Anchor for tubing

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for fixing a tubing string in a casing string and eliminating the undulatory bending of the tubing string during the production of a reservoir fluid by downhole rod pumping units. The anchor consists of a housing, a cone, dies mounted on the cone by means of a dovetail, a casing, shear pins. On the cone along the dovetail, grooves are made, in which rollers installed in a cage are movable arranged, the dies resting on the rollers with their base. The cone is fixed against movement relative to the housing by means of a collet or a spring split ring. The collet or the spring split ring with its lower end rests against a ring mounted on the shoulder of the lower housing, and with its conical projection - into the stop ring mounted on the inner shoulder of the cone.

EFFECT: simplified design and increased operation reliability.

3 cl, 1 dwg



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Drillable packer // 2483192

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: drillable packer includes a shaft with a notch on outside surface, a sealing element, upper and lower disruptive rams, with upper and lower cones, a movable upper support and a fixed lower support, a fastener in the form of split spring rings in an annular bore of the movable support, a nipple in an axial channel of the shaft, which is connected through the left adapter to a hollow plunger of a hydraulic setting device, a fixed support with a spring-loaded shoe valve in the form of a housing with radial holes and a sealing cup installed on the seat. The nipple is equipped with a pusher, with an annular bore at a connection point, in the axial channel of which there installed is a piston with a bar and a sleeve, which is equipped with radial holes and rigidly attached to the pusher. The shoe valve is equipped with a seat, at the connection point of the housing of the shoe valve with the nut equipped with a shell resting on the spring, in the axial channel of which there is a seat on the internal annular projection and a spring-loaded ball valve is installed. A sleeve is equipped with longitudinal slots on the end and passed through the axial channel of the seata to the axial channel of the shoe valve with possibility of the end interaction with the spring-loaded ball valve. The bar is passed through an axial channel of the sleeve so that it goes beyond its end and forms together with it an annular gap hydraulically attaching the cavity of the packer to the axial channel of the pusher.

EFFECT: avoiding conditions of occurrence of a hydraulic impact.

4 dwg

Packer // 2459928

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: packer includes hollow shaft, sealing elements with stops mounted on the shaft, anchor unit that consists of casing with cone with slots and plates installed in them, connected to hydraulic cylinder piston via rods, the cavity of the cylinder is connected to the cavity of the shaft through radial channel and extension-type connection pipe mounted at the lower end of hollow plunger. Note that the piston is spring-loaded downwards in relation to the cylinder - to transport position and the rods are assembled consisting of upper, pin-connected to the plates, and lower, spherically-connected to the piston, parts that are interconnected via threaded connection adjusting the rod length. Sealing elements on outer surface contacting the stops can be equipped with facets, the quantity of sealing elements can exceed two and additional intermediate stops can be arranged between them, under the sealing elements there can be installed a driving washer rigidly connected to the corresponding intermediate support.

EFFECT: extension of packer functional capabilities for operation in slope-directed and horizontal areas of the wells, increase of packer reliability, simplification of packer assembly.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: packer-anchor consists of housing, anchor unit made of cone and slips in a form of rollers, sealing element between the upper and lower movable supports, drive. The upper support is spring-loaded downwards by coil spring that leans on the lower bushing of protective means against foreign substances that includes upper and lower movable bushings loaded by the said spring and collar fixed between these bushings capable of radial extension. The effort necessary for maximum radial extension of the collar is less than the effort necessary for rollers movement on the cone. The possibility of upper support axial movement is limited by end surface of housing step. Method of well annular space separation consists in descending of described packer-anchor into the well, preparation of packer-anchor to installation by pressure of pumped fluid, setting of rollers into working position, preparation of sealing element for separation of well space, separation of well space with the possibility of further de-packering-de-anchoring, removing from well or movement to well other zone.

EFFECT: increase of device and method of space separation reliability, facilitation of operational service.

2 cl, 7 dwg

Parker-anchor // 2379471

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: well parker-anchor, containing a case, an anchor unit, consisting of a void cone and a ram, installed under a sealing element, located between a top fixed stop block and a bottom stop block, and a drive, made as a piston with pass through channel, equipped with pass though narrowing on the bottom, and from the top - with a void bar, which stiffly and axially connected with the cone from the top, stiffly fixed with the case. The piston installed inside of the movable cylinder, and the inside void between the cylinder and the piston connected with the bar void over the pistons pass through channel narrowing, at that the top stop block executed spring loader from the top and with ability of limited upwards movements, and the bottom stop block equipped with radial windows and is movable, has upwards movement ability, interaction with the cylinder at the bottom. Rams made roller shaped with longitude holes, installed in the bottom stop block windows on axis, which fixed perpendicularly to the case axis, at that the rollers longitude hole diametre is bigger then axis external diametre, and the rollers external surface serially interacts with the void bar external surfaces, the cone, the case and the wells wall during the bottom stop block movement relatively to the case. In the offered parker-roller design, which roles between the well wall and the case, achieves a reliable borehole separation in result to the tubing string weight, because of that parkering and unparkering executed with tubing string movement, which location controlled on the borehole head.

