Device for controlling turbo-expander with adaptation to external load

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device contains a stop valve, adjusting elements with drives and position sensors, a bypass valve, an operation mode switch, comparator units, normalisation and scaling amplifiers, pressure sensors, an adder, pressure value setters, a mode of operation of the turbo-expander, permissible deviations, an electric generator, a rectifier, a filter, a frequency converter, a load sensor of external electric network, a unit for issue of mean hourly values of gas flow rate, correctors, generators of correcting pulses, adders of consumption and correction.

EFFECT: reliability of the turbo-expander operation and accuracy while maintaining gas pressure in low-pressure line at emergency fluctuations of electric load in external network.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: method to control speed of a variable-speed compressor (1) included in a cooling system which comprises a thermoswitch (5) with a temperature sensor (2) installed inside enclosed space. As to one aspect, the time tactual that has passed from the moment the cooling system had been switched to ON is measured and compared to the specified threshold value tset. In case tactual reaches the value tset, rotation speed of the variable-speed compressor (1) is increased by the value vspeed_up, where vspeed_up is a prespecified percentage part of the initial speed vstart. As to another aspect, the initial speed vstart_next of the variable-speed compressor is determined for the next working cycle of the cooling system basing on the ratio of tend and specified threshold value tset and basing on vstart.

EFFECT: reduced power consumption.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an expander-generator units. The expander-generator unit comprises a first stage of the expander to drive an electric generator, the second stage of the expander to drive the compressor, the heat exchanger, the throttle, the evaporator, gas pipelines of high and low pressure, the first, the second and bypass adjustment and shut-off electrically driven valves, the pump with frequency-variable drive to supply low-grade coolant to the evaporator, the control unit, the temperature and pressure sensors. The compressor is connected to the output of the evaporator. The input of the evaporator through the throttle is connected to the output of the heat exchanger. The input of the heat exchanger is connected to the compressor output. The output of the first stage of the expander through the first valve is connected to the low pressure gas pipeline. The output of the second stage of the expander is connected to the input of first stage of the expander. The input of the second stage of the expander through the second valve is connected to the high pressure gas pipeline. The control unit comprises an application software program package and is made with the ability to influence the degree of opening of the bypass, the first and second valves, as well as with the ability to control the speed of rotation of the electric motor of the pump drive.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at maintaining the optimum temperature and the required pressure of the fuel gas prior to the burners depending on the performance of the boiler and the temperature of the low-grade coolant.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: method for cooling of a condenser in a compression refrigerator is proposed and implies usage of water and wetting of the condenser surface by this water, the method is distinguished for the fact that water from a defrost water pan in a refrigerating cabinet or other water source in a refrigerator is led to a trough with a pipe of the condenser pipe coil being installed in its centre, the water trickles down the inclined trough elbows by gravity and provides for wetting of the surface of the trough and condenser pipe, the residual defrost water is led to a tank on the compressor.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of defrost water usage along with the simultaneously improved efficiency of evaporative cooling of the compression refrigerator condenser.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to refrigerating equipment. cooling method of a sealed unit of a compression refrigerator involves moistening of a condenser surface. The condenser surface and the compressor housing surface is sprinkled with an air-and-water mixture with further blowing; activation/deactivation of the condenser and/or compressor surface blowing is performed by a controller based on measured temperature values of the unit components.

EFFECT: increasing cooling intensity of compressor and condenser surfaces.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to marine air conditioning system water-cooled refrigerators. At different thermal loads at the system, compressor is cut in/out, the number of compressors is varied or compressor rpm is controlled. Depending on coolant preset temperature, definite coolant boiling pressure is set by adjustment of compressor drive rpm variation.

EFFECT: stable preset coolant temperature, machine operation at electric power supply from isolated source.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cold cooling of gases. Proposed device comprises heat exchange with first part composed of cooling circuit evaporator. Second part serves to cool gas and to condense water vapours from said gas. Cooling circuit is filled with coolant and comprises compressor, condenser, first expander, bypass pipeline with second expander and control valve controlled by control unit in response to signals from instrumentation. One metre 15 measures the lowest temperature or dew point in heat exchanger second section. Extra metre 16 measure coolant temperature in evaporator. Control unit incorporates algorithm to define if this device operates at zero load or at full load in response to signal from metre 16. At zero load, control unit control the valve in response to signal from extra metre only. At full load, it controls the valve in response to signal from metre 15 only.

EFFECT: efficient gas drying.

