note here that said jacket in impeller zone has openings to communicate the jacket inside with heater housing inside Motor rotor is enclosed in cup-like case closed by cup cover on cover outer side and secured at cover inner side Note here that rotor shaft section with impeller fitted thereon extends through cup cover and heater housing cover inside the housing Tubular heater is composed of helical coil arranged around said jacket above its openings and secured at heater housing cover Coolant feed channel, pump jacket and rotor shaft with impeller are aligned.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, electric power saving.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention claims autonomous device for diesel fuel heating in fuel tank 16, including heat exchanger 1 and heat carrier feed and control system 2. System 2 includes trolley 3 with gas heater 4 for heat carrier, pump 5, accumulator 6, control device 7 and gas cylinder 8 mounted on the trolley, heat exchanger is made in the form of rigid spiral tube mounted on handle 10 by a joint and connected to heater 4 with a flexible hose. Electric pump for heated diesel fuel stirring is installed inside spiral tube of the heat exchanger.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of diesel fuel heating in the whole volume of fuel tank.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: measured ambient air and coolant temperatures are used to define air heater operating interval to correct it by fuel mix temperature in combustion chamber at compression stroke end while fuel in nozzle is heated to maximum possible value. After engine start, fuel heating intensity is decreased while nozzle operating heat conditions are kept up with the help of thermal pickup built in the nozzle, heater and control unit and maintained at said level during the entire cycle of post-starting interval with allowance for engine heat conditions and ambient air temperature. Inlet fuel and air controlled heating subject to engine and ambient air temperature allows maintenance of optimum temperature of combustion mix in the engine combustion chamber at whatever operating conditions.

EFFECT: decreased time and power consumption by diesel preparation for starting.

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Fuel heater // 2535431

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: electric fuel heater comprising body in form of the bolt with cavity in its rod, input and output holes, agitator, ceramic heating element, nickel-chromium spiral connected in series with the ceramic heating element, and casing. The internal cavity of the fuel heater body is made with spiral groove. The fuel agitator installed in the internal cavity of the body is in form of the bolt containing guide part and agitating element in form of the ellipse with spiral groove direct opposite to the spiral groove of the body.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of heat transfer.

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Ice liquid heater // 2535291

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: heater comprises ICE, electrical generator, heat exchange offgas heat recovery unit, offgas main line, fluid lines, electrically drive fluid pump, check valve and tank with electric heater. In compliance with this invention incorporates extra recuperative heat exchanger for cooling of coolant with electrically driven blower and three-way valves with servo drive. Note here that fluid electrically driven pump is communicated via coolant fluid lines with ICE cooling system. Said system accommodates the tank with electric heater and heat exchanger-offgas heat recovery unit. Said heat exchanger is connected via fluid line with the first three-way valve with servo drive. The latter is arranged downstream of check valve in fluid line feeding coolant from ICE to carrier heater radiator lines and those of aforesaid recuperative heat exchanger. Second three-way salve with servo drive is arranged upstream of electrically driven fluid pump to communicate coolant feed and discharge lines with carrier ICE. Besides, ICE exhaust gases are fed via offgas main line to recuperative heat exchanger.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of pre-starting heating, higher thermal efficiency, decreased overall dimensions.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: engine prestart heating is performed by natural gas feed into prestart heater combustion chamber to heat carrier engine coolant by natural gas combustion heat. Natural gas is fed from low-pressure main line via distribution gas line and gas hose into prestart heater combustion chamber. Prestart heater control system power supply and that of actuators related therewith is performed by connection to power supply located outside the carrier.

EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency at long stops.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: system to maintain availability for start-up of an internal combustion engine (7) of a diesel locomotive comprises a standard system (4) for cooling of an internal combustion engine (7), a liquid heater (1), connected to the main manifold of the standard cooling system (4), a standard fuel system (18) of an internal combustion engine with a standard fuel tank (23) and a standard injecting fuel pump (19), an additional fuel tank (20), equipped with an overflow pipeline (21), a drain pipeline (22) with a tap and a pipeline connecting the additional fuel tank (20) with the liquid heater (1). There is an additional fuel pump (17), installed in the standard fuel system (18) in parallel to the standard injecting fuel pump (19), an additional oil pump (11), connected in parallel to the standard injecting oil pump (43), a device (15) for booster charge of an accumulator battery (16) of a diesel locomotive, maintaining it in the condition of availability for start-up of the internal combustion engine, and cooling coolant temperature sensors (13) for control of system operation, connected into the pipeline (46) with the lowest coolant temperature in the cooling system of the internal combustion engine. The additional fuel tank (20) of the system is connected into the drain pipeline of the standard fuel system (18) for provision of its reliable filling with diesel fuel. Additional circulating water pumps (30) are installed on inlet pipelines of standard liquid heaters (28) of air in driver's cabins (29) for provision of conditions in them for start-up of the internal combustion engine (7). Supply of the liquid heater (1), circulating electric motors (8), oil (11) and fuel pumps (17), a device (15) for booster charge of the diesel locomotive accumulator battery (16) and elements of the control system (47) is arranged via a separate cabinet (48) of electric equipment from the external source of energy.

EFFECT: increased reliability of system operation and increased time for engine standing idle in cold time of the year as continuously available for start-up.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in gas feed into cylinders and cylinder antechamber, spark ignition of gas in antechambers, and feed of gas combustion product from antechamber into combustion chambers of engine cylinders. At starting gas engine at crankshaft cranking by starter to stable idling rpm, gas is forced into engine cylinder antechamber and/or gas engine cylinders, gas volumetric combustion heat exceeding that of natural bas by some 1.5-2 times and higher. At starting the gas engine, fuel gas can be fed into some cylinders of multicylinder gas engine.

EFFECT: higher reliability of starting and accelerated starting.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises heating the support bearing liner work surface layer and differs from known designs in that, to allow time and power savings, electric current is, first, passed through electric heaters built in under layer of every liner. Then liner electric heater power supply is cut off and, at the time, starting torque is applied. Invention comprises formula to determine time τ (s) of passing electric current through liner electric heater. Proposed device comprises metal layer of electric heater structure that is isolated all around by inorganic dielectric material laid under metal surface layer of every lines. Note that pair of faces of consecutively arranged liners are interconnected by common layer of electric heater metal. Note also that one of the liners comprises pin- or tape-type outer electric contact electrically connected with electric heater structure beginning, while the other liner has its electric heater end connected via inner pin terminal with liner metal base. At the same time, to use electric heater with different power in support plain bearing liner, every liner is furnished with inner pin and outer pin or tape terminals connected with liner electric heater beginning and end, respectively. Note that, to allow electric independence of electric heater of liner metal base, the liner is furnished with two pin or tape terminals electrically connected with electric heater structure beginning and end, respectively. Note also that work surface layer of such liner if provided with outer electrically insulated terminals connected with said layer. Invention covers a device design version.

EFFECT: higher time and power savings in starting cold engine.

6 cl, 12 dwg