EFFECT: design simplification, operational reliability increase, manufacturing and maintenance works cast cutting due to simple and processible spare part use, their quantity decrease.

7 dwg

Parker // 2379470

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: parker contains a channel with sealing element, executed as a set of sleeves, and a hydraulic anchor, including a ram holder, rams and a cone, and an electrical cable, at that the hydraulic anchor has a case-piston, connected to the channel and creating a piston void together with creping its over the ram holder, connected through the channel wall hole with the channel external void, hydraulic anchor case-piston and the parker case connected with nipples over the sealing elements, inside the case-piston channel located a sickle shaped tube adjusting to its external surface, connected to the nipples inclined holes, the electrical cable goes throughout the sickle shaped tube, which cores enters the nipples inclined holes and connected to located on the nipples inclined holes ends cable connectors, with its help cable cores going through the sickle shaped tube connected to extension cables, at that the nipple connected to the channel, connected with tubing string, with the aid of which the parker installed inside the borehole with ability to of tubing string supply through nipples, the parkers channel and the hydraulic anchor case-piston medium produced form the well, at that nipples ends inclined holes and the sickle shaped tube ends mutual dislocation in one plane created because of the nipple position fixing relatively to the parkers channel and the hydraulic anchor case-piston, correspondingly with a help of a retainer nut, screwed on the parkers channel, which rotation relatively to the parkers channel limited with a stop screw, and nipples connected to the channel with captive nuts, screwed on the nipple screw till it external end meets retainer nuts.

EFFECT: parker operation reliability increase.

4 cl, 1 dwg

Drillable packer // 2344270

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to oil and gas production industry and is intended for overlapping of intertubular space and performance of isolating works in case of wells overhaul. Drillable packer contains shaft with notches on external surface, the following components installed on shaft - combined sealing element, extrusion washers, upper and lower rupture screw-thread dies, movable upper and fixed lower supports, fixator in the form of split spring rings in annular bore of movable support. Packer shaft is equipped by left sub with calibrated annular bore and nipple in axial channel, which is rigidly connected to left sub and equipped with fitting valve in axial channel in the form of sleeve with dead bottom and radial holes covered with bushing equipped with throttle. Bushing is connected to sleeve by calibrated shear element. Bottom support is equipped with spring-loaded check valve in the form of body with plug in middle part and radial holes, elastic sealing collar at the lower end, installed with the possibility of interaction with seat in axial channel of lower support.

EFFECT: increase of intertubular space sealing reliability, and also increase of fitting tool functional resources by its multiple usage.

3 cl, 4 dwg

Anchor packer // 2301321

FIELD: underground well repair, particularly equipment for sealing or packing boreholes or wells, namely devices for annulus separation during bottomhole zone waterproofing, hydraulic reservoir fracturing and other operations to be executed in well.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises body, anchoring unit including cone and slips, sealing member, upper and lower movable and lower fixed stops and drive. Anchoring unit is arranged on the body under sealing member. Drive is made as piston installed inside the body and provided with levers and pressing members made as racks. The racks may move in axial and radial directions. Toothed rings mating the racks are formed on outer surface of the body. Inner body surface is provided with extension to limit piston stroke. Upper body part has shear bush for drop ball receiving. Anchoring unit is located over fixed support. Slides have inclined teeth. Upper parts of the teeth are directed opposite to lower parts thereof.

EFFECT: increased efficiency.

2 dwg

The invention relates to the field of well operation and can be used to provide pumping of fluid pumped by submersible pump in the well casing string

The invention relates to the oil and gas industry, namely to the packers for a step of cementing the casing, in particular technical columns, the overlapping zone of absorption of cement slurry

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the method and the device for setting of inflatable packer in a subhydrostatic well. An assembly for inflatable packer setting contains a flexible pipe, an inflatable packer, a back pressure valve and a drain valve. The back pressure valve is located upstream the inflatable packer and designed with a possibility of prevention of inflation of the inflatable packer when it moves from the well surface to the packer setting site.

EFFECT: drain valve is located downstream the inflatable packer to providing a flow of the fluid medium through it and prevention of inadvertent inflation of the inflatable packer.