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Heat pump // 2495338

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to exploiting heat or natural or artificial sources to produce water suitable for use heating and 50-70C-hot water supply systems for residential and industrial structures and agricultural enterprises. Heat pump comprises compressor, condenser, evaporator, throttling device, hot and warm water pipes, coolant, compressor piston drive and control system. Control system comprises hot water pipe actual temperature gage, setter of hot water minimum temperature, subtractor, amplifier, limiter, setter of compressor piston permissible displacement and scaler. Subtractor first input is connected to hot water pipe actual temperature gage arrange in hot water pump. Subtractor second input is connected to setter of hot water minimum temperature. Subtractor output is connected via amplifier to limiter first input. Limiter second input is connected to setter of compressor piston permissible displacement. Limiter output is connected via scaler to compressor piston drive.

EFFECT: constant hot water temperature.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device for prevention of compressor wet travel includes horizontal suction pipe 1 of the compressor, low-frequency ultrasonic generator 2, ultraviolet emission sensor 3 and switching device 5. Outside on pipe 1 there installed is generator of electromagnetic oscillations of ultrahigh frequency 6. To generator 6 there connected is emitter of electromagnetic oscillations of ultrahigh frequency 7, which is located inside horizontal suction pipe.

EFFECT: improvement of device operation.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating system includes a compressor acting at the speed of a compressor between the first speed and the second speed for supply of flow of compressed fluid medium to a header under the compressor pressure, and a condenser interconnected as to fluid medium with the header to receive compressed fluid medium. A fan of the condenser operates at speed of the fan between minimum speed of the fan and maximum speed of the fan to direct the cooling flow to the condenser to cool down compressed fluid medium, and an evaporator installed to receive compressed fluid medium flow and acting to cool down the second fluid medium. Controller operates at least partially based on the measured temperature of the second fluid medium and measured temperature of cooling flow to determine desired pressure and change the speed of the compressor and speed of the fan so that the compressor pressure is equal to desired pressure.

EFFECT: use of the invention will allow improving the efficiency under variable conditions.

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Conditioner // 2488047

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: conditioner (1) comprising a coolant circuit (10), including a compression mechanism (21), a heat exchanger (23) on the side of a heat source, an expansion mechanism (24) and a heat exchanger (41) on the usage side, and also an electromagnet induction heating device (6), which heats a tube (10f) for coolant and/or an element in thermal contact with coolant, passing via the tube, a control unit (11) and a fan on the side of the heat source. The control unit sets the heating device (6) into the condition of forced shutdown, if any of the conditions specified below is met: the condition, when the difference between the temperature set inside the room and temperature inside the room is less than the specified temperature or the compression mechanism is stopped; and the condition, when low pressure reduction is controlled, high pressure reduction is controlled, inverter outlet tube temperature reduction is controlled, inverter electric current reduction is controlled, pressure difference to compression ratio protection is controlled, inverter electric current/temperature reduction is controlled, or total electric current reduction is controlled, or when status of alarm on gas shortage is active.

EFFECT: using the invention will save energy by prevention of operation efficiency drop.

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FIELD: cooling engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises two temperature gauges, unit for comparing temperatures, unit for generating alarm signal on wet stroke, converters for converting signals from temperature gauges into the alternating signals, frequency synchronizer, amplifier, and protecting relay. The first temperature gauge is set in the line for supplying coolant to the object to be cooled. The second temperature gauge is set at the inlet of the line for withdrawing the vapors of coolant from the object to be cooled to the bridge of switching of the compressors. The converters are synchronized in frequency. The unit for comparing temperatures is made of a transformer with magnetization and two primary windings which are connected in series with the signal converters. The secondary winding is connected with the input of the amplifier whose output is provided with the protecting relay.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering, particularly devices to prevent wet vapor ingress in cylinders of compressors used in gas-processing plants for pressure increase in natural gas pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises horizontal sucking pipe and emergency shutdown sensor. Low-frequency ultrasound generator is arranged inside horizontal sucking pipe. Ultra-violet radiation sensor is installed in lower part of horizontal sucking pipe and is spaced 0.1-1 m from low-frequency ultrasound generator.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability.

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Cooling plant // 2313047

FIELD: conditioning system, particularly ones adapted for vehicle conditioning and provided with centrifugal compressors.

SUBSTANCE: cooling plant comprises closed loop with sealed centrifugal pump with built-in electric motor, as well as condenser with axial fan, thermostatic expansion valve and evaporator. Thermal phial of thermostatic expansion valve is installed at evaporator outlet. Bypass line with throttle is connected in parallel to thermostatic expansion valve. Object to be conditioned is communicated to evaporator through air loop provided with centrifugal fan. Throttle has locking valve and bellows-type pneumatic drive having control cavity communicated with thermal phial of thermostatic expansion valve.

EFFECT: simplified structure and increased operational reliability.