21 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to plugs for the drilled wells where the fluid flows upwards. Plug (102) with walls (104) contains pipe (112), that can be inserted in the drilled well (102), at least one diaphragm (106) out of material impermeable for fluids. At that at least one diaphragm (106) if secured impermeable for fluids in the pipe (112). At that this at least one diaphragm (106) can take state folded in the direction of pipe (112) and state unfolded in the direction from pipe (112) to walls (104). At that the pipe (112) and specified at lest one diaphragm (106) are made such that in state folded in direction to pipe (112) of the specified at least one diaphragm (106) there is a gap (108) between the specified at least one diaphragm (106) and walls (104), when the pipe (112) is inserted in the drilled well (102). At that the specified at least one diaphragm (106) has at least one fixing element. At that hardness of the specified at least one fixing element exceeds hardness of walls (104), so the specified at least one fixing element (302) can penetrate in walls (104), when the specified at least one diaphragm (106) is pressed to walls (104). At that connection with geometric closure between the specified at least one diaphragm (106) and walls (104). Is ensured besides, the plug contains activated means. At that activation of the activated means results in that specified at least one diaphragm (106) can accept state unfolded in direction from pipe (112) to walls (104).

EFFECT: increased efficiency of the well disconnection in case of damages.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: plug packer comprises a mandrel with a collar and cup-type seal, a blind plug, O-ring with the upper and lower thrusts, slips and cones, a retainer of compressed O-ring, a buffer bushing with a springy ring placed in its bore and interacting with circular notches at the mandrel. The cones are fixed at the mandrel by shear pins and dowels. The upper dowel is connected to the cone by a stop screw so that is may be moved to the length of O-ring compression. The upper slips are joined to the sleeve connected to the buffer bushing. At the sleeve but end there is an inner cone interacting with an outer cone at the springy ring retainer. The lower slips are joined to the shoulder of a spacer sleeve matched by its inner diameter to the collar. Under skirt of the blind plug in the collar there are openings with shear pins installed in them in order to connect the mandrel with the fixing unit at the insert tool rod. The insert tools comprise a cylindrical body with a sealed cover. In five versions the body is divided by a partition wherein there is a rod of the actuating piston. At the rod placed above the partition there is a fixing unit. According to the first version the actuating piston and a dash-pot piston mounted over it at the rod divide the over-piston cavity into an air chamber and a chamber with liquid, which are interconnected by channels with plate valves. There are openings in the body wall above the partition. The actuating piston is fixed in the body by shear pins and the body cover is connected to a rope. According to other versions inside the body there is a cylinder placed concentrically with an inner collar at the butt end. The cylinder is matched to the cover so that they form a circular cavity interconnected with a pipe string or borehole space through channels. In channels there is a slide valve or a membrane with an explosive cartridge or gas generator and equipped with an igniting fuse. The actuating piston and damping piston are placed in the cylinder. A logging cable is connected to the cover. According to the sixth version there is an electric drive placed in the body head and connected to a logging cable; the drive interacts by an actuator screw with the fixing unit.

EFFECT: simplified design and improved operational reliability of the devices.

10 cl, 7 dwg

Packer setting tool // 2533466

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: packer setting tool comprises a body with openings and shear bolts, a spring and a ball. A valve spindle is placed inside the body, in axial alignment with it. The valve spindle touches the inner body surface by its outer surface. A support is placed inside the valve spindle, in axial alignment with it. The support touches the inner surface of the valve spindle by its outer surface; it has a base with a saddle for the ball in its narrow part. The saddle has a feedthrough hole. In the feedthrough hole a tube with limit stop is inserted to the support base end. At external lateral surface of the tube there is a spring crimped between the support base end and inner surface of the collet butt end. The collet is drawn onto the tube, on top of the spring. Cams of the collet blades are installed in the groove made in circumferential direction of inner surface of the collet. Along the perimeter of the first circular groove made at external surface of the body at the level of the support length mid there are openings for the first shear bolts. Along the perimeter of the second circular groove made at external surface of the body at the saddle level there are openings for the second shear bolts. Threaded rods of the first shear bolts are supported by outer lateral surface of the support, which has longitudinal channels for process fluid crossflow. Threaded rods of the second shear bolts are thrusted to the bottom of the channels. The valve spindle is designed so that it can be moved in longitudinal direction in the gap between the body and support. The support is placed so that it can be moved in longitudinal direction along inner surface of the valve spindle.

EFFECT: enhanced functionality of the device.

5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: downhole equipment comprises casing, two flow channels, seal sliding at said casing, wedge grip assembly supported at said casing, channel in said casing and intermediate module. Note here that said intermediate module allows fluid flow between channel in the casing and one of two lengthwise flow channels.

EFFECT: no need in complete disassembly of two- or multi-string packer at drill site.