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Refrigerating plant // 2318166

FIELD: refrigerating engineering.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating plant comprises vessels and metallic pads that underlie the vessels and are connected to the pipeline through branch pipes. The pipeline is mounted with an inclination and is connected with the pressure-tight tank for collecting spilled ammonia. The tank is connected with the atmosphere through the pipeline and stop valve and is provided with air separator for removing air from its steam zone, branch pipes, and pipeline.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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FIELD: lighting; heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention proposes a method for controlling operation of a refrigerator compressor whereby thawing is effected when the temperature inside the refrigerator reaches a predetermined thawing temperature. Refrigerating capacity of the compressor mounted inside the refrigerator is changed depending on the temperature inside the refrigerator by regulating the direction of rotation of the compressor. The refrigerating capacity of the compressor is increased by rotating the compressor in one direction and is decreased by rotating the compressor in another direction, this second direction being reverse to the first one. Prior to thawing the compressor is repeatedly rotated in the second direction and stopped until the predetermined thawing temperature is achieved inside the refrigerator. After thawing the compressor is rotated in the first direction until the predetermined temperature is achieved and in order to maintain this predetermined temperature the compressor is periodically stopped or rotated in the second direction. A device for controlling operation of a refrigerator compressor includes a microcomputer, a working frequency converter, a rotation signal generating unit and a unit for measuring temperature inside the refrigerator. The working range of the temperature measuring unit is predetermined depending on the compressor rotation direction.

EFFECT: reduced power consumption by a refrigerator; increased capacity and precise temperature control of the refrigerator.

Air conditioner // 2332621

FIELD: air conditioning.

SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to the technology of air conditioning. The air conditioner has a heat source device and a terminal device, joined by connection pipes for a coolant, in which there is exact determination of whether the contour of the coolant has the required amount of coolant or not. The conditioner can work, when switched in any of the normal working modes, in which the heat source device, consisting of a compressor and a lateral heat exchanger of the heat source device, is joined to terminal devices, consisting of lateral expansion valves and terminal lateral heat exchangers, using connection pipes. Each device is controlled depending on the work load of the terminal devices, or the working mode is determined by the quantity of the coolant, in which the terminal devices carry out cooling operations, and the running power of the compressor is regulated such that, the pressure during evaporation of terminal lateral heat exchangers is constant with control of lateral expansion valves such that, the degree of super heating on outlets openings of terminal lateral heat exchangers have a positive value.

EFFECT: accurate determination of whether the coolant contour has the required amount of coolant in a monofunctional conditioner.

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Cooling device // 2334920

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to electric engineering and may be used for cooling devices. Cooling device freezes products without additional inducer due to compressor motor operation in cooling cycle at alternating speed rates from power supply voltage.

EFFECT: improvement of productivity by freezing.

4 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cooling compartments, refrigerators with proper cooling compartments and methods of control. Super-cooling device contains storage compartments and super-cooling compartments. Storage compartments are supplied with cooled air from cooled air supply unit. Super-cooling compartment is inside storage compartment. Air-cooled super-cooling compartment cools down products. It consists of container and cover. Container forms free space for product storage. Cover is used for opening and closing container outlet. There are holes in cover for cooling air supply to and from super-cooling compartment. There is also a screen in cover to open and close holes. In addition, super-cooling plant contains temperature sensor inside super-cooling compartment and control unit.

EFFECT: development of refrigerator and control method, which may keep drinking compartment temperature at optimal levels and produce super-cooled drink in fast manner.

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Cooling device // 2347985

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to a cooling device. The cooling device has cooling circuit (9) comprising: i) compressor (2), executing the cooling cycle; ii) evaporator (3), absorbing heat energy of the medium being cooled; iii) condenser (4), transmitting heat energy to an external medium; iv) capillary pipe (5), allowing for expansion of the cooling agent coming out of condenser (4), and carrying the cooling agent to evaporator (3); v) valve (6) with electromagnetic control, controlling flow of the cooling agent and located between condenser (4) and capillary pipe (5); vi) bypass line (7), leveling pressure in the sucking and blowing parts of the compressor (2). The cooling circuit (9) also has: i) valve (16) electromagnetically controlled, which prevent reverse flow to evaporator (3) when compressor (2) is not working and which is in the sucking part of the compressor (2); ii) control mechanism (8), which delays opening of electromagnetically controlled valve (16) by a period, which runs from starting the compressor (2) until a limit value of torque is attained.

EFFECT: prevention of migration of cooling agent when the compressor is not working and easier start up of the compressor.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: method for operation of heat pump may be used in refrigerating equipment and in heat pump sets for heat and cold supply to consumer. Mentioned technical problems are solved by method of heat pump operation, which includes serially realised processes of working medium compression and expansion with its transition from compression chamber to expansion chamber and back with heat removal after compression process and heat supply after expansion process, at that compliance of pressure value in the end of expansion process to pressure value in the beginning of compression process is maintained by means of additional working medium supply to expansion chamber, in which expansion process is realised in at least two expansion chambers, and supply of additional working medium in expansion chambers is realised by means of its transfer directly from one expansion chamber to the other.

EFFECT: increased efficiency parametres of heat pump.

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