25 cl, 7 dwg

Locating device // 2499124

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: locating device comprises housing to accommodate piston and barrel. Said barrel interacts with housing to make hydraulic system therewith. Additionally, locating device is equipped with shutoff element fitted in said barrel. Said barrel ahs axial channel with one or several bypass bores and with through bypass channel. Said bores and channels are hydraulically communicated via hydraulic chamber to make a bypass channel.

EFFECT: higher reliability of packer-anchor equipment installation in well, possibility of its repair and servicing without lifting it out.

9 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: anchor comprises a hollow body with an upper thread for connection with a pipe string, extended plates and lower thread for connection with a hydraulic jack. At the same time the lower thread is arranged on a hollow pusher telescopically at the bottom inserted as capable of longitudinal displacement upwards to the body, where conical recesses are arranged, which narrow to the bottom. At the same time plates are equipped from inside with inclined surfaces made as capable of displacement along conical recesses of the body upwards together with a pusher, which supports at the bottom with the possibility of radial displacement. Inside the pusher there are elastic elements pressed on top with the body, and at the bottom with a support with a cartridge case arranged from inside the elastic elements and inserted into the body as capable of longitudinal displacement. The pusher is equipped at the bottom with an adjusting screw that presses the stop.

EFFECT: increased reliability of a device by exclusion of spontaneous anchoring in process of equipment lowering into a well, its improved fixation in the specified interval and guaranteed return of wedging elements of an anchor in a transport position.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device includes pump and hydraulic units, a relief channel for a hydraulic liquid with a closing valve. The pump and hydraulic units are made in the form of hollow bodies and connected. A hydraulic pump is installed into the pump unit, which is connected with an electric motor. The hydraulic unit comprises upper and lower chambers, a stem, onto which upper and lower pistons are placed. At the same time the relief channel is made in the side wall of the hydraulic unit body in the section between the lower and the upper chambers with the possibility of their connection. Besides, the stem is formed as hollow with a through channel inside of it for movement of the hydraulic liquid between the lower chamber and the cavity of the pump unit. The lower chamber is a reservoir for a hydraulic liquid. The device also comprises a seismic sensor and an electric contact switch.

EFFECT: increased reliability and durability of a device with reduction of its dimensions and weight.

1 dwg

Hydraulic anchor // 2477781

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: anchor's part of rod has upper and lower bosses that are pistons interacting with internal walls of upper and lower casings correspondingly. There are chambers below the pistons that interact with inter-tube space through radial through-holes in the rod. Above the pistons there are chambers that are connected with annulus space through radial through-holes in upper and lower casings. The lower casing has through grooves for retainers mounted in the casing, on the slope surface of which there are grooves of dovetail type, in which slips move. The lower end of the cone interacts with the spring mounted in the shield of HA. There are grooves on the rod upper part and top casing with key mounted into them. On the cone surface there are radially located slots interacting with corresponding grooves of the lower casing.

EFFECT: increase of hydraulic anchor fixing reliability, provision of guaranteed return of slips into transportation position at loosening, provision of possibility to transmit revolution from pipe string through hydraulic anchor to downhole equipment located below.

6 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: downhole device includes a swelling element containing a swelling elastomeric material capable of being expanded under action at least of one preliminary certain fluid medium and the first anchor area made on or around radial external surface of swelling element and intended for anchor attachment of swelling element to the surrounding surface at its swelling. As per the second version, downhole device includes a swelling element containing a swelling elastomeric material capable of being expanded under action at least of one preliminary certain fluid medium, and a support assembly located together with the swelling element intended for arrangement of some part of swelling element after its axial expansion and containing a flared part meant for development out of the retracted position and having the configuration that provides the arrangement of the swelling element end and expansion around it at expansion of the swelling element, and the first anchor area made on external radial surface of the flared part and adapted for anchor attachment of the swelling element to the surrounding surface at its expansion.

EFFECT: providing protection of downholes completed by drilling against movement in them.

20 cl, 3 dwg

Separator // 2244802

FIELD: oil and gas extractive industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has body with inner recess and inner compacting elements, rigidly connected to sub at upper portion, and to end piece in shape of repeated inlet boot at lower portion, shell, mounted on body with possible axial displacement, connected to holder, barrel placed in lower portion of body with inner mounting surface and outer recess for holding element. Holding element is made in form of collet with outer stopping thread and ring groove for shear screws on its upper portion. Shell is made with threaded apertures with shear screws and lower flexible fixing assembly in form of collet or slip, or cut spring ring, with inner stopping thread, interconnected to upper portion of clamping element, collet of which is made with possible opening in barrel recess for its detaching from body. At starting upper position of shell holding element in inner recess of body has free drive no less then space between its lower end and lower face of body inner recess. In the body lower than shell a support ring is rigidly mounted with inner faces for limiting free drive of inner flexible fixing assembly of shell.

EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency.

8 cl, 5 dwg